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Monday, October 3, 2011

We Are Way Behind

The way conservatives always get their butts kicked is that they rely on the persuasiveness of their arguments. They appeal to truth and fact and the irresistible force of logic. Liberals have no such illusions to hold them back. They know that everything they desire needs to be accomplished by deception, so they don't waste time on rational arguments but appeal directly to emotion to get the support they need. They do not even need to have everyone working toward the same goal as the intent is discontent. The snake, once moving, can be guided by the head.

I am not trying to make a case that conservatives are smarter than liberals, or more dedicated to the truth, we each have our own truths and liberals, I think, in terms of raw intelligence, are smarter than conservatives. One does not have to be very smart to put two and two together and arrive at four, but one must be brilliant to put two and two together and arrive at five. That sounds funny, but think about it for a moment. Their intelligence and the arrogance that comes from it allows them to completely re-work society in their heads and figure out a way to get what they want. All they have to do is be bold enough to lead the moochers and looters, to figure out a way to get them to align with their goals.

There is a dynamic at work in America right now that is frightening. Liberals have already worked out how to appeal to the moochers and looters. The leadership is in the White House with the power of the federal government behind it to supply the ground troops with the necessary funds to mobilize these mobs of angry, discontent moochers. We saw this at the Wall Street protest and others around the nation. They are flexing their muscles. Get the students and other moochers to create the diversion then sprinkle in some union muscle to do the hard work, to shut down opposition and you have a force close to the III% needed to make radical change.

We think of ourselves as that III%, but what if THEY are the III% needed to do the job? Have you considered that? Once they have mobilized, what will be our response? Really? All right, you have seen the exercises taking place, the marching in formation, the target practice taking place on our streets. You have seen the command and control. Their defensive positions are arrayed before you in police cruisers and TSA uniforms. The political groundwork has been established. The Tea Party has been complicit in its own ineffectiveness by a single word RACIST.

The strictly non-violent nature of the Tea Party has already removed them from the field of battle. What good is it to have 50 million cheerleaders afraid to support your cause?

Boys (and girls) we are in serious trouble. Van Jones and Barack Obama have scripted the eruption prior to the election. The resulting civil unrest (assuming we don't just roll over and allow it) will give them all the power they need to root us (the opposition forces) out and postpone elections until the civil peace can be restored, a thing never designed to happen. Graphic examples of handling these "domestic terrorists" will be televised so that all can see what happens to resisters.

The real trouble is all of us are sitting around thinking that when the time comes we will act, but we won't. I am convinced of that. I pray it were not true, but I have seen no willingness for the necessary forces to come into alliance that would prevent it. Without the threat of violence the Tea Party is a paper tiger. The III% community (and forgive me for saying this, it gives me no pleasure) cannot overcome its desire for propriety to take the necessary actions to present a real threat, to force its supporters behind it and shove the pretenders out of the way.

While the liberals are consolidating power behind the unions and student activists, the two major forces on the conservative side, the Tea Party and the III% community, are increasingly distancing themselves from each other. A political force (the Tea Party) is useless without an enforcement arm (the III% community). The Oathkeepers won't even be a factor.

Ultimately, we don't have the stomach for liberty. If we did, we would be holding our exercises in public, marching our troops HAND IN HAND and preparing for the conflict. We already know the battle plans of the opposition who seem intent on action around October, 2012 the traditional Soviet month of revolt. Poetic, ain't it? 


  1. Poetic, ain't it?

    :) Thanks and posted. Hope all is well.

  2. I've been jumping up and down, banging my head against walls saying the same thing. As long as we espouse the "ballot box/free speech" rhetoric, the other side rests easy. We vent on talk radio, on blogs like this one (and a plethora of others), then having exercised our 1st A 'rights' we go back to work to earn the "S" for the "Free S... Army'. The other side knows this - and continues forward.

    But then comes the question: so what DO we DO? I am ashamed to admit I have no real answer.

  3. Excellent read, very good point.

  4. "What do we do?" pick a target, get intel, find patterns and schedules and wait. Just a thought. Maybe pick two.

  5. T. L.,

    Stomach for liberty? As for "fighting for freedom", I'm not going to force my opinions on anyone. Rather than fight the 99% of Americans that think government is a good idea, I'll just let the conservatives and liberals duke it out for control of the slavemaster's whip. There's no arguing with either of them; they deserve to get what they want.


  6. I disagree with this characterization of the Wall Street protests. As far as I can tell it is factional and unfocused. To the extent it is anti-bankster, anti-corporatist and anti-fascist, it is exactly on target.

    Is there an element of collectivism and redistributionism there? Certainly. But the resistance sites have gotten out their broad brush and painted this thing into a leftist box. Wisconsin was leftist; I'm not so sure about Wall Street.

    The banks ARE the enemy. The banks run the political system, not the other way around. Did you guys catch JPMs multimillion dollar donation to NYPD? What the hell do you think is going on here anyway? Are you trying to say that NYPD is on the side of righteousness here?

    From what I've seen so far there is plenty of room at the Wall Street protests for Tea Party thinking. Remember: more than anything else, the thing that pushed people off the fence and into the Tea Party was TARP.

  7. The country is divided into 2 groups, the Producers and the Parasites, with the gov't in between. The Producers produce and the Parasites take from them, outright or through use of the gov't. Your job, as a Producer, is to keep what you have produced. Now, a group of Parasites are clamoring about demanding the gov't give them the proceeds of the Producers. No harm is caused by this. The alarm will sound when the gov't claims it will appease the parasites by further looting of the Producers. Remember what your job is. The gov't thugs will try to steal your production, supposedly to give to the Parasites. You will have to decide, individually, if you will allow the gov't thugs to steal from you. If the Parasites attack you outright you kill them in place, of course. But when the gov't thugs attack you it is somehow perceived as *different*. It is not. Thugs are what they are. Are you what you are?

  8. What is going on at the Wall Street protests are two forces of the FSA being used against each other to create cover. The Student hippie FSA gets in the streets and "protests" and then the same folks that supplied them the initial motivation and funding to do so use their connection at city hall to send in the police thugs to pepper spray and crak heads. Why would they do that? Why would they fight themselves? Remember your Lenin? "Useful idiots". Create the crisis and provide the solution all in the plan.
    What we SHOULD do is hit the streets and fight them both but we wont.


  9. In addition to what the Anons have stated, I have come to the conclusion that the biggest communists in this country are the banks and organizations that comprise the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel.

    They set all this up, people. Dismiss me as a nut, but I've got the docs to prove I'm on the right bolt.

    It was the chairman of the NY Fed who gave the Bolsheviks a million to get started. They would have been a footnote in history had not Wall Street funded them. They worked overtime to produce and distribute communist propaganda, while at the same time producing anti-communist propaganda.

    The goal is and remains, working towards a completely captive market. A command economy where a few elite have complete control. Here in America, they hide behind "free markets" anytime someone speaks out against a bank. The dirty secret is that the Fortune 500 companies get near 100% of no-bid Federal contracts. Small businesses, who create close to all American jobs, are almost completely shut out of the process. What the hell is free about that?

    What's even scarier is that these SOBs are in control of our military and are obviously buying off the cops in NY. Waaah! Don't cut or question what's going on with the military you dirty hippy. (Cause that's where the globalists hide all of their fun toys.) I don't agree with John Perkins says all the time, but he tells it like it is regarding the connection between corporations, NGOs and how our military is really being used.

    And back to my own blog I go...

  10. Please don't be too quick to dismiss or target everyone at the Wall Street protests. There certainly are "FSA" representatives and other idiots there, but there is this guy and no one shouting him down...

  11. Republican Mother, we don't censor, nor do we seek to humiliate any expression of thought. The only ones to ever get slammed are Soros drones who troll the internet for blogs who are critical of him or Obama and spread disinformation and try to obscure and distract from the message.

    I have no reason to doubt your sincerity or thoughtful response. If something is, as I see it false, or an assertion is made that I doubt, I might challenge the assertion, or question the truth of the matter, but it is always up to the poster to provide that proof or at least sources where that information was obtained.

    Beyond that, free speech to all.

  12. TL, the amount of proof I have is overwhelming and beyond the scope of a comment. I guess that's why I have my own blog to write this stuff down so the baby won't eat my notes.

    "William B. Thompson, who was in Petrograd from July until November last, has made a personal contribution of $1,000,000 to the Bolsheviki for the purpose of spreading their doctrine in Germany and Austria."
    -- Washington Post, February 2, 1918
    Mr. Thompson was President of the NY Fed at the time.

    You can find the whole enchilada in the book by Anthony Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. His footnotes are intense and go back to primary sources, like bank records and state dept cables. He also wrote Wall Street and FDR, and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. Each is mind-blowing, but the facts are verifiable, most primary sources.

    They're free online if you search. I'll just say that the world makes a lot more sense to me now and I know who we're up against.

  13. Mr. White, Reservoir Dog GroomerOctober 8, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    Undoubtedly the intent of your fine article must have been to stir the reader to some level of introspection or to otherwise provoke some awareness - however, let me be charitable and say that I may be the sole person to react this way - to me, the article is rather likely to inspire the 'What's the use, it's all over, resistance is futile, we've already lost' mentality.
    It it IS all done, then why are we even still talking about it instead of just going back to sleep and waiting to be carted off? What is the point at basking in the glow of our impotence and writing words to encourage the readers to consider all hope gone?
    Beyond that, the only option that I could gather was that if we did want to preserve freedom the only thing to do is to go out this week and begin randomly shooting people.
    Is there a better answer which eludes me?
    Thanks for your time.


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