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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Degrees of Self-Delusion

The path to energy independence is to fund, via tax dollars, solar panel producers. This is what passes as an actual policy from the Obama Administration. Meanwhile, the nix is on for an Ohio pipeline reversal to Houston where it can be refined. Also, the nix is on for a Canadian venture to build a pipeline into the United States because the route passes through the a Nebraska grassland area. I've been to Nebraska, there is no shortage of grassland area. The whole damn state is a prairie.

Everyday there are ways to increase production of typical oil fields which have been supplied in the past by drilling vertically down to a certain depth and drawing from that vertical hole as much oil as possible. But, it was still a small opening from which to draw. Vast amounts of oil are now accessible through increases in technology by going down to the depth of the oil and drilling horizontally through the same narrow formation making the producible area up to ten thousand times that of a single hole.

Okay, I know I got a little Geeky there, but for the same buck, you can produce millions, or even billions more barrels of oil. This is turning the concept of self-sufficient energy into a reality and it is being done in more places than just the Bakken field, where I work, there is one down in Texas and another in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado. Billions more barrels of oil, the most cost-effective energy source ever discovered.

Some environmentalists would disagree with my next statement, which is: The absolutely most carbon-efficient form of energy is oil and gas. They don't want to believe that because they want something other than what they claim. For the same basic energy consumption, we can now produce billions of barrels of oil. Billions. Their answer is still solar, but they ignore the mining that has to go into the production of aluminum, not to mention the great cost of energy it takes to make it. Huge amounts of electricity are required to make aluminum. They ignore the rare-earth minerals required to make the photovoltaic elements. They ignore the carbon expended in trucking all of these panels across the face of the earth, most of which come from China which owns the greatest share of rare-earth minerals. Wind turbines are just plain ignorant.

But, environmentalists get all charged up about Fracking, where the rocks are fractured via hydraulic pressure. They get charged up by this not because of the truth about fracking, but because the solution, largely water, they use to frack the wells is proprietary and therefore not disclosed. Secrecy, you understand, to the environmentalist is the same as sin.

The truth is there is no man-made global warming taking place, there is no proof that if there were that carbon would have a single thing to do with it. We are making big-time policy decisions about the future of this nation based on flawed principles and hocus-pocus environmentalism and no one seems to notice, or care?

Were a large, influential church to suggest that it were immoral to have pre-marital sex and those who participated in it should be singled out and ridiculed for it, all hell would break loose down at the ACLU. But for the environmentalists, who are a religion unto themselves, to suggest that we should not burn oil for some nebulous reason having to do with trees and such, those who do should be singled out and ridiculed is received with nods of approval by the ACLU.

I find the hypocrisy of the left to be disturbing in its degrees of self-delusion.


  1. What these dupes fail to reason, is that every form of modern living from the homes they live in, to their cars - electric or gas, to the clothes they wear requires, "raping" the earth.

    It would be nice to find an Australian size unoccupied continent and just kidnap these people out of the blue and drop them on it and check up on them 20 years later.

    I dated one of these nuts a few years ago. I finally called her a hypocrite for enjoying everything that she was against. Told her that for one who was railing against modern technology, she sure was enjoying it. Couldn't get it past her head that she needed to stop using her water facet and start walking to the river everyday with a bucket for her water.

  2. I find the hypocrisy of the left to be disturbing in its degrees of self-delusion.

    Isn't that the truth. My goofy communist brother is one. Makes me remember how he has always been one the most abusive when it came to driving his car. Multiple needless trips here and there while all the while denouncing over-population (he believes in killing old people and, if I still spoke to him, my suggestion would be to start with himself.)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and God bless...

  3. Hypocrisy, indeed.

  4. My daughter in law was recently looking for a new car. She was talking with a salesman at one of the local Ford dealers. He was pushing her to buy one of the new hybrids. She asked him what they do with the batteries when they wear out. He told her that "we're not allowed to talk about that".

    She bought a car from a different dealership.


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