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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conflicts of Principle and Leadership

I have always been intrigued by leadership. There are elements to it that I just don't have, but that does not lessen my interest in it, or my admiration for true leadership. This is where I think Obama goes wrong, he does not recognize that he doesn't possess those attributes of leadership either. He thinks that if he just tells people what to do from a position of authority that they will do it. He confuses strident demands for decisive leadership.

I attempt to lead by example, but that only works when people have already bought into the concept and it is just a matter of being properly motivated. Then, when they see a guy like me doing what needs to be done they often will pony up and lend a hand. That is not the type of leadership I mean, that is the generic brand and I am looking for the top of the line.

The reason this subject comes up is because that is what America is in sore need of right now. That is what the Threeper community needs. That is what the Tea Party Needs. That is what the Republican Party needs. See, we are up against people who are already being led, who are organized, who do as they are told. They are, in a very real way, an army. So, I look around, searching for the person who might be able to bring this rag-tag bunch of individualists together and offer serious resistance to the growing army of moochers and parasites.

Here's the problem with conservatives, Threepers, Tea Parties, and the Republican Party: they don't play well together. They are independent, principled, self-sufficient and mostly just want to be left alone to pursue success and their concept of happiness.

There is a big conflict coming, a conflict that I and others have warned about a long time. It is a battle between those who would plunder the state and the citizens for their ease and comfort and those left with the dinner tab. They hide behind concepts like "worker's rights are civil rights." In other words, their right to your money is a God-given debt that you owe, because they can use the police force to make you. You, on the other hand are just a person who doesn't want to go to jail and the cops aren't in your union.

So, here we are, on the verge of a great and horrible conflict with no leader. We are leaderless because we don't recognize anyone else's authority. Our principles might not allow our willing association with those who might be in favor of the legalization of drugs, or gay marriage, even though those beliefs are rooted also in the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. It is a step too far. It might make us seem like sell-outs. The Tea Party might not feel comfortable with devout Right To Carry people, or the Second Amendment advocates might not feel comfortable with Bible thumpers, even though their interests are very close together.

The other side has no concern about these conflicts of principle, because they can focus on the prize: collectivism. This is how gay rights proponents can support Islamic Jihadists, at least for a while, until the Jihadists decide to do the work of Allah and kill them and dump them in a pit. The gay activist, however, is willing to risk it if it leads to the downfall of the capitalist system. They understand the objective is greater than the path that leads one to the goal.

This brings me back to leadership. I know, I know, the strength of the individual is enhanced by the fact that there is no formal organization by which to direct the authorities to him. I know that the Tea Party is strong because there is no individual who the left can target and destroy, thereby destroying the whole organization. I know the Second Amendment advocates are too militant and will bring bad PR to the Tea Party.

I know all of those things, but the truth is if we all can't find a way to hang together we shall all hang separately. Okay, so I stole a Benjamin Franklin quote, it does not lessen the message. While I am a staunch Constitutionalist, I recognize that if I would take my own counsel I will have to accept some political realities that violate my principles. It doesn't mean the pill will do down easily, but in a front line unit, sometimes you have to just swallow hard and do as you are told. Bitch later, when we have transformed the nation back closer to what it was supposed to be.

We need a leader, folks. We need to follow that person and give up some of our principles. We are going to need to fight back and that means collateral damage and that collateral damage is some of the stuff you value most. We can lose a little to gain more, or we can lose it all by the side of a pit, or deep within the bowels of a prison, eating with people we would not normally give the time of day.  We are going to have to do things with which we do not agree, or would otherwise consider beneath us.

I bring this up, because Wisconsin is proving to be the training ground for a whole new violent set of Marxists who will fan out and train those in your state. They are unions and they have muscle. We had better figure out how to engage these folks and put down this rebellion against us, this attempt to extort us out of our paychecks. We better find a damn leader who is willing to go up against these folks and expose them for the violent gang they are, or we will find ourselves getting beat up on the way to work and having our lunch money stolen.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My American Thinker Article on Gunwalker

Barack Obama's "I'm Not A Crook" Moment

Here is the link to my American Thinker article on Gunwalker. Kenneth Melson backed out of the hearing, but there is plenty of information about Obama's handling of the issue.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Have Become King George III

Since my last post "I Will, I Am" I have gotten some good advice both on the comment section and via email. Many feel that it is unnecessary to make the sort of sacrifices that I suggested. The general theme is that mischief will continue to be created whether I sit in jail or not. There are examples of others who have tried the same thing and have been imprisoned for it. It is suggested that I would never get my day in court to solicit the jury as I would like. Some even suggested that I would better serve the cause as a free advocate for the liberty I cherish.

All of these points are well taken and appreciated. It is important to understand the legal system though. It is not necessarily a choice between freedom and ideals. It is not necessarily a choice between freedom and being that voice calling out to others. To what extent this may be true, it is more justification for the plan. My point is this: I don't intend to go to jail for 20 years here. The idea is to get tossed into the clink for a while on contempt charges of which I am already guilty.

If I could find a common ground, I would. If there was some place I could go that would allow me to be unfettered from laws and entanglements and restrictions and regulations, I would simply go. I am not saying that there should be no laws, but for a generally civil individual the laws should be easily obeyed, comfortable and in line with our own thoughts and actions. Laws that prescribe for us light bulbs and toilet capacities are beyond comfort and are burdensome. The fact is we have allowed ourselves the unenviable position of placing ourselves in a prison with no walls. Do you think you are free? Really?

I am old enough to recall true freedom, before lawsuits became the mode of discourse and people just had to work things out among themselves. During my lifetime there has been a significant change in the thought process of the American. Initially, lawsuits were brought by angry, intemperate people who were looked down upon. It was a degree of pettiness only the insufferable could produce. Decent people, reasonable people, worked things out. We didn't need laws to tell the restaurants what to fix and how to prepare it and how much salt to use. Do you get it? Once lawsuits were allowed to dictate the actions of others to protect us from ourselves life began to grow dim and uninspired. Any degree of discomfort became the responsibility of our neighbor to ease it and if not by goodness of heart, then by force of law.

We now live in a world of restrictions for fear of legal reprisals. It is an effective prison we have built for ourselves. My struggle is to regain control over those decisions through an assertion of liberty and property, the security of which were the chief causes of our revolution. We have become King George III. I must rebel.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Will, I Am

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Ever since I wrote The Constitutionalist and recognized that most of our liberties had been given over by the Supreme Court to the legislature, I have tried to figure out a way to regain them. At times that has not been understood to be a peaceful means. What power has any government relinquished just because it was right?

Shortly after writing the book the Tea Party began to take shape and build influence. I realized that most of what I thought needed to happen could be done through the Tea Party. But, I have never joined a real Tea Party. I am a member on some of the websites, but I attend no particular meeting. I go to a number of events and have attended meetings of a number of different organizations, often as a speaker. Yet, I have not taken part. The reason is I have never quite believed that they would accomplish the task. They were too timid of conflict and conflict is the only means of securing power that has been taken away.

I am not content to sit by and watch the continued destruction of liberty in this nation. It is time for action. We must, as a people, understand that there is no vote that we will ever be given that will secure liberty. There is no person we can elect that will return liberty to the people. Too many are dependent upon the way things are to go messing around with freedom. We saw in Wisconsin what happens in America when politicians try to do the right thing. They are mobbed and threatened by the moochers and parasites living off the carcass of liberty.

I write a lot about action. Those who have read my posts over the past several months and even years, know that I do not counsel that which I will not do. I do not pretend to make sacrifices and brag about my accomplishments. If I were not now actively engaged in what I am about to suggest, I would not put it forward for comment.

A few things have become completely clear to me over the past several months, things I always knew about myself, but they have now been confirmed and strengthened. 1) I am no leader; 2) I cannot prescribe actions for others; 3) I do not have the patience for political evolutions; 4) I am much too willing to be a martyr for my own good.

These facts have all come together to form a conclusion. It is time right now to start doing things. I have been contacted by the State of Colorado demanding that I explain Guardians of Liberty, to register it as a charity, or not and explain its role in politics. I maintain that Guardians of Liberty is a Delaware corporation and a private enterprise and I owe the government no explanation. This is going to get me into trouble. When and if I face a jury, which I hope to do, I am going to remind them something I am going to remind all of you about right now.

We are free people. We owe the government no allegiance that is not secured by their obedience to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is not just our founding document but a contract with the people. Where the government has broken the contract, it is in breach and deserves no loyalty. Where you extend loyalty to that corruption you might as well offer it to a king, or a Soviet-style troika. When a free people abide by a broken contract they become complicit in its destruction and I will not give my consent to that act.

If you want liberty from this corrupt government you have to take it. It will not be given back to you. You can take it by failing to cooperate with whatever imposition they would put you through, but it will cost you something. Liberty is not free. You can think about all of the bad things that are in store for this nation, but if you think liberty will be the outcome, you are wrong. Strength is built up, it is not summoned all at once. When the union thugs decided to take your paycheck, they did it through the government. What have you done to stop them? Do you know how many billions they have taken from you and laughed in your face when you pointed to the Tea Party? You have to stop them. It is your money, your children's money and you will watch the government's muscle take it without a fight?

I don't care what you do. I have already seen the heart of most Americans and it is disappointing. I will no longer abide by the illegalities of a corrupt and limitless government. In every case in which I am brought before the jury I will tell them that the government is is in violation of the Constitution but they can fulfill their obligation as a citizen by refusing to convict where it is obvious that the law in question is unconstitutional.

Jury nullification is the only means open to us as a form of peaceful resistance. But that takes some cases and some of us must become those cases. I will, I am.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If Wishes Were Horses...

My intent was to write a post about liberty and the delicate nature of it. I intended to make the distinction, at least in my opinion, between liberty and freedom. I was going to talk about the recently released tape of Steven Lerner and the SEIU thug mentality, the absolute un-American nature of this group. (believe me, they let Mr. Lerner go so that he could conduct this operation without ties to SEIU)

In contemplating that, I hit a couple of snags. First, it all ties into Obama and his milieu, how they have conducted themselves. When you consider that his friend is Bill Ayers, who is at least a domestic terrorist, and his former associates are ACORN and SEIU, what else is there to say? Perhaps Barack Obama has not sat in on a discussion like that given by Steve Lerner, but he certainly may have. Those are HIS people. Second, none of this would even be discussed if the press had done its job a long time ago and actually vetted this president while still a candidate.

So, here is what has come out of that soup that has been roiling around in my head: If the press were not un-American themselves, they would have been watching out for guys like this, they would have reported honestly on his shady background, his ties to such organizations. The trouble always arises when we look out at the NBC, CBS, ABC programming and see that most of it supports a liberal point of view. I don't begrudge them that. They own the studios, they can do whatever they want. I stopped watching these channels a long time ago because I was constantly bombarded with liberal messages, liberal encouragement of the decline of the America. They drove me away.

Where I make a distinction is when it comes to news reporting. The broadcast channels are afforded access where the average American is not. They are protected by the First Amendment to say whatever they want to about a president, or any government official or department. They, by the privilege of license given to them long ago to use the nation's airwaves, were put into a particular place of prominence and stature to which I think they owe a fidelity to the people and not their selfish political goals. They have used that advantage to choose sides, to ruthlessly report the most minor flaws of one political party and cover up the outrageous scandals of another. They have chosen to become a political player in our national debate.

What Steve Lerner was discussing on that tape was nothing less than terrorism leading to the overthrow of the United States government. I posted a while back that it was the goal of the Islamists to destroy our economic structure. That is why they struck the World Trade Center. It is why they seek out government assistance at every opportunity. It is the economic might of the United States that they see as the issue. If America were not as economically strong as it has always been, it would not be able to extend its power into other regions. So, the Islamists seek to destroy the economic engine. These are goals that have been stated elsewhere. Steve Lerner is doing nothing other than plotting along the same lines and for many of the same reasons.

In a rational world this would be big headlines and the press would be beating down the door of the White House to get answers from the President about his association with SEIU, about whether or not he had ever met Steve Lerner. The Department of Justice would be using all of its law enforcement assets to kick in the doors of everyone in that room to establish the conspiracy and which unions were involved. In short, these goons would be treated as enemies of the state. But they probably won't. It would look bad on NBC, CBS and ABC. It would make the president uncomfortable and the comfort of the Democratic president is the main concern of those networks and the people who run them. Oh, and because the government workers who might engage in these raids ARE MEMBERS.

I only wish that law enforcement would act on legitimate intelligence about subversive groups like SEIU, ACORN and this moron, Steve Lerner, with the same zeal as they frisk and fondle the average traveler. I wish the dedication to uncover plots against the United States by the press swung to the left side of the pendulum with the same momentum with which it swings to the right. I guess I am just looking for a fair shake. If wishes were horses, beggars could ride.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

This is where I ask what you are waiting for. Well? I think this is specific, rather than general. At what point do you act? See, I think there is a moment when most of us would act. I am way past mine and did the best I could with Guardians of Liberty, but that, if not a failure, is something so close in resemblance that I don't know what else to call it. But, at least it was an act in direct conflict with the goals of the federal government.

Now, I am not calling anyone out here. I am not trying to challenge anyone's patriotism, or dedication to a constitutional republic, but if you have not found your moment of action, yet, then when? I want you all to be specific if you can. Is it the moment that Barack Obama institutes gun-control through executive order? I mean, if that's the moment that we all hear from the millions, even tens of millions of Second Amendment supporters, then I will wait. It should be about two weeks from now, if I get the timing right. Then, I will be with all of you.

Is it when we raise the debt ceiling and consign our government to bankruptcy and destitution? Believe me, when they pass a bill to simply raise the debt ceiling a lot of nations will lose interest in our debt and we will have to start jacking up the interest paid on our bonds to get anyone to take them. Or, we are going to have to print money to buy our own debt, either way, it is the beginning of the end of everything fiscally reasonable and the looting begins in earnest. If that is your tipping point, I will be with you and if I am right on timing that will be in a few weeks also.

Is it when sleeper cells of Muslim extremists wake up suddenly recognizing that their brethren in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia have taken control of those governments and have banded together with Iran, Syria and Yemen? What if they then begin a persistent internal war here in America with suicide bombs and random shootings until Marshall law is imposed?

I'm just trying to get a feel for when it will have gone too far for all of you to begin your campaign against unconstitutional government. I'm with you, is all I can say. I am here, willing to take part, willing to go wherever, whenever. And no, I am not idle either. I am preparing myself and my family for the prospect of enduring the painful years of imprisonment during which I will be considered a criminal for having taken action against this tyranny. If you are not aware of it, you never will be. If you are not putting down lines that will not be crossed, you will be left behind to suffer the tyrannical impositions of a union-thug government. It is past time for action and if you are not acting against this tyranny, I have no clue what you are waiting for. But, when you decide to emerge and take action I will be glad to show you what you can do today, not tomorrow, not when TSHTF, but now. If you haven't noticed the S has already HTF.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bob Belvedere Bested Me

After reading one of my lame posts about liberals, Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints wrote this brilliant piece. Read it.

In The Heart of Darkness

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Blood On Obama's Hands

There are policy issues that every president must work through. Every decision comes with a consequence. In the past such decisions have caused our presidents a great deal of anguish. The decision to drop the atomic bomb, for instance. Even couched in the knowledge that the sacrifice of several thousand lives saved millions of others could not have made the consequences of that decision any easier to deal with. There were, even at best, tens of thousands of lives on the shoulders of Harry Truman. He knew directly that his decision to drop the bomb would cause these deaths. He feared the weapon and its destructive power. Did the images so easily conjured up in a realistic mind haunt him at night? But, Truman was smart enough to understand that taking refuge in inaction was no absolution to the hell that would follow. In other words, the failure to drop the bomb would also weigh on his shoulders as millions of lives were spent as a direct result of his unwillingness to make the first decision.

This is where Obama thinks he gets a pass. He believes that if he fails to make a decision that he is absolved of blame. He can disavow responsibility for the outcome. This is the shallow, self-serving and narcissistic aspect to the man that leaves so many wanting when they look to him for leadership. Obama is a small man concerned only with maintaining a false image in his mirror. He is incapable of facing the consequences of his actions, or inaction and the press has been loyally allowing him this evasion, but the bodies are starting to pile up outside the walls of his little Marxist kingdom and the blood is on his hands.

Iran: On June 16, after the uprisings in Iran over the fraudulent election of Ahmedinijad, the Iranian people rose up to demand fair elections and the real outcome thereof. They protested, believing that Barack Obama would support them, that the President of the United States would find a way to encourage and even support their protests. Perhaps, it was too much to ask of a man barely able to tread the waters of an economic crisis, turning all decision-making over to others while he golfed. Perhaps, he was just not interested in acting in a presidential way. We have seen that sort of weakness before, even among Republicans who are typically more inclined toward democratic enthusiasm. So, instead of the protesters gaining the support and assistance of America, they faced the guns and the nightly raids of the secret police. Blood on his hands.

Egypt: On January 27, 2011 Reuters reported that Barack Obama seemed to still be sitting on the fence between advocating for Hosni Mubarak to step down and encouraging the protesters to exercise their rights. It was a difficult balancing act for a man who cannot make a decision about who to back. It is a character trait of the President to wait until the outcome is known before getting in front of the victory parade as if he had been there the whole time. It is the crucial middle where leadership is needed and he has none. The outcome of the Egypt non-decision will not be known for months or years as the military eventually relinquishes power to some other authority, or not. Blood on his hands.

Libya: Protests began in Libya and intensified throughout the month of February. It took several days before Obama came to conclude that Qadaffi (who knows how to spell it?) had to go. He must have drawn from the recent experience of Egypt to determine that Qadaffi could not hold out. It is typical of Obama to miss the subtleties of leadership and fail to understand that one tin-pot dictator in Africa is not the same as another. Qadaffi surprised him by putting up a resistance and now seems on the verge of putting down the rebellion with vicious devotion. The blood of those who believed that Obama meant what he said is on Obama's hands and his alone.

Mexico: Obama's decision to allow someone like Eric Holder Jr. run the Department of Justice and a cold-hearted dominatrix like Janet Napolitano to run the Department of Homeland Security have led to the institution of Project Gunwalker (Fast and Furious) with an eye toward enhancing gun rights infringements. With emotionless calculations Obama and his henchpeople decided that the need for anti-gun legislation was more important than the lives of Mexican nationals and American citizens near the border of Mexico and even deep into the United States. So, they instructed the ATF to allow straw purchasers to "walk" guns down to Mexico where they were used to kill up to tens of thousands of people on each side of the border. Were some of these people probably killers and drug dealers themselves? Perhaps, but thousands were not, they were brothers and sisters and husbands and wives and only a few of them were actually U.S. Agents. Blood on his hands.

The thing I think that is starting to wear even on his once devoted followers is the casual way in which Obama shrugs off these lives and sets about picking his brackets. Can the world afford another two years of calculated decisions and worse, indecision?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Are Led By The Most Vile

The left are often the most vile, vicious people I have come across. Anyone taking the time to watch some of the footage from the siege of Wisconsin could see that these people who walk around in everyday normal people's images are truly the most devious, insulting, disagreeable people in our nation. They wrap it all up in a sense of standing up for the little guy and compassion, but just below the surface is a willingness and even a desire to watch the pain and suffering of their enemy.

I know I'm not saying anything earth-shaking or paradigm-shifting, but it needs to be said in order to set up the other half of this post.

While I don't condone getting down on their level, it is time to get serious about our problems. A typical leftists sees the world as this: People are greedy and will hurt other people for money. Put a mirror up to any of those in Wisconsin and we see why they come to that conclusion, because they know it is true of themselves and then they magnify that to fit their perception of others. The irony is that they then, somehow, excuse themselves from that milieu.

My point is that they have made their misperceptions actionable. They have started to pursue violent means of getting what they want. It is left now to the people to see through them and reject them, or give them credence. I will be watching the recall efforts in Wisconsin to see which way the winds will blow. Both the Republican and Democratic senators are being recalled along with the governor. So, it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to these recalls to find out whether we better all defend ourselves against our neighbor, or band together with them to defeat the leftist vision of America.

To be honest, people who blog are people who are already motivated and when a person reads the many blogs on the right hand side of TL In Exile, they see a lot of people with similar opinions to mine. These people, along with myself, are frustrated by the inaction of the general public. I wrote some other time about the general public's distance and disengagement from the troubles of our nation, of not understanding that they are the key to success or failure, but that they think all they have to do is respond to pollsters and everything will be set straight. Well, here's their chance.

The recalls in Wisconsin can prove to the leftist unions that they are indeed a small, insignificant minority and that the people of Wisconsin reject their vision of the future and deny their claims on their salaries as right and proper. Or, they can cave and let the thieves into the vault and let mob rule their state. There can be no other result. The future of our nation may hang in the balance, because if the Wisconsin unions seize control of Wisconsin, it will act as a catalyst everywhere and recalls will be the method of overthrow. If we as a people do not respond to these recalls by soundly rejecting them, then we are doomed.

My only fear is that the apathy of the general public will not compel them to vote and the damage will be done. The worst part of that is when they do finally wake up, broke and second class citizens to the government worker, who demands more and more of their treasure, who will they blame? Not themselves, that's for sure.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

ATF Lied, Mexicans Died

I've been thinking about this all day, but Alvie put the bellows to the furnace and brought the metal to a bright white color in my mind. It has been driving me crazy that Barack Obama had a press conference today and not one single question was asked about Project Gunwalker. There was not one single question about Wisconsin and the death threats made by union members against government officials. Okay, I know these are special subjects for me and all, but even objectively...right?

Am I crazy to think that a scandal that has finally gotten some light shed on it over the past few weeks isn't worthy of comment? Okay, the death of a U.S. Customs agent at the hands of a band of criminals down on the border which might have been the fault of the Department of Justice? No? No questions about that? Hmmmmm, what about the accusation that despite their friendly banter the other day when President Calderon visited, the Obama Administration might be responsible for the deaths of at least 150 Mexican nationals by letting guns flow south of the border? No? Still no? Dang.

What if the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for an independent investigation into the allegations that the ATF was complicit in the act of allowing guns to be purchased by a straw purchaser and "walked" down to Mexico? What if 13 members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the Attorney General of the United States and asked for details on the project "Fast and Furious"? Nothing? Crap!

Well, I suppose if the Mexican government asked for detailed information on the investigations theoretically being conducted by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice and an internal investigation in the ATF? No? What if the Mexican Ambassador was summoned back to Mexico City to brief the Mexican government on these investigations? Nothing again? All right, this is starting to tick me off.

What if government officials of all three major political parties in Mexico demanded that U.S. agents guilty of gun trafficking and perhaps even the charge of accessory to murder be extradited to Mexico to face these charges? Would that inspire at least on question on Project Gunwalker? No? Still no?

All of these things have happened, you know.

Well, maybe the president and the press are focused on domestic matters. Let's see, did anyone ask a question about the events in Wisconsin? What if the governor in Wisconsin shoved a big ole' pie in the face of the president and his cronies by separating the "collective bargaining" issue from the bill that needed a quorum and went ahead and passed that portion of the bill? Nothing? What if the governor signed it?

I know, what if the President of the United States used his own campaign organization Organizing For America to keep the pressure on the Governor of Wisconsin to keep him from passing and signing the bill? That doesn't rate a question from the media? What if union protesters had taken up positions in the capitol building of Wisconsin and wouldn't leave? What if that strategy was supported and even organized by the president? At least his connection to the weeks-long siege would be worthy of at least one question, right? Hmmmmmm.
What if the unions got out of control and damaged the building? I mean, the press knows that the union workers are friends and political supporters of the president, right? They know that the president helped the unions and tried to bolster their spirits by admonishing the duly-elected governor, right? Did anyone in the press corps think that that was worthy of a question as to how that all got coordinated? They didn't? WOW.

Well, I bet if they knew that these supporters and friends of the president issued death threats to the Republican members of congress that there would be a question or two about that! I bet, in light of the president's own instruction toward civility after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, that he would even have to take the unions to task for making death threats and I bet that the press would be all over him! No? Crickets?

Well, I am sure by now the Latinos who supported the president in his election are really pissed about the deaths that are a result of his Department of Justice's handling of the Gunwalker scandal. I bet they are right now out front of the White House chanting "ATF Lied, Mexicans Died!" I bet it is so loud the president can't even get any sleep. I'm sure of it!

CRICKETS! Yeah, this is what a free press is all about, you traitors!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watergate Left No Dead

Scandals come and go. Blue dresses impress the imagination from time to time. We expect more of our presidents than the average guy in a bowling shirt and tan lines on his ring finger. This is probably a mistake, but we do. When they let us down and we find out they are lying, cheating slobs unworthy of respect, it is a shock and a shame. In the past we have discovered this from Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. One might try and point out the finer aspects of the subsequent investigations, but it basically comes down to dishonesty with the American people over something that was far less important than the evident dishonesty and brazen arrogance demonstrated by the most powerful men in the world.

Project Gunwalker is none of that. The difference is fairly clear: Watergate left no dead.

Right now, today, we know that at least one federal agent is dead due to the direct actions of the Obama Administration's Department of Justice and (no matter how much Janet Napolitano objects) the Department of Homeland Security, perhaps even the State Department.

In an effort to justify the re-institution of the "assault weapons" ban the ATF, members of the Justice Department and a few ambitious Senior Agents in Charge (SACs) allowed gun shops to sell guns to known straw purchasers, who would then "walk" the guns across the border and into Mexico, link up with members of the drug cartels and turn over the guns.

The cover story is that the guns got away from the investigators. There are a few problems with that scenario. If indeed they were actually trying to track the guns to the cartels and then make a big bust to justify the THOUSANDS of guns let loose on the Mexican population and the border population of the United States, they did a crappy job of it. If they just wanted to turn a thousand guns loose on the border to track them when they came back across the border and were used in crimes, they did exactly what they should have done.

The problem is that Barack Obama is accustomed to others covering his tracks, hushing the critics, hiding the evidence for him so he doesn't have to come face to face with serious policy failures. Obama says things like "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun" without reprisal. His arrogance is allowed to grow instead of being stunted by reality. So, when he says he wants to get enough evidence of gunrunning to re-implement the "assault weapons" ban, he doesn't give a damn who gets hurt or what happens to hundreds of lives as long as he gets what he wants.

This time it may have backfired on him. Regardless of the back-slapping being done a few days ago, Felipe Calderon and every political party in Mexico now wants to know why their friendly neighbor to the north would allow thousands of guns to fuel the bloodiest war since independence. There are a lot of people dead. Apologies and deflections don't raise any of them from the grave. Every death along the border now smells of ATF and Obama. Shame on those who would absolve Obama of blame for political gain or survival.  

The Insanity of a $6.1 Billion Dollar Debate

The sitting congress and the president should right now, be run out of office, impeached, recalled, physically chased, if that's what it takes. Here's the reason: the congress is right now debating budget cuts. Those who have been in charge for 2 years have run up a deficit of 5 trillion dollars. They did that, the Democrats. They didn't even have the ability to pass a budget. Now, the Democrats argue for budget cuts of $6.1 billion.

The insanity of this debate is this: by the time the congress has argued for cutting the budget for one week, there is a debt accumulation that would wipe out the entire $6.1 billion dollars they are arguing about. At these levels of debt, it is not a one for one effect either. In other words, cutting $6.1 billion dollars does not mean that debt reduction is achieved by any significant amount. $6.1 billion dollars represents less than 1/20 th of 1% of our debt (I am not the best at math) I do know that 1/10 th of 1% of our debt is $14 billion.

My point is that this is malfeasance on a scale that boggles the mind. Even having this discussion of $6.1 billion is an affront to rational discourse. Let's put this into perspective. Were our congress a board of directors with a budget before them that showed them $14 billion dollars in debt and were accumulating debt at a rate of $1 million dollars a day and someone proposed that they solve the problem by cutting $6 million dollars out of the budget and the whole board of directors were arguing back and forth for one week to decide on whether or not to cut that $6 million dollars, they would be bankrupt before they finished the debate and anyone willing to hold their stock is a moron. Well, folks that's us.

This is getting to the point where an election won't solve it. That's the real dangerous territory. We just had one of the most sweeping denials of this sort of behavior in the 2010 election and it hasn't stopped a damn thing. Not one stinking thing and a lot of that is our fault, us, the citizens and voters who stand by wagging our collective heads instead of demanding a few on a plate. I'm not advocating violence, I am just in sheer confusion and bewilderment that a free people would so willingly allow themselves to be cooed to sleep like babes in the cradle by people with daggers to their throats.

I read somewhere that Carl Icahn (a big hedge fund operator) was asking his investors to take their money back. He simply shrugs and realizes that there's no point in taking any one's money when they are just going to get wiped out in a few weeks when the debt ceiling is raised and all hope for the sanity that is needed disappears into the night air along with our republic. All I ask is that we all remember who was in office when there was a small chance that this could be reversed. Let's remember the lessons of corrupted capitalism and the entitlements that seem so nice and cozy when they become the cause of our discomfort. When we are all starving and looking for a warm place to sleep, let's keep in mind the value of a nice speech.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond Gunwalker

I am not a big fan of Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, I admit that. His stance on dumping the poor of his nation onto the streets of ours with the full understanding that the great majority of money made in the United States will be shipped back to bolster Mexico's economy while all of the social programs of the United States will be there to provide for the citizens he has encouraged to cross the border kind of ticks me off.

However, the retaliation for that should not be the dumping of thousands of weapons on the streets of Mexico to encourage international drug cartels to kill each other and whoever gets in their way. Our government is guilty of nothing less. I doubt that it was in "retaliation", but that was just a bit of snark in an otherwise serious post.

Who is the bigger fool, Calderon or us? Poor Mr. Calderon only thought that he was doing what was right for his country, bolstering his GDP while leaving the wealthy nation to the north to pay for the health and welfare of Mexico's citizens. Barack Obama, thought he was going to get a steady stream of American supplied weapons to point to in order to impose stricter gun laws in the United States while at the same time providing an excuse to increase the budget of the ATF to stem the flow of these weapons.

Were it not for the unfortunate death of Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry, this might have gone on for years longer. Now that CBS has done a full-throttle report on it we don't have to worry about word getting out, but we should pay a little more attention to the implications beyond Project Gunwalker.

Felipe Calderon is in a bad position. He must now wake up to the fact that while his life has been under threat by drug-running gangs, his hermano to the north was busy shipping weapons to the border to be used by the same criminal gangs that have murdered over 26,000 people since 2006. Now, Mr. Calderon might look at this cynically and think that a lot of those 26,000 were rival gang members and there was no substantial loss to humanity, but it has become increasingly apparent that even if that were true at one time, the tactics have changed in the two years since Project Gunwalker (Fast and Furious) has been in effect.

Here's what we know, or should know: 1) most of the heavy weapons being used by the cartels in Mexico come from either China, former Soviet Union states, independent gun runners or weapons sold by the United States to Latin American governments. These are the fully-automatic weapons, the grenade launchers, grenades themselves and heavy machine guns. 2) that the semi-automatic weapons being sold by American gun shops and at gun shows, even though they look like fully-automatic AK-47's and AR-15's, are being sold legally and to straw purchasers with the complicity of the ATF, Department of Justice and probably even the Department of State. 3) that an increase in border violence has mirrored the development of Project Gunwalker (Fast and Furious).

Perhaps Mr. Calderon wasn't too worried about these weapons coming across the border because most of them, the semi-automatic type, were being used by Mexican gangs in AMERICA. Now, we, us, you and me, need to come to grips with the idea that our president, Barack Obama, doesn't seem to care that these illegal weapons that have gone down to Mexico with the AID of the ATF, have done their killing on the south side of the border and have been U-turned back toward the citizens of the United States. The flood of semi-automatic weapons coming from Mexico to the US should be the concern here, at least on a level equal to that of the fact that they are going south.

Yet, what is the response from the big meeting in Washington DC over the weekend? Where is Obama on this issue?

Here it is presented to you by Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, the key man in this expose along with David Codrea. Don't ever let them tell you it was CBS News. While I am grateful to finally have a major media outlet exposing this, it was the hard, dogged work of Mike and David that brought this scandal to light.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barack Obama: Why Doesn't He Like Us?

I've held my tongue for a long time. I am a patriot and I recognize that my will is not always the will of the nation. I recognize that I am not the voice of all the people, that I do not have any claim on what is right or wrong for everyone. We are a nation of vastly different ideals, mores, customs and even cultures. Though I still believe that all cultures can benefit from understanding the free market and the wealth creation that is possible. I encourage every citizen to learn how to adapt to the American model to make themselves and their families prosperous. Despite the dues seeking rhetoric of the labor unions, we are not a people constantly beholden to the labor unions for the benefits they can leverage away from greedy capitalists. Greedy capitalists do more good despite themselves than labor unions can do on purpose.

Don't tell that to the Commander in Chief, though. Barack Obama has made it clear that he is the president of minorities and of labor unions and government workers and that's about it. Oh yeah, he is also the president of the Muslims worldwide, even radicalized terrorists.

I know how this sounds and I have resisted other opportunities to make my feelings known. But, there now has been enough time and opportunities for the President to prove me wrong, but he never has. Let's do a few comparisons just to highlight my point of view. I can only judge a president based on their actions. I am not much concerned about who they are as people, but how they act in office. I fully recognize that a senator has different allegiances than a president so, I won't go back to Obama's days as a senator.

The first opportunity Barack Obama had to demonstrate his willingness to tackle the race issue in a positive way, showing no favoritism was the night when Professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested by a white police officer. Any politician knows enough to keep any opinion out of his/her response until the facts are known, but then the president responded that the white officer acted "stupidly" before he had any chance to review the facts of the incident. Then, the answer was to get the white police officer to sit down with the professor and the president to do what? What did that accomplish? It was a photo op, nothing else and the chance for the president to distance himself from his perception as a radical was lost.

Compare Obama's quick response to the news about Professor Gates to the news about Colonel Hasan at Fort Hood, who deserved the benefit of the doubt and was afforded all manner of kindness and understanding that a white beat cop didn't.

So, what happened when Barack Obama was presented with opposition to his agenda, primarily the decision to take over the health care system? As groups of American citizens spread out to oppose something they considered unconstitutional, damaging to personal liberty, damaging to the economic system and unwilling to accept at face value some incredible claims that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would actually REDUCE the deficit, he responded by calling in some old friends from the SEIU and other labor unions that had funded his campaign and accepted through government agencies payoffs from the Stimulus Bill. (A better case for money-laundering I have never seen) Then, as further payback for the unions countering every bit of opposition the president encounters along the legislative path, the President of the United States came out against a sitting governor and a duly elected legislature and admonished them for "attacking labor unions".

Then, just as a slap in the face of the Tea Party which he openly criticizes as having a "fundamental racism" despite the fact that this is an undocumented, disproved and absolutely refuted point of view, he heaped praise on the Egyptian protesters. When they are Muslims, the president finds their protest against an unresponsive, distant and demanding ruler as somehow noble, but when the people of America, the Tea Party does so, it is cynical and racist.

Here is what he had to say about the Egyptian protesters:  And above all, we saw a new generation emerge – a generation that uses their own creativity and talent and technology to call for a government that represented their hopes and not their fears; a government that is responsive to their boundless aspirations. One Egyptian put it simply: Most people have discovered in the last few days…that they are worth something, and this cannot be taken away from them anymore, ever.

This is the power of human dignity, and it can never be denied. Egyptians have inspired us, and they’ve done so by putting the lie to the idea that justice is best gained through violence. For in Egypt, it was the moral force of nonviolence – not terrorism, not mindless killing – but nonviolence, moral force that bent the arc of history toward justice once more.

Could he not have said the same of the Tea Party? Not, if you are Barack Obama and could care less about the incredible uprising of a liberty loving people dedicated to preserving the values of freedom and justice. I guess it depends on what color you are and whether or not you are in a union.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gunwalker's Other Victims

The Project Gunwalker scandal is now breaking like a wave across the blogosphere after weeks and months of David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh doing everything they could to raise the issues to a high enough level to garner attention. I watched the reports as they filtered out in the early stages, wondering what I might be able to do to help raise the alarm. Finally, I started writing articles for American Thinker to do my best. I went on radio shows. Kudos to whoever got to CBS and encouraged them to pursue the issue, because this is where we see the power of the traditional media. No matter how much we all toil at our keyboards, there is nothing like a national news bureau putting out a story to be legitimized. The work that David and Mike have done is remarkable and should be one of the centerpieces of this story, but never a mention. It is frustrating, but I feel like they will get their due.

Now, here is a side to this scandal that has bothered me and Mike Vanderboegh, the deaths of the nameless, faceless victims in Mexico proper. I know it bothers Mike, because he wrote a piece on it a while back. I certainly don't intend to diminish the sacrifices made by Agent Brian Terry or Agent Jaime Zapata, but what is being overlooked--as the ATF desperately tries to spin the scandal as a few loose guns in an otherwise sound investigation--are the hundreds and thousands of deaths perpetrated by the end users of the guns allowed to "walk" across the border into Mexico.

Last night on CBS News Agent John Dodson expressed his sense of guilt that he had played a part in Project Gunwalker which is a sardonic reference to what the ATF called Fast and Furious. He recognized that to some degree silence is a sign of complicity and he refused to be silent any longer. Agent Dodson put a face to otherwise anonymous internal critics of ATF's reckless handling of the investigation. I'm glad he did what he did in the memory of Agent Brian Terry, but there are a lot more names on that tombstone than just Agent Terry.

Over the next few months we will hear of more murders and kidnappings from south of the border and now with Agent Dodson's reference to "thousands" of guns, how can we not wonder how many of those vicious crimes were perpetrated by the use of guns the ATF let "walk" into the hands of the murderous thugs?

Agent Thomasson of the PR Department of the ATF recently said in an internal e-mail, "ATF needs to proactively push positive stories (about the ATF) this week, in an effort to preempt some negative reporting, or at a minimum, lessen the coverage of such stories in the news cycle."

 I'm sorry Agent Thomasson, unless the ATF discovers the Messiah wandering in the Arizona desert, this story is going to get past you and your spin.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Doing Something Smart

I've been sitting at my desk all morning wondering if I shouldn't just throw my hands up and forget it. I have some work ahead, but not enough to do much more than position me well for the coming calamity. I work with drilling machinery and it always breaks. There is always something expensive to go wrong and without it, one is out of business.

I bring this up, not as a pity party, no one should pity me. Everything I have done, I have done with eyes wide open and cognizant of the consequences. I took a gamble on staying in business long enough to make things work. For going on three years I have been holding on, waiting for some sanity to return to the economy. My business is largely reliant on the construction business, but I am not a carpenter. I cannot lay down my hammer and pick it up later when things get better. There are a lot of capital costs involved, a lot of expensive machinery that cannot be sold in a flooded market. I can't keep making payments on things that are worth half of what they were before and if I let them go back, I will not be able to purchase like equipment in the future because my credit is already shot trying to hang onto the business.

The reason I do bring this up is I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what might improve the economy when there is no interest in doing so in Washington, DC. As Americans we are taught to believe that an economy should not be reliant on the congress to flourish. An economy ought to function no matter what Washington does. That's when I realized how much the policies of the Obama Administration are restraining the economy, purposefully, or not. That doesn't mean that they were designed to restrain the economy, but I do recognize that they were intended to restrain some sectors of the economy. The only sectors of the economy the Obama Administration has put any effort to improve are the public and the automobile manufacturing sectors, two of the most heavily unionized sectors. The events in Wisconsin explain better than I could why.

So, I have been sitting here thinking: "What can I be doing that is smarter than what I have been doing?" That is something that has been driving me crazy. See, I don't look to the government to make my life better, or to solve my problems. I look inward, because I know that is where all the real answers lie. Yes, the construction of new homes is down. Yes, the commercial activity that usually puts money in the pockets of my typical customers has been lacking. Yes, the price of diesel and gasoline have been robbing even more money from the pockets of would be customers and drastically increase the costs associated with my services. Yes, with the Middle East in flames the prospect that fuel costs will rise and possibly crash the stock market, sending what's left of my market into the toilet.

As I think about my situation I realize that everything I have worked hard for all of these years is now worth nothing. When I think of the value that has been drained from my home, my cars and trucks, my equipment, my business, it reminds me that a lot more was lost in the compression of value that came with the bursting of the housing bubble than can really be accounted for. When I look out at the fiscal landscape and I realize that there are whole sectors of the economy that may never again rise from the ashes I am given pause. By nature we tend to think that there is some eventual correction for the state we are in, but maybe there is not. I know, they speak of the "new normal" well, you know, there is no "new normal" there is normal and extraordinary and this is extraordinary.

What I know is this: I should be doing something smart right now and I am not. I'm willing to think outside the box. I could let everything go if something new presented itself. I look at opportunities in other businesses, in other industries. I am not afraid to go into something new or to take some risks. None of these things are preventing me from doing the smart thing.

Okay, so you might be thinking to yourself "All right, T.L., what the hell does this have to do with anything?" Well, here it is: No matter what "smart" thing I come up with it will already have been done. By dividing my thoughts between what to do next and how to handle the day to day, I am mimicking the society as a whole, stuck between one thing and another, just waiting for something to happen, something to provide guidance. Good and bad don't enter into it. We are, as a society, adrift, leaderless. We are left to float out there, with all of our previously understood realities shattered, to try and make sense of the future. It can't be done. This is chaos, most people are just going to work out of habit. They aren't doing anything other than waiting for the next calamity, like me. We have fallen into the trap.

Our elected representatives are right now trying desperately to divert attention from themselves. They want to show us that they are working on the problems. It's all for nothing. There is nothing they can do. They are not unlike me. They are cognizant that it is all too late, but are unable to do anything other than perform the daily tasks. Take a vote, sit on a committee, read the news, scratch their heads.

What I want to warn you about is that there are others, those who have created this chaos. There are those who need us impotent and busily repeating yesterday's tasks so that they, with their focus, can plan their future based on new standards and practices, methods alien to us, even inconceivable. They are not lost as I am, they are found, they are busy and like those in Madison, they draw oxygen from the flames. They gather strength in our weakness. These are the true enemies of liberty and they are at the highest levels of government. Eric Holder said it as plain as it can be said, basically acknowledging that when it comes to "their people" be that black, white, Latino, or Asian, their "people" are reds, communists, collectivists, i.e., the enemies of liberty and they will use our laws to protect them, our structure to shield them from harm. They will use our police to deny us liberty. In our busily distracted lives, they have arranged their pieces and will soon call for the start of the game.

I suggest you come out swinging.

If you want to understand the technical mechanics of what has taken place READ THIS by Gardenserf.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Gunwalker with Roger Hedgecock and TL

Roger Hedgecock asked me to come on his radio show today to help explain Project Gunwalker. Here is the link to the show.

Charles G. Koch (finally some sanity)

H/T to Arctic Patriot for bringing my attention to this excellent article. After seeing the name Koch splattered all over the signs at every union party given over the past week, it is interesting to see the common sense and straight-forward approach to the issues Mr. Koch brings.

I am glad that he had the desire to speak his mind and to let the rest of us know who it is that we have been defending in verbal fisticuffs with these union thugs. It is clear to me that they know less than they appear and that is quite a chore.

Anyway, read this and recognize the civility that should be brought to the issue of the public debt. If only more of our capitalist friends in the captain's seats of business would do the same.

The Article.

Holy hell, I already got a visit from the George Soros cabal. It happens every time I write about Soros, but now I guess it happens when I write about Koch. They present themselves as people just looking to write a guest post. Deception is all these people know.

The Badger Rebellion

There have been times in the history of America when intemperate individuals have staged rebellions. None quite so recent as the Badger Rebellion taking place in Wisconsin, but certainly it is not unheard of. The difference seems to be in the inability of the public to see it for what it is. There is a point at which a protest becomes more than merely that and becomes something else more sinister. That moment came for the Badger Rebellion when the police union stood with the demonstrators and in effect took this from a passive resistance to the rule of law into another realm, into the realm of rebellion, open and crude.

The startling aspect to the Badger Rebellion is that it comes with the full assistance of the President of the United States, with the federal government in conflict with a state government. It comes with the clear connection between labor unions, in effect small militias, and the Democratic Party. Were the blessings of a free press to be gratified with duty, the people would already be informed as to the ruthless nature of the business at hand. Instead, the people are left to flounder and hopefully will come to the conclusion that the press can no longer be relied upon to warn the citizenry of foul play by the President and/or the Democratic Party. One can only imagine the uproar if those occupying the Wisconsin capitol were wearing Gadsden T-Shirts and shouting for liberty.

Those left out of the informational loop and reliant upon the devious misdirection of the media might see this as nothing more than a peaceful protest. Others more schooled in the practices of totalitarian regimes recognizes this as test of muscle. It is a power play. It is a prodding of the defenses and sadly it must be reported that the collectivist agenda has gained some ground against our republic. This is a less graphic equivalent of a rifle butt to the head of one citizen to see how the others react.

We have known for some time that the forces of the collectivists would have to make their play. It started with the engagement of the Tea Party by the SEIU and other unions in the run up to the vote on Obamacare. At first, it was difficult to understand why labor unions would come out to support the legislation with such dedication. The cause was not clear until details of the Stimulus Bill emerged to show that it benefited almost exclusively state and local governments that employ union workers. Think of that for a moment. It is now known that over $800 billion was given directly to state and local governments and now we have union uprisings all across the nation. The donations received by the fugitive state senators in Wisconsin will show their largest individual contributors to be labor unions. But, the major media outlets will not connect these dots, it would countermand their sympathies with this president and his party.

And yet, the greatest disgrace of this debacle is not that it is happening, but that the taxpayer, those who have been fleeced of $800 billion by the Democratic Party to pay the salaries and dues of union workers, don't seem to give a damn. If ever there was a cause for riots in the streets, that would seem to be it. Instead, they remain disinterested. "Let the Tea Party handle it," seems to be their message. They don't want to get dirty with all of that protesting and confrontation. The great American citizen, it appears, would rather stay at home and hope that someone calls to ask their opinion.

If you are one that believes that the brutality of the old Soviet Union could not happen here, you have just taken a huge step in that direction. The people should always be jealous of their liberty. There is a greater rebellion afoot and it has to take place with this president in power. As we have already seen, he is quick and willing to come to the defense of those who would run roughshod over a governor and a state. We have seen over the past weekend the extent of the protests and the willing dupes of the labor unions to spread the conflict nationwide. In Wisconsin the state employee labor unions have occupied the capitol for weeks. That is an act of aggression. Rise up and shut this down, or get used to it, it will be happening more and more and everywhere you go. Every single city, county and state will face this sort of tactic from here on out. Your neighbors will be the ones to demand your wallet with unflinching arrogance and maybe the butt of a rifle.

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