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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama The Divider

My biggest complaint about Barack Obama is that he seeks at all times to divide us. This is not done secretly, where grudges are exercised through back channels, but openly and with the quiet acceptance of the press. Whether it is black versus white, rich versus poor, union versus non-union or government versus the private sector, there is always division and pitting one group against another.

Obama never has lost his instincts toward community organizing. The whole purpose of such a person is to stir the pot, raise protesters and lay blame on one's political enemies. The trouble is his success is linked in his mind with this sort of behavior. He does not possess the congeniality of a traditional president. He is a grudge president intent on damaging the enemies he cannot obliterate.

I am disappointed in this aspect of his character. It is one thing to act with petulance as a senator or union leader, it is quite another to use the power of the presidency to attack and badger whole sectors of the population simply because of the color of their skin, or the success they have had in life.

I know that we have had racist presidents before. I know that we have had vindictive, powerful men in that role, but generally their actions were quietly carried out against particular individuals, not whole races of people. They have never, as far as I know, openly called for the support of whites specifically the way Barack Obama has called for the minorities to become activists for his cause. This is cynical and destructive to the union.

The only way to understand the dangerous implications of such an act is to think of Abraham Lincoln and to consider what greater damage he would have done to the union were he to have called for slaves to revolt against their white masters.  What would that have meant? Kill your overseers? What is it that Barack Obama wants? Does he seek the societal upheaval of groups of minorities to intimidate whites during the next election? What response would whites have?

Barack Obama lacks the understanding of a leader. He lacks the dignity of a president.

The true betrayal is that of the media who would be shocked and horrified if any other president exercised the power of the presidency in such a manner. I believe this is true even of other Democrats. I believe that it is Barack Obama's race that keeps them silently approving of these tactics. Yes, there is reporting in what one fails to report. The people deserve to hear the truth and to withhold that truth by omission is as grave as furthering the lies of a regime.

The damage done to the public by the insistence of the Obama Administration to cater to their selected groups has prevented the United States from recovering from this recession. Those on unemployment have not benefited from the years of benefits being paid out to them, it has only made them much more difficult to employ. Nothing good has come from his actions as president. Even where he has catered to his supporters he has hurt them by continuing his failed policies.

I believe that in his desperation Obama will finally alienate a good section of those Democrats who are otherwise patriotic Americans of all races. I think they will see the dangerous nature of the man and abandon him. If they do not, but continue to support these reckless actions, the division between one and the other will be complete, pushing open aggression to the brink of eruption.

One can only hope Obama's tactics fail.


  1. Great one and posted. A despicable, dangerous man just like the Tyrant Lincoln who was hoping that his EP would cause a slave revolt.

  2. This is IT - the point at which our Republic dies, or returns to the principles of its founding.

    I believe that *IF* we can elect a CONSERVATIVE POTUS (along with majorities in both houses of CONgress) that a collapse may be avoidable.

    If NOT - whether we elect a D.I.A.B.L.O. or re-elect Dear Reader - I believe collapse and all its horrors are INEVITABLE! The only question will be "Fast or Slow?"

    I believe that if we MUST suffer collapse and internecine violence, we're better to get it over with and get on with our business of rebuilding Our Republic!

    Which is why I will vote for The Won to a second term before I'll vote for another "RINO" (D.I.A.B.L.O.)!!


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