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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Devolution of Society

What has the Tea Party accomplished? What has any form of political influence accomplished? Washington is a melting pot, it takes the efforts of all and melts them into a soup of policy which satisfies no one and accomplishes nothing.

Washington DC metes out a little to gain control of all and political threats as great as the Tea Party equal nothing other than a small disruption in the flow of power.

Our nation is broken. The arrogance of politicians and judges, who consider themselves greater, smarter and more sophisticated than the founders of this nation have ruined it. They have taken the vision, the beautiful view of liberty the founders glimpsed and have brought it down to the common level of beggars and thieves.

We have supervised it all. We are the power behind them. We can allow this all to continue, or we must put a stop to it. We can't do it alone, those of us involved in the quest for liberty, the readers of this blog. We need the assistance of as many as we can find. We need to bring others to the cause of liberty, to act upon that ancient ache.

The power of the United States has always been its industry, its innovation, its entrepreneurial spirit that is now being harnessed to accommodate the whims of communist bums occupying our streets and cities with claims on the earned wealth of this nation. The President of the United States has encouraged their efforts, used his influence to bide them time. It is a nation at war with all of its inner goodness and benefit. Without the engines of commerce those 1% represent, we are all paupers.

I see in North Dakota the power of that industry, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It is alive and thriving and making millionaires of common shopkeepers and restaurateurs. The power unleashed by a cooperative state with the oil industry is an alliance that lifts all boats. Convenience store clerks are earning $15 per hour. Hundred thousand dollar per year jobs are there for the taking and people have come from all across the nation, from places where the states are more restrictive to the energy industry, to work there. This is the America we deserve. It is ours and lacks only the bravery to take it, to make it so everywhere across the country.

Yes, there are some drawbacks, some downsides to this vision of capitalist utopia, but they can be managed without the restrictive regulations used as weapons against capitalism. Make no mistake, it is the government's intent to blackmail these corporations to help fund their opposition. It is a sick joke of the liberal to take the power and money from the shareholders of these corporations and to use it against them.

The freedom to conduct commerce was one of the liberties the founders sought most. The ability to build and grow and provide a healthy economy for the community was something they understood. We are at a tipping point, we must save it. We must start to do more than just shake our heads as the Republicans sell us out to the liberal cause one more time. It is time to start doing something about it. We cannot let ourselves rule over the devolution of our society. 


  1. what if unfettered capitalism IS the problem with our society? what if left vs right is wrong? what if they're both wrong? what if our founding fathers got it wrong?

    would you be willing to put aside life long beliefs and dogma in favor of something different?

    i am willing to accept that our founding fathers made the WRONG decisions that have led us down the path we are on now. this started immediately after the ratification of the Constitution and has continued to present day.

    if i were to say "our current implementation of capitalism and corporatism is the number one issue of our WORLD" you would immediately say "oh you must be a liberal nutcase, gtfo". this is the wrong instinct because i am neither left nor right. i'm not a communist, i'm not a socialist, i'm not an anarchist, i'm just an american.

    we must challenge our own beliefs and our own preconceptions about what is "right". we must be willing to admit that the system is wrong at it's core, this includes the Constitution. we must be willing to tear it all down and start over, hopefully rebuilding a world based on freedom and justice.

    this is not the world we live in and EVERYONE is at fault, not just those "evil liberals".

  2. unfettered capitalism? What the heck is that? There never has been
    "unfettered capitalism"

    You have offered nothing. An "American" is not an ideology, it is not an economic system. You call yourself and American and at the same time say that the founders got it wrong. That is curious.

    Tell me how they got it wrong, what is your position, what should they have done. Answer some of that, Mr or Ms Anonymous and expound on your assertions, otherwise you just sound like a Soros Drone.

  3. i have offered something.

    the Constitution must be rewritten to take the good things that have come from our republic and eliminate the things that have ALLOWED the government AND corporate lobbists to remove ultimate governing power from the people and the states.

    step 1) constitutional convention

    wake me up when that happens.

    am i still a liberal?

  4. I don't care if you are a liberal, or a conservative. Those are useless titles in a nation where they only describe degrees of enslavement. Any enslavement is a sin, by either ideology.

    What good is a Constitutional convention if the government won't even recognize the present Constitution? Is it just to say these are the new rules you do not have to obey?

    The idea is to make them obey the rules that exist, but the Constitution did not institute capitalism, it only provided the freedom to invent whatever economic system satisfied the people, capitalism is a name given by the opponents of freedom, who see the individual as source of labor, not a source of wealth. For an individual to acquire wealth with which to use against the government is in contraditiction to their view as the state as the only authority, or source of power. Individuals are only a part of the masses who supply the government with products and services, who create wealth for the state, not themselves.

    If you are anti-capitalist, what are you for?

    Are you anti-Constitution? The problem is not the document so much as the abuses of it by the government itself, because the document gave the power to the people and the government is jealous of that power.

    The idea, is to bring the government to heel to the power of the people, not to throw out our rights in favor of some vague outcome of a future constitutional convention, which is the means by which the enemies of liberty might kill the notion of individual liberty. No one knows the outcome of a constitutional convention and your willingness to embrace it makes you more suspect, not less.

  5. Its not that the Liberty our founders sanctioned through ratification of a set of rules of law have not worked out or are flawed, it is we as people who have failed these ideas and methods of Liberty.
    Just as our founders and the rule of law created by them that makes this place called America a sovereign nation, that they took things to a higher level by placing that sovereign power of a nation in we the peoples hands.
    This is a double edged sword. Nothing comes absolutely free, there is a cost for everything in some way. Liberty is not a perpetual motion machine. Just as tyranny requires a source outside itself that can fund it and keep it functioning, so too Liberty. Tyranny takes and takes and takes, by its very nature It will never be satiated. So too for Liberty as it too it can never be satiated, but the nourishment Liberty requires bears fruit in abundance, it bears a crop of ever more Liberty. Where the fruits and benefits of Liberty are the property of its people, it is a system of empowerment and enrichment that by natural design self perpetuates at ever increasing benefit. Tyranny's harvest is akin to raping the land of everything including its seed corn till nothing remains.

    As to that double edged sword of Liberty, it is failing not because it is a flawed system of government, it is failing because we the people who are all its guardian are flawed in such a way we have failed. It is We who are flawed. It is We who have forsaken Liberty.
    Obama, Holder, Soros, FDR, The Fabiens, Karl Marx, whomever, these are not our problem, it is We who are our problem.
    Those bums and thousands like them dropped into the vacuum of power vacated and abdicated by We the people.
    Liberty's double edge sword cuts both ways. The backstroke analogy of Liberty is our failure to fertilize our fruits of abundance and prosperity with some due diligence.
    Now we got a huge fucking mess to do something about, it is a monster no doubt. Our chickens of laziness have come home to roost.
    That stupid mother fucker who commented first is indicative to millions of folks in America who have their heads up their arses and their finger in the wind.
    What a load of crap along with a healthy dose of diarrhea of the mouth, Nincompoops who are too lazy, too cowardly, too self centered to face the cold hard truth we are fucked six ways to Sunday if we don't get our act together and pull OUR nuts out of the wringer.

    Hey pal, you who wrote that first comment. Where did you come up the personal justification for such excuses to justify coping out on your fellows Americans and the Liberty that has given you the life you have where you are safe, happy and fed to be able to express yourself without fear of reprisal of tyranny in the first instance?
    In a way, your more dangerous than a guy like George Soros. Your insidious.

  6. Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?

    - Thomas Jefferson

    And people want to know why I'm a misanthrope.


  7. Liberty requires maintenance.

    Every 20 years or so, according to Jefferson's estimate.

    Like a machine or muscle too-long neglected, it must fail. As Curtis would say: Here we are.

    A Constitutional Convention is the quickest way to bring many of us off the porch.


  8. I'll say this once, and let it go.
    The CONSTITUTION did not fail. We did.

    We allowed pederasts, thieves and amoral psychopaths to weasel and buy their way into power. That is the root of it.

    Government+Wall St= Organized Crime.
    It really is that simple. They have power and will not relinquish it willingly.
    The Founders had it RIGHT, the last four generations have abrogated our responsibilities and duties. God willing, we have time to set it right again.

  9. Sigh...

    It amazes me that their are people on this planet who actually believe they can put words on a piece of paper that will somehow enforce itself.

    I don't think the constitution is perfect. But God help us if we allow the idiots of today to redraft it. Actually, they have. They just don't go through the constitutional motions to do so anymore.

    I can live with the delegated authority of our constitution, which are few and well defined... as it is written.

    The men who who wrote out the constitution warned us repeatedly... and history bears this out, that it is the nature for governments to grow. To assume power not delegated to it. To become a god in and of itself over the people.

    We were also warned, that if we did not guard our constitution and liberty jealously... we would become nothing more than serfs.

    But then again:

    The nature of most of mankind.

    There are pieces of paper all over this planet that condemn this crap. It just isn't enforcing itself.

    "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

  10. A Constitutional Convention

    is an absolute no no.

  11. you want to enforce the current Constitution? good luck with that.

    the people with the power to enforce the Constitution are the same ones who wish to destroy it or rather, make it irrelevant. it is a fundamental flaw in our system.

    we are smarter than the founding fathers. we have the knowledge and experience to know what has worked in the great american experiment and what hasn't.

    are we so disillusioned that we have lost faith in our own abilities to self determine and form a more perfect union?

    otherwise, here are our options:

    1) attempt to elect individuals who will restore the Constitution

    obviously this option will never succeed.

    2) violent revolution against those who would destroy the Constitution

    if violent revolution comes it will be terrible, more terrible than we can imagine. it will destroy us and it will destroy everything we stand for.

    if we survive, what then? what would fundamentally change to restore the Constitution?

    what if the majority of americans are interested in pure socialism? are you ok with that? are you willing to accept what the majority wants?

    we are NOT the voice of the majority of americans, we are the fringe. we MUST remember that.

  12. P.P.S. To be totaly fair I probably make a lot of peoples brains hurt too.

  13. The first comment by brave, brave sir anonymous represents the unvarnished idiocy of the modern left.

    Are the Ten Commandments inherently flawed because people still murder?

    Is the Constitution somehow imperfect because politicians take an oath to uphold it and then willingly participate in its destruction?

    No, the Constitution is the most perfect document of its kind ever created.

    That corrupt and lawless politicians connive to supplant and ignore it is not an indictment of the Constitution. It is an indictment of our willingness to hew to the law.

  14. "No, the Constitution is the most perfect document of its kind ever created."

    Maybe so, but notice that we're here anyway. Others will argue whether or not the Constitution was the cause of this, but IMO it doesn't matter. Let the historians figure out the blame.

    Ultimately, the problem is what TL says is the problem---too many people refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. " fraught...with responsibility." And what's missing from our society, from the Big Leaders to the Small Serfs? Exactly this, responsibility.

    This turns Capitalism on its head, so that instead of cooperation and mutual benefit, we get one set of people looting the production of another set. Keep doing this and voila...before you know it, no production. Welcome to our world.

    Sure this wouldn't have happened if the Constitution, or even "Rule of Law," held sway, but so what? The facts are the facts, and here we are.

    Only one thing will EVER rule a man, and that's his own volition. This is an undeniable fact and I for one can't see any possible sense in evading it. I say, "Begin at the Beginning" and accept this fact, for it will be true forever and ever.

    THEN go out and make some deals!

  15. It doesn't matter what the majority want, Anonymous. That is the whole notion behind liberty, and our Constitutional Republic, to protect the rights of the individual, irrespective of what the majority want.

    If you haven't read Matt Bracken's series of books, do so. He has depicted - with great accuracy, IMHO - exactly what would happen if a Constitutional Convention were called. Think "Occupy the Constitution".

    If we cannot enforce the incredible wisdom of the Founders as demonstrated in the Constitution - even with the flaws that Hamilton and others slipped in - what hope of enforcing any new document?

    The majority of Americans may not be in favor of socialism, but the socialists and the elite who seek to rule us would use such a Convention to overrule and overpower the silent majority, as they have for the last 150 years. As they did with Obamacare, the Patriot Act, and NDAA.

    The Democrats, most Republicans - think McCain, Graham, Murkowski, Snowe, etc. - all those who would rule us, would hijack any Convention and create a document which would enslave us worse than our own apathy has already done.

    We either find a way to force government to restore the Constitution as written, we physically fight to restore our freedom, or we live in chains.

    I believe, as CA does, that there is going to be a fight. I see no other outcome based on what is happening now.

    The government - the current administration, at the very least - has planned for an economic collapse. It isn't stupidity or blindness on their part, do not fool yourself for a second on that. They have plans for dealing with us when it occurs. They believe they know what will happen and how we will react, including those of us who are willing to fight when our backs are to the wall.

    I am hopeful we can surprise them, as the Viets surprised the French, and as they and our internal Communists overwhelmed our government (NOT our military - Kissinger and McNamara and Johnson lost the war in the Paris Peace Talks, and abandoned South Vietnam by pulling out to the empty promises of the North).

    I despair, but I prepare. I haven't given up. But make no mistake - there will be a fight. I simply hope to live long enough to take a few of the bastards with me.

  16. Ah.... but the majority have the power to get what ever it wants. We have neglected there education for for to long, and now they seek false security instead of true freedom.


  17. "Ah.... but the majority have the power to get what ever it wants"

    Nonsense. You make it sound like we're all motors and whoever has the most horsepower wins. The majority didn't get what they wanted at the founding of this country, the majority in the Axis didn't get what they wanted and no matter what, even the majority today won't get what they want. This is because they CAN'T get what they want---tons of consumption with no production.

    It never was about destruction, even though it often seems so. It's about creation and production, and the creative, productive power of good men has ALWAYS been the victor over time.

    So it shall be this time. The only relevant question is who among us will be around to see it.

  18. Actualy the vast majorty of the Anerican population just stood back and watched the show.

    I don't expect you to answer this. this just put out there fie consideration.

    What is the plan for winning against an entrenched opponent with well establish supply lines and the media on their side? They had ruffly a hundred years to lay down multiple layers of defense.

    This not an opponent you can or should try to take head on.
    The goal of any conflict is not to destroy ypur enemy, but to break their will to fight. They've already convinced most our side that we cant win politicly, eneffect defeating us on that front.

    In siege warfare it rarely goes well for those storming the walls.

  19. "It's about creation and production, and the creative, productive power of good men has ALWAYS been the victor over time." - Jim ( Did you mean production will triumph over time, or over time production will triumph?)

    Jim - But to produce the population first has to have the know how, will and ability to produce. This capacity takes time to nurture and build up. If we act to soon what ever comes after will be built on a week foundation.


  20. "But to produce the population first has to have the know how, will and ability to produce."

    The population??? Who's that, everyone else?

    Know how, will and ability to produce??? WTF are you talking about? To me, that's like saying, "They must be alive." Well yeah, I guess so.

    Josh, I'm not at all comfortable tying up TL's blog with stuff like this. I can see you like to write, and so do I. For longer discussion, I can be found either at the zerogov forum (pelletfarmer) or on usenet at humanities.philosophy.objectivism where I've been writing since it was created.

    And no, I'm not an Objectivist, at least as the term has been twisted these days. I'm just me. TIA


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