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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breaking the Silence

I have been silent for a few weeks now. Life brings changes and I have gone out into the North Dakota oil fields and have changed in my water well drilling clothes for those of an oil field hand. Honest work deserves honest pay it wasn't working out with my own company and so I have become an employee.

The downside of this is that I don't have much time of my own and while there certainly are political controversies worth debating and highlighting on this page, there are more pressing needs for my family. This one requires that I live a long way from home and work 12 hour days without internet access most of the time. It is about all I can do to get something to eat, wash some clothes and get ready for the next day, much less find sketchy internet access and bang out a diatribe on the events of the day.

I think all of us are busy doing the things we need to do to survive and prepare for the times and conflicts before us. This is a major step in my preparations to do just that. With those 12 hour days comes something I could not find in any other employment, the money and the time, generally well pay and 14 days off a month.

We will be moving later this year to Kentucky, but in the meantime I will be spending most of my time packing up the old life and moving on. I am forced by circumstance to live in a Man Camp close to the drilling site for reasons of company policy, so I don't spend money keeping two homes and will have more to pursue other endeavors.

I know a lot of you have come to appreciate this page and I have found no more satisfaction than to communicate with many of you over the past several months. I am not shutting this down, or Guardians of Liberty, but I am refocusing my efforts to aid those who are doing the hard work every day with my time off and some extra funds to make the endeavors of others a success.

Things will change for all of us in the coming months, I am doing the best I can to prepare for those changes and actually make them work to my advantage. Thank you and if you will check back occasionally to see if I have resurfaced, I might have something more to announce.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lesser Men

What we are slowly coming to realize as a society is that there was magic in the wisdom of the founders. Many of us have known this for a long time and have been working to reinvigorate the Constitution as not only an answer to our current problems, but THE answer to our current problems.

The trouble is that lesser men have taken the reins of a great nation and have come to believe that simply because they carry the same title as George Washington, that they also possess the same wisdom, the same temperament, the same qualities as did he. They do not.

Some believe that since they have the ability to make laws as did Jefferson, Madison and Adams that they somehow have an understanding of what makes a society a success. It is the same as a little-leaguer smacking a home run in a small field and comparing himself with Hank Aaron. Yet, the little-leaguer is also a batter who has hit a home run, perhaps even younger than did Hammerin' Hank. The comparison, however, is silly, though through a child's eyes it might not seem ridiculous at all.

Anthony Weiner comes to mind when I think of these lesser men who now roam the halls of our congress, who pass laws for us to abide, who stand between us and the liberty we deserve. Have no doubt, they are the ones who in their limited vision have resorted merely to deprivation of liberty to solve every ill. The founders were greater men, men who understood that liberty must be preserved and that it is the duty of the legislator to achieve liberty while still providing protections of liberty among the populace.

We see their methods best in the smoking bans across the nation. I am no smoker and do not like smoke in small places, but I have never advocated the smoking bans, the ostracizing of other citizens who choose to smoke. There are places that might legally limit this personal choice, I do not stand in the way of the company, or establishment that chooses to allow smoking, nor would I deprive them of the right to ban it in their establishments, it is the action of the government to do so that I utterly reject.

Here we have the classic model of seeking first and always to limit liberty by these lesser men. Instead of banning smoking in bars and restaurants, why did they simply not seek to establish breathing apparatus for the workers? That way the waiters would be able to breathe and the patrons and owner would be able to exercise their liberties without affecting those of the wait staff. In the oil field there is poison gas encountered, we don't seek to ban the gas, we take precautions as a condition of employment to protect us from the hazard.

When legislators abandoned the hard work of devising laws that protected liberty first and went for the cheap act of merely regulating, we lost something significant to this nation. We lost our vision. A vision that lesser men do not possess.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Re-ordering of Society

I am away from home. I have gone to the great North to secure employment. The deal is not quite done, but it is close. I have been offered a couple of other positions that I have turned down to get this one, so I hope it works out. This is in explanation that I might not be posting for a while, I don't know the conditions of the employment, yet, except to know that I will be at their accommodations and not my own.

In the meantime, as events unfold around the globe and all previous headlines only support the ones before, i.e. "Greek Debt Portends Bankruptcy, Looters and Moochers Riot" repeats over and over again as the funds from the previous bailout become exhausted, slowly taking down those who contributed to their bailout.

More liberties lost in the quest for safety from unknown and government promoted crisis. As Billy Beck once wrote, "All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war" except that I would extend that to the world war.

I watched a documentary the other day where the villagers in some Latin American country were experiencing violent weather and the woman remarked "The White Man is polluting the earth and causing these disasters." Sometimes it is not what the sophisticated and diabolical believe that matters so much as what the uneducated and misinformed believe that ultimately leads to war. What has been promulgated by the eco-fascists in this country to get their way on political issues translates to the less sophisticated as a just cause to vent hatred and violence.

What the woman should have been taught, other than blame and condemnation for her condition, is that it is her oppressive, fascist government that has kept her poor and exposed to the dangers of natural and violent weather by limiting her ability to move elsewhere, or live in a better structure, because they are too busy exercising their political experiment instead of honestly evaluating the outcome of their socialist programs.

The point is, as the eco-fascists continue to spread their hatred of the White Man worldwide, it might come out as White People and it might just bring about the suicidal outcome they obviously seek. The great race war will not be waged by the White Man, but against him. The war the eco-fascists want to wage is against rich white people (read Republican) in order to gain their goals of communism and the destruction and redistribution of their wealth. They seek the power to do so, but they might have just miscalculated a bit and brought hatred for the whole race to the fore.

Whether one looks at the world today as a possible civil war in this nation, or a world war between Christians and Muslims, haves and have nots, white and brown, one can see the evidence of worldwide conflict and a re-ordering of society. It will be an interesting few years before us, if we live long enough to see it.