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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fighting Back

Everyday I read blogs and news stories. Everyday I am more and more astonished at what passes by either unnoticed or unaddressed. There are daily instances of rampant socialism, communism, Marxism being taught in the schools. The environmental movement is nothing more than classed up Marxism. It isn't so much that these things are out there and readily available, but that there seems to be an out and out antagonism toward our own system of government by our system of government. It moves and changes to accommodate whatever Marxist policy that is needed to further enslave the people. There is no resistance.

The problem is not only that there is no resistance, there is out and out advocacy for Marxist socialism without response. The blogs report it, point it out, write posts about it, but it goes no further.

It seems to me there has to be some identification of some targets here. It's easy to complain and write about it. It's easy to commiserate with others who feel the same way. These people are direct opponents to the Constitution, to your rights, to even the concept of a republic, where principles dictate laws rather than the majority opinion.

This issue arrived through another post. There is a question as to what being a patriot is all about, what being loyal is. I mean if being loyal to the United States is merely abiding by what the elected leaders tell us, then what do we need a Constitution for? All we would need would be a means of electing officials, then they could tell us what is legal every day. There would be no need of a Bill of Rights, or a Constitution at all. If there is no condition under which one might resist the power of government so long as elections take place, but there is no Constitution to tell us who a citizen is, who is capable of voting, or, as in the current situation there is no way to keep someone from voting without proof of citizenship, if there is no boundaries on citizenship, then the whole world might vote in our elections and choose for us to give them our taxes. Foreign aid would be our only expense.

Otherwise, there must be some limits on acceptance of authority. There must be some causes worth resistance. When I look out on the events of the past few years I realize that we are cattle and there is no stopping the train to the slaughterhouse. What feeble resistance I have been able to put up is dwarfed by the enormity of the machine which daily oppresses my brothers and sisters in liberty.

The fact is, if there is ever going to be any resistance to the steam-roller of Marxism there needs to be some targets established. We need to identify those working openly to destroy our Constitution. There needs to be a ranking of those targets. It seems to me if they can openly attack us, we should be able to openly attack them. If they can denigrate freedom and justice, should we not be able to denigrate their Marxist policies without apology?

We should be deciding how to attack these organizations within the law, ways to engage them in lawsuits, keep them buried in regulations. What regulations have been heaped upon the unions? We need to find ways to hang some weights on their efforts the way gun rights are constantly being defended.

Here's the thing: the prototypical American wants to be left in liberty to pursue happiness, nothing more. That desire for independence has led to isolation. That desire for liberty has led to an unwillingness to encumber the enemies of liberty. We are in a box, what we find important about America is being destroyed before our eyes and our principles prevent us from reacting in kind to those determined to bring it down. This has to change.

Our fight, instead of being individual pursuits to beat back the oppressors must become a coordinated effort to encumber them with regulations, with lawsuits, with restrictions. Take the fluorescent light bulb, we should be mounting attacks against the mercury used in its production, calling it the "poison" bulb, pointing out the irresponsibility of the average stupid American that will lead inevitably to these light bulbs being discarded in landfills to poison the water table.

We need to Alinsky them right back. Identify the enemy, isolate it and destroy it. Start with the easiest first, the poison bulb, just to get our feet wet.


  1. We need to Alinsky them right back. Identify the enemy, isolate it and destroy it. Start with the easiest first, the poison bulb, just to get our feet wet.
    Right on.

  2. By what means do you propose to “encumber them with regulations, with lawsuits, with restrictions” without encumbering yourself and every other citizen with the same?

    That game’s been played, it’s called politics. One group of people wielding the weapon of government against another group of people.

    "Who does what to whom?" ~ The central question of politics, according to Vladimir Lenin.

    The only solution for honest, moral, free persons is to remove this weapon. As it is immoral to inflict the force of government onto anyone.

    I’ll go away soon TL. I’ll find another pot to stir.


  3. Defining the "goal" as "deciding how to attack these organizations within the law, ways to engage them in lawsuits, keep them buried in regulations" is a mistake we will regret.

    I believe that this idea is flawed because THEY make the laws. The definition of legal is decided by the enemy. The enemy uses federal and local forces to enforce those laws.

    The ongoing revolutions in the middle east (though we have yet to see the end result) were ALL started through civil disobedience, not by being well behaved proper gentlemen and gentle ladies.

    These people will not be removed from their political pulpits by using the political systems they design and control directly.

    Though, you won't see me or any other bloggers stating that the system needs to be confronted directly by all means neccessary, even if that's what needs to be done.

  4. "Though, you won't see me or any other bloggers stating that the system needs to be confronted directly by all means neccessary, even if that's what needs to be done."

    And therein lies the problem.


  5. You started talking about "targets" and my right index finger began twitching involuntarily!

  6. got my vote T.L.
    Fighting back legally is always preferable, it must first be tried to exhaustion.
    Resorting to violence is easy yet rarely effective.
    The mind can be a very powerful weapon...

  7. Yes, they control the means of legislation, but not forever and if you all haven't figured it out already, we have already been regulated into slavery and those who haven't have been those willing to enslave us. We are not more enslaved because we include them in ours, just the opposite as they try to get out the snares intended just for us, they give us a loophole through which they have crawled.

  8. The people of Libya and Egypt didn't worm their way into the political cesspool of their country. They destroyed it. They all came together, physically interrupted everyday business and travel, and said "No."

    These people didn't use guns at first, but rather it was a REACTION to the killing of innocent protesters. The public support FOR the protesters regardless of the end goal was incredible and led directly to NATO action to "protect" the Libyan insurgency.

    Eventually, in Egypt, after blood and outrage of the PUBLIC, capitulation occurred. We have to get to that mass and scale.

    It's much easier to say "we need to out think them" than it is to camp out for 2 weeks straight dodging INCOMING rocks and bullets with little to no food, water, shelter, or medical attention.

    You don't need guns to get enough people together to say "I'm done with you."

    The government will either capitulate and the entire system will be rewritten from scratch or, it will fire on it's citizens. These are the only 2 possible outcomes i personally see for our country. The latter outcome is what will precipitate an armed citizenry to stand up. We will all see the moment if it comes so don't worry about "missing it" though i doubt many people are really ready for what that actually means.

    There is nothing in our political system that is salvagable in it's current form other than the physical assets the government owns. We know this, we see it, we see the budget numbers, we see the commodities skyrocket, we see red and black lines creeping to the top right or bottom right of all the graphs.

    You have the attention of a group of people willing to do what it takes, do something with it instead of saying the same things people have been saying for years without any action (no offense meant to you specifically, the problem is US, the problem is america).

    Your solution is to legislate from within? When are you running? What position? State? Federal?

    When i say "i'm willing to lay down my life for the chance for freedom" that doesn't mean i want to go around shooting random people in the face. It means that i am willing to go as far as it needs to go, but before that we need to take a step forward.

    Who's going to take the first step?

    What's the first step?

    Lets decide, right now.

  9. I'm with you ANON, let's decide. I mean I have been doing everything I can to convince people that something needs to be done, but I am now convinced that we need to do everything right now, and if that gives some people license to go about things as I have described here, then that gets them moving. We all know there is a greater degree of movement needed than the average comfy recipient of the government largesse is ever going to be willing to go, but there need to be degrees of actions that different folks can endorse and participate in. That was my point. Let's just decide on something legal right now to get back in their face, is my point.

  10. Anon @ 4:04, you nailed it.

    If enough Americans would just loose the illusion that somehow the government and it’s laws are all powerful and that somehow working with/within this corrupt system is moral, and simply refuse to submit, it will be the government that resorts to violence, 100% money back guarantee.
    It happens every single day in this country on a small enough scale that the government has the resources to keep the upper hand and maintain the illusion of legitimacy.
    Your right, there are not enough people willing to accept the personal responsibility that will be required of them once they say no to the nanny state in numbers that will result in the collapse of the nanny state.

    So the straw man argument that assumes there are only two choices, 1) to summit and play by your oppressors rules, or 2) to become the aggressor, is always the stand by default argument to end any meaningful discussion.
    “Fighting back legally is always preferable, it must first be tried to exhaustion.
    Resorting to violence is easy yet rarely effective.”

    Check out Larken Roses’ video, The Tiny Dot Explained.

    Sums it up in 10 minutes.


  11. After spending 2 weeks in DC last March 2010 while the Obamacare push was coming to a close, I witnessed at the Capitol and in the halls of Congress that not many people care enough to sacrifice. Most days there was only 1 person protesting in front of the Capitol. In the halls of Congress there were only a few lobbyists most offices just had their million dollar staffs, occasionaly answering the phones.
    They ain't worried about nothing there cause nobody is causing them any problem or giving them any pressure.
    There should be a blog that keeps track of everything they have been doing for the last 2 1/2 years. Most people don't keep track of anything going on.

  12. I was thinking... What would happen if at every local EPA office, the employees came to work on Monday morning to find 20 or 30 of these poison light bulbs smashed on the front steps? How about the local environmentalist office, or even the local politicians office? Just wondering

  13. Linked and quoted at

    Good article and excellent commentary. The problem as I see it, ( And I include myself), is that a lot of people are fed up with the status quo and know there's something wrong, but are too lazy to do anything about it. Or they want to do something, but don't know or are unsure of what they can do. It's all well and good to say we need a revolution, but who's going to lead it? And how many people are fed up enough to join it?

  14. We need something to rally to.. a common sign or signal everyone can promote and spread across the country.. something like the Obama Clown face or the lll% sign.. anything thats simple to spray pain or draw by hand.. then put it everywhere.. on buildings, signs cop cars.. on everything as a sign of protest that we know they' are against us.
    We dont need any dead heros just yet but we need to show our domestic enemy that we are awake and they are on notice.
    God helps those who help themselves.. Its time we started.

    *funny but my comment yesterday is gone.

  15. Spitnyri: Mike Vanderboegh promoted the III Sticker Campaign a while back, which I still think is the best idea I have seen for building momentuim and challenging the Status Quo.

    It is something within means of each of us, non-violent, and makes a political statement.

    It is win-win.


  16. Kerodin: Not enough of the genpop will identify with it as good as it is.. we need something HS and JHS kids cn pick up on and working people can promote quick and dirty like maybe a circle dot bullseye looks like a tit. I wouldnt promote stickers because they have prints on them.

  17. This is not very hard to do.
    It requires normal Americans getting politically involved.

    Regarding the schools:

    1. Pay attention to your kid's curriculum, and push back. Get to know the other parents and get them involved.
    2. Join your PTA, run for local school board's parent slots - and use that position to examine the curriculum.
    3. Publicize the issue in your community - good old door-to-door concerned-neighbor "community organizing".

    Is this Alinksy? Or just being civic-minded? Doesn't matter - anyone can do it.

    These positions often function as springboards to other local involvement - "I'm voting for Terry for the town council, she was honest and did good work on the PTA/school board."

    Every political organization depends on these grass roots at the precinct level.

    This site - and the videos on this page - show how important grass roots are:

    That's what "liberty" and "democracy" mean.

    So get off your butt and start in your community.

  18. “No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.” – Frederick Douglass ( former slave)

  19. @Spitnyri: "we need something HS and JHS kids cn pick up on and working people can promote quick and dirty like"

    Simon Jester logo.

  20. Anon 4:04 said " they didn't use guns at first...". Uhh ... that's because they don't HAVE any. See how the unarmed fight tyranny here:

  21. Simon Jester rocks.

  22. First Americans must find the courage to do something rather than just rant and rave.

    "Home of the brave" - REALLY??!!

    Frankly, I've not seen it.

    The FBI has visited me, how about you?


  23. How about everyone go to their finance manager and increase the monthly exemptions so NO Income Taxes are withheld from their paychecks each month. Starve the arsehats! That's legal.

    Now the hard part: don't file income tax returns next year! This will ONLY work if multiple millions of Americans have the courage to participate.

    Anyone know how many IRS agents there are total?

    I think there are only around 25,000 FBI agents total.

    The point is that IF enough Americans participate, they simply DO NOT have the resources to arrest and prosecute. The more Americans that participate the more effective the protest! The government will be FORCED to negotiate with us and offer some kind of amnesty program. But only AFTER we bring them to their knees.

    Just sayin'



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