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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sterling Silver Corruption

Solyndra executives lobbied for loans, expecting to spend a good deal of funds to re-elect their benefactor in the White House. Just another money laundering exercise from the Chicago politician in the highest office in the land. This is hardly news. This is the same thing Obama has been doing from the word "go". He is the quintessential corrupt politician. Because he couches his actions in heroic terms does not tarnish the sterling silver examples he has provided.

Rush Limbaugh asked today: how many conservative supporters running "green energy" companies had received preferential treatment and loans in the way that Solyndra has? None.

Solyndra received loans of up to 535 million dollars. These were government guaranteed loans with no repayment necessary. Were the health of the nation and the economy the true goal rather than to support donors and the green energy myth, that same money could have been spent better on the 5.2 million small businesses with 1 to 9 employees. These businesses provided salaries, paid taxes, bought supplies and were probably incapable of the type of financial strength or sophistication to construct tax shelters or employ full time accountants to manipulate their debt and profits. In other words, these are the small businesses that would have benefited the entire economy by their survival.

If Obama had decided to provide relief to these companies, rather than to funnel money to donors through unions, government workers and the like and had taken some of the TARP money and Stimulus funds along with negating the loans to such green energy companies, it could have funded $100,000 similar guaranteed loans to these small businesses, enough to negate their debts, payoff creditors and stay in business. It would have cost 520 billion dollars to do that. Where has that money been better spent?

What could an economy do without that burden on every single creditor, every single supplier of these businesses, that even if they did not go under, are struggling under incredible debt and obligations. The government helped to create their situation, but instead of helping them, they went big by funding big banks, big corporations and ignored these small engines of capitalism.

But, that would not have accomplished the apparent goals of the Obama Administration, which has been to pay off donors like Solyndra and to punish people like Joe the Plumber, who have the temerity to challenge Obama on his motives. While all of these failed business received massive funds, my business went under because I have no lobbyist, no representation in government, no slick agent in a union. I am left to the mercy of collection agencies all by myself, with no power, no representative and no bailout.

While I do not support the idea of bailouts, I see the whole housing debacle as a flawed function of government and therefore their responsibility to those in the industry who were decimated by those same policies. Instead, they favored those actually involved with the scam, those who led the charge to bastardize the industry, to profit from the lies and deceptions. If there were to be bailouts, it should have been to those who suffered from the practices of the banks, not complicit in them.

The funds from the Stimulus Bill that was funneled to governments, unions and union-employing companies ran close to a trillion dollars, only half of that would have saved or created many more millions of jobs by targeting small business.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama The Divider

My biggest complaint about Barack Obama is that he seeks at all times to divide us. This is not done secretly, where grudges are exercised through back channels, but openly and with the quiet acceptance of the press. Whether it is black versus white, rich versus poor, union versus non-union or government versus the private sector, there is always division and pitting one group against another.

Obama never has lost his instincts toward community organizing. The whole purpose of such a person is to stir the pot, raise protesters and lay blame on one's political enemies. The trouble is his success is linked in his mind with this sort of behavior. He does not possess the congeniality of a traditional president. He is a grudge president intent on damaging the enemies he cannot obliterate.

I am disappointed in this aspect of his character. It is one thing to act with petulance as a senator or union leader, it is quite another to use the power of the presidency to attack and badger whole sectors of the population simply because of the color of their skin, or the success they have had in life.

I know that we have had racist presidents before. I know that we have had vindictive, powerful men in that role, but generally their actions were quietly carried out against particular individuals, not whole races of people. They have never, as far as I know, openly called for the support of whites specifically the way Barack Obama has called for the minorities to become activists for his cause. This is cynical and destructive to the union.

The only way to understand the dangerous implications of such an act is to think of Abraham Lincoln and to consider what greater damage he would have done to the union were he to have called for slaves to revolt against their white masters.  What would that have meant? Kill your overseers? What is it that Barack Obama wants? Does he seek the societal upheaval of groups of minorities to intimidate whites during the next election? What response would whites have?

Barack Obama lacks the understanding of a leader. He lacks the dignity of a president.

The true betrayal is that of the media who would be shocked and horrified if any other president exercised the power of the presidency in such a manner. I believe this is true even of other Democrats. I believe that it is Barack Obama's race that keeps them silently approving of these tactics. Yes, there is reporting in what one fails to report. The people deserve to hear the truth and to withhold that truth by omission is as grave as furthering the lies of a regime.

The damage done to the public by the insistence of the Obama Administration to cater to their selected groups has prevented the United States from recovering from this recession. Those on unemployment have not benefited from the years of benefits being paid out to them, it has only made them much more difficult to employ. Nothing good has come from his actions as president. Even where he has catered to his supporters he has hurt them by continuing his failed policies.

I believe that in his desperation Obama will finally alienate a good section of those Democrats who are otherwise patriotic Americans of all races. I think they will see the dangerous nature of the man and abandon him. If they do not, but continue to support these reckless actions, the division between one and the other will be complete, pushing open aggression to the brink of eruption.

One can only hope Obama's tactics fail.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Is A Dead Republic

For many decades the Constitution has meant literally nothing. It is a secret joke among those in power. The thought of it tames us all into inaction, but there is no force behind it because those in power, even Republicans, see it as an obstacle to their programs and desires. It can be no different.

The Constitution was written to stop them from doing exactly what they want to do. Politicians want to solve problems to stay in power and prove they have the interests of the people at heart. The Constitution restricts them and every person in power seeks to overcome it. They might say that they want to be faithful to the Constitution, but in reality they only want to support that which restricts their political opponents.

The loser in this grand game of chess is the people. Contained in the Constitution is the power that we all have over government, but that power can only be granted by a government compliant to the charter, something they are not and never will be. This is why it doesn't matter who is in office, or how long they stay there.

It is actually in the best interest of the people to rebel against any and all infringements on their rights regardless of the cost. Sadly, they won't do that because they are perfectly happy feeding off of the carcass of the republic. This is a dead Republic. It cannot live without the oxygen of liberty and the blood of those who would defend it.

Where are they, those who would spill blood for the cause of liberty? They have their heads down, praying that the nation will somehow continue to move without the upheaval that could set things right. They pray for a continuance of the usual. They fear having to act. Every action has a consequence and each consequence presents a victim. No one will willingly become the victim and so there can be no healing, there can be no health.

This nation and its people were not designed to suffer under government scrutiny. They were not designed to watch their words, or fear the power of the IRS. All of these things were brought about by a government unresponsive and contemptuous of the people. They see us all as compliant little soldiers diligently making them wealthy and powerful and any motion to throw off that yoke will come with drastic and swift retribution.

I ask you: How can freedom exist under those circumstances?

While every politician may secretly chuckle under their breath at our stupidity, at our inability to bring them to justice, they fear that one day the people will wake up and demand retribution for their abuses.

I don't know what it will take, or how bad it will have to get before the others wake up, but in the meantime, we all suffer under the oppression of a government operating without the will of the people and this can never bring about comfort for the large share of the people.

Ask yourself when it became so tough to get by. If you don't think it began the moment that the principles of the Constitution were abandoned, you are wrong. The excesses of government can only grow in the absence of the limitations of the Constitution.

Without following the charter they were given and enforcing against themselves the limitations we all believed to be solid and inviolable, they have killed the Republic. I don't know what it is today, it is something different from its intent. It is something dangerous to the people. It is something beneficial to only a small group of people entrusted with the power of the people, who have traitorously turned their backs on the only thing that makes America unique and ultimately powerful.

We are only moments from worldwide depression. Greece will tumble and bring down the world's wealth procured by the decades of those willing to take risks and act to fuel the economy. But when they look around, I wonder if they realize the time for action is gone. The will of the people, once grandiose, is a punchline to world leaders. We have been brought down to the level of others, but the Constitution was designed specifically to free us and unleash the vast economic vitality of a free people. The longer we are held back and thwarted  by rules and regulations, by the unreasonable demands of the IRS, we are but mere slaves in a golden cage.

Bury the republic and let's get on with whatever comes next.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Are A Divided People

Liberty. That's it, that's all it took for a conversation I had in a small Kentucky coffee shop to go from cordial to over. It is a nasty word to those on the left. Oh, they have wrapped it all up in a sort of protest against the Tea Party, to justify their hatred for the very concept of it, because liberty is in direct opposition to government control.

The occasion happened in Frankfort, KY, college town, seat of state government so the local coffee shop is run by a typical Earthfirst type with organic nonsense all over the place (as if organic is somehow a rational answer to worldwide hunger. It is exactly the opposite, it would cause and actually frustrate efforts to alleviate world hunger. They ((nutcase coffee shop owners in college towns)) use organic as if anything industrial is bad, anything efficient is harmful to the earth which has survived so much more than technological farming, but I digress).

"Hi, where are you from? Oh, it is lovely there. You moved to Kentucky? Why? (boring reply) Huh."
My next sentence ended it: "So, I have some liberty to live wherever I chose and for right now that is in Kentucky."

Sudden withdrawal, a pulling back of the self on their part. I used the "L" word (not liberal this time). In their minds they are thinking that they have just run into one of those Tea Party types whom they had just been whispering critical assumptions about over the lively sounds of a chatty gathering place. I was one of them who used the word, but didn't really understand the Constitution. What they really thought was that I didn't understand that the Constitution had been ripped to shreds many decades before and people like me didn't understand that they (those who know how to run every one's life) had killed that rotten document dead already, so get over it.

We are a divided people. I used to look back at the horrors of the Civil War and try to place myself in that time, divided against kind and kin over a political issue. Don't get me wrong, slavery was beneath us even then, but to feel so strongly one way or the other to take up arms against one's own blood, at times, must have seemed like the end of the world. What could have been so important to fight and die for? Well, that is not so hard to imagine as it used to be when America seemed to me a whole nation. We have already parted irrevocably. As Billy Beck noted so long ago, we are merely going through the dress rehearsal for Civil War.

I have in a recent post called for a leader, not just any leader, but one who could make us understand the importance of the times we live in right now. This little theater of governance has gone as far as it can go without recognizing the fact that at some point, somewhere along the lines the people who are being looted to pay for the other half's indulgences is going to stop.

What I mean by indulgences is this: $500 million dollar loans to companies who play the liberal game, nothing for those starving, bankrupt small businesses put out of business by the policies of politicians who sought the favor of the mass of voters looking for the spoils of a rich nation. The Community Reinvestment Act and all of the disastrous actions that strengthened it and bastardized the business of banking was nothing more than another form of looting the middle class. They have destroyed the middle class with their efforts and now seek another method, the direct method, outright confiscation.

Let me explain a little of how the thing worked so you will better understand the charges I have made. The Community Reinvestment Act was the product of the brilliant political mind of Jimmy Carter along with the deadly 55 mph speed limit and the 68 degree house, which basically accomplished nothing. The idea was that banks in poor neighborhoods were taking the money of the poor to lend to those wealthy enough to purchase a home, but refused to lend that money to people in those poor neighborhoods and like most things liberals to they call theft "reinvestment". Of course the undercurrent to this notion was couched in racism. To liberals, poor means ethnic or racial.

It was theft because they encouraged, nay demanded that those banks give loans back to poor people (minorities) who could not afford to purchase homes and the profits that should have been the property of the banks had only good loans been made were instead squandered on repossessions and lost value due to the run-down conditions of the property once repossessed. They were forced to loan money to people who would not repay it, that is theft.

But, the Community Reinvestment Act really had no teeth and the banks quickly figured this out and stopped making stupid loans required by the Democratic government to transfer wealth to the poor, those who would vote for those who helped them get the loans whether the property was repossessed, or not. They long remembered who had elevated them, even if that elevation was but for a short time.

By the time Clinton came around the CRA was a dead deal until Janet Reno came on television and let all those banks know that now with legislation passed by Congress and signed by Clinton the CRA would now get them fined and perhaps imprisoned and that they would investigate allegations of misconduct. What the CRA really needed, though, was a citizen to complain in order for it to get the federal government working against the banks. Now, you see, we have ACORN and Community Organizers who would make the charge, regardless of merit. That was all it took to send the banks running for cover and making stupid loans which devalued the assets of the people who owned the banks and stock in them (a heck of a lot of middle class people with 401K's).

If you combine this with George Bush's idea that the more people who own homes, the more stable the community, you have the ingredients for exactly what drained my company of equity in a short minute in July of 2008. When George Bush did not kill the CRA immediately and get banks on solid footing, he let the opportunity to avert the next Civil War go by the wayside. His desire for a robust and growing economy, especially after 9-11, let him see through rose-colored glasses and even aid in the coming conflict by his failure to lead.

Okay, so there are the charges and the reason I make them. With one half of the population looking to loot the pockets with the power of the government and support of the liberals, there must come a time when people buck the system. At the start of the Civil War that catalyst was the election of Abraham Lincoln. What will it be this time? You know it must come. I'm ready now, because they have already done as much as they can to destroy my reputation as a reliable, conscientious, responsible borrower and turned me into a deadbeat, because I cannot pay the debts of a million dollar company on the salary of even an oil field worker. They have let my daughter see me in that role, something she never should have witnessed. They have done their damage to me and I am resentful of that. (by the way I am still doing everything in my power to pay those bills, but it will not work, I know that even now as I dedicate much of my salary to debt repayment. There isn't enough money and there isn't enough time and my creditors are growing less and less patient).

While the readers of this blog might consider that a little bit of the "oh poor me, the victim" and not enough of the "rugged individual responsible adult" let me remind you that we have all been looted the same. It is not just me and it is not just you, it is the whole country and it is not really about me at all. What this is about is that we have all been sold a bill of goods and soon the crash will come. They have taken as much as they can and are asking for more, now from the millionaires and billionaires, which in Obama-speak is anyone making over $200,000. Why that figure, not any other? Not hard to figure out that most of the Democrat voters fall under that mark and most of the Republican voters fall over it. The math has been done. The Democrat voters that come in over that mark are socialists anyway, so they don't care about their money, they are planning to get benefits like healthcare, government contracts and grants. Oh, they plan to get the value of their tax increase and even more than that.

What this all boils down to is when. When will the great middle rise up to put a stop to it. It will be a while coming yet as we still believe in elections, but soon that will end too, when more of the people realize that it is the power of our government and not anyone in particular, or party, that is robbing us of our hard-fought salaries, they will come around.

The Tea Party was just the first wave. When they discover that the power of government cannot be tamed, that everything promised in the Constitution is nothing more than crowd control until the new order eventually morphs us all into good little socialists, they will realize that the peaceful method will not work. It only allows the enemy time to fortify their positions and lay in supplies. The government is right now dumping money into the "muscle" part of the equation, the front-line troops, the labor unions.

We are a divided people. Someone give Billy Beck a salute.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Day A Leader Will Come

If you are like me, you are waiting patiently (or impatiently) for a leader, a true leader. What we seek is someone, anyone who can galvanize the American spirit and bring to the fore the lost principles that in their absence have left America rudderless in this new age. We have been mis-lead for a long time, by all political parties, who in the end are not capable of leading a free nation.

We need someone bold and willing to attack the abuses of the past, not just figure out a way to benefit from them. We wrap ourselves in the Constitution in order to seek a return to the rightful order of things in a free America, but we have no champion. Whenever the Constitution is brought out and emphasized all of the pork programs and social safety nets are there to counter its re-enactment, its re-affirmation. Because, to insist on Constitutional rigor is to lose those social support mechanisms that have worked over the decades to enslave us to an all powerful federal government.

Likewise, when state supremacy is proffered, we are met with the abuses of the South and racism to counter our demands. Everything that is Constitutional is inconvenient now, with so many reliant on the power and largess of a monolithic federalism. We have lost our sense of self, our understanding of how to be free and therefore recoil from it.

The question comes down to whether or not I want my parents, your parents, their parents kicked off of Social Security and thrown into the street. The answer to that will always be "no" and so the answer to the Constitution and to state's rights will always be no.

This is exactly why we need a leader, someone who can give us the way, the bravery to say "yes" to those questions and to show us a way to show compassion without resigning our own freedom. We are Americans, we are capable of it, we used to understand how to do it.

If one were to take the time to look back into American history, they would find a more brutal, more insensitive, a more dangerous society, but they would also find the unbridled sense of wonderment and freedom that set us on a course of world domination, not militarily, but economically. We would see the ways that our parents and theirs provided the type of energy and capacity it takes to free the world from absolute oppression and personal degradation.

So, lets make the question easier to answer in the affirmative. Is it worth a little more danger, a little more insensitivity in order to remain the benevolent power the United States has always been? Let us have the bravery to ask ourselves if WE would take care of our own in order to provide the freedom and liberty it takes to be a better nation.

We need a leader that can make us see a better way, that can make that way understandable.

Let me suggest to you that when you look at your parents and your children you have a choice. Which would you consign to destitution and foreign domination? Bring your children around your knee, bring them to you and your parents and lay out a loaf of bread. Who should eat? You choose.

I know you don't think you have to make that choice, but you are making it every day that you allow the excesses of this government to run along on the bastardized concept of the Constitution on which it currently operates. When you even consider the thought of a Jobs Bill that will rob the bread from your children's mouths to feed to labor unions, you make that choice. It's easy, isn't it, to starve your children for the benefit of others while you secretly hope that one day that they will starve theirs for you?

Yes, a Constitutionally compliant government would be smaller, would allow some bad things to come to pass, would place all of us in more danger. It would leave us victim to some scams and dirty deals. But it would also leave us free to correct them properly. It would leave our children free to dream of ways to make their future work without the crushing pressure of a constantly, exponentially expanding debt, or worse, default.

What we will have, in the end, is a much more dangerous America either way we go. The difference largely is where that danger will come from. Will it come from freedom or tyranny? Will our dangers be presented to us by a USDA-less America, or a largely lawless society devoid of any compassion at all, wandering homeless taking what they want where it can be found? Will it come in the form of a lack of social nannying, or the lack of political independence? When our debtors start calling the shots, will our children be forced to work in miserable conditions to satisfy the demands of our creditors? You might think "no" but that is just a hope, a wish for the future that probably cannot be true. You do not know the future because the United States has never been so far from the protections of our Constitution and therefore so far from the fiscal stability that has always allowed us to set our own rules, make our own decisions.

I am calling for a leader that can project that message and take the medicine that must be swallowed today, before the ailment eats us alive. Where is that leader? Is this leader among those in the Republican debates? Really? Where is that person bold enough to insist on Constitutionality, who is capable of leading the impeachment of Supreme Court justices who would steal from the citizens the protections of the Constitution? Where is the people's champion?

I ask you, because I don't see it. I don't see that leader anywhere on the political landscape. Rise boldly to demand it, or consign yourself to the ultimate demise that we are sure to endure without it. Prepare yourself for the sight of everyone you love starving to death in a nation forced to comply with the demands of a hostile power.

One day a leader will come, who will answer all your questions. That leader will stand before with all the power to make your dreams come true, who will be able to set the nation right. The question before all of you today is will they do so, or will that leader instead slowly grind us all into obedient slaves to their oppression? By our actions up to now I think you know which leader we will ours.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Smashing Good Deal

I didn't watch Obama's job speech. He has already revealed his hand and anything he has to say is going to be nothing but a way to shift more money to his campaign through the union money laundering system already set up, already tested via the last stimulus package that was supposed to keep unemployment from reaching 8%. All of that money went to support corporations who employ union labor and to make payroll checks to public employees who are members of a union. The money just makes a U-turn at the union and fills his coffers. Even an Eric Holder Justice Department could trace that fraud.

The Republicans were simply asked to contribute to Obama's re-election campaign. Will they do it? That's the only legitimate question to be asked. Will they take our with holdings and give it to him to run his silly game? Were these same methods not tried with a trillion dollars of debt earlier in his presidency one might give him the benefit of the doubt, but trying to fool us twice should be a lot harder than that.

But that only brings us to the crux of the problem. Will the Republicans acquiesce? Will they find some politically motivated calculation that allows them to spend our money in such an obviously ridiculous manner?

Now is the time to hammer your representative. Let Obama cry that his jobs bill didn't pass and that's why things didn't get better. A debate would be a great time to bring up the stimulus and ask him where all of that money went. Let him defend the first stimulus, instead of allowing him to point his finger of blame. The fact is, if this bill is never brought up, or fails to pass it will probably work the benefit of the Republicans because our credit rating might be improved if they prove themselves fiscally responsible enough to say no.

Our debt is a world-wide game. Our credit is a factor of our willingness to embrace reality. Obama is clearly not capable of understanding that his pronouncements are not enough to convince those we owe money to that we are going to change our stripes. I knew that simply passing a debt limit increase would make no difference, even though Obama promised that it would. An objective observer, like China, recognizes the corruption running rampant through the Obama Administration, they understand the game better than he does and they see that we are willing to borrow more money from them to support his campaign. Any Republican who agrees to this nonsense should be facing a primary challenge.

I don't pretend to know what goes through the mind of a politician and I hope I never get that sort of insight, but I do know that I have been betrayed by both parties at every turn. I have watched billions pour into unions until they are strong enough to try to attack the American public who refuse to agree with them. They have called for an actual conflict to teach us all a lesson, a good old-fashioned union beat down is what they have in mind.

When one thinks about it, Obama really didn't ask for that much did he? All he wants is for us to pay the people who are willing to smash our heads to get their way. Just a little thing. And for what? A promise that things will get better. Sounds like a smashing good deal.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Contrition Here

I feel like a lost voice in the wilderness at this point. What few have stuck around through the lack of postings must think I am out of touch and irrelevant. I probably am. Yet, when I read the headlines of the day it is not surprising, it isn't much different from what I knew would ensue so many months ago, when I bowed out of the daily commentary that drives the Internet.

Admittedly I had my own personal reasons which did not reflect the nature of the debate, but nonetheless, I had no great inspiration to re-enter the fray. What more do we need to know? Obama is determined to punish all of the wage providers and cater to the hurt feelings of those who have been laid off as a direct response to his irresponsible policies. The Fed and the Treasury will cover up the mess like laying a hanky over the steaming pile left by their mutts.

I am fatalistic, I guess. All I can control are my own actions and I have been busy placing myself into a position to survive the coming default and economic turmoil. I have girded my loins. I know a lot of others have done the same. I still have a long way to dig out of the hole of debt my company left me with when it finally imploded as will our treasury. It is not a matter of how long it can hold out, but rather how it has held out this long. When the money stopped, my company stopped. The nation which authored my demise will suffer its own. They are tied together in fact.

I will fend off the wolves as long as I can, but I know they will want their pound of flesh to devour, but if they expect to encounter a remorseful, self-critical individual they are mistaken. I make no apologies for the agreements I entered into or the ultimate outcome of those decisions, but there is not one decision I made that was not sound under the economic conditions that existed at the time. I feel no sense of shame that I have found myself in the situation I am in. The entire economic system of the United States had to be turned on its head for me to be wrong and I will accept that as an extraordinary circumstance.

But what I suffer today is only a mere blip on the screen compared to the looming iceberg we all shall encounter soon. Karl Denninger had it right when he said: "Game Over." There is no retreat from the economic disaster of Barack Obama and the banksters he has bankrolled with our children's futures. Every day in the market one can buy futures of some sort: pork bellies, gold and other commodities. My question is this: What would you give for the futures of your children? Would you invest in their future? Not me, it is a rigged game and all of their future proceeds have been spent two and three times over.

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, one only gets a few years to be the "outsider" before one becomes the cause and author of the injustice and robbery committed under their "watch." He has run his course and now is just as guilty as those he has so long blamed for the economic turmoil into which his administration had been thrown. Trillions wasted trying to hold on long enough to let the economy rebound. That is basically the role I played my last year as the owner of a company. Eventually, the balls fall to the ground with the time-proven theory of gravity. It is only sad to me that he will not be hounded for repayment of his failed policies as I have been hounded for money that no longer can pay the debts.

No one has to play by the same rules as do I and others like me. But, I feel no contrition for being the one deadbeat they all can hate equally.