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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Contrition Here

I feel like a lost voice in the wilderness at this point. What few have stuck around through the lack of postings must think I am out of touch and irrelevant. I probably am. Yet, when I read the headlines of the day it is not surprising, it isn't much different from what I knew would ensue so many months ago, when I bowed out of the daily commentary that drives the Internet.

Admittedly I had my own personal reasons which did not reflect the nature of the debate, but nonetheless, I had no great inspiration to re-enter the fray. What more do we need to know? Obama is determined to punish all of the wage providers and cater to the hurt feelings of those who have been laid off as a direct response to his irresponsible policies. The Fed and the Treasury will cover up the mess like laying a hanky over the steaming pile left by their mutts.

I am fatalistic, I guess. All I can control are my own actions and I have been busy placing myself into a position to survive the coming default and economic turmoil. I have girded my loins. I know a lot of others have done the same. I still have a long way to dig out of the hole of debt my company left me with when it finally imploded as will our treasury. It is not a matter of how long it can hold out, but rather how it has held out this long. When the money stopped, my company stopped. The nation which authored my demise will suffer its own. They are tied together in fact.

I will fend off the wolves as long as I can, but I know they will want their pound of flesh to devour, but if they expect to encounter a remorseful, self-critical individual they are mistaken. I make no apologies for the agreements I entered into or the ultimate outcome of those decisions, but there is not one decision I made that was not sound under the economic conditions that existed at the time. I feel no sense of shame that I have found myself in the situation I am in. The entire economic system of the United States had to be turned on its head for me to be wrong and I will accept that as an extraordinary circumstance.

But what I suffer today is only a mere blip on the screen compared to the looming iceberg we all shall encounter soon. Karl Denninger had it right when he said: "Game Over." There is no retreat from the economic disaster of Barack Obama and the banksters he has bankrolled with our children's futures. Every day in the market one can buy futures of some sort: pork bellies, gold and other commodities. My question is this: What would you give for the futures of your children? Would you invest in their future? Not me, it is a rigged game and all of their future proceeds have been spent two and three times over.

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, one only gets a few years to be the "outsider" before one becomes the cause and author of the injustice and robbery committed under their "watch." He has run his course and now is just as guilty as those he has so long blamed for the economic turmoil into which his administration had been thrown. Trillions wasted trying to hold on long enough to let the economy rebound. That is basically the role I played my last year as the owner of a company. Eventually, the balls fall to the ground with the time-proven theory of gravity. It is only sad to me that he will not be hounded for repayment of his failed policies as I have been hounded for money that no longer can pay the debts.

No one has to play by the same rules as do I and others like me. But, I feel no contrition for being the one deadbeat they all can hate equally.


  1. I hear ya'. My wife owns her own business and while we work hard as we can it is frustrating to see that current policies are making the work less profitable. I've told her if our dear leaders (sorry,when)drive us off the cliff I will have no shame or remorse for defaulting on obligations. Not desireable but they will force us to it.

    Thing I don't get is why should we play by the rules when they don't. They do illegal things and get rich - I try the same and I go to jail.

    Rob of Alabama

  2. Keep up the good fight. It's been bad all over. We would be lucky to cash out down here and end up where we were six years ago. Those years lost, but maybe solvent.

  3. What happened to you is a world apart from the folks who bought more house than they could afford - some hoping to flip it for more money - and then walked away from it. As my step-daughter and her husband appear to have done.

    No contrition, no shame, TL. It's good to get to read you once again.

  4. TL.. I always enjoy your posts. Don't dispair, we are all feeling this and SADLY its going to have to run its course. There are no answers or quick fixes to this.

    I think the next year is going to be tough, but I hope that someone will rise above and give us hope to end the obama regime in 2012.

    Hang in there.

  5. The Marines are not the only group to be the few.

    At some point it is no longer wise to continue in vanity to convince others to board the lifeboats and instead one must see to themselves, don the life jacket and leave.

    Such a people are the majority of Americans, I can no longer look at them and see countrymen. More and more they appear as something very different indeed.


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