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Monday, May 9, 2011


The end of the Republican Party is nigh. If you have not seen the writing on the wall, you have been pleasantly dozing through the events of the past few weeks. Look out at the candidates for office for the Republican Party. The best bet, in my opinion, is Herman Cain, a businessman with loads of common sense and an understanding of the ravages the Obama Administration has unleashed on the small businessman.

Now we see the resistance to men like Herman Cain by the Republican Party. The "can't win" birds are chirping ever louder; trying desperately to break the spell the Tea Party has had on candidates in the past election. The insiders feel threatened by the Tea Party, by people exactly like you. They are threatened by people who mean what they say. They are threatened by people who will stand on principle, who will fight for the ideals of those who elect them. That is not supposed to be the template for success. The template for success does not include the intolerant and childish indulgences of the unwashed masses, i.e. conservatives.

The problem with this sort of thinking is that it leads inevitably to the absolute destruction of the Republican Party.

Here's the narrative being pushed by the Mainstream Media and the so-called Republican Party. The Tea Party is dead, no one with the endorsement of the Tea Party will be able to win an election against Barack Obama. This works to the advantage of Obama, who is now being touted by the same people as "a rugged, strong silent prototypical American." The idea is to secure the nomination for a Republican the Democrats can work with to alleviate the risk to the Democrats who fear a return to Constitutional principles and the reduction of social programs that serve to "buy off" their voters.

Well, if the Republican Party tries to shove some Obama sycophant off as an answer to the problems of this country I will turn my back on the Republican Party forever and seek its destruction in favor of the Constitution. I don't know if that means an actual Tea Party, or if it means compromising even on my anti-drug stance to vote much more Libertarian than I am willing to at this point in time.

I know there are those who read this blog who believe all political parties to be bought off, commenters like Mr. Walker, and I agree with him to a great degree. How do we start all over? We destroy the Republican and the Democratic Party. We should seek to do so right now, by any means. This government is dysfunctional and incapable of discharging the crucial duties that it has, i.e., securing the borders, abiding by a budget, defending liberty and defending the Constitution.

To do so, to destroy just the Republican Party, would only secure victory for the Democrats, we need to destroy both political parties. For people like myself, I might just use my life-long membership in the Democratic Party to start trouble within. I might go on liberal websites and point out that Barack Obama has sold them out, who has betrayed the liberal ethic, who could have given amnesty, but didn't who became a puppet of the corporate powers like GE, etc.

Either way, it is time to ACT.


  1. Last election I voted almost strait Libertarian with just a few exceptions. After the likes of Kerry,Gore, and topped off with Hilary and Obongo I doubt I will ever vote for another Demacratas long as I live.

    And with RINO's Like Governor Pretty Hair(Perry Texas)I don't much use for Repugicans either, But usually they are preferred by me over Demoncrats. No I have not forgotten Bush and The un-Patriot Act, but that had Bipartisan Support.

    The TEA PARTY could be a viable(winnable)Party in My Not so humble Opinion. I really like Ran Paul for Prez but I don't see him steping up for the job.His father Ron is second choice but that's who I'm supporting so far,till the son runs.


  2. PS if it comes down to Obongo or Herman Cain, I'm going with Cain.

  3. I really wish Cain had no prior affiliation with the FRB. That - to me - is very nearly the kiss of death.

  4. I think West is better than Cain.

  5. Brock, if West were on the ticket I would vote in a second.

  6. Cain is another repugnican war monger. Ron Paul or bust, which means bust. Bring the system down and start over, our Founders warned us about the party system...

  7. Only one I'd trust is ME !
    That ain't gonna happen...


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