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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gutsy Call

I have not written about the death of Osama Bin Laden, because for me, a decade later, it is more of a shrugging of the shoulders sentiment that I have. If they had captured and killed him in the first few weeks, or even months, it would have the impact of a job well-done, but this much later? Yeah, I'm glad he's dead and if it were me, it wouldn't have taken 16 hours to decide to kill him, it wouldn't have taken 16 seconds. Osama Bin Laden deserved a hit squad and that's exactly what he got. The Navy Seals are professionals who know how to neutralize a target in short order and they were used under the guise of warfare to execute an assassination. When was Osama Bin Laden read his Miranda rights? Hey, I'm glad they did it, but by Obama's own assessment, this was nothing short of an assassination and the idea that he would so quickly head out to spike the football and go into a victory dance over it is disgusting.

A leftist will always tell you what he is doing by denying it to your face. Therefore, Obama tells us he is not spiking the football, or using this to his political advantage, then quickly puts together a ceremony where he lays a wreath at Ground Zero...for what? It isn't the anniversary of 9/11. It isn't the end of any war in Afghanistan or Iraq. It isn't a victory over an army or a nation. The only thing that there is to celebrate is the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, an act that he takes full credit for. A moment that he has chosen to secure all to himself as if there were no human Navy Seals involved, but only mere Obamabots doing his distinct and direct bidding.

Barack Obama has taken the advantages of "enhanced interrogation techniques" and the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to achieve a photo op for his re-election campaign. He has done so after taking the political high-ground of denouncing such things as war crimes, as un-American and yet he sits atop the corpses of the men and women who fought to secure these prisoners and supply this evidence and raises the American flag, burying the staff into the bodies of those who sacrificed everything and thumps his chest with manly fervor.

The press, who daily spent gallons of ink defaming the policies of the Bush Administration as evil and grotesque clamor aboard the Barack Obama murder train and applaud with great enthusiasm. They beam with approval at his swagger, at his "gutsy" call, at his rugged determination to secure the body of Osama Bin Laden. What jackals they are, what Monty Python-like minstrels the press is for this pathetic attempt to rehabilitate the character of this dismal loser, to recast him not as a brilliant bracket picker, but as a barrel-chested leader of black ops. He is a fool and a buffoon and no amount of newsprint to the contrary can cover up the pile of dung they have helped to place on the nations living room carpet.

Yes, kill Osama Bin Laden, kill him dead, shoot him with your own hands. Have the SEALS arrest the criminal, bring him on board any Navy ship, hold him out at sea until Marine One can land and you can arrive with a 1911 and put the SOB out of his misery, then hold your blood-sprayed hand up that still grips the pistol and tell me about your "gutsy" call. Or, just leave it to the professionals and thank God every day that there was a George Bush and Guantanamo and "enhanced interrogation techniques" and you didn't have to lift a filthy little finger until you pointed it to your own chest on national television.

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  1. Bravo Sir. I saw this over at Hell on Earth and wanted any of my readers to see it. I cross posted on my blog. Regards, PISSED

  2. I knew Teh Won would grab credit for all the hard work that others did, but no way could I have ever put it as eloquently as you did.
    Bravo, T.L.!!!

  3. Thank you Jim and welcome Red Woman.

  4. Well said sir.
    Kevin III

  5. You wrote that as if you believe all the lies that both the Bush & Obama regimes, and government written history books have told the public via their government controlled propaganda outlets, such as MSM, Public indoctrination centers of lower and higher “learning”, etc.

    It has come to light, through unclassified government documents, and other sources, that every war, or military conflict that the US has ever been involved in starting with WWII, was justified by either an attack that was provoked by the US government, a false flag operation carrier out by the US government or by the US government flat out lying to the public to get public support.

    Major Generl Smedley Butler, one of the most highly decorated military men from the pre-World War II era, warned that the US military, even before WWII was waging war for profit rather than what the government indotrination centers have been training people to believe.
    Outgoing president Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the same thing live on the propaganda box some 25 years later.

    Why is it so difficult for seemingly intelligent people to put 2 and 2 together and get the right answer?

    This “war on terror” is no damn different than every other war that the military industrial complex and control freak ruling elite has ever gotten the US into.
    They are willingly and knowingly murdering US citizens and foreigners for their own profit and to gain total power and control over the people they purport to rule. Sadly with the full support of the men and women who’s children they are murdering.


    1. Obama is campaigning.
    2. The regime is drawing attention away from their murderous blunders in attempting to rationalize their coming efforts to disarm all American citizens.
    3. The foreign brown bogeyman terrorist story has run it’s course.
    Winning popular support for t he coming war on terror waged against US citizens on American soil, is going to require an American born brown bogeyman terrorist, for the mindless masses to be frightened of. And likely another false flag operation. After all the propaganda machine is cranking out the story that OBL was planing an anniversary attack. Surly when it happens, the propaganda box will tell us that OBLs American born predecessor was working with OBL and carried out his plan.

    No one will question the propaganda box.
    Fathers and mothers will willing give their children over to the rulers to be sacrificed in the name of profit and power.
    There will be elections and debates on weather a republicrate or demican president is best qualified to lead in the further murder of millions. And debates about which criminal murdering scumbag should get all the credit for the bread and circuses that we are so fortunate to be provided with by our benevolent rulers.

    You may have freed yourself of the burdens of operating a business under the repressive controls of the US government, but your mind is still imprisoned by their propaganda.

    “Or, just leave it to the professionals and thank God every day that there was a George Bush and Guantanamo and "enhanced interrogation techniques" “

    I’m going to go throw up now.


  6. Mr. Walker, let me point something out to you, if you don't mind. Given everything you have written, what possible difference can I make? There may be no difference between any of the powerful versus the people like us, but I don't see how focusing on things we cannot change gets us anywhere. Okay, I am aware of your points and agree with you on a lot of them, but sooner or later there comes a "then what" moment. What is your "then what" answer? Where do we go from here, what do we do about it?
    All I was focusing on in this post was the injustice being done by THIS president, the one we can take action against in the future by voting him out of office. No, that doesn't change the whole system, but no one has explained to me how we do fix the whole system.

  7. T.L.

    What we can do is rebuild After The Whole System Falls flat on it's face. Hyperinflation, Fiat Collapse, Terrorist Attack, Some kind of disaster will happen all we can do is be ready to survive and be ready to rebuild. Getting rid of Obama is a great idea one I fully support. But getting rid of one man will not stop the end that is coming.

    A certain song by Crosby Stills and Nash, Teach your Children Well, I Believe(hope)I have done that much. Because THEY are the ones that will be left with most of the work of rebuilding a new republic.

    And Mr.Walker what can I do about history except try to be sure that it is not forgoten. The Future is what we can do somthing about. I plan on building for a real future, one with Freedom and Liberty for my People(read tribe)to live in.


  8. Dennis, I concur. But the end has to come before we can act, I and others have tried to forestall the inevitable and the rest are not ready, they are not going to be proactive, they are going to be reactive, but they will be waiting for the handouts, I intend to take what I want. Which, is liberty.

  9. BTW Oboma with a Pistol in HIS Hand Never happen My Friend.


  10. TL,
    I had, as usual, a long winded response, the site rejected it, I don’t know why, anyway.

    You don’t fix the system. The system is illegitimate and evil. At most you fight it, at least you ignore it.

    Most importantly we must learn from history. Not just learn and remember history. Learn FROM history. There is a pattern. People keep playing along although the patter keeps repeating itself and the outcome is never good.

    “Naturally the common people don't want war... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders... All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism.” ~ Herman Goering

    This is what they are doing. Sadly the “patriot” community continues to play right into their hands. It will all fall apart at some time, to play along is only to prolong the decent into total tyranny.


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