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Friday, December 30, 2011

Indentured Servitude

There will be, in the coming months, the opportunity for the Supreme Court to look out upon the landscape of America and decide whether or not the government has obsolute power over the individual. The Court will rule on the individual mandate required of the healthcare law derisively called Obamacare.

What are the chances that the Court will decide in the people's favor? The Court does not see us as individuals capable of exerting any political pressure at all. They are comfortable in their roles as some form of extra-governmental majesties. Theirs is a world where their decisions are final and complete. There is no means of reversal, or appeal. Their word, more than any other governing body, is law.

Ask yourself if they really want to start undoing that fact. What could possibly induce them to recognize the power of the individual over the state? They are as much the federal government as any bureaucrat, and yes, there are a few of the Constitutional persuasion among them, we know their names, but the others are not. The key is Justice Kennedy, a moderate and a big government type who understands his place as the moderator, the decision-maker among decision makers. It is his and really his alone to make this judgment.

And so, after a few hundred years, we are really no further removed from King George III than were our forefathers. We, despite all of our efforts to undo this abomination of congress through political means, are at the mercy of one man's discretion. A single yeah or nay seals the fate of generations to come. It actually serves to make slaves of us all, for if the government can today demand that we all purchase health care insurance, how long before it is in the interest of the United States to purchase Government Motors cars? It would return the money given to GM to the treasury and it wouldn't be such a great imposition to demand that we buy a GM vehicle if a new vehicle is what we want, right? How long before we are forced to purchase electric vehicles because that is just good for the environment, right? How long before we are forced to purchase a Mac computer, or a veggie burger?

There is no end to what the government can force us to purchase, because any purchase is commerce and the commerce clause gives the right to the government, in this instance, to demand that commerce take place. There would never be another recession, because the government could, at will, demand that purchases take place to keep the economy from going into recession. The GDP slips a little, well, the government just has to come up with purchase orders and we will be forced to spend enough money to increase the GDP for that quarter.

In truth there truly is no difference between forced labor and forced purchases. There is no difference between forced labor and indentured servitude.  

Ask yourself: Who is this man? Who is Justice Kennedy?


  1. And so, after a few hundred years, we are really no further removed from King George III than were our forefathers.

    Sad. Posted.

  2. Well ya we are serfs, those imposing all this tyranny on us are not subjected to any of it. All of them, judges, elected traitors, what have you in the elitist class, every darn one of them are exempted.
    We of the people are looked down upon by these sociopaths and psychopaths as a lower life form.

    There sure seems like a lot of payback building up.

  3. @Mt Top Patriot: "There sure seems like a lot of payback building up."

    Somewhere, sometime, that payback will come. And then what? The new batch in charge will be as bad as the old - history is very unchanging in that regard.

  4. Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid Of Their Country

  5. If Kennedy is no more, who is next in line?

    Further, can they not just tax employees for obamacare through payroll deductions? If so, then each employee's pay could also be deducted for a new GM ride every couple years, same with the GMO food he would consume, etc., etc. There ya go, a *built* world.

  6. It doesn't matter about Kennedy so much as having an understanding of who will be your slave master beyond that decision. You should just get to know the man who would willingly enslave you, who claims to support the Constitution.

    The fact that we have allowed it to go this far should encourage all of us to act in a way to reverse it. Are we? I am trying my best.

  7. TL, you wanted a starting point for a revolution? You should know that this is that point. When they decide that it is in our best interest to purchase what they decide, our lives are forfeit for any real meaning.

    This is my point of rebellion, and working to that point as my final acts as a slave to the system. In the last year, I've folded a business because of being taken advantage of by the state. I've folded a marriage because of being stolen from. I'll damn sure fold my so called life in this masquerade known as liberty if it's decided that I no longer have a say in it.

    Enough is enough, and this is where I get off the ride.

    "You want a war?! I'll give you a war! I was born for it!"

  8. It seems to me after years of reading and observing our 'modern' political system that there is no way to reverse the momentum which as built us other than a violent revolt. Moving our curret system with its vast power structure and money support is all but a fantisy; all the talk of 'voting them out' seems like a child's dream. I am sick of hearing (via our big media) the current reporting of events and the twisted presentations of how the system wants the people to view our country. For me and mine, we have removed ourselves as far from society as we can afford and are willing at this point to stand our ground.


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