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Sunday, February 27, 2011

After-action Report From Atlanta (RTC)

This is a post that appeared on Western Rifle Shooters Association. It is important because it is necessary to recognize the methods and tactics of those who would steal the money from your wallet and spit in your face. It also demonstrates appropriate response and preparedness.

As follows:

Reports From Saturday's Protests in ATL and RDU

Verbatim reports from the field via FreeFor counterprotesters in opposition to Saturday's union/fellow traveller demonstrations in Atlanta and Raleigh:


Gentlemen, here's the accounting of saturday's encounter. I'll have to burn copies of the vids I already have and am meeting with James Brown (the guy who taped wednesday and saturday's encounter) to get a copy of saturday's encounter to add to ours.

Since we couldn’t let Wednesday’s SEIU counter demonstration by the Restore the Constitution group stand, we headed back out on Saturday to the move-on-dot-org protest. This time I was not only armed with my sidearm, but also a copy of SB-308 gun law signed by Governor Purdue back in April 2010. The night before the demonstration, I re-read the law just to be extra certain we were acting within the law.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Racist Union Members Descend On Denver

Failure to heed my last post "Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio" resulted in the lopsided, embarrassing rally in Denver today.


And, here is the massive display by those who are paying for the first three pictures. No, that is not figurative, it is literal.

That whole fiasco was funded by the stimulus bill passed by Barack Obama and the Democratic party. I wonder why that is? Why would the Democratic Party want to funnel money to public sector labor unions? Why would Democrats walk away from their obligations in Wisconsin and Indiana? Is it because those lily white racist union members pictured above (just try and find a diversity) have a head lock on the Democratic Party? Invoked time after time, in speech after speech was the virtue of the Democratic Party and the horrible, greed-ridden evility of the Republican Party. They have finally removed the mask, there is no difference between the Democratic Party and its labor union muscle. Especially when they can get you to pay for it.

More Cops Than Counter-Protesters

Somewhere along the line the average Joe (no pun intended) has to get involved in defending his own pocket book, or he will continue to get robbed. A person who complains about every dime they have to pay extra for gasoline ought to get their behind out and protest the kleptopalooza going on in our public sector. When I engage customers who are so intent upon the absolute cheapest method of getting the job done and spy an Obama sticker on their car, it is all I can do not to jump the price quadruple.

Listen, not everyone has to get out into the streets. Not everyone is a conflict junkie like me. I don't like protesting, but I don't mind the confrontation or the physical nature of it. What I do mind is doing it to the benefit of everyone sitting at home and getting nothing out of it but a superior tone and a turned up nose.

I do have a solution. You, the guy on the couch, or easy chair, the one who doesn't want to do anything as degrading as standing up or holding a sign, why don't you pull that fat wallet out, the one these people are trying to defend and open it. Find a credit card and put that dude to use. Send in a donation to some liberty group. I don't care which one. I run Guardians of Liberty. I take a lot of my donations and support other liberty groups with it, or help send people to Washington with it. Do something with it. You say times are bad, that work is slow. Listen, I work 12 hour days. I make time for those things that are important to this nation, to the security of our state.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

At a recent counter-protest to the union solidarity rally instigated by SEIU in Denver I came face to face with the true issues at hand. The purpose of the rally was to spread the unrest, to widen the discontent, to create the impression that the entire nation is involved and engaged in the issues playing out in Wisconsin. It was hoped that every state government might be intimidated by these union tactics.

The trouble I find with this method of protest is that the union cannot avoid the impression that they are protesting against the very people who fund their careers. Of course, they try to make it seem like there is some greedy, evil, hateful person at which they are directing their anger and professed rightful indignation, but a moment's thought erases that perception. Fortunately for the union thugs sent out to carry the message, they don't bother to apply logic to their actions. Their history has been established by demonizing individuals and corporations, but unions are poorly designed to engage in these tactics as employees of the government.

So, now that it is apparent that these union goons are protesting against you, the taxpayer, the benefactor of their existence, at the behest of the Democratic Party, I am curious as to why there is not a greater outcry from the general public? The Tea Party cannot always lift the bail and tote the barge, there are things that must be done by the unorganized masses just out of a sense of outrage.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no outrage that the Democratic Party, through the President of the United States, has conducted a huge money-laundering scheme via labor unions and now expects the members of these unions to help them stall and even discourage legislation. Are any of you awake?

Of the Stimulus Bill over $800 billion was meted out to these entities on the FIRST page alone:
(These figures start in the BILLIONS, not millions)
Planning And Research, Governor's Office Of Sacramento CA $5,472,717,555
Florida Education Department Tallahassee FL $3,192,989,535
Education, California Department Of Sacramento CA $2,711,405,704
Economic Development & Tourism, Texas Governor Office Of Austin TX $2,177,682,329
Transportation, California Department Of Sacramento CA $2,141,037,329
New York, State Of Albany NY $2,021,923,863
Education Agency, Texas Austin TX $1,983,765,917
Transportation, Texas Department Of Austin TX $1,933,068,945
New York State Education Department Albany NY $1,841,314,488
Department Of Education Michigan Lansing MI $1,720,128,218
Massachusetts, Commonwealth Of Boston MA $1,634,890,485
Illinois, State Of Springfield IL $1,500,398,861
New York City Board Of Education Brooklyn NY $1,416,637,533
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc Aiken SC $1,407,839,884
h2m Hill Plateau Remediation Company Richland WA $1,359,715,229
Education, Virginia Department Of Richmond VA $1,347,213,546
Executive Office State Of Ohio Columbus OH $1,313,546,525
National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington DC $1,307,550,221
Georgia, State Of Atlanta GA $1,144,841,173
Illinois Department Of Transportation Springfield IL $1,119,532,573

VIA Stimulus Watch

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From The Trainer

Things are working their way around to 180 degrees of normal. If you are a small business person, you probably know that everything you have worked for is worthless. Home values are dropping harder than a January thermometer. Equipment is worth even less with everyone trying to dump unnecessary trucks and tractors on the market. Specialty equipment is worth even less than normal trucks and such. We have wasted our lives if we cannot return to some semblance of normalcy, a normalcy which is in direct conflict with the aims and goals of this administration. I can say that because I have looked for some reasonable cause for actions of the Democrats, especially Obama. Nothing they do makes sense unless one allows oneself the irrational, but obvious conclusion that our president really doesn't want the economy to recover if it means recovery without endorsing his socialist worldview.

To that end, we need to prepare. Read this from WRSA.

A Reason To Fight

There is a reason I met the union thugs on the steps of the State Capitol in Denver the other day. There is a reason I have been engaged in this struggle since the beginning. It is not because I like to protest, far from it. I don't like to put myself out there in the streets, it is unseemly. But, I also recognize that I have a personal responsibility to take action where that action is obviously needed. To expect someone else to tend to my liberty, or my rights is as unseemly as anything I could do, moreso than protesting.

The situation is clear: we either fight for our liberty, or we lose it. We stand up for fiscal responsibility or we might as well just toss our credit cards to the looters and moochers. Why protect our identity from thieves if we are going to invite the thieves in to write the laws?

Here's the difference between private sector unions and public sector unions, since that seems to be an intellectual stumbling block for most defenders of the debacle in Wisconsin. When a private sector union delegation sits down with a corporation, it is dealing with the owners of the company: the CEO, the CFO, or the COO, all of whom own stock, all of whom have a stake in the success of the company. They cannot arbitrarily increase the price of their stock to cover an increase in wages and benefits. They can increase the cost of their goods, but that puts them at a disadvantage in the marketplace and starts a downward spiral leading to the loss of all jobs and all pensions. They can sacrifice some profits for the agreement, but once those profits are gone the company will have to take on debt to open new plants, or start new lines of goods. It all comes out of the bottom line.

When a public sector union sits down with the staff of a governor, or mayor, there is no genuine conflict. On one hand you have an organization who in many respects has helped to get the governor or mayor elected, or could pose significant opposition to the governor or mayor in future elections. The governor or mayor has many more reasons to facilitate the union rather than incur its wrath. The governor is not going to have his 401k devalued by his decision. He is not going to be personally liable for the wages he agrees to increase, he merely passes a bill that increases taxes and since the people, the rightful voice in this conflict, have not been in on the negotiation, they are unaware that the taxes being raised are to cover the agreement recently made.

Historically speaking, public sector unions have been around for a very short time and already they have led to the fiscal instability of every state in which they have taken root. This is because they have abnormal influence on their bosses who do not own the institution they are representing. Only the people can represent their interests in this negotiation and the only way to do that, as yet, is to protest, to throw a fit, to get in their face, to stand up to their aggression, to confront them directly, to gather and demand a voice.

Let me quote Rousseau:

“As soon as public service ceases to be the principle concern of the Citizens, and they prefer to serve with their purses instead of their persons, the State is already nearly in ruin. Is it necessary to go to combat? They pay for troops and remain at home; is it necessary to go to the Council?  They name deputies and remain at home.  By dint of laziness and money, they finally have soldiers to enslave the fatherland and representatives to sell it.”

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gateway Pundit Caught Me Red Handed

From this clip, you get me walking up to this confrontation between a SEIU union thug and the black Tea Party Activist. What you don't see is it is me yelling at the SEIU guy calling him a punk after he flips me off.

Here it is at RightNetwork

Third video down. You do catch, at the very end, the cop escorting me away from the scene.

The Fight Has Come To Me


I think we can all agree on the fact that America, as we have known it, is facing some drastic changes. I don't care if you are a wild-eyed leftist, that fact seems apparent. Now, for the leftist, the point is to force the change. This is their opportunity to destroy the capitalist class and establish socialist utopia in America. That's why Barack Obama jumped square in the middle of the Wisconsin fiasco, because he seeks this upheaval as a means to securing power and, more importantly, putting all of us capitalists in our place.

We are on the brink right now. The long march of the socialists has taken decades, perhaps a century. They have gained a lot ground, but without much resistance. Their plans and advancements were done in stealth, while waving the flag and chanting U.S.A. But, now they have dropped the pretense of a patriotic effort. FDR's talk of saving the union while instituting the seeds of socialism have been exposed. Crisis after crisis was used as a demonstration of the purpose of socialism, of the utility of it. The answer was always more power to the government and the people slowly lost faith in capitalism as a means to handle such emergencies.

That all changed in 2008. While the leftists want to continue the obfuscation of the issues and show us that socialism is the answer to the inequalities of capitalism, it is capitalism that is shining brighter. Socialism with its programs and enrollments and state control have proven to be no more equitable than capitalism was and much more restrictive and dangerous to liberty. Socialism is now being exposed as the cause of the new emergency and that is a real problem for the Utopians. Capitalism might have been blamed for economic emergencies, but America's experience with socialism is now the direct cause of the worst economic emergency in the nation's history (default).

The question before the people is how to respond to this emergency. Everyone seems to be taking different routes as they see fit for them and their own. The unions are solidifying their membership, consolidating gains and actively directing their efforts against the political winds that have blown against them. This is the battleground on which they have chosen to fight, right here and right now. They have dispatched the purple buses across the nation in an effort to create widespread chaos. They are flexing their muscles and expect the citizenry to cower in fear. Their method is simple: intimidation pure and clear. It is a thug tactic employed by thugs. It is mob rule. We resist it here and now or bow to it and inspire a thousand more events.

If your response is to hunker down, to protect your own, then so be it. If your response is to turn away, to not see what is apparent, then so be it. If your response is to send letters and e-mails to congressmen bucking them up for the fight ahead, then so be it. All of us must handle the situation in their own way, with their own tools and reliant upon their own conscience.

I prefer to engage whenever and wherever they appear. I will go out to fight them in the streets, in the parks, on the steps of the capitol, because I know that if I don't I will soon be fighting them on my lawn. The fight has come to me.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Betrayal of the Public Trust

Americans have, in the past, been rather cordial about their rights. They knew they were listed in the Bill of Rights and that if one were to run afoul of the law that one would be afforded certain rights during the process. It was a  sort of comfort blanket for the worst of times, but little else.

At different times in the history of the nation certain bills have been passed that went directly against the rights of the people. The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 come to mind. These Acts, primarily the Sedition Act, were used in the tumultuous times when fear of war with France was in the air to quell political opposition by either deporting vociferous opponents or incarcerating people like Benjamin Franklin Bache (Ben Franklin's grandson) for publishing unflattering articles about John Adams.

Economic turmoil and war hysteria have always served the oppressors well. Consider the Patriot Act in our own time and the Department of Homeland Security. As Rahm Emanuel so clearly iterated, no crisis should go to waste and it doesn't matter whether one is well-schooled in the Gramsci or Alinsky school, the results are the same. The very fact that the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security were products of the Bush Administration ensures us all that there is no politician or political party who are safe repositories for our rights.

Yet, there is one step further that one might take as a President that is beyond any other act or bureaucracy and that is direct confrontation with the people to deny them the benefits of their votes and actions of their elected officials. Barack Obama took that extra step out of contempt for the people and loyalty to his union base in Madison, Wisconsin. It is clear by the confessions of the Democratic National Committee and Organizing For America that Barack Obama himself sought to de-legitimize the duly elected representatives and governor of the state for no other apparent reason than to show solidarity with the unions to whom he has contributed greatly with tax dollars and to whom he owes a political debt.

I know that with the press in Obama's back pocket, with the absolute abdication of responsibility of the free press that this, while acknowledged, will never raise the alarms that it should. This is a betrayal of the public trust, a violation of Obama's oath of office, a hostile action of the federal authority against a state authority. By supporting the fugitive state senators through his own political organization and the actions Organizing For America took to inspire, enhance and facilitate the protest along with a failure of Obama to denounce the threats of violence against the governor and the Republican legislators attempting to do the people's business, Barack Obama has himself benefited from these threats of violence and should be rightly implicated in their issue.

In order to clear Barack Obama of complicity with these threats one would have to believe either that he doesn't know the tactics of unions to issue and even act upon these threats or that he was not a community organizer at a time when such tactics were used. He can deny neither. These actions are hostile to the peace of the union and border on treason.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama's Purple Thug Army Mobilizes. Will You?

Malkin: SEIU Purple Thug Tour Schedule

Read it all, but here's the sched:

2/21 – Helena, MT
2/21 – Carson City, NV
2/21 – Raleigh, NC
2/21 – Austin, TX
2/21 – Madison, WI
2/22 – Sacramento, CA
2/22 – Denver, CO
2/22 – Des Moines, IA
2/22 – Annapolis, MD
2/22 – Boston, MA
2/22 – Springfield, MA
2/22 – St. Paul, MN
2/22 – Santa Fe, NM
2/22 – Columbus OH
2/22 – Providence, RI
2/22 – Montpelier, VT
2/22 – Madison, WI
2/23 – Hartford, CT
2/23 – Atlanta, GA
2/23 – Scranton, PA
2/24 – Canton, OH

The Criminalization of Politics

The union thugs in Wisconsin are not there just on their own, they are the extension of the Obama Administration. This is the open declaration of hostility by the President of the United States against a duly elected government of a state. The President is already disobeying the courts on the drilling ban and the implementation of Obamacare. He is engaged in a legal war with Arizona, with Florida, with Louisiana and now Wisconsin. Before long he will have a chance to go to war with Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

How long will the American people tolerate this criminal behavior from the president? When does it go too far, even for Democrats? Are there no nation-loving Democrats left with the ethical obligation to call it for what it is, treason?

Look, terms like treason and war are not easy to speak in this nation, but are we all blind? Is it not obvious that after this president has taken the support of unions in his election as well as the opposition to the Tea Parties, who stood in the way of Obamacare, that he then funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into their accounts, paid off teacher's unions with stimulus dollars and then sided with the unions against the State of Wisconsin and against all of the citizens of that state who voted to install Republicans? If this isn't gang behavior, what is? This makes Nixon look like a doofus.

This is more important than just Wisconsin, this is the criminalization of politics. Is that what we want? Why not just get a bigger gang and overthrow the city, or state government? Tell me how this is different? Is this the sanctioned approach to politics now? Gangs? Thugs? We don't like a law we threaten to kill the governor? We pretend that there is a connection to Hitler and just do what? What are they proposing? Is the president complicit in these threats by backing those groups making the threats? Should we break some legs to get our political will done?

It is the responsibility of every able-bodied citizen to protest this in the greatest possible way. When the teachers unions stand in solidarity in your state, where will you be? I will be right across the line from those thugs. I will be prepared. I will be capable of self-defense and I will be there. I will not succumb to threats of violence, of the criminalization of my state. Will you?

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Is Our National Destiny

The events unfolding in Wisconsin are only the beginning of an open assault on the American way of life. These are the people who would willingly destroy the republic to get their way. They don't value the republic, they have no use for the founders, these are all things that stand in the way of their power and control over you, the citizen.

They are not happy with the money we willingly give them for the jobs they do, they demand more. They don't care how we get it, they want it and more than that, they want to prove to us that they can take it.

My first instinct is to drive all night to get to Madison by morning. It is 14 hours and 26 minutes from my house. Madison is 962 miles away. I can make it. I should go. The only thing that keeps me locked in debate with myself over the necessity of it is that I have already spent three weeks in Washington DC this year. My business has been put on the back shelf, work being done between interviews over my American Thinker article on Project Gunwalker, writing these posts and trying to get people to see the dangers of unions bargaining with elected officials for our money. Now, we can see the danger open and clear and I should be there. I should go.

Tomorrow at noon a number of Tea Parties will descend on Madison Wisconsin to support the governor and the bill that would merely ask these union thugs to pay a bit more into their own health care and retirement plans. One would think that union workers were being shot for the uproar this has caused.

The reason I feel I should be there is because the president has decided to inject himself into this issue, to take the side of unions against taxpayers, unions against legitimate laws. Obama is at war with the states. He sues Arizona, he sicks his Organizing For America thugs on Wisconsin, he destroys the economy of Louisiana with a drilling ban that has been ruled illegal. What more does he have to do to prove that he is hostile to the states and the taxpaying citizens therein? Wait, he will do it, just give him time.

The fate of the nation is being decided in Wisconsin. Who will stand with the governor? Who will stand with the citizens who gather on Saturday to support him? Who will support America? Do you understand the stakes? I do, but I have nearly broke the bank going to Washington DC this year. Who will take my place in Wisconsin? Anyone? I know I should go. I want to be there. How much more do I have to sacrifice? More? I have an hour to decide.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Note From Concerned American (Must Read)

Pete nails it. There are a lot better pieces out there from the folks I associate with than I can write today. I am enraged by the actions in Wisconsin. Please read these other posts.

Apostates of Liberty

Read the post from Alvie, if you have not done so.

Wisconsin Blues (repost of Union Pensions, Taxes and the Implosion)

This re-post is in regard to the events taking place in Wisconsin
original post was in December

What is the first sign of catastrophic fail? Where is the moment of epiphany? At what point does the general public look up from the television, the sports page, the sly motel rendezvous and realize that they are the targets of a government gone berserk?

For a long time now the readers of this blog and the others where I post have seen it coming. They know it is just around the bend. The squealing iron wheels shattering the silence of night as a prelude to the impending crash has been on their mind. Every light has seemed to be a train rather than an opening in the dark tunnel of despair.

Would the ATF come get their weapons? Would Napolitano declare them "domestic extremists" and follow that pronouncement with armed action against them? Would there be an economic collapse, drawing everyone into the fray at once? Or, would the government be more clever than that? Would the government pick us off piecemeal so that there could be no unified action with which to push back?

The latter assumes that government is smart, or that it is trying to avoid the confrontation. Today, I listened to Senator Coburn from Oklahoma describe the dire cuts that will need to be made in the budget, that everyone knows that Social Security cannot remain as it is, that Medicare cannot remain as it is. Oh, they will protect the elderly and infirm already on the roles. That is a given, but everyone else, they will have to tighten their belts. And then came the coup de grace, the government employee union pensions and what to do about them. What to do about them?

As if the gate swung open and I heard the rider shout "Let 'er buck!" I heard the instantaneous sound of someone's rectum slam shut. That is the rub. Will we starve our children so that public employee unions can be given that which they were promised? They earned it, they worked for it, it was agreed to by our governments to pay them this pension. They are counting on it. Should they not be made whole? Should GM not be made whole? Should Citibank not be made whole? It is, after all, government money to do with as they please, right? RIGHT?

Or, do I dare suggest that it is our money and that the government had no right to allow unions into the public coffers in the first place; that the owners, the management, (US) would not get a seat at the table when those negotiations were taking place? What we have is a broker, who has no skin in the game, bargaining with a group of employees to divide up the spoils of those who make and create and produce. They decide, behind closed doors, what to pay and how and when the plan falls apart and the payments cannot be made, who do they look to? Who must make the payments good? US.

Okay, so I don't go too far off the beam here, keep in mind, these people deserve the pensions they were promised. They deserve the negotiated deal. The question remains: at what cost? There is no money left to pay them. In the coming weeks you will hear a lot more about this than you ever thought possible.

Were this a private situation the company would shut down and the owners would be bankrupted to pay for everything possible. The people who deserved those pensions would be out of luck. This is why it is to the benefit of every employee to do one's best to make the company profitable. The government would look at them and shrug: "Too bad, there is welfare, you know and food stamps." "When do you collect Social Security?"

That is not the way it works with government or its employees. Print money, take from the rich, take from the middle class, if necessary, just get us our money. You promised. Property taxes, sales taxes, ownership taxes, vehicle taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes. It is easy to solve that problem. It is the private sector employee who gets nothing but a shrug.

Tomorrow, they will condition you to understand that they can't throw all of those people out into the cold, it is inhuman. There will be protests from every public sector union in the book, every acronym will be deployed. The government can't have that. It would be unseemly. They will take from our accounts, from our savings, from our grocery account, from our fuel allowance, from our tuition savings, from our heat bill money and we will be told to tighten our belts, that to leave these people without funds would be an injustice. And it would, but they do not see the injustice of the correction of the injustice?

We are not even people to them, we are small little ATMs that they might tap when necessary. Never on a whim, you understand, only when necessary and so little even at that. Surely, all of you wealthy private sector employees wouldn't miss some trivial amount to save these people from destitution would you? Of course not, why that would be insensitive.

Now it is yours to decide what to do about it. Do you starve your family to make good on their promises? Or, do you rise up against it and make these governments pay what they can afford and not a penny more?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As An Apocolypse, It's A Pretty Good Show

It doesn't take but a cursory glance at the headlines of any newspaper to figure out that the gig is up. Yesterday there was news that Americans were spending more. The official number was .6% in January over .3% in December. Hurrah! It sounds like we just turned the corner on this danged old recession and are progressing quickly to the recovery so well documented at every Obama press conference. One little problem and it's so minor I hate to be a downer by bringing it up, but increased spending does not mean increased economic activity. In this case, it means inflation, which is what the Bernank wants because at least it isn't the more terrifying deflation.

If you were looking for an end to the old America, I think we have found it. Here's how it plays out from here: In a few days or weeks the congress is going to hold a vote to raise the debt ceiling. That vote is the starter pistol to the final sprint toward oblivion. From there, there are only two things that can happen: A) we raise the debt ceiling that will signal to all of our creditors that we will never stop spending and U.S. Treasury bonds start to wobble. To stabilize the bonds the government increases the interest rate paid to those still gullible enough to purchase our debt. Every auction sets a new, higher interest rate to attract buyers and consumer credit begins to reflect this and soon purchasing on credit comes to a halt as the going rate for an auto loan (even to those with good credit) shoots up to 20% or more; B) We don't raise the debt ceiling and checks either start to bounce or are never issued, no cops, no commuter trains, no welfare. This leads to Egypt. I mean, when those on unemployment and welfare can't get paid all hell will break loose.

So, the government, being made up of hearty souls willing to endure any criticism in order to do the right thing, decides to take the soft-landing approach in which the economy is squeezed between high interest rates, inflation and an already high unemployment rate hoping that the self-anesthetized will just go back to their video games, their weed and extra-marital affairs to keep their minds off the fact that the day will come when they will be pulled off the couch by Sheriff's deputies and put on the lawn with the rest of their household goods.

Here's the problem, to lay blame for all of this one would have to go so far back it would be pointless. This is the fundamental problem with democracy that the founders so detested, it leads to populism and populism denies the existence of responsible governance. When success is gauged in spoils brought back to the district, there is no room for fiscal discipline and every election becomes an auction. The very system itself works against responsive government. There is no better example of this than the economic meltdown threatened in 2008. When the government tried to be responsive, it had to abandon the most intricate safeguards against tyranny and tyranny is all that it ultimately produced. Of course, you will never get George Bush to admit to that, but it is true.

So, here we are with a debt that cannot be paid and promises that cannot be met. We have a president more intent on demonizing, belittling and threatening industry on behalf of his socialist and labor union cronies than he is on solving the problems of the economy. Unleashing oil drilling across the nation on public lands and in the gulf would immediately affect spending, the unemployment rate and taxation, but he won't do it because it isn't green and it isn't (for the most part) unionized. He is not a difficult man to understand. If it does not benefit labor unions, government employees, or (hopefully) both, he won't do it.

Sit back, pop some corn and watch it all unfold on television while you try to ignore the deputy banging on the door. Do you really think you are safe?

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Are The Men Of Our Times

We are the men of our times. It is ours to do with liberty as we will. Yes, you will go faceless and nameless into the abyss of history if you do nothing and choose to suffer the injustices of an illegal and oppressive government. I am warm on a cold February night as are most of you. I have a television and microwave popcorn as well as the next man, but inside there burns a desire for liberty.

It is ours to choose. We are the men of our times, the keepers of our own legacy. What will they say of us as time goes by? Would you prefer to have been with Washington, Grant, Lee, Eisenhower or Patton? That was not our duty, ours is not so clear and obvious leadership to reward with obedience. We are left to our own leadership, our own responsibility for our actions and our inaction.

It is easy to see that the price for standing firm before the onslaught of regulations and invasions of privacy is prison. They do not offer us battle, they are too clever for that. Battle would give us legitimacy and pride. That will never happen. Instead they will continue to heap upon us shame and derision.

We are the men of our times. We are given two paths, action or inaction. With action we secure our places within the walls of prison to be left to rot, perhaps never seeing freedom again. With inaction we secure our places within a rotten society, perhaps never seeing freedom again. We are not allowed glory, that is for another time. We are not allowed honor, that is for another time. We are not allowed admiration, that is for another time.

We are the men of our times. It is my greatest wish to be with all of you in a clear and defined battle against the enemies of liberty and the Constitution. I would ride right now with weapons in hand to the sound of the bugle. We have no lands to defend from invaders, we have no culture to protect, we have no leaders to raise a banner. We are solitary in our resistance and alone in our punishments. We can be dismissed and disregarded as criminals, as nuts, as right-wing zealots. We are a minority within our own land, visionaries beyond the sight of the average citizen. We are the sacrifices to be made for the better good.

We are the men of our times and I ask you to know your role. It is to suffer in obscurity, to accept your punishments in silence. There will be no band, no honor guard at your imprisonment, there will be no honor in it. They will not allow you these luxuries of legitimacy. Look not toward the great battles of the U.S. military, you do not belong to that organization. This is the toughest part of our times, to know that those we look up to, that we wish to emulate are the heroes of the force that we must engage. We have but two options, to win a battle against the forces we admire, or to turn those forces to our cause. Your role, in these times, is to be the resistance, expose the brutality of the illegal government, for if the government was not illegitimate, we would have no reason to resist.

We are the men of our times, not the times before or after, but this moment, to this purpose and this cause. Like it or not, this is the hand we are dealt and if you will not join me, let me join you, but resist in every way you can and I will be there to share your cell.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Government Is Not A Thing

It's easy to blame the government, it's like blaming the weather and it's a bad habit. The government is not a thing, it is not a monolithic behemoth. In the past several months, from organizing Guardians of Liberty and the ongoing actions in Washington D.C., to running this blog, to helping David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh get the word out about Project Gunwalker, I have gotten a unique perspective into the actions of government. That perspective brings me to the clear and decisive conclusion that government is not a thing, it is made up of people and how they do their jobs. More specifically, how WE let them do their job.

There is no way to separate the government from those who operate the controls. When a drunk driver runs over a pedestrian it was not the car that was responsible, it was the operator. When ATF agents overstep their boundaries and become responsible for the deaths of innocent people, they need to be held accountable. When IRS agents allow themselves to serve a political end, as was acknowledged during the Clinton Administration, they need to be held accountable. We have allowed for these things to take place with the idea that some government agency put them up to it, but if we, as an employee of a business, or corporation are encouraged to provide insider information to investment brokers, we are responsible for denying that request or face criminal charges. We are also responsible for revealing the existence of that request to law enforcement.

The double standard exists to protect government workers from lawsuits arising from their duties. It would be easy, without these protections, to delay and deter criminal prosecution and the enforcement of state and municipal codes through legal maneuvers. That protection, however, should not and must not extend to government employees who have violated the law, whether through instruction or expediency.

The instance that brings this to the fore much more than any personal inconvenience I have suffered at the hands of over-zealous IRS agents and other officials, is Project Gunwalker. I urge anyone and everyone who reads this post to investigate more closely this issue. In Project Gunwalker there is specific and credible evidence that the ATF has been responsible for facilitating the movement of assault weapons into Mexico. Ostensibly this was done to track the flow of illegal weapons throughout the United States and determine if there was an infrastructure designed to move these weapons into Mexico, but when the investigation--Project Gunrunner from which Project Gunwalker has sprung--was not returning the sort of evidence it expected Project Gunwalker was put into effect which actually encouraged the flow of assault weapons into Mexico.

None of this would have been known were it not for the fact that two of the weapons being tracked by the ATF through the auspices of Project Gunrunner were found at the scene of Customs Agent Brian Terry's murder in the Arizona Desert. These weapons had been used by persons from south of the border. ATF officials have categorically denied allowing these weapons to migrate into Mexico in the face of incontrovertible facts.

This post is a plea to any and all who are good and decent agents of the ATF to come forward and tell the truth. It is time to take the medicine you would expect a suspect to take. It is time to help the people understand the ways and actions of this agency that is so totally dismissive of the responsible role it should play in law enforcement.

Until the actual employees (THE PEOPLE) of these organizations start to come clean and help to rectify the abuses of government they will remain the largest single reason the general public see a need to destroy these agencies and replace them with something more efficient. For example, the abuses of the IRS tend to make one more interested in a flat tax solution that would eliminate the IRS and replace it with a simple equation to be done at tax time.

Let me be clear (as our illustrious president likes to say) the PEOPLE of the ATF have a responsibility to be Americans first and Agents second. When they do so they will find support from the American people. If they do not, they deserve to be treated as none other than the suspects they daily look down upon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gunwalker Article At American Thinker Blog

American Thinker has a blog and they used my  Latest Gunwalker Article for it. The information is the important thing here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Was It Something I Said (Wrote)?

I just had an intimidation meeting with my local IRS agent. He is looking to put me in jail for failure to pay Social Security Taxes for the past two years totaling some $20,000 over the period of 2008-2010. I wondered why the Social Security Administration continued to hit the Guardians of Liberty website so long after all of the other Feds had left, now I know why. Just have a look at this StatCounter Report:

 9 Feb 14:24:06 IE 7.0 WinVista 1024x768 Buford, Georgia,
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Guardians of Liberty - Home

9 Feb 14:21:38 IE 7.0 WinVista 1024x768 Buford, Georgia,
United States Social Security Administration (
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Guardians of Liberty - Home

9 Feb 14:20:30 IE 7.0 WinVista 1024x768 Buford, Georgia,
United States Social Security Administration (
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9 Feb 14:17:32 Firefox 3.6 WinVista unknown Denison,Texas,
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Guardians of Liberty - Home
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9 Feb 12:32:11 IE 7.0 WinVista unknown Chicago,Illinois,
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Guardians of Liberty - Home
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9 Feb 12:14:59 Firefox 3.6 Linux 1280x1024 Rockwall,West Virginia,
United States Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems (
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Guardians of Liberty - Home 9 Feb 11:51:32 Google Web Preview 0 unknown 1024x768 Bridgeport,

West Virginia,
United States Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems (
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Guardians of Liberty - Home
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9 Feb 09:08:03 IE 7.0 WinVista 800x600 Baltimore,Maryland,
United States Social Security Administration (
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Guardians of Liberty - Home
No referring link 9 Feb 08:47:03 IE 8.0 Win7 1024x768 Springfield,
I left off anyone who wasn't a fed or suspected of being a fed. SO, when I got the visit today over an issue that I know has been cleared up many times by my CPA, as I have verified that it has been, I find an IRS agent in my office questioning my secretary and intimidating her.

No, I am not spooked and I don't scare easily, but I thought the readers of this blog ought to know and maybe turn some things over in their minds. Is this because of the siege that is ongoing in DC, or does it have something to do with the article in American Thinker?

This is the thug way of doing business, I have seen it before, but when they take it to the next level by sending an Agent into my office over a two-to-three-year-old issue that has long since been resolved, it has escalated to a point where I want more people involved in understanding the issue than to be left out here in the cold of isolation where they can do whatever they want without so much as a peep. Those days, hopefully, are over.

I don't mind going down for exposing the ATF, or for my stance against this administration, that is the price one must pay for spouting off, but it should not and will not go on in the darkness the federal government has so long been able to employ on their behalf. Wherever there is a computer and a keyboard, I will utilize it to expose them for the thugs they are and the tactics they use.

See ya tomorrow, Agent Michael Sandoval, Northern Colorado Bureau.

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Contemplating The Enormous Mess We're In

First of all, in case you haven't noticed, our Executive Branch is at war with several states and over different issues. The Executive Branch of government is at war with Arizona for having disobeyed the president's edict to allow illegal aliens free rein over the border. Whether in direct connection, or not, Arizona has been the main center for the Gunwalker Scandal where assault weapons have been walked across the border by the ATF (a government agency)to be sold to drug cartels. The Obama Administration is currently in contempt of court over the drilling ban it imposed in the Gulf of Mexico, in direct conflict with the federal judiciary. The Obama Administration is also in contempt of court over the recent ruling that found the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or Obamacare unconstitutional. The Obama Administration is also refusing to reveal information connected with TARP legislation and the Stimulus Bill.

That is all really nothing compared to the wholesale violations of the Constitution by the congress of the United States and the disastrous effect it is having on the American ethic of abiding by the rule of law. It is a suicide gesture. The federal government, in order to gain power and coin, has created mounds and mounds of bureaucracies to solve every problem of the American people, largely with no impact on the problem at all unless one considers (as the government often does) that the problem is really the liberty of the people. The deviations from the Constitution have led to a sense of lawlessness among the government that has not gone unnoticed by the general population, creating a strong sense that the laws are really subject only to the authority of the jungle. The people have watched as the congress has aided every bankrupt industry and banking institution and has left them to pick up the tab. Soon, when the people realize there is no surviving contract with the government, all bets are off. Those with the most guns and people willing to use them will set the new laws.

Economically, we are in a flat spin. It is all a lie. Nothing really has any value to it at all, nothing more than the daily portions consumed by the populace. Unemployment remains high and the government refuses to admit to the actual depth of the problem, but let me, as a small business owner, tell you the facts. No one is going to hire anyone in this economy. The price of labor is going up without the ability to offer higher wages to the workers to make up for the massively deflating value of the dollar as a result of the printing presses. The workers who are not working haven't had to work for a long time and are not motivated to take a lesser job for wages that would only mess up the social program calculations and leave them worse off than they are now. The prospect of Obamacare looming and the attendant economic uncertainties are driving the job-creators into a million corners, hoping to do more with less and hoping someone can stop the impending disaster from being enacted. Millions of jobs that could be added to the economy are resisted by policies championed by the liberals and especially the Obama Administration, jobs in the oil, coal and transportation industries.

Additionally, the entire concept of moral accountability for debt is a joke. There is no reliable ethics in banking at this point and no reason not to stiff the banks with obligations that cannot be met. They have profited from their own unethical lending practices and placed the weight of it all on the shoulders of the borrowers as if the banks hadn't committed fraud, perjury and forgery in the process. Even the most upright citizen cannot view their actions and maintain any sense of honor when dealing with them.

We don't really have an energy plan at all and never really have had one. I spent most of my life in and around the oil industry. But, here is the real problem: environmentalism. Look, no one wants bad air, polluted water or trash overflowing the landfills, but there is a trade off to be made that hasn't been made in decades and we are about to reap the disaster that looms because of it. Others have explained this better, but indulge me. First, coal is the answer, dirty or clean, we need it. More than half of our electric energy is supplied by coal alone. Second, we need natural gas, it is clean and abundant, but drilling rigs are the only way to tap into it and environmentalists hate nothing more than drilling. Even geothermal--a green energy source that actually does what a clean energy source should do, which is to reduce the demand on the electrical grid, reduce costs and operate at high efficiency--is detested by the greenies due to the fact that drilling is the best method to take advantage of geothermal forces. Third, we need oil and will for a long time. There is more oil in the United States than we need to be energy self-sufficient, but we can't do it without more drilling and a lot more refining capacity. Fourth, we need nuclear energy if for no other reason than to be able to take advantage of the large deposits of shale oil that requires a great deal of electric energy to produce. Finally, despite wasting billions on green energy there are a few reasons the current options will never be the answer to the energy question: 1) Both wind and solar rely on a decaying electric grid that is not capable of handling the current demand much less a massively increased demand; 2) The electric cars that would seem to answer the demand for oil would also require more electricity to be delivered across a vastly out-dated electric grid; 3)The unreliability of both solar and wind require that new power plants be built to supply the necessary backup power that can be called into service at a moments notice, but the environmentalist resist any and all traditional power plant construction as they pray to Gaia for "green" energy sources.

In the foreign affairs department we are witnessing the collapse of the world as we have known it for the past five decades. We are on the brink of a second crusade. Europe is slow to awake to the issue, but Britain's Cameron is finally shaking himself awake to the curse of multi-culturalism. There is nothing wrong with many different cultures co-existing as they have largely for hundreds of years in America, there is a problem, however, with keeping them from killing each other. There is a problem with allowing the outright antagonism of one culture for another and expecting them to peacefully co-exist. There is a reason the world has many times devolved into chaos and war, it is to sort out these issues of boundaries, of dominant cultures, of survival. We are entering a bloody phase when the West is forced to tell the Islamic East, NO! We have yet to try that answer and it will be an answer that will cause blood to be shed.

Domestic culture is also at risk. We don't even know who we are as Americans. The left is antagonistic toward anything traditionally American and are dedicated to the re-definition of America along their progressive lines. The right is diametrically opposed to this and seek a greater emphasis on the America of previous generations, when morality, ethics and the rule of law was much more prevalent. The right believes that the restrictions of the Constitution as amended was the key to the success of America and logically the answer to the failures of it. The battleground for all of this is in the public school system and in pop culture. Children are not being educated and it is well known by all. Teachers unions have a good deal to do with this, but again, environmentalism raises its head in this realm as well. The amount of disinformation and indoctrination going on in the public schools to accommodate an environmentalist agenda is displacing valuable teaching time, leaving children wholly unprepared for advancement. This devalues our citizenry on the world market and leads to greater unemployment and a widening skill gap.

On top of all of this, if the people step out to try an fix any of this they are immediately met with union supporters, who in many instances are themselves the direct beneficiaries of the offending programs. They are the employees of government agencies that are committing or responsible for the problems that exist and need to be rectified. Nothing could be more illustrative of this point than the direct and vociferous defense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by government employee labor unions, who then turned immediately around and demanded to be given a waiver that exempted them from the law.

There are many, many more issues at hand, but those are the ones that come immediately to mind that bring us to the point right now of considerable risk for the future of this nation. Even trying to grasp this much is a daunting task and worthy of contemplation. I leave you to it. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They Had Their Chance

There are stories being brought out about a few Democratic Senators who seek to overturn the individual mandate part of the PPACA or Obamacare. All I can say to that is this: they had their chance to vote to repeal it and they didn't. Tough.

The problem I see is the Republicans, it has always been the Republicans. I think they like it in the minority, where they can wring their hands and shake their heads at their inability to stop the progression of liberal goals as they are ticked off one by one. There is no disguising the fact that they are statists themselves. When they had the opportunity to run the show a few years back they acted very much like liberals.

Republicans don't know how to wield power. Every once in a while they will land on some election scheme that works and they will be placed in a position to do something positive for the country, for the people, to pull them out of the bureaucratic swamp and what do they do, time after time? They cave, they compromise, they capitulate when there is no reason to do so, except that they get to wring their hands and shake their heads and talk about "good government" and "the people's business."

The Republicans employed this maneuver over tax rates just a while ago when all they had to do was stay strong and resolute and refuse to pass any bill that raised any taxes, but instead they traded what they already had for something Obama wanted, which is START and Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Now, the people are counting on them to repeal Obamacare and they are already looking for ways to avoid it, praying for the Supreme Court to do their work. Here we have three Democratic Senators already taking heat for their failure to repeal Obamacare in the past few weeks and I can already tell you where the Republicans will take that knowledge. Instead of recognizing that the first vote to repeal merely allowed the senators to declare their solidarity with Obama, but now they are facing the outrage of their constituency and need to do something to save their re-election bids in 2012, they want to delete the individual mandate. I swear to God, our Republican senators are jumping with joy, if they could just remove the individual mandate, everything else will go by the wayside.


The point is that these Democratic senators, and many like them, need to do something to alter Obamacare or they won't be re-elected in 2012 and they know it. The Republicans shouldn't be offering them cover, but should be holding their feet to the fire and saying: You had your chance at repeal and you voted no, now live with it, or vote yes.

It's that simple. Bring it back up for a vote, make them vote on it again and again so their words ring hollow to those to whom they are responsible, the people of their states. It is difficult to say that you didn't vote to repeal the law because it could have been fixed with some little adjustments when those adjustments didn't take place. The closer it gets to 2012 the more desperate they will get. Force the issue. Stand up for all of us who worked so hard to elect Republicans in 2010. Do the RIGHT thing for once.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Case for Nullification

Nullification is the act of states refusing, or nullifying, laws imposed by the federal government that the states consider to be unconstitutional. The supposition is that nullification is itself unconstitutional, but upon further investigation, it might not be so.

First of all, the Constitution is essentially a contract between the states and the federal government. The contract called for each of the states to cede some aspects of self-government to the federal government so that the federal government could act for the general good of all of the states. One of the powers the states granted to the federal government was the ability to collect taxes, duties and imposts in order to provide for the common defense. The "common defense" was meant to give all of the states a stake in the attack on any individual state.

This very simple understanding has fallen from common discussions on the issue, because the federal government has gone outside of its mandate. It is difficult now to look at some of the things the federal government has done, such as Social Security, and see it for what is: an abuse of power. The mind asks the obvious question of "who else could do it?" The mind is not trained to ask the more appropriate question of "why couldn't the states do it for themselves?"

All that has been done by looking to the federal government to satisfy some social desire is to give power where it does not belong and is harder to revoke. Where the people of one state might find Social Security to be a financial disaster, it is unable to extricate itself from the federal obligation. If Social Security, or something like it, were a state program it would be much easier for the people to determine the future of the program as the state would owe its fealty to no other.

The best Constitutional argument for Nullification can be found at Publius Huldah's blog.

I won't go into it better than that, so go there and read for yourself. The point is that if we are to return to a Constitutional Republic, which we have not been for a long time, it will take some serious readjustments to our ways of thinking. We have got to stop relying on the federal government to provide for us if we expect to be able to control the budgets and destinies of our states. Perhaps the upcoming civil unrest will give us the opportunity to put federalism back into the box, but it will not be possible if the Constitutionally-motivated people remain distant and apart from each other; if Threepers refuse to engage and cooperate with Tea Parties and 912's; if the conservative cross-section does not embrace each aspect the statists will quickly and permanently draw power to itself and re-write the Constitution to give all power to the federal government and the very concept of limitation will be lost forever. Liberty will be a slogan used by statists to justify collectivism.

Tom Woods speech on Nullification.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Four Dollar Rebellion

For those who were not paying attention the last time around, it was not just the pervasiveness of highly leveraged mortgages that endangered the economy, it was $4 a gallon gasoline. I don't intend to let the government off the hook here, because the demand on banks to honor the Community Reinvestment Act of Carter's Administration had a lot to do with it.

The fear of banks to use their own standards for lending money on mortgages began back in the Clinton Administration when Attorney General Janet Reno promised to vigorously enforce the Community Reinvestment Act passed by Carter. The Clinton Administration even sought strengthened powers in order to do so. The threat helped to encourage a lax lending system, but it wasn't until the Bush Administration that the government actively sought to further home-ownership by encouraging lax standards and allowing mortgage lenders to bundle mortgages into Mortgage Backed Securities which fractionalized the mortgages and has led to the fraudulent foreclosures by banks who don't even know how much of the mortgage they own on a given property.

That is all bad enough, and yes, I am aware that the Bush Administration tried to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but I am not exactly prepared to argue out the mortgage mess, except to point out that even with all of these dangerous mortgages floating around the crucial issue did not arise until gasoline topped $4 per gallon and it will do it again.

Those who live in ivory towers might not quite understand that us at the lower levels of society work to make enough money to pay our bills. Once a week, or month, or quarter there might be enough left over to have a beer in a tavern, or go to a movie. Things are even tighter now than they were before the initial collapse. Those of us who have survived are not yet thriving as we were before 2008. Our budgets are tight enough to play a tune on. Just as before, if you take another $200 a month out of that budget to pay for the same amount of gasoline we are already paying for, the system will come tumbling down again, only this time there may not be enough financially stable families to pick up their obligations and move forward. It might just be the end.

Those of us who have spent everything we had on getting debt-free cannot now take a drubbing on our budgets and maintain our homes, the one thing left to be paid off. To be honest, I may not even try. I may take whatever cash I can and just move along. I may take the gold and silver I have converted my savings into and bury it, then stand up and let the vultures have whatever they can get.

It may very well be the dawn of the middle-class rebellion, where we all just walk away from our obligations the way the big banks and brokerages walked away from their debts with government assistance. It is about to get mean.