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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I spend most of my time writing these posts trying not to say what needs to be said. I word it cleverly to stay on the right side of the law and propriety. I avoid calling for any sort of action to be taken as that is a violation of the First Amendment protections against free speech, it goes a bit too far, you see. But, I am growing weary of playing a lop-sided game. I am growing weary of police who strut about with guns on their hips, badges on their chests and malice in their hearts.

Don't get me wrong, as far as policemen are concerned, I believe that most of them are honorably doing their jobs to protect us from criminals. They have families and a legitimate concern for the society in which they live. Yet, where are these men and women when the "bad" cops do their business? Where are the responsible cops when the Pima County SWAT shoots the crap out of a veteran? Are they quiet because they are also guilty of rigging evidence, of lying under oath, of fraudulently filling out warrants, of lying on their resumes? Let the first honest cop point the finger at the rest. Or, are there any left? And, if not, then what the hell is there to wait for?

Many of my readers are cops or former cops, I know that. Many believe the Constitution is being violated as much as I do, but do the average joes need to do it all alone? Where are the cops who know what we know? Won't they give up their "edge" in court to provide the proof that the Constitution is a mere rag with which to wipe Barack Obama's ass? Won't they stand with the people and the document they are sworn to protect? Are they mere lap dogs for the political class that is right now planning their executions once the totalitarianism they have devised is in full implementation? Do they not realize that once they have been used to enslave and terrify the masses that the gigantic governmental monster will no longer need them when they have an army to enforce the peace? Posse Comitatus? Is that the flimsy little law that the cops hope will protect them once all other rights and laws have been violated?

It is a tough thing to look down the road at actual resistance, active subversion and see the path for the rugged footing it has in store. I walked out of my house the other day recognizing that it would come down to a fight. I looked at my pickup and imagined it riddled with bullets, blood splattered all over the seat, knowing that it would be my blood and my lifeless corpse in the front seat after a confrontation with the police. They could explain it off as a domestic terrorist yelling about the Constitution. They didn't know what I would do, they could say. They could claim that I held up something that looked like a weapon and they did find a hunting knife in the cab of the truck. All justified, you see, 'cause he was one of those Tea Party types, the Second Amendment whackos, etc.

The trouble is, folks, we have already seen it. It wasn't me this time, it was a veteran in an Arizona city, but it is coming my way. I feel it like a wave building on the sea, irresistable, daunting and unavoidable.

I went back into the house and talked to my wife. I told her that things were going to get out of control, that the cops would never stop, the politicians who govern them would never back down. Is it worth it? Is it? What do we leave our children when we go? Do we leave a budding movement toward liberty, or a collectivist hell? Do we preside over the last full gasp of liberty on the planet? Is that the legacy that you want carved into your headstone?

I have been counseled to back down, to take it easy, to remember that there is more to this than a flash in the pan, a moment of explosion. I should wait, I know, but for what? The war started in Arizona a few weeks ago. It started in Indiana a few days before that. Those are the battles already lost. Those are the lines already drawn and violated. Now, we can all sit around and pretend that there is something bigger coming, that there will be a time to fight back, but that is a lie. The time is now. But, what to do, what to do, what to do?

First things first, let's choose up sides. Oathkeepers first! Choose and live with the consequences of your choice. See, the rest of us are waiting for the cops to abide by their oaths, to do the right thing. If they don't they will be choosing the opposite side from the people. They will be choosing to be the oppressor over the liberator. It is time to choose and it's your turn. Do not blame us if we take your silence for a decision, because it is.

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  1. Excellent thoughts, Mr. Davis.

  2. Quoted and linked at

    What to do? What a loaded question!

  3. Toaster 802 said...

    What to do? What a loaded question!

    May 31, 2011 9:12 PM

    Locked and loaded. Toaster.

    Locked and loaded.

  4. TL,

    My wife is a sweet gal from OK, although she has lived all over the country like me. Celebrated our anniversary yesterday, #17, although we've known and loved each other since we met in 1978. (Long story there.) She agrees with you, agrees with me, and knows how it will be spun if we resist. Hell, I'm a veteran with a Ron Paul in 2008 bumper sticker on our station wagon. Per Janet Napolitano I'm her arch enemy, marked by every Fusion Center as a domestic terrorist.

    We're getting to the end of things. We're comfortable with our small income and our RV, although we've moved into an apartment for a while. She goes too the range with me, and is getting fairly proficient with her preferred arms.

    At the moment we don't have the will to seek out those who need correction. But she agrees, even though we don't own this place, we have no intention of allowing it to be invaded, violated, by any gang. Including the gang I was a part of until 1995. We will not cooperate with confiscation, or even registration. And, should we find ourselves faced with road blocks due to such efforts, or due to an extension of TSA's need to restrict our ability to travel even in our private vehicles, we have decided it would be time for leaderless resistance, probably at long distance. With the hope we could move on and repeat as necessary, but willing even if that proved to be beyond our ability.

    I understand that Echelon or something similar is recording all of us who visit each other's web sites here in the Patriot movement, and that we will be demonized if the decision is ever made that we can no longer be tolerated, described as "bloodthirsty" and condemned for posts such as this. I have tried to make it plain to those who might read my posts that I may be easy, but I won't be cheap. Someone won't be going home that night besides me.

    I don't know what more to do at this time. There are no leaders to rally behind or beside, and it is probably better that way. However, should my neighbors be threatened, should I see a stack forming in their driveway, I don't think I will be able to ignore it. I hope that after the murder of Guerena, perhaps someone would do the same for me. Beyond those situations, I will probably sit still, unless someone comes up with a better idea.

  5. Great post.

    IMO, the main thing you should wait for is to make sure you understand your *true* goals, along with the costs of either achieving them or failing to do so.

  6. Until "Law Enforcement" and their families have to fear having THEIR door smashed open in the middle of the night, and everyone in their family killed, NOTHING is going to change. The number of truly Good Cops in this country is miniscule. The rest are at best "Sergeant Schultz" saying "I see nothing!"

    The only good pig...

  7. TL,

    No sir, it did not start with Jose Guerena, it started August 21, 1992. Jose Guerena is but the latest.

  8. From Rush's "Freewill" -- 'If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice'

  9. Great post and great answer Reg T, that is where we are.

  10. Thank you all for your comments. I enjoy them all but don't clutter up the comments with my remarks. However, thanks, Blue.

  11. Troubles are a-coming to the poor idiots that think they are doing the right thing. The pride and emptiness of their world-view will lay a sword into their hearts.
    Stupid is as stupid does...... May on the Lord have mercy on their souls. To my shame I will not.....

  12. The "Oathkeepers" are starting to show their true colors. I have read blog posts from these alleged patriots. A common theme with them over this Arizona SWAT shooting is "Lets skip the trial and execute those dirty cops", to quote just one so called "Oathkeeper". Is this your idea of upholding the constitution? Our military has failed us far more than any police dept. The raping and killing of Iraqi and Afghan women and children is something to be proud of? Yet it is rampant in todays military as it has been for decades. A recently released report from the D.O.D. gave actual statistics for how out of control our military bases have become with almost daily rapes of Army servicewomen. Have you ever heard the saying people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks?

  13. Stumbled across your post on the Keep and Bear Arms site. Glad to see there are other patriots that are approaching the edge. As a former "Peace Office" as opposed to the current "Law Enforcement Officer" - a huge distinction that I taught prior to retiring as a University Professor of Criminology - I am daily filled with rage at the corruption and arrogance of policing in these once free United States. Having spent 10 years as a Special Operations soldier in ugly places around the world, I learned some things about insurrgency. The current situation will eventually demand that good men and women do bad things to the political thugs and their whores in policing to restore liberty to our country. Past the middle of my sixth decade on this earth, it grieves me to think that I was born into a great country but I will die in one that is corrupt, broke and no longer free.

    Far Rider

  14. For those who are thinking ahead, here's a shameless plug for my recent book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY. It's a primer on armed revolt. Available from Amazon. Get it while you can.

  15. Any cop who breaks the law routinely is a bad cop. Any cop who knows about a bad cop and does nothing about it is a bad cop.

    That means most cops are bad cops.

    Bad cops should be fired and never allowed to work in law enforcement again.


  16. For Anonymous at 12:34 PM:
    At best. The ones who BREAK the law should be charged just as a Mere Citizen would be charged for the same act. That means first degree murder charges for those fine PCSD officers and the MLVPD officers who murdered Eric Scott, and similar charges for those others in their departments who are covering up their crimes. Of course, that would require a prosecutor who actually WANTED to convict them, as opposed to what normally happens where the prosecutor looks the other way, just like their pig buddies.

  17. The problem is that law enforcement takes bad people and gives them power and opportunity to exploit that power in a way that appeals to their evil nature. It also takes good people and prevents them from realizing their true poential as people by forcing them to aid and abet the truly evil among them. I had friends who were damned good people before they became cops. Now, very few of them would I still consider friends. Some of these former friends have been so corrupted by the nature of their occupation that is difficult for me to greet them with less than overt hostility. If the good people in law enforcement do not begin to do a signifcantly better job of cleaning up their profession, they run the risk of being numbered along with the corrupt elements when the resistence turns from passive to active.

  18. The following words are where we are headed.

    John F. Kennedy
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable".

  19. One of the consequences of our government's abandonment of protecting peoples' rights and adopting for itself the mandate of trying to decide how everyone should live, is that it slowly changes the role of the policeman.

    His role in society morphs from that of a rights protector to that of a rule enforcer. There is a big difference. In every dictatorship the policeman is a rule enforcer and becomes the citizens worst enemy.

    But all of this is caused by the philosophical principles adopted by that society. " protect these rights, governments are instituted among men...' is a principle, a very noble one. To sacrifice the individual to the collective is also a principle, a very ignoble and deadly one.

    Whichever one is adopted by a society will determine the role of the policeman and ultimately the survival of that society.

    There are still lots of good cops out there. But things are changing. Notice the recent TV saturation campaign over the holiday weekend admonishing us all to "click it or ticket" because the cops are watching. Such laws place the cop in the role of rule enforcer instead of rights protector. It also nudges the citizens into accepting rule enforcement a proper function of policemen.

    In the novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, villain Ellsworth Toohey explains his evil technique. To paraphrase Toohey regarding law: "Want to destroy rights protection as the purpose of law? Don't attack it. You'll frighten men. Enshrine rule enforcement as its purpose. You have destroyed rights protection." And to take it one step further: Want to destroy the concept 'criminal' as a rights violator? Don't attack it. Enshrine 'rule breaker' as the new definition of criminal. You have destroyed rights violator and can now go about violating citizen's rights with impunity. They won't recognize it as such.

    Congress writes the laws that police must enforce. But congress gets their ideas from the university professors of philosophy and social studies, and that's where the changes must be made. The progressive era spawned leftist intellectuals who control most of our colleges. The tea party era must support new intellectuals committed to individual rights and full laissez-faire capitalism.

    We must return our government to its original mandate of protecting individual rights. I think a lot of cops will welcome it.

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