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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy the Supreme Court

Gone are the days of Constitutional protections. No one buys the idea that any of our rights are sacred. They are simply negotiable, barter for political gain within the halls of the Supreme Court. But, they are not supreme, they are merely political operatives of one party or the other. They are meant to balance the court, but in fact are little else than protectors of an ideology. To pretend that the Supreme Court has courtly powers is ridiculous on its face.

They are part and parcel of the Federal government. They are not super-human, sometimes not even partially human. They have lost the necessary connection with the people, whose rights they are employed to protect.

Since supporting the government over the people secures their own power, what value do they have to us? What credibility? The government will continue long after the Constitution has been discarded. I don't mean that in a figurative way, either. At some point it no longer makes no sense to keep up the ruse. They pretend to be following the Constitution when they rule in favor of DUI check points out of some sense of compassion for a loved one killed by a drunk driver, but it is not theirs to be compassionate, but to protect the people from unwarranted searches and seizures.

On and on it goes Roe v Wade is nonsensical in its logic. A woman has a right to do with her body what she wants, including killing an unborn child? Where else is it in law that the right to "freedom and choice" outweighs any life, even the life of a dog, but not a fetus. The old axiom that your right to swing your fist ends at my nose doesn't seem to apply for a fetus, a name they have given it to avoid the fact that left on its own to grow, it would emerge from the womb a person.

Now, before the legal scholars in the readership beat me down for being thick-headed and stubborn enough to make such un-scholarly mincemeat of complicated rulings I ask where else in law can one pull arms and legs off another living being for the mere lifestyle "choice" of another? And, where were the fathers in these legal decisions? Where were their rights considered in the ruling? If she has a right to destroy the fetus should not also a man who wants the child be given the option to maker her carry it to term and turn it over?

And I am not even an anti-abortion zealot, the ruling just makes no legal, Constitutional sense. Which means, to me, that in several ways and cases the Supreme Court has itself violated the Constitution so willingly that we ought to drop the facade and get down to the battle over what rights we will die to protect and start with calling out the Supreme Court as traitors and tyrants. The battle should begin there, if anywhere. Occupy the Supreme Court. Lay in against them first, not last, not after all the patriots are lined up against the wall for going against law enforcement or the military. Start with those nine who will soon find nothing the government cannot legally do to us.

For anyone who has been subjected to the draconian methods of the IRS already know they are slaves. Whenever the IRS has a question about how much you owe them, they confiscate everything in your account without warning, obviously to get as much as they can. Then, your checks bounce and shop owners call up irate because you have no funds in your account. This is not an abuse any free person should be subject to. So, your reputation is ruined, people consider you a bum and when the IRS discovers they acted in error, what do they do to repair it? Nothing.

The Supreme Court could put a stop to this sort of thing, to all the different and obvious violations of our rights, but they don't. They are willing to allow the American people to become as their European counterparts, i.e. subjects of the federal crown. They are the first and most diabolical of traitors and they are few.


  1. I read your site with great interest and agreement - keep up the good work.
    I keep telling people that we (now) live in a lawless society and window dressing aside (Dancing with Stars, television football/other sports and whatever entertainment is presented to us), we none the less are slowly being ground down. Do not tell me (blow smoke) that we live in a free land with liberty - if there is a way or someone triggers me, I will fight back; sadly in my local probably alone.
    Thank you for what you do.

  2. Agreed
    They (Supreme Court) have become another branch of congress. Far more politically dangerous, they are not elected and they have to die to be replaced.

    A very dangerous crew.



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