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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Banner Do We Fly?

Let us, as an exercise, examine our inaction. We will not harass or bother the justices of the Supreme Court, who routinely betray the intent of  the Constitution because we will be thrown in jail. We will not stand up for liberty at the airport because we will be detained, miss our flight and perhaps be thrown in jail. We will not cause a ruckus in the House of Representatives because we will be thrown in jail. We will not attempt to interfere with the FED because we will be thrown in jail. We will not fight back against the unions because we will be thrown in jail. We will not fight back against the banks because we will be thrown in jail. We will not refuse to be pulled over at a DUI checkpoint because we will be thrown in jail. We will not refuse to pay taxes as a protest because we will be thrown in jail.

The problem with being thrown in jail is the sudden lack of income attendant to that action. The need for a lawyer, with the sudden demand on the income attendant to that action. We don't want to wind up in some inner-city jail where life would not be so pleasant. Jail presents a risk to our employment and consequently a sudden drop in income.

So, the truth of the matter is that we do not resist because we cannot find a way to do so that will not adversely affect our other lives, the ones where we are fathers and mothers or otherwise responsible adults. We don't want to be homeless. We don't want to suffer or make our children suffer.

Now, I could make all of the reasons that suffering is becoming a fact with or without resistance, but I'll let that go for now and just focus on our inaction.

I believe that most of us would risk one or more of the above actions if there were to be some outcome to that sacrifice, but we all know that it would be a (forgive the vulgarity) fart in the wind. It would have no effect and we would be no closer to our goals of liberty.

We are not the children of the revolution for so many reasons. First, the world is not the same as it was back then. It is nearly impossible to make a living off of the land. It is impossible to escape punishment by driving into the frontier where one might get lost. We are known the world over simply by having utilities in our names. Second, our lives are tied to our children. Our mistakes weigh heavy on them. Third and finally, there is no chance of winning.

As has been often lamented, there is no champion to embrace our cause and benefit from it. There is no one to take the political advantage we might secure and use it as leverage for our cause. The cause of liberty is a lonely pursuit. Everyone in the government is hurt by the advancement of the people's liberty and so none will come forward to accept our gifts and perhaps pardon us at some time in the future. There is no workable solution to the .gov control over our lives.

The Oathkeepers were supposed to be that link, that liaison that would mitigate our excesses for the cause of liberty, but they have abdicated their role. Also, we have no voice. The Tea Party will not support any act of aggression when that is the only option left to those who truly value liberty and would be willing to sacrifice for it. Those who know me know that I would gladly sacrifice and have and have been left standing in the cold for my efforts. It was a learning experience.

Where is the military? Where are the politicians needed to support our efforts? At least the Palestinians have support for their resistance, as misguided and irrational as it might be. What banner do we fly? What ground do we seek? What means will we use?

We are a movement without a leader. We have a goal without a means. We have a method without a plan. We are waiting for our sacrifices to have a meaning, otherwise any action we might take would be an isolated incident of a weak-minded individual (or so portrayed by those who write the news). We are smart enough to know this and we remain inactive.

Every mission is a suicide mission. A movement cannot function under that fact. We are not terrorists, we do not think in those terms. We are not driven on by encouragement from a religious perspective. We are just men and women seeking to retain what was given to us at birth, that was robbed from us before being born. We have inherited a betrayal and we are pissed about it. We want to do something to secure our rights for ourselves and our posterity, but we see no cooperation, no possibility of success.

So, who are we, then? Are we an army without a general? Are we saboteurs? Are we Palestine? In the Palestinian struggle we find our most likely peer. We seek something that was never ours, that has been a myth almost since the signing of the document. We struggle with no possible chance of success, but we lack the courage to even throw rocks.

So what would it take to move us in the direction we need to go? What would be the catalyst that would unleash our intent? Before we can envision success we must first know how to begin, where to begin. That should be the question on every conservative blog, on every patriot's lips. Where is our beginning? Who will give their lives first? Who will be second? Who will be...on and on. We should know this first. We should work toward it, refine it, we should be able to say who will be first in action and when that action is taken, who will follow it up.

I suggest a summit of all interested parties to do just that. Sit down and devise a justification, produce a document, a letter of intent, a warning and ensure that those actions are followed up with a plan for resistance. Think it over.


  1. Another great one and posted. This could be started with a telecon.

  2. No one is willing to be the Bouazizi for the next American revolution because they don't know if their actions will make a difference? Bouazizi didn't know that his actions would spark a revolution in Tunisia. He did what he did because he saw no other way out. Some of us will die not knowing if they made a difference, and that's just the way it is. Not all revolutionaries survive the revolution.

  3. - Persons, Property, and Parenting: Operationalizing The Declaration of Independence in the 21st Century

    - Tactics of Resistance: From Passive To Active

    - Abolishing The "Social Safety Net": Freedom, Responsibility, And Our Fellow Man

    Just three possible topics for discussion/decision/action via whatever media useful/necessary.

    Good work, TL.

    - CA

  4. Seriously, a summit?

    What are you trying to do, gather all potential freedom fighters in one place so the assorted three-letter agencies can save money in their surveilllance efforts?

    And to call for it over the Internet? Really? This is the kind of thing that needs to be done by word of mouth only. Face to face. No cell phones, no email, no blogs. Take it off the grid.

    It is time to start thinking more tactically.

  5. Use the economic approach:
    1) Withdraw from all reportable transactions
    2) Barter for what you need (or use junk silver for exchange medium)
    3) Build local networks
    4) Emphasize self sufficiency and self-reliance
    5) Starve the beast!
    6) Social media via open wifi to inform the world

  6. Aliquis Esse Stuctus

    one ditch is as good as another

    I'll go if you'll follow-


  7. Ruralcounsel,
    I was waiting for someone to post this cop-out.
    I have been posting over the last few months on WRSA about secure anonymous communications and those of us already on the other side of that wire have been waiting for the rest of you to join us.
    Its been crickets by and large. All of you including TL PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF LIBERTY!!
    Google TOR and GPG encryption.
    Download and install TOR and then watch WRSA. I will have CA post the link to FREEFOR again. TOR includes a scaled down version of FireFox and we have been using the Chatzilla add-on to have real time chat sessions via the anonymous TOR network. FREEFOR also now has a Forum that you can sign up for and begin posting. All of your activity using TOR is anonymous and cannot be tracked without very specific targeting analysis. Even then that targeting will only reveal a possible connection to the sites you visit. TOR is currently being used by disidents in Iran and many tyrant nations with great success. This is very simple tech and is what we have been looking for.


  8. Start with the goal and work backwards. What is the end state we desire. Kerodin, for instance, insists that the entire USA be freed of all Marxists (by which he means all leftists, essentially).

    It's hard for me to believe that any useful goal invloves separation from groups with radically different values, history, desires and ways of thinking then we have.

    If you take someplace like LA or Boston, I don't have the goal of making them adhere to the Constitution. Of course I would like it if they did, but if 80% of the people there are libs then what are we to do: occupy them and force Constitutional Government on them?

    So along with saying what we want, we need to say where we want it. 16 Free States that will no longer enforce Federal laws, will patrol our own borders and does not guarantee access to non-citizens.

  9. Slight typo above. What was meant: separation must be part of plan.

  10. Calm before the storm so to say TL.
    We all who understand these things tyranny know its coming. You can see it from a thousand miles away.
    Quite honestly you are right TL. Maybe you have lost the forest for the trees in some fashion. Your words mean a lot. In the end they are just that words. But they mean everything too.
    I believe, and have for 30 years or so, intrinsically grasp so to speak, this all has to run its course.
    There is gonna end being a fight. A real fight. One of ideology of tyranny verses ideals of Liberty. It is the way of things in our time. And you, or me, or nobody is going to change it. I think it is in our nature to go at it tooth and nail. Humans are a bloodthirsty lot.
    Not that I want that.
    But like the pig, we have all been committed for awhile now. We passed the point of no return, except like you said, for a Champion of the people who is the leader so many need, whether they know it or not. If that leader comes along we will know that too.
    Time sure is short though.
    At the most basic, whatever you want to call it and them who foist it, tyranny is breathing down our throats big time. And serious as a heart attack, tyrannies ilk is not going to relinquish its power without a blood letting. That's the simple Gods honest truth standing here today.
    I know a fight is coming sure as the sun rises. Wish it weren't so, rather have peaceful redress over any other recourse. I'm not going to start now to BS myself, its coming, you can feel it.
    These tyrants are totally out of control now. They hold all the doors, they have all the keys, they are guarding all the towers.
    They intend to keep it all too.
    Tell you this, if it drops in the pot, I'll be damned if somebody else is gonna do the bleeding and dying for my Liberty.
    And no matter what anyone says, you included TL, that Liberty is mine, I still have it, long as I breath, it lives in me, no matter what, unless tyrants kill me it lives. Screw what it says on a piece of paper in an archive in a government building. What matters is what I believe in.
    Up their arses.
    Lets win!

  11. After reading this excellent essay I found this site. Please take sometime and read about taking it back to DC.

    Then think about joining them on November 11, 2011!



  12. The problem in any revolution is always, who goes first? Especially since the guy who goes first is likely going to end up dead.

    Where to start? Slugging the TSA pervert who gropes you? Defying the cop who stops you for a broken tail-light, then demands to search your car? Refusing to turn over your cash to the drug gestapo when they claim it's drug-related, and it's up to you to prove it isn't?

    As noted by an earlier poster, none of these actions will have any effect in solving the problem, and any of them will get you jail time or worse. To acquiesce only makes the situation worse; to dig in your heels solves nothing but makes you suffer. That's the dilemma we face.

    I don't offer an immediate answer. For the long run, though, let me put in a shameless plug for my book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY, available form Amazon. It's a primer on armed revolt. Get it while you can.

  13. @Joe, Great book, just finished it and now rereading with special attention. Thank you....

  14. That is exactly the defeatist attitude the PTB wants you to have. Me, I am in open rebellion, posted daily. I am earning "undeclared" money, ignoring their immoral, never mind unconned-stitutional laws, and telling the bastards in no uncertain terms that they can kiss my ass or die trying to take me. My line was crossed long ago, and now I'm doing something about it. You may read about me on page ten of the paper some day, but I will have died on my feet, a Free man. In the mean time I am LIVING, in spite of the jack booted thugs and the suit and tie assholes.

  15. Forgot to mention... What banner do we fly?

    "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." ~H.L. Mencken

    Hoist the colors.

  16. Thanks for posting this TL.

  17. TL, you said:

    "Everyone in the government is hurt by the advancement of the people's liberty and so none will come forward to accept our gifts and perhaps pardon us at some time in the future. There is no workable solution to the .gov control over our lives.

    The Oathkeepers were supposed to be that link, that liaison that would mitigate our excesses for the cause of liberty, but they have abdicated their role."

    Can you elaborate? How have Oathkeepers abdicated that role? They are still reaching out to active duty, working on waking them up, with the potential of turning the enemy's own force against it. And they are also doing this:

    Getting veterans prepared and focused on building resilient community is a necessary step, whatever comes.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on those two strateties - one focused on winning current serving military and police over to the FREEFOR side, and the second focused on waking up veterans and getting veterans groups to prepare and train.

  18. The military will side with the constitution when pressed. It won't act however until it's forced to. The framers of the constitution had the Sons of Liberty, composed of influential men focused on individual liberty. Like minded groups need to form associations and develop a manifesto of sorts declaring that we the people have been pushed as far as we're going to be pushed. Those veteran organizations, and ultimately the military will provide the teeth.

  19. I have never seen the Oathkeepers or the military raise a hand to stop obviously unConstitutional actions such as DUI checkpoints, firearm restrictions, 4th Amendment voiolations all because it makes their jobs easier.

    It does no good for anyone to wait for the smoke of the firing squad to dissipate to question the accuracy of the aim. If these groups are not full engaged at this point, there is no other point that will matter. I think they are fooling themselves if either Oathkeepers or the military think they will do anything whatsoever to stop the oppression of the people. I think they are too concerned with their careers and their obligation to the job to do what is right for the citizens who have trusted them literally with their lives.

    When was the last time a cop appeared in court to defend the statements of a guy being railroaded by the DA? Just asking. It should be happening every freaking case where Constitutional questions are at issue.

  20. Yeah TL, when I was an Oath Keeper, I used to press those issues with the cops ... just one of the things that got me kicked out.

    The best answers I got? "We are just doing our jobs. If you don't like the law, change it." Yeah, remember Nuremberg?

  21. "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

  22. What ever your thought on the signers of The Declaration of Independence their lives where not made easer by their decision to go to war.

  23. I joined O-K right after it started and gave them a hundred dollars. Then the whole thing changed and I wasn't a member anymore. I never tried to get re instated because I essentially agree with Curtis. Maybe they will be an effective fifth column. Who knows? But yeah I quit them like I quit the republicans not long after the gingrich lies and after that the bush lies. You know the ones about smaller government, humble foreign policy, no nation building,and respecting civil liberties.


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