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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Call For A Summit

As loudly as I can I am calling for a patriot summit, a convention of sorts of those dedicated to liberty. I don't mean those who won't do a thing about it, but those who, given the right circumstances will give up everything they own to secure liberty to themselves and their posterity.

Our inaction is handing the field to our opponents, to the enemies of liberty. Kerodin might suggest direct action, whereas others might suggest indirect action, the fact is: there is very little action of any sort.

Opponents of a patriot summit will argue that getting us all together in one place will give the feds an edge. Let me tell you as someone who organized an event in DC, they already have my number. They know who I am and many of us in the liberty movement. Don't fool yourselves, you are not unknown. When you step out and start a blog, you are known. You may not be tracked and followed as I have been, but you are known, so stop worrying about it. For all of the provocative things I have written, I have only been harassed on a low level, i.e. followed, harassed by the IRS, etc. An old saying I heard from the guys I knew in Vietnam was this: "They can kill you, but they can't eat you." Meaning, there's only so much they can do to you.

If you are not ready to give your life and treasure to the pursuit of liberty, you are not sufficiently dedicated to the principle anyway. I have put both on the line and will do so again and again until we beat back the beast of totalitarianism, or die trying.

Right now, there needs to be a show of strength if to no one but ourselves. If there are others who will stand up for liberty, then lets get together and make a statement. Let us gather. Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment and First Amendment proponents might not agree on everything, but they should at least agree to support the Bill of Rights and the importance of re-stating our demands that these rights be respected.

The difference between us and the Tea Party is that it should be known that defense of these rights includes a degree of insurrection, if necessary. Let us not fool ourselves or our communistic/socialistic enemies. If it is a fight that is coming, all we know right now is that each of us is alone, isolated and effectively neutralized. Our gathering to make the points we need to make could spark a consolidation of sentiment. It could motivate those who now sit idle.

I have no doubt that there are those who are willing to do any number of things to support the liberty movement, but it cannot begin without a beginning. A patriot summit would be that beginning. We can accept Tea Party members, but they must understand that this is not a Tea Party gathering, this is something a bit more determined, a bit more radical, perhaps a lot more radical. We must have a beginning to the action part of the movement.

Date and location. Lets start there. If you are a spook and live only on the invisible web, tucked away in the protection of anonymity, you can still show up. You can read the details as they emerge, but if you think fighting the enemies of liberty can be done without exposing yourself to fire, you are mistaken. All this has done so far is to leave those willing to brave the retribution of the feds to take the heat alone.

We need to emerge as a separate force from the Tea Party, but we must forge an alliance. There is no political clout without the ability to counter violence done to the political arm. We must be that force for good.

That's my pitch. I will repeat it often. It is important. 


  1. Sounds good.

    Central US, spring? Sooner?

    Contact me if you can about a professional opportunity...


  2. BTW, let me know if you make it back to the north...

    I'll have you meet the family!


  3. I am all for it. We need to move before we are out-maneuvered. Where and when?

  4. TL is absolutely correct. Its time has come. It is time to display solidarity, not to the leviathan, but for ourselves.
    There are far more Patriots than any of us can imagine.

    A grand muster.

    If you give it a good think, fear of becoming a selected target for the tyranny descending upon us is not using common sense. Whether you are on a watch list or not is not nearly as important as the truth that that tyranny descending is tantamount to us all, every person in America outside the ruling class by default is on a watch list. You are a suspect and ready target already. Besides, our lives are tracked six ways to Sunday already through various media and demographics.
    It is only fear we need to be afraid of. It is debilitating, insidious, it eats at the foundations of Liberty. Fear is an instrument of tyranny.
    Enough of that I say!
    It is others who require us to provide them with fear.
    Fear of our solidarity, our Faith, our Liberty.

    I for one would very much like to be in the company of like minded men and woman of the Liberty movement for a day. It would gladden my heart and strengthen my spirit.

    Keep It Simple Stupid.

    I would love to be a flag bearer at the head of a grand parade, that stretches for hundreds if not thousands, of fellow Americans. A veritable honor guard marching in solidarity, a Minute Man's review, replete with slung arms and all manner of festive display of our Love of God, Republic, and Liberty.
    Nothing has to be proclaimed, no need to speak out in voice, just a parade, at its head fife and drums, with a thousand voices singing out.
    Now that is a message.

    Who can resist a parade?

    No need for selecting leaders.
    Just march. We are nebulous already, and I suspect we are legion also.
    I'm not weary of being alone, I'm weary of the big lie we of the Liberty minded are isolated, extreme, alone.
    There comes a time when you have to do what you have to do.
    If only 2 people show up, well that works for me. If a thousand show up, that works very well for me. And if ten thousand show up?
    That is a statement.

    Simple to organize, low cost, low drag.
    Select a date, a location, post it across the blogsphere.
    If folks are sincere, they will come.

    Hire a police detail, one officer of the law should suffice.
    One days salary for a Police or Sheriffs detail runs about 250 to 350 per day. I'll donate 100 bucks.

    It is come as you are. Bring your Musket, marching food and drink. Bring your banner, or flag.
    Something to you that represents who you are. That is what America is about.
    Most of all bring your Liberty.
    The Liberty below your feet.

  5. I am a nobody, not very bright, and therefore of questionable value...but I'm game...and I don't give a shit what the FEDS or anybody else knows about me. I won't wear a balaclava face mask either.

    Just make it on a weekend, preferably before dark, 'cuz I git skeered...

  6. I marched with well over a million people to the Capitol in DC a couple of years ago, and we were completely dismissed by the media. Why should we believe yet another march, where we are marginalized by the media, will accomplish anything? I don't like being negative, but we've been there, done that. I'm not sure what else can be done, except at the ballot box.

    1. Sooo, it sounds like your saying...just give up. Do I have that right?

  7. I'm in.

    For location, I strongly suggest one of the constitutional carry states. Reduces the possibility of... well... you know.

    As to the when, name it. However I would prefer not to experience freezing temps.

    Vermont or Arizona in the spring?

    I think it's an excellent idea.

  8. Anon-

    It's not at all about the media. You're missing the point. This isn't about some Glen Beck or Louis Farrakan publicity stunt, not as far as I understand it. Reread the description of the types TL is calling for.

    We don't need a million of those, or cameras, either.


  9. Sounds good to me also. The weekend would work better for me too, but whatever the date is I will make every attempt to be there.
    We must come up with a real workable solution to the problems we face. I for one, don't intend for my children to grow up in the country we live in today. I'm only 37, but I can see a extreme difference in the USA of today and of my childhood.
    Plus it would be great to be with like minded folks and hear their take on things and their ideals.

  10. I marched with well over a million people to the Capitol in DC a couple of years ago, and we were completely dismissed by the media.

    I was there also and even Fox only said 60K. Ridiculous as I believe a fair estimate is 1.7 million. I'm sure the coverage would be different today though.

  11. It would be a good idea from an organizational point of view. The patriot movement needs to come together a bit more and get to know who is to their right and left I think.

  12. AP is saying something profound, his contention is the paradigm that needs to take place.
    Namely change your perspective.
    1. What does it matter what the legacy media press thinks? Screw them. They sold their souls to the devil long ago, they sold all of us out. They are suspect at every level.
    2. This is YOUR Republic. You are the Sovereign, by rule of law, God given natural law. It was good enough for our founders to create a nation state Republic, it is good enough for me. If it wasn't what it is, the tyrants would not be working to overthrow it. You see any dictatorships being overthrown in such a way as our nation by such dastardly means from the inside out?
    3. If we cower and shiver in fear of the tyranny breathing down our necks, we lose, they win. They win because the success of their tyranny depends on the perception it is they who hold the power in this land. That is simply the biggest badass lie there is. You believe it is you who is endowed with Liberty that shall not be infringed upon, the ground under your feet, you believe it belongs to you, well you just won. It takes people for Liberty to be something more than only an idea. That idea has to be something believed in, no matter how scary. Out of that fear grows something far stronger, courage and principle. Take it one step further, in the presence of others like minded like yourself?
    4. This is about us. It is about showing the world who we are, what we stand for, what we believe in, what we are willing to do to protect that which matters most.
    At this stage there is nothing to loose, everything to gain. Tyranny is all about telling us what we can and can not do. Well fine then. Two can play this game. How about we tell tyranny what they can not do in no uncertain terms? Tyrants need to be told these things. Tyrants get to be tyrants because they bully and divide people, they intimidate, they coerce, they lie, cheat steal and con their way to power.
    This is all the difference between us and them.
    I want what is already mine that I do not have to ask for. It is simple as that.
    Because one day, sooner or later, I'm going to have to fight for what belongs to me.
    Best to start now.
    It shall be a hell of a lot more ugly dirty nasty bloody soaked thing to have to do later.

  13. TL you have had a great epiphany. Darn I like the idea of a Constitutional Muster. After all are we not all Militia under the color of law and intent of The Constitution?

    I want the bastards to see me in the company of like minded Americans. I want them to see they don't get a free pass from me and my brothers and sisters in Liberty. I want to meet others who share the same sense of place and Liberty.
    This is my country damn it! It is Our country.
    I want to bask in the admiration and pride, the fellowship of being an American. It is time to send a clear unequivocal message to those who work to thwart our Constitutional Republic.
    The very act of many gathering to stand up for what we believe in carries a statement far more succinct than any single voice.

  14. Life, fortune, and sacred honor.

    I've already pledged all three.

    I have no illusions: I will not die an old man surrounded by family and friends. Nor am I willing to die before Jeffersonian Liberty is restored, via the DoI, Constitution and BoR as ratified and intended.

    So long as this event doesn't turn out to be a circle-jerk about the values of AoC versus Anarchy versus the Constitution as ratified, I'll be there.

    And so long as there is not one single "General" who orders troops to throw bricks without throwing the first one, I'll be there.

    Location: I'd choose Lexington or Concord on April 19th for the symbolism, which I think matters.

    But there are many great possibilities.

    TL, I'll have your back anywhere I am able, but my tolerance for BS is at an all-time low. If we do this, let's make sure it counts.

    And: I am a lightning-rod. We all know it.

    If you think it better that I not attend, say the word. I get it.

    Yours in Liberty


  15. Sam,

    Free men choose to come and go as they damn well please. Wise, disciplined men are hated by the weak for a reason.

    Nothing would please me more than to stand next to you in fellowship, after all WE ARE free men.

    I will come and go as I damn well please. I have warned in the past, raise your muzzle to me with an understanding we all bleed, and blood makes the grass grow.

    See you on the green.

  16. Please include this old sergeant in your plans. My name is Chris Myers and I live in San Angelo Texas.

  17. You and count on my husband and I to be there. ANY where and ANY TIME!

  18. Put in a conference line for patriots to call in on who can't make it. Record it if you'd like --I have been before.

  19. Let me know when and where.

    I'll be there.


  20. While I agree with most of what the previous posters have comment one, there is one point I'd like to suggest; an out of the way location that is centeral to most; no media! and no blantant display of firearms. ( I'm gonna catch flack for that statement!)Holstered weapons, fine but keep the long arms out of sight but handy, just in case. A campout maybe with good opsec and a check in point to keep the whatevers at bay. Group camping is permitted and even encourage in many places with good facilities, may require a deposit for any damages and clean up but that aspect I'm not concerned about, this isn't a burning man sort of group! :) Also internet should be availible for live streaming and real time chat for those, like me, that may not be able to attend. Me, I have already started to bug out on my BOB (bug out boat) and depending on the timing I may or may not be able to attend. Unless I tie her up in a safe location somewhere, then maybe Craig and I can pool resources for the trip.
    It is time to shit or get off the pot as I think we may be running on borrowed time, 2012 could just be the break or make it year
    Just my 2 bucks worth providing FRNs are still acceptable! :)

  21. Logistics is critical to turn out. Organizing and providing local bus transportation to and from the selected location will allow many more to attend than otherwise. Do this right.

    All boils down to this... freedom dies an ugly death if we stay seated. I firmly believe that we must allow Ron Paul the opportunity to run independent of R's and D's through the 2012 election. RP gets in and our dynamic is dramatically altered for the better. "Change" we though impossible becomes once again politically (peacefully) possible. While never cowering from the fight I feel is near inevitable, I'd exhaust every potential prior to firing the second shot. If a third party success were ever possible in modern history, it is possible now. We MUST actively work toward this goal.

    That said and speaking selfishly, a gathering such as this would do my soul a world of good. Though I know you not, you are all my brothers and sisters. Let us all be lightening rods.

    God's Peace;
    Ted Lindblad III
    Murphy, Tx.

  22. More two cents: I am with Outlaw on this one: Come heavy. I'd also advise we do what we need to do to make it a media event.

    Trying to play the Occupy or Tea Party game at this point is futile and impotent.

    Sons of Liberty.

    Bill: I hope you and the family are doing well. Thank you, sir. I'd be proud to stand with you. as another friend of mine says: A3...Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.


  23. Count me in. Kids are grown And it's been a good 45yrs.
    The Keystone State is a good place for such things,although there are others just as good or better..


  24. I'm hoping this comment will go through (TOR can be a pain).

    If you are wanting a real convention, then I say it should be a low-key meeting of like minded individuals that can discuss the real issues of organization, communication, and strategic planning. If so count me in.

    If all that is wanted is a public display for chest thumping and media attention then count me out.

  25. Go heavy absolutely. Anything less is a non win.
    It needs to be as spontaneous and grass roots as possible.
    Keep It Simple Stupid principle applies here in spades.

    Just a place and time.
    We need to fend for ourselves as we would if we had mustered on a minute mans notice.
    This is bring your own_________,fill in blank.
    It should be central to all to make as practical and low drag funds wise. Some of us are out of work or close to destitute.

    I believe an important aspect is this Muster has to be a gathering of a pure nature. It can not be connected to any organization but Our Liberty. It is what it is, a muster of like minded men and woman who gather for mutual support.
    Too many parts of our Liberty have been infringed. It is time for us to come together because we are done with the infringements.
    We don't need no steekin' press. We know exactly what we are.
    We don't need no steenkin' permits to gather, because we are Americans, because our Liberty warrants us the unfettered Liberty to gather free of arrest and persecution.
    I for one look at from this perspective. If we muster peacefully and Constitutionally lawfully, who or what in the name of our creator and founders are going to stop us when we are bearing arms? I want to see what the ruling class is willing to do to a muster of men and woman gathering just to be in each others company, hundreds, or may be thousands, on parade, peacefully with no malice.

    Is there someone who knows of a location suitable where a Muster can take place?: Suggested criteria listed below.

    (I know a great location in WV. An old civil war battle field, Carnefex Ferry and damn in the old town of Gaud. There is ample parking in three locations, walking distance to Muster. Easy to find. It is a rural setting along two state routes. Also good services. Lots of exposure. Open carry is common law and well respected in WV. Also a half a dozen in my area of like minded freemen who will muster.)

    A web/blog bulletin board where folks want to provide a ride to Muster list their possibles.

    Just put out a place and time. It happens or not. 5 or 5000 it does not matter. This is a gestalt who's time has come.
    Simple pie.
    It is the act that counts for everything.
    I'll be there.

    1. Locate a geographical centrally located Muster point. Open fields, peaceful roads.
    2. We show up at chosen place/time.
    3. We travel light with basic kit for 2 days: rations, water, shelter pennants/flags/banners/????
    4. No formal organization. It is not needed
    5. It is a Muster of Freemen.
    6. We Muster to be in honored company
    7. Go in heavy, light or slick. Liberty is our SOP. Free choice is order of the day. Self Determination is our motto?:Don't Tread On Me
    8. We have to do this. There is little time remaining. No matter how small or large a Muster, others will see, they will follow. Word will out.
    9. We Muster with pure intent, our politics are the truth we are freemen, it is as freemen we Muster, it is a clear message of Liberty akin to the shot heard round the world.
    10. We have noting to fear. It is as Freemen we come together, it is as Freemen together, good or ill, we face standing as Patriots of Liberty what comes. It is they who are the enemies of Liberty who will fear us. It will be a grand day. A day where freemen gathered, who shared a bond as brothers, who affirmed their will and sovereign nature.

    That is all I can think of now.
    These are just recommendations based on my personal beliefs in Liberty and Peace.
    Say what have you?

  26. Carnefex Ferry and damn in the old town of Gaud.

    Where is this? Greek to me.

  27. Location is along the Gauley River south of Summersville WV.
    My bad, it is the town of Gaud, where a flood control dam was built along the Gauley River, the town is under water. The feds refused to call it the Gaud Damn, after the town the dam was near, even though it is tradition to do so. So they call it Summersville Dam. Location is almost mid point in WV., at the junctions of RT 19 and Rt 129.
    Carnefex Ferry is an old ferry crossing, where a large battle was fought during the civil war. A mile or so down Rt 129 is another battle field/town of Keslers Cross Lanes, a skirmish was fought there also.

    You know it won't be long, if not already before homeland secret police do their spy thing on us.

  28. I would prefer it be a place central to the United States, or central to the most attendees.

    I like the symbolism of somewhere like Liberty, MO, but anyplace like that would work. Symbolism is important here.

    I won't tell anyone how to come. Come as you will. This is not MY plan, it is simply something I am willing to help coordinate. I will start a blog soon where information can be disseminated and aggregated.

    Put your thinking caps on. It has to be in an open carry state. It has to have camping possible and other accommodations.

    We will descend as if out of nowhere, with as little warning as possible, but make no mistake the libs will sniff it out and the press will be there, like it or not, so that is a non-issue.

    THIS IS NOT A TEA PARTY. This is not a rally. It is a gathering of those willing to do whatever it takes to secure the rights promised to us by oath, by every elected official in the land. If they don't mean it, WE DO.

  29. Liberty Mo. is a burb of Kansas City. Fairly thickly settled. Been there to visit friends. Nice place.
    Can't say if its a good spot for the Muster.

  30. Summersville WV

    Just an hour from where I went to military school, though I've never been there.

  31. I'm gonna get a lot of heat for saying this, but I need to say it.

    How connected to the founding history of this Republic do we associate in terms of symbolism. What I mean by this is it is time for us, in our time to make our History. In no way do I extend disrespect to any or our founders, quite the contrary. The past is prolog, on the same token our founders faced a very different set of dynamics. America was wide open, there was a frontier, a population fresh in a new world, independent minded serious as a heart attack, the Brits seat of power was distant, in the geographical sense, along with much distance in time. I believe that afforded them luxury of place and time we do not have. It is difficult to define in words my point, but I'll give a go: My gut tells me we have to make new turning points in history, times and places that define us as our own of our definite choosing. We can not afford to manipulated victim of circumstances, ie, choice of place. Because after all are we not the guardians of Liberty, spreading the gospel of Liberty?
    Man this is a tough thing to convey.

  32. Personally, I think we need to get off this symbolism trip. This is not about anyone else but us! This is a place where we can all get together without fear of big sis or any other abc org breathing down our necks, this is me, you and all of us getting together to meet and greet and try to come up with a plan. Getting sidetracked with....apperances will do no good only harm. That is why I think that this should only be ofr us. Location wise, the east will fetter out those in the west and vis versa, needs to be somewhere where we can drive to.Otherwise I believe some of the one that have a lot to add wil not be able to make it.
    TL, I feel you need to keep re-posting this on blogs that are in a like mind, just be careful. We do not need or want a huge spotlight on this, it's too important.
    Btw, I have since found a very secure spot to keep S/V Loco Gato for this extremely important gathering down here in.... and I will make every effort to be there. Graig, you are just a bus ride away, are you ready?
    Thoughts on local; Utah, S/w Colorado, New Mexico or one of the redoubt states. Southern for warmth and easy of travel and gun laws plus wide open spaces. Feedback?

  33. Ya like Gato said this is about us, about our Liberty.
    Lets see what stuff we are made of. If we can't muster up right skippy fast we aren't worth a bucket of warm spit when it drops in the pot.
    Pick a place and time.
    Get it done.
    If we need logistics past that what are we gonna do when it gets real testy?
    Most of us have go kits.
    What better way to see what they are good for. See what others have in their kit.

    So, we know what we are for and about.
    Now that is going to take care of itself. We are equal men, all have the same skin in this.

    No time like the present.
    Sooner the better.
    You only get the time the good lord granted you on this earth, and when time is gone you can't get it back.
    Tyranny don't care about weather, it don't give a rats ass about location, in fact it don't care about us, only generating a false narrative of what we are made of, and ultimately crushing our sovereign will, it is the rule of law and constitutional principles we represent. With teeth. Now that is big things, part and parcel why we got to do this.

  34. Winter, north...during an existing festival might be wise. The goal isn't to make it easy; the goal is to make it work.

    Throw the victory bash in Kansas some summer.

  35. TL,

    God bless you. Your dedication and courage put most "Patriots" to shame.

    I am in, I am sending this message out to 40+ Militia units around the US. Many will wail and quake and gnash their teeth. If even a few show up I will be surprised. As for me, I will come, with as many of my guys who volunteer to bear arms.

    Some suggestions. Start taking donations now. Work out the details later. I am willing to put some funds on the line.
    Also it MUST take place in a State that is Militia and 2A friendly.
    Preferably in the central US, so units and Patriots from the coasts can try to make it.
    Finally it should be 6 months or more out, this will allow all of us to prepare families, jobs etc for our absence. PM me or email from my blog if I can be of any further assistance.

    I will leave ALL of you with this...

    Ephesians 6:10-18 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the principalities and powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in High places. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

  36. As Cris said, it's been a good run, the kids are grown. I do not see myself ending old and peaceful. 'Lay me down in a field of tall brass...'

    Bring it.

    A word though, I have lived in and live now, very near Liberty MO. A power trippy little city, without crossing the eyes and dotting the T's municipally, I do not believe un-permitted activities will be met with open arms here or anywhere in Missouri, the locals have a stake in the status quo. Private land?

    As convenient as it would be personally, I recommend one of the founding thirteen. I'm an ex-pat from New Hampshire, unbearably cold in winter, not even the British wanted it...

    That said, if it's in my backyard, I'm in-what can I do as boots on the ground?

    contact welcome

  37. Sandman
    Looks like we are here again brother! I am speaking for The Fl Charter Oaks and we will be there. At the Southeast Constitutional Militias meet we had representation from 9 states. I would say we can count on most of them being there. We personally have 5 groups in SECOM from Florida who will come and others from the south east as well as Texas and some Northern states who I know will attend. Many are tired of hiding alone in the dark, those that are not, deserve the isolatation they bring on them selves. As far as location etc goes I have a million suggestions and many places that people have spoken to me about having meetings like this in the past. You are right about the resistance you will get but mostly this will get the full brunt of all the paranoia propagandists within the ranks (we still get flack from the SECOM meeting). The fact is, no matter what none of us will be safe as long as we interact solely online. Until you look a man in the eye a shake his hand, you have no prayer of knowing his heart and in turn trusting him. The Internet is for children playing games, the time has come for men to stand and unite. Please, keep us posted. Make no mistake the sunshine patriots will attack this effort with fervor. White Owl tells me every time my efforts get attacked and I whine like the girl I am...
    "the attacks do not matter, what matters is what your dedication and strife wins for us all"

  38. I have a sinking feeling that this will be more to the liking of the Domestics regardless of how it feels to do this thing. It puts, what is basically the entire CCC of the Liberty movement in one place to be cordoned off by OpFor and neutralized at their option and will. It could become a media event for their purposes after the fact and the majority of the nation would never know the truth about why it took place at all and most wouldnt care anyway.
    Would it not be more beneficial to have ops take place randomly across the nation on the style of occupy to draw attention to the cause as a recruiting call rather than to create the potential for the Domestics to use an an example of dealing with RWE's as a media event.
    While I agree with the necessity for a show of resistance to the treason currently taking place I dont see the benefit to Liberty by re-enacting Thermopolae or the Boston Massacre should the Domestics decide to make it one for their own purposes. Their media mutts whould never let the lies die. Waco and Ruby Ridge already have enough dead heros, let it be nationwide for a common cause.

    Yank lll

  39. this should be in central usa kansas iowa nebraska colorado

    any location east of the mississippi would be hard for those in the far western states to be able to attend wv location would be almost impossible for most of the redoubt state patriots to attend

    just my 2 cents

  40. Into the breech Men.
    It is time to set aside our fears.
    I'm hearing trepidations.
    Where is our sense of adventure?
    What is the cause of why we are here today in the country we have?
    It is because good folks did nothing!
    It is not because of corruptions by crooks and traitors.
    It is because of corruption of ourselves. Corruption of our moral compass, corruptions of our courage of our convictions.

    If at this time myself, you, we, if we are afraid of what may happen, without ever trying, all of us, we limit ourselves to loosing. If at this time we place our immediate comfort before the greater comfort of Liberty and Happiness, then the cause of that Liberty and Happiness is a foregone conclusion.
    It is time to buck it up. We ain't going to get another free ride guys. Open you eyes, the tyrants are rigging the system. They already know this could happen and have prepared accordingly. To think otherwise is foolishness. Absolute power rules absolutely. And that power makes the rules.
    We get this last opportunity to muster peacefully, rattle the Saber of Liberty, raise the pennant of Rule of Law.

    Or hide and cower till its too late?

    So whats it gonna be my friends?

    I'm in.
    No reservations
    No stipulations
    No conditions

    For me it is unconditional Liberty.
    Unconditional Love of of my Liberty.

  41. I will pass this along to both the
    League of the South and the Southern National Congress. Both are all about freedom and liberty, however, they're absolutely not about some kind of band aid for the current US Constitution, which cannot be fixed, and in fact is operating as originally intended.

  42. Keeping it simple.
    Central U.S.
    Lodging Available
    User Friendly
    March 31-April 1, Spring Weather

  43. Wanemacher's is an interesting idea.

    What's the lodging like, given that many rooms will be taken by gunshow attendees?

    Also, what are the OK laws on open carry?

    My suggestion would be a little later (mid/end of April) to ease weather-related travel in Cheyenne, WY.

    Excellent gun laws, a major interstate intersection (I25 and I80), significant lodging support there and in surrounding area.

    School-folk could advise as to whether or not gov skool vaca comes prior to or after Easter (4/8/2012). Date could be set to accommodate same.


  44. Excellent idea TL.

    I agree with many of the commenters that it should be centrally located in a friendly state, and a place with accomodations for everyone.

  45. I can see the value of bringing people from everywhere together as a show of strength.

    However, why not start with bringing together the III in each state that they live. III gatherings at the same time in all 50 states will truly capture the idea that we are everywhere. This will allow us to develop networks within our own states and then it would be easier to organize and plan for a large national convention. Just a thought.

  46. III gatherings at the same time in all 50 states will truly capture the idea that we are everywhere.

    Good point.

  47. Grabbing the bull by the horns again TL?

    Well, in for guardians, in for this great idea. Two proposals, two suggestions to bring to the table.

    One, each state could have a meet up for those unable/ unwilling to come to a national event. (ala OWS)

    The national event should take place near some place of Rev war significance. I know this means the northeast.

    The national event should have Constitutional carry or at least unrestricted open carry, plus loose rifle restrictions.

    Even better if this was held on private land. I don't think this should be a news media display or have it lead to nervous nellie locals pulling the rug out because of scary guns.

    I know it's a tall order but hey, we have to start somewhere.

    I'll get on the phone and start somewhere for my state of Vermont. If you still have my number TL, call me. If not, let me know if your old one I have still works.

    Gentlemen, start your engines.

  48. Brothers and Sisters,

    I suggest THREE simultaneous events to facilitate MAXIMUM attendance and promotion of the cause.
    Three percent.
    Three events.
    Three hours long ( for speeches and such ).
    Mid-South Central
    Streaming video feeds of other events on large screen LCDs...

    I will suggest Pennsylvania for the northeast event.

    I am one of orginal three patriots who founded our counties' TEA Party, back when i actually thought the TEA party would save us...
    I will volunteer to co-organize the Pennsylvania event, if a three prong format is chosen.

    For Liberty,


  49. How about instead of one-place, a multi-state place, and make it not only multi-state, but a camp out as in tents and roughing it? Less walls that have ears and all that. Plus tres cheap.

  50. To paraphrase Louis L'Amour "when the patriots come down from the hills....... Where and when

  51. Just a couple of thoughts. Bring your core principles with you. Circumstances change. Principles do not.

    If preserving Socialist Security and Medicare (or your favorite nanny program) is on your agenda, stay the fuck home.

    There can be no compromise between food and poison. There can be no compromise between liberty and bonded servitude. There can be no compromise between Property and parasites!

    I suggest Wyoming. Find a Constitutional Sheriff who will support it and lets get it on!

  52. Consider Sheppardsville, Kentucky at the same time as the Knob Creek Machine Shoot and Gun Show. The Militias were meeting there in the mid & late 90's until COINTELPRO was used to start a pi**ing event that broke up the meetings. The VFW hall was rented. At the last 2 meetings we had over 300 militia leaders from across the nation. Kentucky is an open carry state.
    Drew Rayner, Mississippi

  53. I too was at the "Taxpayer's March on 9/12/09, and there were at least a million of us there then. We had organized an AmTrak train for everyone in Florida, and that's how I got there. We left on a Friday afternoon, marched on Saturday, got back on the train Saturday evening, and I got back home on Sunday.

    Two points here: 1) I am broke and have to do this as cheaply as possible, and 2) I will not fly on TSA Airlines. I live in Central Florida, and maybe we could do the train or a bus thing.

    It would be nice to be happening on the East Coast, but whatever, keep me informed. If there is any way I can make it, I will.

  54. As long as this is not for media attention and chest thumpers, I would love to be there. It is time to get real solutions and take action.

    Someplace central would be best for all. I could care less about symbolism. Symbolism is for people who want credit and a good showing. Just make it REAL.

  55. Yank III and Ursus Minor bring up good points about numerous meetups in all the states. Many folks, myself included, don't have the scratch to travel, and need significant lead time to arrange for time off work. Something more local, yet all linked to the "big event", same day and time. As far as open carry, permits, blah blah blah; I agree with finding private land to meet on. The whole point of this thing is to flip "authoritah" the bird, no? To hell with "permits", unconstitutional weapons laws, and bending over for the local rules and regs! We're all FREE MEN, and we're taking our FREEDOM back!

  56. ...Let it be said of us, us few, us who have not had the honor of the company of ourselves, who have wandered in the darkness seeking answers, wandered this growing darkness of tyranny, we who are brave, stout of heart, who seek the counsel of equals on equal ground, let it be said, as Sir Winston Churchill said of his people in their most difficult hour: “We ought to rejoice at the responsibilities with which destiny has honored us… and be proud that we are guardians of our country in an age when her life is at stake.”

    Amen Brothers and Sisters!

  57. Consider Montgomery Bell Inn located in Montgomery Bell State Park, in Dickson, TN. That's about 40 miles west of Nashville, just a few miles off Interstate 40.

    Rooms were $68.00 per night, off season group rates.

    The Southern National Congress has held the last two Congresses there.

  58. Knob Creek Machine Shoot and Gun Show

    Montgomery Bell Inn

    Both good ideas.

    East Coast

    Six acres in Eastern NC

  59. Hell with such niceties as hotels and other accommodations.
    When the shit hits the fan, what are we going to do? Stay at a holiday inn so we can be better freedom fighters?

    If you don't have a kit and possibles where you sustain yourself for at least day, or two, what are you going to do when it gets rough?

    Can't speak for others, but I want to gather around with like minded folks, stare into a fire till dawn breaks, talk about things that need talking too, I want to be in that good company. I want to be ready for whats coming down the pike at us all. We don't have time for comfort or common amenities.
    Don't you guys understand?
    Tyranny is coming for us.
    It don't care about us, it will never stop till we are dead and buried.
    They know this is coming
    They know how people think and react
    They ain't stupid
    These are some terribly astute and nasty people bent on having all the power. You think a little old thing like an election is going to stop them?
    How do you think they have managed to thwart the will of the people, bypass almost every rule of law and our Liberty to date?

    Nope it comes down to folks who are willing to do what needs doing who will win this.

    Too many conditions and criteria.
    Too much extraneous bullshit
    Change your thinking
    1 place
    A time
    Lets do it

    If your serious, you will find a way to get there. That is what America was built on.

  60. Mt Top Patriot, no one will be stopping YOU from roughing it.

    Anyone who wishes to do so can do so.

    Personally, I've had enough "comporees" via the US Army, so I take creature comforts when available, and don't give them up unless forced to do so.

  61. TL,

    Think it time to move this topic to its own Page. Like the Project Gunwalker one. Perhaps copy the comments and go from there?

  62. They trained me to be a Killer, a lean mean fighting machine.

    They sent me to fight and kill people I did not even know.

    Not they dare tell me I do not have the right to defend myself and my family.

    Well I say to them never as long as breath comes out of my lungs.

    Semper fi

  63. KISS men, All great ideas...
    lets get the niddy griddy done
    at one meeting, then perhaps we can break out a few more across the US. Telecon and video is rediculous.

    A fire, a circle and whats what.
    Another vote for Vermont and the Green Mountain boys.

    The mountains will tell no tails.

  64. I'm in. I have facilities available if required. You know how to reach me TL. 'Course I'll be voting for my green mountains location.....

    End State....

    It only needs to be that simple..


  65. Wyoming has taken point on telling the Feds to mind their business...might not be a bad idea to show our appreciation.


  66. Sat and Sun April 14th and 15th on your state capitals steps. If you want to give them the bird bring your gun, say a prayer or two. Then have time for speeches. Pack a lunch, sit on the steps and get to know each other.

  67. We will meet you at the Grand Summit.

    Texas 3/5

  68. All I need is some lead time to get my schedule together. Let's do it.

  69. Virgil Caine is entirely correct with his 4 points on planning. Following his simple outline, it might have a decent chance at success.

    Just throwing this idea up in the air and having several thousands of patriots (and possibly their significant others and children) show up when the site can't support that number is not something I'd personally like to contemplate.

    Like it or not, when considering this so-called 'muster' (historically a military formation devoid of any purpose other that to drill with weapons or ready the defense of a locale, etc) that seems to be more of a socio-political 'gathering', planning is paramount. I would also not encourage calling it a 'muster' unless that's what it is.

    Personally, if this was planned well, I would spread the word and encourage many I know in my State to attend.

    So, with that in mind, I'd like to suggest that several of those here with experience on large operations consider throwing their talents into the effort and become the "Planning Team" for lack of a better word (I hate the term, 'committtee'...). They don't have to be in FTF contact; there are many venues that will facilitate 'real time' discussions, such as 'Go To Meeting' or other IM type chat rooms, etc.

    Get to that point, and the Patriot community might see something of value coming out of this...and subsequently support it in large numbers.

    Without the planning I would be willing to bet silver there'd be very few people showing up...

    My .02

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. If I can make it, I'm in. Finances are a bit tight right now (still) so they play a big role in my traveling abilities.
    Having said that, to those that are advocating having multiple meetings in multiple states: it has been my experience that that won't work. Those that have the courage/ability to show for anything will show for the "big one" and not the local one. I've been to several "events" that were known about in advance, and I was the only one to show up. I have little faith left that 50 "local" events will garner the equivalent turnout of one national event. In my experience, out of 4 small events there were maybe 6 attendees but with one large event there were about 75... enough of that.
    While I would advocate for somewhere in the Northeast (like Pennsylvania since that's where I live and there is a lot of our history here), I realize that central to the entire country could possibly get better turnout.
    I have to end this comment by stating that this meeting is definitely needed. Having been the only one to show for several armed "protests", it's getting a bit depressing to see that while I do pledge my life (and all that it entails) in pursuit of my family's Liberty, it will most likely be in vain (if judged by past turnouts).
    Let's make it happen. I will do my absolute best to be there. If I can do anything to help make it happen, let me know.

  72. One other thought... for those of you advocating "roughing it", you're welcome to it. Some of us have done that before and have no desire to prove our manhood by sleeping in a tent unless absolutely necessary. I am a (non-combat) disabled vet, I'm not sleeping in a tent if I don't have to. I've done it and I know it hurts me. I also know that I can function after doing so, but not nearly as well as if I have an actual bed to sleep in. I'll take the bed while I have the option.
    Besides, when TSHTF, will you have time to set up and tear down a tent? If you want to practice for a SHTF scenario, why not just sleep on the ground under a tree? It's about as restful and just as useful for proving that you can.
    I don't believe this meeting is to prove how manly we are in the roughing it sense. I believe this meeting is to prove how sincere we are when it comes to reclaiming our God-given rights and responsibilities. If I thought that sleeping in a tent would add any value to this meeting I'd be all for it, but I don't see how it could.
    Sure, we should meet somewhere that has the ability to accommodate campers, but we also need to be able to accommodate non-campers. Hell, speaking from experience, I'm willing to travel an hour from the hotel each way to make this meeting if it means I don't have to sleep on the cold, hard ground.

  73. Gettysburg.

    Kevin III

  74. You can count me in. I also concur that a weekend would be best in a free carry state. Awaiting orders.

  75. Haven't even read 1/10th of the comments. No need.


    Details that matter. Don't give a squat if its in January in Montana. Will be there.
    Sick of this twiddling of thumbs and ready to walk with my Brothers in Arms to declare "Enough".

    James Maynard AKA Diogenes

  76. Lord we cant even get these low level details agreed on.

    Since we seem to be literally all over the map on location ideas let me throw my two cents into the mix.

    A single central location has a few things going for it. The question really is however what do we hope to accomplish? If this is going to be a conference then a hotel type convention setting would be best. If it is a conference then what will be discussed? Will it be an open source exchange of learning and ideas or a pannel format where we all sit and listen to a small number of presentations?
    If we are looking for a more gathering of the clans type of situation then having an outdoor camping event would be more appropriate. Will that have training sessions or will it simply be a meet and camp for a night?
    Again I ask what are we trying to accomplish? Having a concensus as to what we are going to do once we get there can help us decide what type of event to set up. The logistics differ depending on the type of event.
    As to location. Seeing that we have many people from all over the US I would suggest that we have smaller regional events all on the same weekend and linked via communication feeds. This lets us have the maximum draw as we can keep the travel distance down for everyone and it tests our ability to communicate remotely. I think we could keep the regionsl meets down to 4 and cover the majority of the country. That could also allow us to have different types of events at the different locations. People could travel to the event that best suited their abilities and needs.


  77. My suggestions would that the 'national' meet-up be of two purposes:
    1) Teach us how to make the special sauce
    2) Teach us how to teach others to make the sauces, and to set-up regional- or state-level copies of the national meeting. You tell two friends, and they tell two friends...

    The nature of the special sauce to be determined as discussion proceeds.

  78. Mr. Mullenax, no need to be in a constitutional carry state because the Constitution says that the right shall not be infringed. And besides, the object is a show of strength, which makes cc pretty useless. I do suggest, however, that it be one of those states that ratified the Constitution BEFORE the war of 1861-1865, for obvious 'morality' reasons.

    Mt Top, the color of law means that it is acting incorrectly as if it were law. We as the militia are Constitutionally required. So we would be mustering not as color of law but lawfully. Just pointing that out.

    On the supply yourself issue...I was nomadic in these States united for some 15 years. i have found that the MOST important living equipment is a 9X12 tarp(emergency shelter). Look around you, everything you see has potential as a tool or other useful item in a muster, no matter how 'financially strapped' you are. THe thing to remember in your supply is that you will have to carry it on your back, so it is a really good idea to look at it now to make sure it is not going to be more than, say 50% of your body weight to insure ease of mobility.

    I end after reading to November 26, 2011 8:57 PM

  79. So, what's the agenda?

    If this is going to be a public blow off, a rally just to get the III brand out, that's one thing and although IIIers could use the rally... hasn't that been done?

    Agenda... ask yourself why the meet?

    What could we do with this highly public show of force to accomplish something. Something actually constructive?

    If the III movement is going to matter more than the finger exercises of a bunch of pissed off gun owners, we need to do SOMETHING.

    Something that will impact America in general, attract attention to the cause, gain new bodies and minds.

    What I propose is not the start of general hostilities. What I propose is a summit to plan to take a small, corrupt town politically through recall election. The model already exists: returning GIs from World War Two in Athens TN, 1946 were harassed by the local boss hog political crime machine. They formed a party, fielded a full ticket of candidates and on election day... well the scoundrels stole the ballot box and took two hostages, holed up in the jail and it took a all-night siege to win, but... the principle is sound.

    Have the get together. Have a lot of speeches and gun waving-maybe even a shoot. You want to accomplish something, pick a small, corrupt little shithole and do what the GIs of Athens did back in 1946.

    Win, and do all the things Patriots have been hammering on keyboards about for the past four decades, and advertise the results. Believe me the III movement will get a LOT more members.

    Problem is, WILL you?

    I've dealt with Stewart Rhodes' oathkeeper 501c3 org-shut down.

    I've dealt with militias-ignored.

    I've dealt with the Tea Party-brick wall, cut off.

    I'm censored over at Occupy Wall Street.

    Why? Well look at the below articles and judge for yourself:

  80. The general lack of consensus here only shows the difficulty of arranging for a group of individualists to act as if they were collectivists.Besides frustrating the planning of a meetup and confusing the overall intent as first mentioned the fact they we are failing to take advantage of our strengths is disconcerting. Once again there is no gain for our cause of liberty to act as the opposition acts or to broadcast our purposes when they will be used against us at every turn. I can see a state by state meetup because it is geographically logical, it supports the 10th amendment and allows for a bigger show nationwide if done right. It will also force the opposition to spread their resources and react to us on short notice.. you all saw how fast Occupy was able to gather and they had two days before they started to have reportable troubles. We need to redefine ourselves by becoming minutemen in deed by quick reaction in the manner of a flash mob, assemble, make a statement of purpose by an action and disperse. take advantage of confusion and use it. It can be done with 8 or 10 people. Make their technology and numbers useless.
    If we have no better plan that to act as we have in the past and are expected to continue then why bother.
    I'm not looking to annoy anyone just tryin' to make use of our efforts better.

    Yank lll

  81. Yank III says, "...I have a sinking feeling that this will be more to the liking of the Domestics regardless of how it feels to do this thing. It puts, what is basically the entire CCC of the Liberty movement in one place to be cordoned off by OpFor and neutralized at their option and will. It could become a media event for their purposes after the fact and the majority of the nation would never know the truth about why it took place at all and most wouldnt care anyway..."
    So how to combat this event going unnoticed?
    You Tube videos announcing it. Blogs announcing it. Newspaper letters to eds anouncing it. Tv spots announcing it. Radio spots announcing it- especially on Beck, Rush, etc. We get the word out from multiple sources, all announcing what it is for, what it is about, what it is not about... wait, scratch that last: no talk about what it's not since they'll take it out of context.
    We combat evil with forewarning, give them notice we are aware there is possibility of being routed and foolishly attacked for our beliefs and lied about as being terrorists and plotting overthrow, sedition, tyranny.
    We fight them using their own methods.
    I will attend. But am not going to listen to any speeches about how we have to vote to make change or who I have to vote for or hear how the current admin is destroying America: I can get all that on line already every day. I want to hear suggestions for solutions, for how we cut off the dragon's heads. Anything about elections is anathema and I'm gone.
    Shy III

  82. You have misunderstood my intent, considering the media of text its is understandable. I never mentioned "voting" I try not to waste my efforts on lost causes, however..

    "We fight them using their own methods"

    By this you mean we should become nazis and kill some jews to defeat nazis ? See my point ?

    You defeat evil not with evil but with good and by not playing into its hands.

    Yank lll

  83. No, Yank, that's not what I meant at all- sorry if it sems so. Others brought up voting, etc, and I won't be there for that. No, we should not become nazi in our tactics: we're above that. We use the media that we have available in any way we can. They disperse lies, we dispense the truth about who we are, what we want.
    We can't fight them like the GOp- you can see where that's got us.
    Shy III

  84. Having gone thru all of this before, please do not make a media event out of this. We have serious business to discuss on how we intend to fight the enemies of the Constitution. Having media around will only confuse the reason we are coming together. If we must we can hold a news conference and answer questions. Independent interviews should be discouraged strongly, either you speak with one voice or stay home and save your money.

    Having it in a very rural setting encourages coming together and isolates the attendees to each other encouraging dialogue. I suggest large tent or tents and facilities for camping. A mess tent where we eat also together.

    This takes planning and logistics ... can we do that in peace time? If not why bother. I cooked a large pig underground for my gathering it was a big success. A few beans and buns maybe some sauce ....

    One more thought ... if you think you can do anything without money, think again. If you cannot "pony up" and support this then we will lose. Accountability for funds gathered is important also.
    I'm not talking a couple of bucks here ....

  85. Thought Valley Forge, PA would be a poignant area to muster. I believe PA is 2A friendly, also.

    Then looked at the population demographics of the country and it looks like roughly 50% of the US population is located within 500 miles from western PA/northwest WV/east Ohio
    Wherever it is, I'll be there.

  86. My two cents...
    Dakota is media for now. They are the enemy. A private setting...tent city. TL, you decide location. Said and done...Be there. Leave your weapons and ego at is not the time. Everyone be prepared to contribute money for the event. Event schedule should include the submission of a biographical questionnaire by all attendees, speeches, and voting of regional cell leaders for future planning and dissemination...In addition, a consensus must be formed on the movement's purpose and focus...maybe using the Ranger Handbook's OPORD format. What is the "situation"? Then we could work on defining our mission, execution, etc...Initially...think guerrilla...think stealth.

  87. The summit should be for us, media be damned. For it doesn't matter what we display or promote or dispense as truth, whatever spin the government chooses to give it is the one most Americans will see.

    Somewhere in the southern midwest or slightly east would be ideal for maximum attendees. Of course those who want to go will go regardless of location.

    As far as getting our liberty back.
    You must create a monster to defeat a monster, there is no other way.

    Why isn't there a planning team together yet?

  88. I'm not sure I understand what this summit will achieve other than put patriots in the spotlight, but to shun the media is counter productive to that. I'm NOT throwing cold water on the idea, just trying to understand it more. One thing I can guarantee in these economic times, having ONE centralized location for a rally will drastically cut down attendance compared to several synchronized regional events. JMO

  89. Ok, as I've said earlier, I would like to support the initiative. However, before I do, I have a series of questions, based on the original post/idea, that need answering objectively and unemotionally so that I may transmit the idea to other like-minded "serious people".

    First rule of an effective (productive/successful) meeting: Have a purpose. Meetings that are conducted without a defined, specific purpose fail in their objectives almost all of the time.

    So, here are the purposes I’ve been able to glean from the original post (all are exact quotes as near as I can do it and listed here for clarity) Disclaimer: These observations and questions are submitted with the most sincere intentions. If the AO I’m in is to support this effort, there needs to be something of substance to the idea. People don’t support nebulous things, especially when significant funds will be required to support such an initiative, and especially when everything said and done has been in an easily monitored medium.

    Show of strength to at least ourselves.

    Ok, a physical head count of all who are ‘ready to lay it on the line’. To who’s benefit?

    Make a statement.

    Exactly what are we trying to say? “If you don’t stop kicking the Constitution’s ass, we’ll fight you?” I think OPFOR already knows our stated intent.

    Defense of our rights includes a degree of insurrection.

    What, exactly, is that ‘degree’ and why would we telegraph our intentions again (as they’ve already been well telegraphed via the blogosphere) to OPFOR?

    Our gathering to make the points we need to make.

    What other points can be made? And to whom?

    …there are those who are willing to do any number of things to support the liberty movement, but it cannot begin without a beginning. A Patriot Summit is that beginning.

    “Summits” occur after all the ground work has been done and the foundation has been laid. Heads of State attend summits. Decision makers attend summits. Summits are not purposed to lay foundations or persuade others to one point or another.

    …we must forge an alliance. There is no political clout without the ability to counter violence done to the political arm. We must be that force for good.

    If the goal is to form an alliance, then vetted emmisaries should gather first, discuss and agree upon the purposes and limits of such an alliance, take those back to their groups, ratify them, and then, once achieved, those members of the alliance gather.

    If the goal is to give birth to a political party with ‘teeth’ wouldn't that involve drawing yet another 'line in the sand'....I'd prefer a line in the concrete, but that's me. Political 'teeth' come from recognized legitimacy from the existing electorate, and sadly, I do not have much hope that another political party would be given legitimate standing in the political process without a voluntary undermining, weakening, or watering down of its values.

    Bottom line is I'm willing to help in any way I can to get this moving, however, if it's to be done, it's worth doing properly (meaning that there will be a definite objective for FREFOR) with people leaving with a much better vision of what we are about and why we spent all the time and money doing it. I don't want to do any 'feel good' things; none of us have the time or resources for that.

    If my help is being positively considered, you may reach me at ''

    If not, just let me know the outcomes so I can keep my AO informed.

  90. If such as Kerodin and Kirk Lyons are the quality of your delegates, count me out. I have had enough contact with federal snitches as it was in the 90s at such gatherings. Nothing that happens with such in attendance cannot be compromised or discredited. Thus, it would be a waste of time. Google John Parsons for just one example.

    We are strongest in our own locales. Organize there and don't seek national reassurance or leaders with feet of clay. You are all leaders. LEAD where you are.


  91. Sopsey,

    Am I a fibbie too? Perhaps you had a slow day today with the collections at your site, it must be difficult after 20 plus years begging for money.

    Perhaps you would like to share with the III community your intel to back up your claims, otherwise STFU.

  92. Gawd, Folks- leave the personalities at the check-in counter and at least pretend you can get along long enough to help. Really, it isn't like we don't have enough enemies around us already that we've gotta let our petty panties bunch around our necks.

  93. Oh Jeez if y'all are contemplating a sitdown to bitch and make plans-AND DO IT UNARMED FACING THE LIKELIHOOD OF FED SNITCHES?

    I'm out.

    You want to be guerillas you need to operate in friendly territory. How much friendly territory have IIIers, militia, and other Patriots gained?


    That's why I've been trying to get y'all to start building that friendly territory, but apparently the gun waving, chest pounding III movement is as politically, socially paralyzed as the rest of the Freedom so-called movement.

    What if it jumps off tomorrow? Where's your friendly territory? Who have you helped? Who have you opposed? What scumbags have you helped to get kicked out of positions of public service?

    Bet I know most of your answers...

  94. just rent the ballroom at the local holiday inn if all you want to do is hang out for a head count, be low-key and not attract any attention. they will be glad to accomodate a few thousand "old guys" for the afternoon. otherwise, i have to agree with mike: organize local. when things get bad, getting help from like minded souls three states away isn't going to be much of a plan, though knowing you all are out there is surely a fine thing. having two dozen like minded souls in my little 100 square mile county is a plan, especially if we've trained together for a while and know our own area, and know others in adjoining counties so we could co-ordinate if need be. if you'd like to agree on a date for a nation-wide meeting, we'll hold our own here and send you pictures. will you be wanting color glossy 8x10's or wallet sized?

  95. Listen, J Croft and Tensmiths, if that was all I wanted I wouldn't bother. But, what is lacking is a cohesion to this thing. We are but a bunch of small campfires to be put out one at a time with just a bit of wetwork by the feds as it is.

    What the summit is about is coming together and making some decisions about action. Those actions will take place locally, within one's own sphere of action, but the decision, the trigger point has to be decided by those willing to gather and discuss it.

    If you won't even show up to try and accomplish that simple item, what chances do we have of coming together on anything else?

    The individualist chest thumping is rampant, but none of that matters if we can't act across this nation on a given event, or timeframe and to conduct that conversation via the web, or facebook is a little silly to me.

    There has to be some skin in the game. Am I to trust you to follow through when I have not met you, or looked into your eyes? Am I to put myself out there knowing that my trigger point is 90 degrees from yours? Am I to put everything I have into an endeavor that no one else knows about or will support?

    It starts with a summit it is prosecuted across the nation. Understand?

  96. We have done this sort of thing for 16 years every October. We have had as many as 250 folks show up to hear speakers in the past. This last October we told our folks no more simply talking over the issues. We instead had training and hands on prep classes. we spoke of cell warfare and began the basic steps for organizing and focusing on actual goals. Check us out at We are Christian Patriot Partisans. We leave the militia to larger better equipped groups. We focus more on the Partisan model because we are realists in our situation and the time we live in. Also check this out

    We are on our way and welcome others of like mind to contact us.

    Dutch Joens

  97. ok, you've convinced me. this could be a good thing. name the time and date. better be a big place 'cause i'm bringing friends.

  98. TL - question:

    You say this is about "making some decisions"...

    As I understand it, this event is about Patriots talking to each other.

    How will this be different than what's been going on online for years now?

    Honest question - don't want to cut into the momentum here at all.

  99. Onion- One word: OpSec.
    If it's been going on on-line for years, then it's read by the world.
    If it's said in private F2F, it's private. That hasn't been going on for years other than between very small groups of friends.
    The Summit, if I am understanding it properly, is about meeting all those small groups of friends and getting to know each other, become one large group of friends with a plan of action in hand when we separate.
    Too, when you look a person in the eye, you know if he's friend or foe, if he has your back, or if he's yanking chains. Heck, maybe even Dutchman and Kerodin and Bill can learn to get along! (We can only hope.)
    That is what I hope, anyway. Got no interest in hearing patriotic speeches and what the gov is doing to us- that's on-line already.
    That's the difference.
    Shy III

  100. Thanks Shy.

    May I ask why it's important that it not be read by the world? If that's TL's vision of this event...

    I can understand the benefit of facetime for some people... Others of us are just fine with talking "out loud" online...

    Again - totally not trying to be a thorn or drag down TL's momentum. Honestly wondering what the format/agenda vision is here.

    It'd be nice to have "speaking slots" like a conference - there might be some interesting talks to come out of that.

  101. Onion, I understand your hesitance and questions, they are all good.

    Let us imagine for a moment that there was something that needed to be done, something by the nature of it and the times we live in to be illegal. Considering that every hostile, tryannical government will make illegal anything that might threaten its power, such as speaking against it. If it were one's purpose to speak against the government a thing considered a crime under the NEW rules, who would you look to to have your back when you undertook that illegal activity? Who would you talk to knowing that you were placing them in peril if they listened? Would that be someone you had never met, who might as well be an FBI agent or Homeland Security Agent behind a keyboard, pretending to sympathize with you, or would you prefer it to be someone you had taken measure of? Who had stood in front of you in a place where they had sacrificed something of themselves to attend? Someone who had placed themselves already in jeopardy by being in the same place you were?

    Consider that for a moment if you will.

  102. I don't understand why some are inclined against this. When someone will not sacrifice a little to attend a gathering like this, how can they be trusted to sacrifice a lot when the time comes for greater action.

  103. To Bill Nye,
    It is unimportant if you are a "fibbie" or not.... it is obvious that you have nothing of value to contribute to the discussion. Funny I have never heard of you doing anything in the cause of liberty. Where are your accomplishments within the patriot movement?

    Mike has been out there for a long time doing the work that must be done. I know of no one that has sacrificed more in the cause of restoring the Republic. You might try actually "doing something" before you find fault with people who actually are. Internet heroes will not show up when it is important anyway .... will they? Maybe you should STFU!

  104. Thanks TL. I will likely be there, even if it's just for entertainment value. ;)

    I'm merely curious about the agenda/format - as well as wondering if some of the groundwork can't be accomplished online first.

    I guess I have different opinions of these "infiltrators." Both in their detectability in "real life" and their number here in "keyboardland."

    I by no means am hung up on that and will drop it.

    I'd love to see scheduled talks at least for a portion of the time - convention style. It might make for interesting structure to have some praxis talks, for instance...

  105. Onion, well, it is a long way off and there is much to do in the meantime. I don't know myself how the end product will look at this point it is evolving.

    CorpsVet, right now it is down to April 13,14,14, OR about the same time in May.

    I'm leaning toward Wyoming at this point, but that can change. Keep up on the discussion and ad your 2 cents at

  106. I should have checked back into this thread sooner. ;)

    I'll be there. I like Wyoming in May best, but I'll do my best if April is the date, whatever the location.

    Folks who know me already know I will not ask about your reindeer games, nor will I accept any invitation to even discuss such matters.

    But I will be there to look men in the eye, and to have men look into mine.


  107. Please advise when and where, thanks!

    1. This has taken place, but you might be interested in the III% Congress at

  108. Did this happen or not? I have more interested parties. I need details.

    1. This has taken place, but you might be interested in the III% Congress at


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