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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Price of Propriety

There comes a time when almost everything that needs to be said has been said. While I am not going to shut down any of these websites, I can say that for my part I have said most of what I have to say. The issues are not changing. The degrees to which liberty is being stolen is only increasing. The ways and instances of unconstitutional actions by the government are multiplying, erasing our rights one by one. No one will stand to defend them.

I have looked out on the nation, straining my eyes to see the coming wave of patriotic defenders of liberty and am lost in darkness and (mostly) alone. I have called for action into the hollowness and received echoes. I have taken small steps of resistance on my own, but they are a pathetic cry of futility if they are anything at all.

There are those like Bill Nye who have  put their ass on the line for their beliefs. I have done the same in certain ways, though not as boldly as he has. There are others, who, from within their personal limits, have taken steps toward resistance. All of these things are done from comfort, upholding one principle, but letting others go. There is resistance, but not engagement; there is defiance, but not subversion. Mayberry has, from within his principled limitations, done as much as possible to deny TPTB their coin. I encourage all of these actions, but recognize their ultimate limits.

The reason there is a limit to what we will all do, is that none of us want to go to prison. None of us want our families to suffer for our political stance and beliefs. We all think that there will come a time when climbing out of the hole and making a stand will be necessary, though we disagree on the justification for that act.

We are held captive to our own sense of propriety. I don't want to be labeled a mere vandal, though I find vandalizing government property, disrupting their communication, interfering with their capabilities to disseminate information a legitimate target in this struggle. It is no different from what our troops make a priority in any conflict: disrupt command and control through the use of destruction. I don't want to be labeled a tax cheat, but I find refusing to pay taxes wherever and whenever possible a legitimate means of starving the monkey. I don't want to be labeled a criminal, but I refuse to answer threatening letters from the IRS, or the Colorado Department of the Treasury. I just won't.

No matter what I do, it will all be made to look cheap and radical. Making a fool of resistance is the best way to discourage it. The government is smarter than to legitimize these actions by confronting them with force, that might lead to the rising out of the hole scenario that they dread. It is much easier to arrest one or two of us and label the whole liberty movement as ridiculous extremists. They can't wait for us to make some sort of overt move, but they can't expose and ridicule a series of seemingly unrelated inconveniences to their operations.

While I might grow weary of saying the same things I have said a million times, I will not grow tired of shoving a broomstick into the spokes of the wheel of injustice. I would rather act than speak, do than tell. But, if we were able to safely cause continued havoc and disrupt their operations as often as possible we would be able to effect an outcome with little or no threat to ourselves. One might say that to do so would be to prevent the authorities from taking legitimate action, to which I would reply that there is no legitimate action of a government in clear and absolute violation of the social contract we refer to as the Constitution of the United States of America.

Even if the authorities were able to do good, it would be from the seed of violence against the people. They might catch thieves, but if the imprisonment of the innocent is the method, no good can be done. This is the TSA in a nutshell. They propose to ensure safety by subjecting all to illegal searches and seizures that are in violent contradiction with the social contract.

I believe, at this point in time, there has been enough injustice done to recognize our government as being in violation of the treaty between the American people and their government. They have exceeded the reasonable exception clause in the Declaration of Independence and have become destructive to the causes for which this nation was established. It is not our right, but our duty to our posterity to do something about it. To starve the monkeys; to deny them the coin; to disrupt their communication; to hinder their operations in whatever way possible: through lawsuits; through vandalism; through resistance of any sort.

Graciously linked and quoted at Western Rifle Shooters Association.
Graciously linked at III% Patriots.
Graciously linked and quoted at It's About Liberty.


  1. T.L.

    Please don't take this the wrong way. What I write carries no voice inflections and you can't watch my facial expresions to help you understand what I have written herein.

    You amaze me. A man as intelligent as I recognize you to be, sees the way things really are, yet you continue to stand squarely between the rails, tilting your horns in the direction of that onrushing locomotive roaring downgrade in Wolf Creek Pass.

    I'd join you but the Bushido Code has never held sway with me. Sepuku is the waste of a warrior best used elsewhere at another time. I have no face to save as I suffer no dishonor.

    Stand on any street. Look at those around you in every direction. Try as you might, convincing any of them to help you stop the train will prove to be pointless. A the very least they will dimiss you as being mad.

    I am not a defeatist. A pragmatist? Yes. An altruistic fool? Yes. Spartan? Almost. Helot death aside.

    But don't stop trying to spread the word. Despite what I believe you may have the chance to derail that locomotive.

    Good Luck and...Semper Fidelis

  2. We should look at the tactics of the Leftists of the 60's. Look at their protests and all the things they did to get their message across. Even MLK and the marches for freedom. I know like you do TL that the TEA Party is a very weak movement and they are not stopping any of the Tyranny.

  3. R, thank you for your comments. I hope you understand that we are a nation made up of sheep. Even back in 1776 it was a group of thoughtful men, dedicated men, that decided that they would put action to their impassioned writings and take that next fateful step. There was no great groundswell of support, they did not enjoy the blessings of legitimacy even then. Consider for a moment the foolish picture they must have presented to their more reserved and thoughtful brethren who sided with the Brits, who considered their antics boorish and dangerous, but really nothing more than a colorful game of dodgeball, and then, a nation suddenly sprung up where no one thought it could, without even the support of most of the new citizens of it. But as weak and compliant as these same people were to the crown, they were also to the new republic placed before them. I don't recall an insurrection to return to British rule, do you?

    This long-winded response is to show that what the few do, the great majority will simply accept. It is the path to our present and possibly a path to our future, if we have the determination and organization to secure it.

  4. This is a good article, T.L. It has also been linked at It's About Liberty, which is how I found it. (The link is in my name.) There are some good comments over there, too. I'll probably link it elsewhere.

  5. Thanks Rick, duly noted and listed.

  6. How do we allow the local,state and federal government to have so many assets bought with our taxpayer money? They have used our money to protect themselves and even have underground luxury cities.

  7. We are here in the darkness with you! We the patriots left in this land of fools. We are many and some dont even know they are here yet. But the spark will ignite the flame. We wait for no specified time. We wait for the spark of liberty, the same spark that ignited our forefathers. Hear me, we are here and standing ready!!!


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