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Saturday, October 1, 2011

It Is Liberalism That Has Failed the Blacks

I long for the days when men were men. I long for the days when this nation meant more to people than just a residence, just a job, just a position within their community. I long for a day when the promises of liberty were more than just words on marble monuments.

I don't think I am alone in this, but it vexes me that when I stand I stand largely alone. That when I lay down my life and treasure that only a few are willing to stand next to me and do the same with theirs. I can recount several over the Guardians of Liberty time, but where have they gone, what have they done since I have been surveilled, harassed by the IRS and lost my business? Have they moved the ball? I question not their willingness, nor their devotion to liberty, only their effectiveness. There are those, Kerodin and Pete and if you know those individuals you know that I hold them in great regard, that they are brothers in liberty. I have seen Mike pursue and take Gunwalker, along with the other Mike, to the very brink of catastrophic scandal that the Obama Administration so greatly deserves. I have seen others like Brock continue to beat the drum. There are many in the Second Amendment movement who do as much as they can to raise awareness and demand liberty, RTC (either one), Dudley from Rocky Mountain, Arctic Patriot, Alvie, Green Mountains Homesteading, etc, etc.

Do I have to name them all? We know who the action folks are, but where are the others? For so long we have hammered away at the wall of government, we have paid the dues of those who risk everything for liberty and yet there is little being accomplished. I am no better. After beating the drum with Guardians and the lack of accomplishment that organization produced I burrowed in and worked to make my world safe for my family. I ventured out and was distracted by my own pursuits. I will come back when needed, I tell myself.

I hear of Van Jones raising the stakes. The minorities will rattle the cages this election, which is code for intimidate white voters so Obama can be re-elected. Is this ultimately America? Is fear the true enemy of liberty? Do we sacrifice everything to save our skins, or do we pony up? Do we know what that means? Is it time for the racial minorities to overcome the largely white-dominated culture and if so, is that only possible through threats of violence? Look, if minorities seek to band together to accomplish something politically, what could be more American? But, if the implied threat is to another race, is that somehow noble? Minorities are often trampled in a popular election, that is just how it works, it is not racially motivated, it is a numbers game, it is a motivation game, but like so many Cinco de Mayo parades, it is a "sticking it to the man" mentality that pervades.

Were America the racially antagonistic place some minorities would like to project, there never could have been a President Obama. I like the fact that a black man has been president. I like the fact that as a nation we are capable of choosing our president based on eloquence, even, rather than race, that the Obama Administration has largely been a failure, even to his most ardent supporters tells one more about the man and his ideology than the color of his skin. The fact that he enjoys making his race a bigger factor than it has ever been shows the shallowness of his soul, not the legitimacy of his claim.

We are Americans and part of us are from a different race, that is a fact. But, we are all Americans. We select from Americans to lead us, regardless of race, or of ethnicity. I like Herman Cain, but blacks will call him every name they can to suggest that he is not "right," that somehow his views make him less black. I don't like Herman Cain because he is black, I like him because he is conservative and that most of his views are my views. Liberal blacks hate him because he intimates the unspoken truth that his color has nothing to do with his popularity among whites. It destroys the narrative that they have so carefully nurtured. He is proof that the racial factor is truly no factor in our decisions or our support.

I would like to see every race embrace the values and principles of the Constitution and I think blacks are being poorly served when they are asked to support Democrats on the idea that somehow they will deliver the spoils to them based on race. That is a cynical view of America that only liberals would advance, only those among us who do not see value in all that we have been through as a nation struggling with the evil of slavery over these many decades and now closing in on centuries. We cannot change the past, we can only seek to overcome the mistakes of our forebears and forgive me for believing we have come a long damn way from those policies and practices that ever allowed it. The truth of history is that America never wanted slavery, that is was imposed upon us by the British, who reaped great financial rewards in its employ by shipping and delivering those souls into bondage. I have read enough wills in my time to recognize that most slaves were given freedom. I know that at the time of the Civil War there were more free blacks in the South than in the North. But these are lost facts to those determined to keep the myth of racism alive.

There are racists. I do not mean to imply that there are not, but the ratio is minuscule. Obama is proof that we have put that issue aside and were he conservative, his policies would have worked and he would have already been hailed as one of our greatest presidents, not the successor to the Carter legacy. It is liberalism that has failed the blacks, not America.

Were this not true liberty would be on the minds of all races. Were this not true we would be brothers in arms to demand our rights and to stand aside one another as brothers against tyranny and oppression. The spoils of a great nation cannot be delivered unto one race or another, it must be earned by diligence in the pursuit of happiness, i.e. liberty. The label of racism is granted to anyone struggling against the power of the federal government as a reflex. But, even to proffer that insinuation is to admit that minorities are dependent upon the government and unable to stand apart from it, a racist declaration if ever I heard one.

Let not Van Jones be right, let us all seek liberty and aid those who are engaged in the fight this very day. Together we can reap the rewards of ambition, divided we are but a weak and unworthy people. 


  1. Wow.

    To be numbered among the giants of blogging for freedom you name is humbling. Especially since I don't really consider myself a blogger. I like to point out the best out there as examples to the prisoners who populate our land. They spend their days moving from false dichotomy to illusion, thinking freedom means a menu choice. I rattle the bars in front of their nose. I point to the corruption and malfeasance that others have brought to light. Not though my own authorship, but as a play by play commentator. I have been accused as a rabble rouser. This may be true, but it is my hope that the rabble are roused. To reclaim their own birthright while securing one for our children.

    I have had more than one illusion of my own shattered.

    I used to be that quiet cowpoke at the end of the bar, content in enjoying his small beer, trying to eek out the maximum freedom for myself. As a parent, I no longer enjoy that luxury. I will not have my grown son stand as I did in front of my father asking why I did nothing to secure the blessings of Liberty for his posterity. I understand his was a different time. One where no one thought that the most fearsome enemy of the people was soviet style tyranny on the main street of his own town.

    It is still no excuse. Goldwater proved that.

    One thing I will not abide is a bully. That is why when I see men like you TL and the other aforementioned patriots poke one in the eye, I am compelled to put down my drink, and quietly side with the Sheriff to bring the odds from 40 to 1 to 20 to 1. If only I could move more people to do the same. Not everybody can be a leader. But damn straight everyone can do what is right.

    The character Junior in Platoon said it best. "Free your mind, and your ass will follow."

    We the few, the happy few, this band of brothers can do no more, and ask no less of our fellow man that to throw off his chains of their own making. As you say, Liberty and Freedom do not apply to the color of a man's skin, but speak to the content of his character. Until those wrapped in the dream decide that those words are right for them, I guess I will be right here, quietly watching the backs of those who would make that midnight ride to warn their fellow American's that the British are coming.

    It is a small thing in a great world, but doing what one can is the measure of a man. That is what makes giants.

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  3. "It is liberalism that has failed the blacks, not America."

    May be your best yet, posted and thanks. By coincidence, I read the following piece just before I opened yours.

    "Want to know what has made America soft? Liberals! Liberals who oppose every traditional American value. Liberals who have created an entire population of professional moochers who have never attempted to be responsible for themselves. Liberals who refuse to refer to Muslim murderers of innocent men, women and children as terrorists but have no problem labeling tax-paying producers in the tea party as such. Liberals who tell us every culture in the world is equal to or better than our own. Liberals who seek to give away precious American citizenship to illegal aliens by the tens of millions. Liberals who berate the successful as greedy and the lazy as victims. Liberals who cry rivers over water boarding terrorists to save American lives but say nothing as Muslim terrorists kill everything they can possibly kill! Liberals who say they want to “spread our money around” to moochers instead of making them responsible for themselves. Liberals who tell us there is no difference between men and women and young men have to dress and act like “metrosexuals” or moronic “Guidos” to attract women. Liberals who tell us taking guns from the law-abiding will reduce crime. Liberals are those who say huge deficits are actually a sign of a country’s wealth! Liberals who demand acceptance and “tolerance” of every deviant lifestyle but will not accept anyone’s right to disagree. Liberals who stifle free speech by political correctness. Liberals who tell us big government is the answer and only big government can create jobs.

  4. Excellent post, Mr. Davis.

    I always believed that when the time was right, the right people would do the right thing. I think that the "right" time has passed. Perhaps there never was a "right" time. The Liberals have been bent on changing America to their view for over a hundred years. LBJ opened the gates with his Great Society and the entitlement crowd was born. Where we are today is where we end up when the right people let the "little things" pass without comment or complaint because they are simply "little things". We now realize that we made a mistake in allowing thousands of "little things" to accumulate and become a big thing.

    Anyone who believes that the liberalization of America wasn't intentional is delusional. There has been a plan for a very long time and that plan is very close to fruition.

    There is a new definition of "the right time" and I don't know what that definition is. I'm not sure anyone knows. Sadly, I believe that the time when the Republic could have been saved without violence and bloodshed is past. I hope I'm wrong about that. I just pray that there are enough T.L. Davis', Brock Townsends, Toasters, Arctic Patriots, Curtiss' etc. who will continue to take a stand and not allow America to quietly slip away. It gives me a little bit of comfort to realize that there are a lot of people out there who don't want to lose what we have had. They share their thoughts everyday on hundreds of blogs. People are paying attention. Things are changing. More people are speaking out.

    I hope it isn't too late.

  5. TL:

    I wish we were all Americans, as that term was used in the first 25 years of my life.

    We aren't anymore, and it saddens me deeply.

    But that sadness does not take away from the fact that the majority of "our fellow countrymen" are an amalgam of grifter, looter, and moocher.

    And we - the few - are on the menu, along with whoever else can be cajoled into the stewpot of Billy Beck's imagery.

    Who we have today is who we will have, minus natural and induced attrition.

    Use that information, and plan accordingly.

    Keep hammering.

    It ain't over until the last one of us is dead.

    And we ain't.


    Sincere regards,


  6. I am glad you wrote this post. These things have been on my mind, too.


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