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Friday, August 5, 2011

He Lies Like A Rug

I have many reasons for not believing anything Barack Obama says. He is a manipulator of the first order. When I see two consecutive months of job creation claimed to have been revised up by over 100% in each case, I grow suspicious. When that revision results in a reduction of the unemployment rate by .1% and I know that he has pulled ever card in the book to get favorable reactions to his disastrous policies, I suspect the government run Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bureau that recently filed suit against Boeing for having the temerity to move their manufacturing plant to a labor unfriendly state, am I now supposed to swallow anything they have to report?

I don't.

Now, he pans the idea of having the credit rating reduced from AAA to AA with some lousy crack about batteries, I really have step out of my normally reserved posture and just say it: Obama is a liar and a manipulator and willing to do anything it takes to stay in office. He is willing to manipulate any report, to put the strong arm on any bureaucracy to get his way. If we allow ourselves to accept anything coming out of his office as anything other than a distraction and a cover for is traitorous actions we are fooling ourselves and burying our heads in the sand.

I don't claim to be an expert on labor statistics, nor do I claim to have any inside knowledge, but when a president is given completely to lies and obfuscations for his and his party's political benefit, I cannot, with any degree of seriousness, accept a single supposed fact or premise being furthered by the Executive Branch of government.

I overheard a conversation in a Frankfort, Kentucky coffee shop today wherein these teachers, or professors, or whatever complained about the ignorance of those who put a premium on the words of the founders as fools and ignoramuses. Okay, I accept their opinions. I accept the view of the Senate majority leader and other professional politicians and agree that the Constitution is of little consequence and really does not mean what it clearly states. So, where do we go from here? Should we accept the legitimacy of the power wielded by those same politicians as legitimate if the Constitution is a jumble of misdirected intent?

Are we not then divided as a nation by those who recognize that the Constitution as legitimate and by those who feel like it is merely a general guideline for the future rulers of the people?

I suggest this: I only give my loyalty to a government willing to abide by the limitations listed in the Constitution. Where the government no longer feels a loyalty to the document, I feel no loyalty to it. The government, therefore, must be replaced by one I am willing to obey and no other, or I must become an active rebel.

I don't give a rat's damn about what the Supreme Court has determined to be a violation of the Constitution and what it has not. I don't care for that determination any more than I would the determination of Harry Reid. They have forfeited their credibility.

Often the enemies of liberty bring up the actions of George Washington, who, when given the ultimate power of government, sought to rid the nation of the ills he thought most dire though there was no Constitutional basis for the laws he sought to pass. This, my friends, only demonstrates that NO ONE can be trusted with the reins of power in this government but the people and that all who accept power are ultimately human and given to weakness and arrogance. It is the vindication of those who wrote the Constitution from a position of subjugation, not the vindication who, however otherwise noble, sought to violate those calculated principles once power had been given.