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Monday, November 28, 2011

Resolve To Act

I have in the past few days had an opportunity to be contacted by some very interesting individuals. They were interested in the Liberty Summit and had different ideas about what should be done there and what they had attempted over the past several decades. They were kind to point out the pitfalls and difficulties with attempting this endeavor. It has all been done before, you see. Yes, it has.

And yet, we do not live in a state of liberty that any of us would recognize. Is this because there is a fine line between demanding one's rights and engaging in insurrection? One might think so, but actually even the violent overthrow of the United States government is a right that any and all of us retain. It is written eloquently by Paine and Jefferson that our government is a guarantor of our rights. Any other function of this government is by definition treason.

So it cannot be treasonous to oppose treason. It cannot be illegal or immoral to rectify the abuses and illegal actions of a government hell-bent on the destruction of its very justification for existence. This is where the government officials find themselves in one heck of an ironic position. To prosecute their power is, at this point, a violation of the Constitution, a nullification of the very document that gives them the authority to exert their power. They have made themselves illegitimate by denying the validity of the Constitution.

Likewise, every single person in uniform, either military or law enforcement are acting illegally if they suppress justified insurrection or enforce laws that so clearly are in violation of the Bill of Rights.

When congressmen joke that the Constitution is anything they say it is, or they defer to a largely political body of judges, i.e. the Supreme Court, to circumvent rights that protect the citizen from the power of government, they secure themselves as tyrants and become the enemy of the Constitution.

There are those who willingly subject themselves to the rulings of the Supreme Court as if it were a body of the wise dedicated to the preservation of the legitimacy of the national government, which it should be, but has not been for a very, very long time, if ever it was. It has instead become a body seeking to direct society along an evolutionary plane leading ultimately to a society of servants to the federal power. This is where we are today.

The Constitution was written by citizens for citizens. It was not supposed to take a legal mind to understand one's rights, they were clear and obvious for all to understand. Choose any phrase in the Constitution and see if it still holds, after judicial review, the same purpose that seems so obvious to the literal mind. Such declarations as "Congress shall make no law..." seems pretty clear and yet, that has been undermined at every occasion.

The Supreme Court seems now ready to rule that indeed the federal government can require an individual to purchase health insurance. Regardless of the obvious and logical impossibility of this fact, it only takes four justices to agree to that principle and it is done. The Fourth Amendment has been watered down to a point of irrelevance, likewise the Second, the First (with hate-speech) laws and etc.

Admittedly we live in a different time from our forefathers. We are ill-equipped to face the federal government to demand a redress of the many grievances we have suffered. The legal fight has been waged in courtrooms across the land and the people have suffered at the hands of these social engineers in the black robes. They cannot be trusted with our liberty.

So, it is left to us again to demand it. It is left to us again to struggle for it. It is left to us again to secure it to ourselves and more importantly our posterity. But how? With all of the government's resources, how are we to get what we were promised at the founding of this nation? How do we undo centuries of systematic enslavement?

To begin, one needs a beginning. The first objective is first to gather. In the old days this was done in taverns across the colonies. It was done in an atmosphere of oppression where the freedom of thought and word were sacred demonstrations of intent. The yoke of oppression weighed heavily on those men and women who had a foreign enemy to focus their ire upon.

Today it is much more difficult, it is the patriotic, the nation-loving person who now must look out upon the Stars and Stripes as somehow foreign and inflammatory. The most dedicated to the union must be those assigned the task of opposing it.

Like the tax on tea, there must be a final insult that drives the patriot toward action. There have been abuses upon abuses over the centuries, but what is that one step too far? Most of us have reached it already. It has come and gone and we have bit our tongues and wiped our hands and went about life. It sticks like a popcorn shell in our throats, but we try to swallow it anyway, we try to get past it, but it won't go down. So, we wait for others to find their limit. It is dismaying to find that many, most will never arrive at a moment when they watch another freedom disappear, when they accept one more federal dictate that drives them toward us. We, those who will stand up for liberty, realize then that we must pursue liberty for them as well. We must free them from their own prisons in order to free ourselves. One cell cannot be emptied without throwing the door open to all.

Our Liberty Summit must identify that final moment when the last line has been crossed and action must be the next step. Even if we agree that has already come and gone we must recognize it as our mandate to act and act in concert. If we are to act as brothers and sisters, we must meet as family.

I encourage you to attend the Liberty Summit and resolve to act.

Summit Information

The liberty summit so much discussed here can be better discussed at this site:

Let's get the ball rolling.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summit II

I want to thank everyone who has responded to my call for a summit of...well...those who value liberty and who will stand to secure it.

As you might imagine, there is a lot of work to do that I will get started on tomorrow, this being Sun the 27th.

I have received a great deal of response and good ideas.

Please continue to comment on the first post concerning a call for a summit so I can keep all of the comments to date in one place. I will try to establish a discussion board in the morning and provide the links so that this can take place there rather than through comments.

Anyone have any ideas about a good discussion board platform to use and where I might locate it? If not, I will traverse the inter webs and discover it for myself.

There we can discuss all manner of logistics.

I thank everyone for their cooperation and willingness to engage in this endeavor, especially those who have been through this sort of thing with me before and are willing to lend a hand once again.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Call For A Summit

As loudly as I can I am calling for a patriot summit, a convention of sorts of those dedicated to liberty. I don't mean those who won't do a thing about it, but those who, given the right circumstances will give up everything they own to secure liberty to themselves and their posterity.

Our inaction is handing the field to our opponents, to the enemies of liberty. Kerodin might suggest direct action, whereas others might suggest indirect action, the fact is: there is very little action of any sort.

Opponents of a patriot summit will argue that getting us all together in one place will give the feds an edge. Let me tell you as someone who organized an event in DC, they already have my number. They know who I am and many of us in the liberty movement. Don't fool yourselves, you are not unknown. When you step out and start a blog, you are known. You may not be tracked and followed as I have been, but you are known, so stop worrying about it. For all of the provocative things I have written, I have only been harassed on a low level, i.e. followed, harassed by the IRS, etc. An old saying I heard from the guys I knew in Vietnam was this: "They can kill you, but they can't eat you." Meaning, there's only so much they can do to you.

If you are not ready to give your life and treasure to the pursuit of liberty, you are not sufficiently dedicated to the principle anyway. I have put both on the line and will do so again and again until we beat back the beast of totalitarianism, or die trying.

Right now, there needs to be a show of strength if to no one but ourselves. If there are others who will stand up for liberty, then lets get together and make a statement. Let us gather. Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment and First Amendment proponents might not agree on everything, but they should at least agree to support the Bill of Rights and the importance of re-stating our demands that these rights be respected.

The difference between us and the Tea Party is that it should be known that defense of these rights includes a degree of insurrection, if necessary. Let us not fool ourselves or our communistic/socialistic enemies. If it is a fight that is coming, all we know right now is that each of us is alone, isolated and effectively neutralized. Our gathering to make the points we need to make could spark a consolidation of sentiment. It could motivate those who now sit idle.

I have no doubt that there are those who are willing to do any number of things to support the liberty movement, but it cannot begin without a beginning. A patriot summit would be that beginning. We can accept Tea Party members, but they must understand that this is not a Tea Party gathering, this is something a bit more determined, a bit more radical, perhaps a lot more radical. We must have a beginning to the action part of the movement.

Date and location. Lets start there. If you are a spook and live only on the invisible web, tucked away in the protection of anonymity, you can still show up. You can read the details as they emerge, but if you think fighting the enemies of liberty can be done without exposing yourself to fire, you are mistaken. All this has done so far is to leave those willing to brave the retribution of the feds to take the heat alone.

We need to emerge as a separate force from the Tea Party, but we must forge an alliance. There is no political clout without the ability to counter violence done to the political arm. We must be that force for good.

That's my pitch. I will repeat it often. It is important. 

Degrees of Self-Delusion

The path to energy independence is to fund, via tax dollars, solar panel producers. This is what passes as an actual policy from the Obama Administration. Meanwhile, the nix is on for an Ohio pipeline reversal to Houston where it can be refined. Also, the nix is on for a Canadian venture to build a pipeline into the United States because the route passes through the a Nebraska grassland area. I've been to Nebraska, there is no shortage of grassland area. The whole damn state is a prairie.

Everyday there are ways to increase production of typical oil fields which have been supplied in the past by drilling vertically down to a certain depth and drawing from that vertical hole as much oil as possible. But, it was still a small opening from which to draw. Vast amounts of oil are now accessible through increases in technology by going down to the depth of the oil and drilling horizontally through the same narrow formation making the producible area up to ten thousand times that of a single hole.

Okay, I know I got a little Geeky there, but for the same buck, you can produce millions, or even billions more barrels of oil. This is turning the concept of self-sufficient energy into a reality and it is being done in more places than just the Bakken field, where I work, there is one down in Texas and another in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado. Billions more barrels of oil, the most cost-effective energy source ever discovered.

Some environmentalists would disagree with my next statement, which is: The absolutely most carbon-efficient form of energy is oil and gas. They don't want to believe that because they want something other than what they claim. For the same basic energy consumption, we can now produce billions of barrels of oil. Billions. Their answer is still solar, but they ignore the mining that has to go into the production of aluminum, not to mention the great cost of energy it takes to make it. Huge amounts of electricity are required to make aluminum. They ignore the rare-earth minerals required to make the photovoltaic elements. They ignore the carbon expended in trucking all of these panels across the face of the earth, most of which come from China which owns the greatest share of rare-earth minerals. Wind turbines are just plain ignorant.

But, environmentalists get all charged up about Fracking, where the rocks are fractured via hydraulic pressure. They get charged up by this not because of the truth about fracking, but because the solution, largely water, they use to frack the wells is proprietary and therefore not disclosed. Secrecy, you understand, to the environmentalist is the same as sin.

The truth is there is no man-made global warming taking place, there is no proof that if there were that carbon would have a single thing to do with it. We are making big-time policy decisions about the future of this nation based on flawed principles and hocus-pocus environmentalism and no one seems to notice, or care?

Were a large, influential church to suggest that it were immoral to have pre-marital sex and those who participated in it should be singled out and ridiculed for it, all hell would break loose down at the ACLU. But for the environmentalists, who are a religion unto themselves, to suggest that we should not burn oil for some nebulous reason having to do with trees and such, those who do should be singled out and ridiculed is received with nods of approval by the ACLU.

I find the hypocrisy of the left to be disturbing in its degrees of self-delusion.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy the Supreme Court

Gone are the days of Constitutional protections. No one buys the idea that any of our rights are sacred. They are simply negotiable, barter for political gain within the halls of the Supreme Court. But, they are not supreme, they are merely political operatives of one party or the other. They are meant to balance the court, but in fact are little else than protectors of an ideology. To pretend that the Supreme Court has courtly powers is ridiculous on its face.

They are part and parcel of the Federal government. They are not super-human, sometimes not even partially human. They have lost the necessary connection with the people, whose rights they are employed to protect.

Since supporting the government over the people secures their own power, what value do they have to us? What credibility? The government will continue long after the Constitution has been discarded. I don't mean that in a figurative way, either. At some point it no longer makes no sense to keep up the ruse. They pretend to be following the Constitution when they rule in favor of DUI check points out of some sense of compassion for a loved one killed by a drunk driver, but it is not theirs to be compassionate, but to protect the people from unwarranted searches and seizures.

On and on it goes Roe v Wade is nonsensical in its logic. A woman has a right to do with her body what she wants, including killing an unborn child? Where else is it in law that the right to "freedom and choice" outweighs any life, even the life of a dog, but not a fetus. The old axiom that your right to swing your fist ends at my nose doesn't seem to apply for a fetus, a name they have given it to avoid the fact that left on its own to grow, it would emerge from the womb a person.

Now, before the legal scholars in the readership beat me down for being thick-headed and stubborn enough to make such un-scholarly mincemeat of complicated rulings I ask where else in law can one pull arms and legs off another living being for the mere lifestyle "choice" of another? And, where were the fathers in these legal decisions? Where were their rights considered in the ruling? If she has a right to destroy the fetus should not also a man who wants the child be given the option to maker her carry it to term and turn it over?

And I am not even an anti-abortion zealot, the ruling just makes no legal, Constitutional sense. Which means, to me, that in several ways and cases the Supreme Court has itself violated the Constitution so willingly that we ought to drop the facade and get down to the battle over what rights we will die to protect and start with calling out the Supreme Court as traitors and tyrants. The battle should begin there, if anywhere. Occupy the Supreme Court. Lay in against them first, not last, not after all the patriots are lined up against the wall for going against law enforcement or the military. Start with those nine who will soon find nothing the government cannot legally do to us.

For anyone who has been subjected to the draconian methods of the IRS already know they are slaves. Whenever the IRS has a question about how much you owe them, they confiscate everything in your account without warning, obviously to get as much as they can. Then, your checks bounce and shop owners call up irate because you have no funds in your account. This is not an abuse any free person should be subject to. So, your reputation is ruined, people consider you a bum and when the IRS discovers they acted in error, what do they do to repair it? Nothing.

The Supreme Court could put a stop to this sort of thing, to all the different and obvious violations of our rights, but they don't. They are willing to allow the American people to become as their European counterparts, i.e. subjects of the federal crown. They are the first and most diabolical of traitors and they are few.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Feminist Awakening

From the Lexington Herald-Leader we find the ultimate in sudden feminist awareness that the new Islamist movement heralded by the Obama Administration as the Arab Spring might not be so wonderful for the women who will soon be considered chattel and little more than the common dog in the Arab world.

The clueless feminist editorialist Trudy Rubin writes: "The growing strength of Islamist political parties in the Mideast's new 'democracies' (a challengeable term if ever there was one) makes one wonder what will happen to Arab women's rights." She continues: "I'm not talking of women in Saudi Arabia where they are still fighting for the right to drive and are relegated to segregated workplaces, (of which seems to have little concern) but of the countries where working women have long been the norm."

I highlight this insipid opinion article only to show the level of utter stupidity the typical liberal has embraced to avoid the reality of a disastrous Obama foreign policy. They have so devotedly turned a blind-eye to the incompetency of Obama's foreign policy that they have only now been able to sort out the casualties of their support. Feminists of the world should recoil from his policies, they should be outside the White House with the determination of Cindy Sheehan to demand that he protect the women he has consequently thrown to the Islamist dogs.

But, they have not. They have supported him with the vigor of SS troops. They have deluded themselves with the idea that Obama is a Democrat and therefore superior in every way to George W. Bush. Never mind that the policies of the Obama Administration have led more women into the dark world of male domination on a scale that is breathtaking to behold. Likewise, homosexuals have supported this administration with the same vehemence, the same dedication and all the while he has helped aid the regimes that will openly and willingly have them shot on the spot.

The enemy of your enemy is not your friend, ladies. Despite assurances of including women in the government of Tunisia, it is only a matter of time before the stronger Islamists take control. Let the women vote, it doesn't matter any Islamist government can edit out those votes at will. It can make it illegal without consent of congress, or a referendum, it needs only a strong leader to say so. Democracies in these nations is a misnomer. It is a democracy in so far as it validates the Islamist agenda, the moment that it does not, the moment that it leads to a contradiction to the Quran, it is a useless tool of those seeking power.

Pat yourselves on the back, ladies, you have helped to lead these women into the worst future imaginable, because it was the largely secular governments of Hosni Mubarak that allowed such things. It was even the largely secular government of Muammar Ghadaffi that allowed such things. Now that the Iran-backed movements of the Muslim Brotherhood have flexed their muscles I would look toward Iran and Yemen to see the rights women will have in the future.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Criminals By Comfort and the Dogs of Communism

I used to wonder why people would not get off their butts and do something about the condition of the nation. I mean, if ever there was a time and a place to make some inroads into the police state the U.S. has become (if you choose to refute that characterization I will tell you that it is against the law to flush with too much water, to use an incandescent bulb ((or soon will be)) or throw unauthorized trash in your can) it would have been the past year and a half. There was a time long past to stand up to dismantle all of this envro-nazi pap coming out of the government. There was a time when pointing to the Constitution as a guide to what was legal and not legal. Those times have past. In the blink of an eye we have come to accept all manner of invasion of privacy and rights.

Here's what changed for me. I went to work for someone else after closing my business down. I had to concentrate on survival of my family. I no longer had time to continually beat the drum for people who would not follow, or lead. My gig was never to be the leader of anything. I never wanted to put myself out in front of a movement or even a tactical achievement. Anyone involved with Guardians of Liberty will tell you that I continually tried to take a backseat position. I am not a leader, but we had better choose one and quick, someone to rally behind. I will carry the flag, I will throw myself to the dogs if it helps the movement move forward and claim those rights that are so readily disparaged and violated by even our most conservative politicians.

There are those who know they can count on me in a pinch. That was really all I wanted to establish. I wanted whoever was going to make a move know that I would be there beside them when they called.

Now, when I look at all of the things I wanted to forestall, all of the conditions I wanted to spare this nation from enduring, I see that it would never have been otherwise. It will take all of the degradation, all of the social insults, all of the violations of everything once held sacred to finally stir the souls the idle. When every house is ransacked for its valuables so that the spoiled generation might feel better about themselves for having prosecuted social justice, it will occur to the masses that "the rich" mean anyone who has more than them. When their stuff is proof of their guilt they will understand.

The communists have been unleashed on this poor old republic. It is no match for ACORN because it has not been supported with the rigid girth of law. It has been hollowed out by legalistic convenience, communistic education and the betrayal of our politicians. So, it is time for change. This is what happens to nations that find nothing in their heritage to value. This is what happens to countries that begin to feed on its own flesh. Would you save that? Is such a nation worthy of the heroism that it would take to save it? Or, should we aid the destruction and hope to seize the jewel of its origination?

Liberty was once the purpose of this nation, to preserve it, to extend it to others, to protect it from the greed of government. Liberty was not the by-product of America, it was not the result of forming a government such as we had, it was the very purpose and we, as citizens, its defenders. But, we all grew more interested in our lives and the preservation of our pleasures to bother with adherence to the principle of liberty. In the night, as we slept in our comfortable beds without a fear of waking up to cold reality, we let liberty slip away like a dream. But, we are warm nonetheless. We have our television and our iPods to keep us company and not miss that ole liberty thing too much. Besides, it would be such a long, hard and cold road back to it. It would cost too much and make us uncomfortable to try. It would make us look like bad people, selfish people, perhaps even a bit like racists. It might make us unpopular when others just want to be warm and comfortable and not have to face long, tedious lines at the airport.

Is liberty really worth it? Ask almost anyone you know and they will give you all the facts you need to know that it has been a dream for so long they can't even comprehend liberty. It is a slogan, a line in a song, a myth much the same as the round table and King Arthur. 

But, here's the thing: it is not a choice of liberty or comfort, because they will choose comfort every time over the struggle for liberty no matter what their mouths say. While they slept the equation changed, the options narrowed. The fact is, they really don't have much of a choice at all. They chose so long ago, as they slept in that warm, comfortable bed. Cold reality stares at them every day from the television and they refuse to recognize it, they simply turn the channel and see more pleasing images, more secure outcomes. The communist march has begun and it will not be swayed until it has consumed all the comforts of capitalism and spit out the dissidents, those criminals by comfort.

As you mope around in your pajamas waiting for the Sunday game to start, you might just turn to that news program you detest and look at all of those faces willing to marshal forces to ransack your man-cave. Yes, we are watching the criminalization of wealth and while you might not feel wealthy in your three bedroom home with two baths and a garage, you look pretty tasty to the dogs of communism.