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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Can Afford To Be Average No More

There are a few bigger things afoot than most are thinking about right now. Occupy Wall Street is nothing other than a show of force. I know I have mentioned this in a previous post, but it is becoming clear enough that some of the bigger bloggers are starting to realize it. I think a lot more people than that are coming to the realization that this is just the sort of thing a Community Organizer does so well.

Why the rich? What did they ever do to any of the punks down on Wall Street, or any of the other locales around the nation, other than give them their jobs, or pay for their college, or welfare? What the rich did was become the latest boogieman for the Obama Administration. They are the targets and the fools (the rich) have so far refused to support the only means of keeping them from being dragged from their mansions and brutalized by a mob of frantic Obamatrons and the useful idiots of George Soros.

In Denver a man was heard to say “F---- Rush Limbaugh” so that the audience of the local station carrying his program could hear it. He got close to the microphone to make that declaration. Why not “F--- George Soros? Soros has more money than Limbaugh, he has more clout and has been even convicted in France of insider trading. What has Limbaugh done? He has been a target of people like Soros, who use these dinks like un-thinking drones sent out to do as much damage to American society as they can.

I know as sure as I am writing this that one of the Soros drones who troll the internet for mention of his name to then propose writing a guest post on blogs such as this one ostensibly to merely comment on the post under false pretenses. The idea, for them, is to turn it all around and back on the accuser. I say this because it has happened to ME with remarkable certainty in the past. They don’t ever read the piece, they just want fair time on my blog, but it is mine. Troll on little drone.

A recent post, We Are Way Behind, tried to make my main point, but I am being a lot more direct about it. Anarchy, civil unrest and/or chaos is, under the Patriot Act, a reason to take all sorts of emergency actions, one of which, I am willing to bet at this time, is a suspension of elections until the order can be restored. Another blog pointed this out at about the same time I came up with We Are Way Behind. No, I am not linking it, I am not interested in that sort of self-promotion, or I-told-you-so’s.

The things that are out of control of the Obama Administration are the Gunwalker and Solyndra scandals that threaten to rock Obama’s presidency at about the same time he wants to unleash this “October Surprise”. Read anything you want, Cloward and Piven, history of the Russian Revolution, or the manner and means that Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany. It wasn’t all Jew bashing, it was a manner of creating a small group of dedicated men willing to do violence to the opposition. The means of taking control of a nation and people are known, not just intimated. They are scientifically calculated to do exactly what is necessary to step into the void at just the right time to seize control.

How long did it take to have union muscle bolster the ranks of the protesters? How long did it take for anarchists to appear on the scene as an ironically organized force to push the cops to arrest them? Is there anything other than fawning support of these rascals from the Democratic Party?

Look, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I am a student of history. One might ask how a cultured, sophisticated society as that of Germany accepted Adoph Hitler. How was that possible? Many times it is the mere fact of sophistication that gets these willing dolts (the average Democratic voter,) to support whatever criminal and unconstitutional acts their leader might devise simply out of some devotion to their principles. It is not just enough for these morons to do wrong, they have to get the entire population to pay for their excessive good-intentions. To answer the question, the German people simply accepted the person who appeared to be in control. Control is not necessary, in Hitler’s case it was only the appearance of control, enough to brutalize his opponents and have a few organized brown shirts ready to step in with the correct message.

Am I comparing Obama to Hitler? If you must, but you would be missing the point. The point is: ANYONE with the organization or the ability to co-opt an organization with the muscle to put down the initial revulsion and resistance, can, at the right time, especially in economic desperation, seize control of ANY nation and the more sophisticated, the easier it is. While the Democrats with all their media might and their pop culture support might puff and blow about the absurdity of the comparison they are abetting the possibility by denying the possibility.

This is a dangerous time. Who will go into the streets to confront that organization? Who will be the resistance strong enough and willing enough to overwhelm them? Would you? Would you know the right time? When is that time for you? Is it the suspension of elections? You had better know, because if you expect me to sit around worrying about when the elections will be held, you will be looking at my back. I have confronted these morons at numerous town-hall meetings and Tea Party rallies. In Denver, I got one of them to jump at me, but his comrades seized him and pulled him away.

Since 2009 I have seen this plan slowly develop and have marveled at the way the Tea Party refused to see themselves as the resistance, afraid of being labeled “violent”. I have been way ahead of them on that point. I recognized that the unions, for Obama, were nothing other than brown shirts used effectively to blunt the message of millions of average Americans. We can afford to be “average” no more.

I broke from the Tea Party for this very reason. There is a time when force must be met with force. There is a time when muscle must be used against muscle. Yes, this means bloody noses and severe beatings, if you can’t take it; you can’t afford to be an American in the times going forward.

Now, if this eventuality never occurs, fine. I’m just trying to point out that if you will allow Barack Obama to suspend elections for any reason whatsoever without violent response you might as well put on the striped pajamas and wait for the train. I never will.       


  1. Good one again, T.L.

    Listening and watching these "occupiers" is beyond depressing. They are nothing more than bottom feeders sucking the life out of this country.

    Our little local get together was graced with presence of mostly high school age kids. One of them has his picture on his facebook page where's he's posed with a hammer and sickle flag and Lenin is one of the people that most inspires him. His parents are both teachers at North Idaho College - Ethics and philosophy. How's that for ironic? Dad is an ex-Jesuit and both dad and mom are arrogant commie jerks.

    Catholics continue to ignore the Marxist influence running rampant in the Church. Hubby has been after me to do a post on the parallels of what's going on in the Church with what's going on in society. It seems daunting in my present state of mind.

    Sorry for being so long winded...

  2. Perhaps the best part of the Occupy nonsense is that so many of them are in one place at one time...

    Hopefully more of their FSA brethren will show, too.


  3. While I have zero faith in (s)elections "fixing" anything, the suspension of that token farce would certainly be cause for me load my gear and gather with my clan...

  4. Good post.

    I have declared my small part of the world as a Constitutional holding and I will give no more. Any more restrictions on any rights or bans have no effect on my land until they come and force the issue.

    As far as striking out well you got to stop the tide before you can turn it. I guess we will see.

  5. Quoted and linked at

    The day federal elections are suspended is the last day of the Republic.

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.~ John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962

  6. Dear TL,
    We are not going to make it to 2012, never was even before there was a 2012.
    there's people who are going to be sure of that. They understand sure as hell they are messing with folks in a bad way, how those folks are pissed off.
    You can smell it.
    These tyrants, in all their forms have stacked the deck 6 ways to Sunday long before obama usurped the White House.
    The ruling elites, political class and banksters have owned America since the 1920's.
    Personally for me, and I can not speak for others, there has never been any doubt it is going to come down to a fight. It has only been a question of when.
    Looking at it from my working mans perspective, after Reagan, there was nothing for it. If RR could not rally American's to the cold hard truth, it would be very difficult for any one else. For a spell, I hoped Sarah Palin would be the Champion of the people, one who could inspire and lead. It was a fleeting hope, good while it lasted. But I'm guessing even one as stout of heart and courageous, with such virtue as she witnessed first hand the evil nature of the powers that be. I think she was waiting for us. We failed her.
    All said and done, I'm not afraid, and I have not lost hope, for I know it comes down to the ground your standing on. I've pulled back to tactical defensible position. Biding my time.
    Biding time and resources, my courage and morals, for when it drops in the pot. I'm no fool, I understand with certainty being one man in a sea of useful willing dupes I can do only so much to spread the gospel of Liberty. It works, but it is a slow process of enlightening my fellows.
    Truth is there are so many awful truths facing us of Liberty. The world, starting in our backyard is arrayed against us like never before. Only thing for it is a real outright dirty nasty fight. It is the only way to defeat tyranny that we are faced with. Who knows, things might take a turn for the better, but the voting booth is a rigged game no matter how one slices it. It is going to simply take far too long, probably 80 years or so, to effect the fundamental redress and restoration required to restore America to a Constitutional Republic in deed and mind.
    Sometimes you got to call a cat a cat. In this instance that cat is revolution, armed or not. A fight to the death, for all the marbles.
    It is how it is going to have to be to rid this here Republic of the rot and vermin that infests it. It is simply crawling with crooks, traitors and despots. Along with the willing lap dog law enforcement cadre, our local and state employed traitors, and you have a Nomenklaturer class of the first order the soviets could only dream of.
    We are in for it. Every damn one of us, man woman and child. It is a fight the elites are cruising for. They understand better than most it is going to happen, they are just setting things up to favor the odds on their side.
    There is a tremendous amount of firepower out in flyover land in the hands of the people. It is a matter of a catalyst that sets things in motion where one day folks start to look around and realize they are not alone. When that inherent sense of sovereign will sinks in and becomes manifold. That is when the hardcore redress begins. It is going to be an ugly dirty nasty business. Brother against brother, ill defined enemies, bad seeds going rampant.

  7. ...It may be the best thing that has happened to America for a very long time in the long run, and quite frankly long over due. But what is most long over due is the comeuppance the ruling elites are owed. It was long past their due in FDR's day. WWII got in the way of that. Things come full circle, here we are again in an era of a great depression, though this one is far more sinister, it has been purposefully orchestrated to impoverish and destitute the people in order to rob them blind of their wealth, to make us easy prey for the tyranny planned for us.
    I'm sure as the sun rises I'm not telling you anything TL.
    You have been right all along.
    In my heart of hearts, I suspect this has to run its course. It is what it is.
    We have a bunch of bums who lust for absolute power and or all the gold.
    A handful of Americans are going to rise up and fight like mad. Most are gonna chicken out.
    My money is on the Patriots of Liberty.
    There's a lot more of us out here than any one may know.
    If we stay true to God and the Rule of Law of our Constitution, we have a fighting chance of victory.
    We may just come out the other side stronger and better for it. That is in our blood. It is our legacy.
    Liberty by no means is dead.
    It is smoldering and biding its time.
    You can not kill Liberty, unless you kill every one of us who posses it in their hearts.
    In my book, this trumps the power of any tyranny any day.
    It very well may be we require a reforging of a Republic in the fires of Liberty.
    One things sure, some bad shit is coming down the pike.
    There are some folks really pissed off, who are gonna come for the ruling elites with a bone in their teeth.
    Up their arses!
    Lets Win!

    I'm just glad a fellow like you is on my side.
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  8. Mt Top Patriot, that was well said and I am glad to have your perspective on this issue. I stand with you.


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