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Friday, January 13, 2012

All We Ever Wanted

The government is all we ever wanted. It is the big brother, big Sis, big mother and father. It is now the place where we look to buy a car, get a school loan, etc. It is as Thomas Jefferson once said: A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.

It is big enough to take everything we have, because it is big enough to take from us the most important aspect of US, it has taken the individuality, the innovation, the creation of the American. It has turned us into nothing other than subjects of a popularly elected government. It has turned its principles on its head and made us into a bunch of government dependent fools. Is this who we are? Is this what makes us run?

There are those of us who would gladly be minutemen of the Second order, who would rally to the cause and put forth our lives to defend what is supposed to be ours by birthright. But, who would support our loss, our sacrifice, or would the rest simply wag their heads and say we did it the wrong way?

I have harped on this before, but we are already criminals to a criminal regime. Do you not understand? Did the NDAA not prove this? Did the total disregard of the Constitution during the recent White House usurpation of power by making recess appointments even when congress was NOT in recess not wake you up to the total disregard they have for the law? I beg of you to not just take all of this as another abuse, but the final abuse. It is the line crossed, because if the Constitution means nothing, then their power is derived from nothing. Theirs is simply a government by force, which is, by definition, a dictatorship, whoever is elected, whoever is willing to become traitors to the cause of liberty are criminals to our system of government. Being elected to a post wherein one pledges fidelity to the Constitution, who, by legal wrangling, eludes that obligation and obfuscates their intent is nothing but a traitor and should suffer the traditional fate of those who chose to defy their sworn oath. I don't give a rat's ass how they justify it, they are criminals in government and must be opposed in the most strenuous of terms.

Do I say this in a vacuum, where I expect my words to hold no weight? Do I expect to unleash the pent up hostility toward  a government in massive violation of the entire purpose of our nation? Have we come so far and left so little behind that none of this means anything to our self-absorbed lives? Did the Romans not see their fate in every deviation from their founding? They did, they railed against it, but ultimately, they succumbed to it. Are we any better? NO, we are, if anything, worse.

The time for taking action is here, the time for doing more than talking has arrived. The Liberty Summit will soon reveal a place of congregation and soon we will make our stand against this tyranny, however soft it might seem to history, it is tyranny, it is criminal, it is a violation of law in the most fundamental form and all those who sit in government will be judged and the judgment will plague them through history.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What Happened To Our Grace? (a good friend's post)

From Fuchs:

What Happened to Our Grace?
    Even the ancients understood good government is a gift from the gods. Why does it appear as if many of today's Americans yearning for the kind of liberty our fore fathers cherished think they are exempted from thousands of years of wisdom, neglecting the sole reason God created us?

    A religious revival  known today as the "Great Awakening" began auspiciously in the early 18th century after the decline of a particular joyless utopian form of puritanism. Along the way to being evangelized by the Gospel a majority of colonist came to understand and believe that God gives us grace and we receive Gods grace for our salvation when we worship God, do good and oppose evil.

    "The Great Awakening was a formative moment in American history, preceding the the political drive for independence and making it possible." As John Adams was to put it, long afterwards: 'The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the mind and hearts of the people: and change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations.'

   "The Revolution could not have taken place without this religious background. The essential difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution is that the American Revolution was a religious event, whereas the French Revolution was an anti-religious event. That fact was to shape the American Revolution from start to finish and determine the nature of the independent state it brought into being." The moral significance of this fact is American Exceptionalism.
    Throughout mankind's history governments were formed by self appointed elites, under-appreciated intellectuals, or through brute force. Only once has a popular government been formed by the masses, soon after the ink dried on the Constitution many so-called better men began tearing down that very document. Since then the United States has stumbled through human nature and history with short bouts of immorality, but we were always grabbed by the ear by a more virtuous majority who still knew and understood that liberty meant that you do what you ought to do and not what you would like or desire. Eventually, for many, virtue devolved into moral relativism, the 7 deadly sins have become the 7 cardinal virtues, as Vanderleun succinctly pointed out. Some of us (with merit) blamed the nanny state progressive movement that began 100 years ago in an effort to remake the Constitution into a living document, others think it began with Gramsci's Grand Plan exploiting our fallen human nature thereby undermining the foundations of Western Civilization. A combination of both?

    Suffice to say that it doesn't matter at this point in time exactly when our downward moral spiral began,  we can only blame ourselves if the Hand of Divine Providence protecting this country has been removed. We wanted to taste sin! And we did. Our inalienable and endowed rights guaranteed by the Constitution to protect us from an over reaching government have become footnotes of American history,  corrupt politicians pass laws designed to protect themselves and crony conspirators from citizen's exacting retribution for their political, economic and social malfeasance, trading our liberty for their security.
    Takuan Seiyo lamented in his Meccania to Atlantis series how the left successfully formed their own communities by co-opting every possible institution that served their progressive agenda while conservatives were left empty handed. He overlooked the Christian community in the United States.Roughly 70% of the American population claims to be Christian. Granted its a fractured community, the last count I heard that there were at least 30,000 different protestant denominations with a new one forming almost every day. That could potentially amount to a huge number of people that can be influenced, many of whom might benefit from this little history lesson about grace if only you would share with them.

    We cannot give what is Gods to give and we can never take Gods gifts, that's what Adam and Eve did, that's what collectivist do. Our future is French if we remain apathetic and disregard our duties and obligations toward our spiritual life, however I am optimistic that many minds and hearts can be changed over the next several months. My Jesuit pastor once said we are just like horses, you can lead us to water, but you can't make us drink, even though we thirst. Lets be exceptional again.

Quotes from Paul Johnson's " A History of the American People".
    Friend Fuchs

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Brave New Step On The Tightrope

The issue always comes down to what we are going to do and when. The what is always hard to determine. It seems as if one were just to step out and make a gesture that any number of supporters would come along to stand with them. But, everyone wants to be recognized as not being nuts, but still concerned about the direction of this country. It is a tightrope on which we are expected to navigate the dangerous waters of rebellion without seeming hostile.

But, when one looks out at the other organizations alive today and willing to rob us of our liberties, they have none of these sensibilities. Was it not Trumpka who openly offered the membership of the AFL-CIO to be "Obama's Army" against the Tea Party? That statement was made, it went out over the broadcast news. Was there any recrimination? Not that I heard of Obama didn't even bother to denounce what we already know, that the unions are out of control and at the bidding of their leaders against other peaceful citizens. What response was there from the Tea Party? A declaration of hostilities? Hardly. The threat it went aloft and hung there as a possible scenario were the Tea Party to become too effective.

This is the society that we need to fear? This is the sort of place where we have to mind our P's and Q's? I challenge the reader to rethink their reservations about making such statements. I challenge the reader to understand that during the Revolutionary War it was not the concern of the average citizen that there were those engaged in military actions against the standing government of Britain. They were concerned how the hostilities might disrupt their avenues of commerce and whether or not they would receive aid in case of Indian attack on the frontier. It was not the earth-shattering events we think of when we think of that period.

Lately there has been a declaration of war, which I think is a bit overstated, I prefer a demand for a redress of grievances, because without the actual possibility of conflict, it is not a war, it is merely a petition. Yet, the Revolutionary War was begun by just such petitions being brought to the King, who ignored them time and time again. They were merely annoyances to his rule, which was considerable at the time. The "colonies" were but a holding of the Crown designed to provide revenue with which to fight the many wars and occupations engaged in by the British Empire of the time.

I think the idea of making some declarations, some petitions and delivering them to Congress is a positive step on the path to setting up a resistance. Signatories to such might be harassed, but it is best to put the opposition before the public prior to any action that might be taken. It is an important step to be organized as in opposition to the constant barrage of unconstitutional laws being passed and approved of by the Supreme Court. I would also deliver a copy to whatever petitions might arise to the Supreme Court, detailing their complicity in the actions of the government which, as a people, we find excessive and burdensome. It does not hurt to identify all that have taken part in the treason that has lately been so rampant in our government.

This is a brave new step that I heartily endorse.