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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Day A Leader Will Come

If you are like me, you are waiting patiently (or impatiently) for a leader, a true leader. What we seek is someone, anyone who can galvanize the American spirit and bring to the fore the lost principles that in their absence have left America rudderless in this new age. We have been mis-lead for a long time, by all political parties, who in the end are not capable of leading a free nation.

We need someone bold and willing to attack the abuses of the past, not just figure out a way to benefit from them. We wrap ourselves in the Constitution in order to seek a return to the rightful order of things in a free America, but we have no champion. Whenever the Constitution is brought out and emphasized all of the pork programs and social safety nets are there to counter its re-enactment, its re-affirmation. Because, to insist on Constitutional rigor is to lose those social support mechanisms that have worked over the decades to enslave us to an all powerful federal government.

Likewise, when state supremacy is proffered, we are met with the abuses of the South and racism to counter our demands. Everything that is Constitutional is inconvenient now, with so many reliant on the power and largess of a monolithic federalism. We have lost our sense of self, our understanding of how to be free and therefore recoil from it.

The question comes down to whether or not I want my parents, your parents, their parents kicked off of Social Security and thrown into the street. The answer to that will always be "no" and so the answer to the Constitution and to state's rights will always be no.

This is exactly why we need a leader, someone who can give us the way, the bravery to say "yes" to those questions and to show us a way to show compassion without resigning our own freedom. We are Americans, we are capable of it, we used to understand how to do it.

If one were to take the time to look back into American history, they would find a more brutal, more insensitive, a more dangerous society, but they would also find the unbridled sense of wonderment and freedom that set us on a course of world domination, not militarily, but economically. We would see the ways that our parents and theirs provided the type of energy and capacity it takes to free the world from absolute oppression and personal degradation.

So, lets make the question easier to answer in the affirmative. Is it worth a little more danger, a little more insensitivity in order to remain the benevolent power the United States has always been? Let us have the bravery to ask ourselves if WE would take care of our own in order to provide the freedom and liberty it takes to be a better nation.

We need a leader that can make us see a better way, that can make that way understandable.

Let me suggest to you that when you look at your parents and your children you have a choice. Which would you consign to destitution and foreign domination? Bring your children around your knee, bring them to you and your parents and lay out a loaf of bread. Who should eat? You choose.

I know you don't think you have to make that choice, but you are making it every day that you allow the excesses of this government to run along on the bastardized concept of the Constitution on which it currently operates. When you even consider the thought of a Jobs Bill that will rob the bread from your children's mouths to feed to labor unions, you make that choice. It's easy, isn't it, to starve your children for the benefit of others while you secretly hope that one day that they will starve theirs for you?

Yes, a Constitutionally compliant government would be smaller, would allow some bad things to come to pass, would place all of us in more danger. It would leave us victim to some scams and dirty deals. But it would also leave us free to correct them properly. It would leave our children free to dream of ways to make their future work without the crushing pressure of a constantly, exponentially expanding debt, or worse, default.

What we will have, in the end, is a much more dangerous America either way we go. The difference largely is where that danger will come from. Will it come from freedom or tyranny? Will our dangers be presented to us by a USDA-less America, or a largely lawless society devoid of any compassion at all, wandering homeless taking what they want where it can be found? Will it come in the form of a lack of social nannying, or the lack of political independence? When our debtors start calling the shots, will our children be forced to work in miserable conditions to satisfy the demands of our creditors? You might think "no" but that is just a hope, a wish for the future that probably cannot be true. You do not know the future because the United States has never been so far from the protections of our Constitution and therefore so far from the fiscal stability that has always allowed us to set our own rules, make our own decisions.

I am calling for a leader that can project that message and take the medicine that must be swallowed today, before the ailment eats us alive. Where is that leader? Is this leader among those in the Republican debates? Really? Where is that person bold enough to insist on Constitutionality, who is capable of leading the impeachment of Supreme Court justices who would steal from the citizens the protections of the Constitution? Where is the people's champion?

I ask you, because I don't see it. I don't see that leader anywhere on the political landscape. Rise boldly to demand it, or consign yourself to the ultimate demise that we are sure to endure without it. Prepare yourself for the sight of everyone you love starving to death in a nation forced to comply with the demands of a hostile power.

One day a leader will come, who will answer all your questions. That leader will stand before with all the power to make your dreams come true, who will be able to set the nation right. The question before all of you today is will they do so, or will that leader instead slowly grind us all into obedient slaves to their oppression? By our actions up to now I think you know which leader we will ours.


  1. TL as always a great post..Im passing it on.


  2. I was thinking of a Southern leader in the WBTS, but quickly came to the conclusion that there were many who would be the leader for us today.

  3. Quoted and linked at

    Good to hear from you, Roughneck. I see your pen has lost none of it's fire.

  4. After the Weimar troubles, a string leader emerged...
    (we've seen this pattern several times in history)

  5. Anon 9:12-

    Yep. And we're sure to see it again.

    C'est la vie.


  6. Rig crews, construction crews, military units, and such, all require competent bosses, managers, pushers, Sargent's, etc. to function as part of a larger project, hopefully with a plan to follow.
    If I wanted to live my private life in a similar manner I would join the military or move to Communist China.

    Does a true Constitutional Republic require a strong leader?
    Why am I NOT waiting for, but rather fear a strong leader will rise to power in this country without bearings.
    What happened to Rule of Law and Self Determination?
    God lets us choose and I've made my choice. His laws are my laws.
    Teach your children well...
    Less Leaders, More Mentors

    Rockpicker (Rock'n in the Bakken)

  7. It is noteworthy that of all my books, this one, which portrays exactly the sort of leader figure we favor, is by far the most popular. At any rate, it's the one about which I get the most fan mail.

  8. For all the Constitutionalists out there who repeat the mantra "I'm a rugged individualist" a quick look back at Revolutionary War history would be of great benefit. The people who loved freedom back at that time were able to come together as a group, pick capable leaders (known as the "Founding Fathers"), and act on making the necessary changes. This had to happen from the nominal top to the anonymous bottom.

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  10. "If one were to take the time to look back into American history, they would find a more brutal, more insensitive, a more dangerous society, but they would also find the unbridled sense of wonderment and freedom that set us on a course of world domination, not militarily, but economically. We would see the ways that our parents and theirs provided the type of energy and capacity it takes to free the world from absolute oppression and personal degradation."

    Yep. When a pro-gun guy like me talks to an anti-gunner, the anti always says, "What do you want...the Old West?"

    Um...well...YES! Freedom is scarey and risky sometimes. I'll take it.

    Great post, TL.

  11. A Champion of The People. That is what I too believe in.
    You say you do not see one, it may be. For you Mr. Davis.
    I can not help but believe in Mrs. Palin as a Champion.
    No before someone begins to disparage my belief, ask yourself this: Among so many people of every stripe in all forms of government, and those on the outside looking in, Who?, who is there that believes in the Sovereign power of we the people, Who? believes in something larger than themselves, something better than themselves, who believes in leaving something better than they found it?
    I for one, and I can not speak for others, only myself and the Liberty below my feet, I see Mrs Palin as the sole lone voice in the field of serving the constituency of me in the vein of VOX POPULI VOX DEI.

  12. Sorry TL, I'm just not sure what you want here. Do you think we need absolute perfection in a politician to lead us back to the Constitution? If so, you'll die of old age before he comes along.

    Kerodin seems to like Bachmann, but she betrayed us all by voting for the Patriot Act AND did nothing when a bill to reinstate Glass Steagal (which would end the bankers nonsense) came before her very own committee in the House.

    On the other hand Kerodin has spoken in the negative about Ron Paul. I have followed Paul's career since he stood for election in the Libertarian Party and I do not believe you will find another candidate this side of heaven that is better, but yes, he has a few warts, too.

    So, Quit your bitching and get behind him and help. He is the ONLY candidate I see who cares a damn about you, me, and the Constitution.

    So, there IS a Constitution oriented candidate out there and one that scares the pants off the globalists. He "wins" the popular vote in every debate, but you, like the main stream media, can't see him. I wonder why.


  13. There is a pronounced difference between a leader and someone who presides. Mankind has always been afflicted with a surplus of the latter and a shortage of the former. Those who preside are at their most malignant when they are empowered to crack skulls and control the flow and content of public information.

    I am of the opinion that it is dubious to think we can repair through politics a situation created largely by politics. We need a race of unelected, informal leaders, who govern themselves by common principles. The only principles that seems credible to me are provided by the religious and social outlook common in the days of the Founders.

  14. Anonymous, you present a false dilemma. In asking for a leader, I did not ask for a perfect leader, or a dictator, but someone as Walking Horse commented, who knows how to LEAD and whose goals are the re-emphasis of the Constitution. The issue I was addressing had more to do with those leaders on both sides of the aisle who seek power only to further game the system. We have had plenty of those.

    If Ron Paul is that leader, fine. If it is Sarah Palin, fine. The problem is that we have not yet elected anyone unable to resist the lure of power and the immediately abandon the people's cause.

    It's almost better to vote for a liberal, at least you know you're getting a Marxist and someone unafraid to pursue the causes of socialism. Try to find one Republican who would do the same for the Constitution, our own damn established system!

  15. Sorry, TL. No Constitutional savior will come. America does not want one in its present iteration. America is too comfortable now. And this constitution is too flawed. But the meltdown of the world economy looms before us, which will push America back to the 18th century. From the survivors, many leaders will emerge, and at that point, new nations will spring up in North America. The leaders will choose The One you seek. For more details, come see me at to learn more about secession.


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