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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lesser Men

What we are slowly coming to realize as a society is that there was magic in the wisdom of the founders. Many of us have known this for a long time and have been working to reinvigorate the Constitution as not only an answer to our current problems, but THE answer to our current problems.

The trouble is that lesser men have taken the reins of a great nation and have come to believe that simply because they carry the same title as George Washington, that they also possess the same wisdom, the same temperament, the same qualities as did he. They do not.

Some believe that since they have the ability to make laws as did Jefferson, Madison and Adams that they somehow have an understanding of what makes a society a success. It is the same as a little-leaguer smacking a home run in a small field and comparing himself with Hank Aaron. Yet, the little-leaguer is also a batter who has hit a home run, perhaps even younger than did Hammerin' Hank. The comparison, however, is silly, though through a child's eyes it might not seem ridiculous at all.

Anthony Weiner comes to mind when I think of these lesser men who now roam the halls of our congress, who pass laws for us to abide, who stand between us and the liberty we deserve. Have no doubt, they are the ones who in their limited vision have resorted merely to deprivation of liberty to solve every ill. The founders were greater men, men who understood that liberty must be preserved and that it is the duty of the legislator to achieve liberty while still providing protections of liberty among the populace.

We see their methods best in the smoking bans across the nation. I am no smoker and do not like smoke in small places, but I have never advocated the smoking bans, the ostracizing of other citizens who choose to smoke. There are places that might legally limit this personal choice, I do not stand in the way of the company, or establishment that chooses to allow smoking, nor would I deprive them of the right to ban it in their establishments, it is the action of the government to do so that I utterly reject.

Here we have the classic model of seeking first and always to limit liberty by these lesser men. Instead of banning smoking in bars and restaurants, why did they simply not seek to establish breathing apparatus for the workers? That way the waiters would be able to breathe and the patrons and owner would be able to exercise their liberties without affecting those of the wait staff. In the oil field there is poison gas encountered, we don't seek to ban the gas, we take precautions as a condition of employment to protect us from the hazard.

When legislators abandoned the hard work of devising laws that protected liberty first and went for the cheap act of merely regulating, we lost something significant to this nation. We lost our vision. A vision that lesser men do not possess.


  1. It is proven that washing ones hands after using the restroom will prevent illness. Congress needs to step up and appoint restroom guards to make sure their constituants don't walk out with filthy hands.

  2. Unfortunately, you seem to espouse the theory that our Masters are the problem. If you would bother to look clearly at the situation, you would note that the Masters do nothing more than flap their gums. It is "Law Enforcement" who do the "heavy lifting". And the same "Law Enforcement" have taken the oath to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution..." yet DO NOT DO SO and instead bow and scrape before their Masters and then do WHATEVER they are told. Send THOSE filthy bastards to rot in hell where they belong, and the Masters will no longer be a problem. But until we do that, even exterminating the Masters and replacing them with honorable leaders will have NO positive results. For if "Law Enforcement" continues to spit on their oath, even new Masters ordering them to comply with the Constitution limits WILL NOT fix the problem.

    The only good pig...

  3. Your base premises are wrong.

    I come from the blood line of Adams and if you check your history you will be as heart broken as I have become to find that they were not what you think.

    Adams - Alien and Sediton Acts

    Washington - let's fight like the Brits and vanquish the Pennslyvania Rifleman for breaking ranks...

    And the government we have is a direct result of the overturning of the AOC.

    If you give power to a central government don't be suprised by who grabs the rains of power.

    A Welshman

  4. Welch an has the long and short of it.

    Take a look at Weiner's political activities, they're one long string of supplying his district as a congressman, and earlier as a City of New York councilman, with wealth looted from others.

    His recent actions are completely in character.

  5. T.L.,

    "...What we are slowly coming to realize as a society is that there was magic in the wisdom of the founders."

    "As a society", "we" can realize nothing, slowly or otherwise. Only an individual mind can grasp an idea. Collective intelligence, the justification for Democracy, is laughable. Government indoctrination camps foist upon us the idea that this is a nation of laws, not men. So you're saying that it really was a nation of men, the right sort of men?

    "…the same wisdom, the same temperament, the same qualities as…" George Washington? The same GW that backed up a tax on whiskey with troops?

    "…reinvigorate the Constitution..."?

    Since the Constitution didn't work out the first time, what makes you think it's "THE answer to our current problems"?

    "Some believe that since they have the ability to make laws as did Jefferson, Madison and Adams that they somehow have an understanding of what makes a society a success."

    A "successful society" was, and this might just be my take on things, not the aim of the Founders. Notions about individual liberty had something to do with their ideas about freedom. Their big mistake was thinking government was a good thing. A full bloom of individual liberty may or may not produce a "successful society," whatever you mean by "successful". And defending liberty by invoking "The greatest good for the greatest number" is not inspiring. If you replace the cry of "For Freedom!" with "For the Successful Society!", you probably won't have many people rushing to join you in storming the barricades.

    "…the duty of the legislator to achieve liberty while still providing protections of liberty among the populace"

    Every law restricts your freedom, so every legislator is an enemy of liberty. The good people don't need them, and the bad people don't obey them. Every new law involves either theft (tax) or an outrage to our dignity (like TSA).

    "hard work of devising laws that protected liberty"

    Impossible work, I'd say.


  6. Great post. We've replaced wise leadership with slick regulationship.

  7. There is a cautionary warning not to elevate men beyond their station as fallible and it should be heeded by us now, both of men and their works in the past and today.

    Anyone that has ever read Royce's work on the Constitution will never look at the Constitution the same way they saw it previously.

    The cultural deification of the document despite the results we have had from it and the men that framed it should be warning enough something has gone badly askew. A strong case may be made that this was by design.

    Perhaps we are lesser men today as we certainly have turned our backs on wisdom to embrace foolishness. Yet we are not the first to do so and we also labor under the folly of the past as well.

    Liberty is not contained on mere parchment no matter how glorious or well meaning the writers if indeed they were so. Liberty resides in the hearts and minds of those that desire it.

    The Constitution is only a tool, it is imperfect as were its framers. It is best for us now to accept that and use the tools available to the best of their and our abilities.


  9. lesser men have taken the reins of a great nation


  10. Your commenters are spot-on. If it weren't for police and tax collectors, we would not be in the spot we are in today. The Constitution is a machine to build big government. You cannot go back to what you already have. It's here.

    We are constantly trying to stop cannibals by eating them and that will never work.

    Lysander Spooner:

    “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

    +1 for Royce's book: The Hologram of Liberty.

  11. When evil men use a gun to commit crime, do we blame the gun?

    The Enemy does, but we know better!

    It makes no better sense to blame The Constitution for the evil men have done.

    It ous not the document which failed to demand Government remain within its due bounds -- it was us....

  12. TL,

    Have not heard from you for a few days.
    Hope all is well Brother. Post something soon so we can confirm you are doing okay.

    For the Republic


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