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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I spend most of my time writing these posts trying not to say what needs to be said. I word it cleverly to stay on the right side of the law and propriety. I avoid calling for any sort of action to be taken as that is a violation of the First Amendment protections against free speech, it goes a bit too far, you see. But, I am growing weary of playing a lop-sided game. I am growing weary of police who strut about with guns on their hips, badges on their chests and malice in their hearts.

Don't get me wrong, as far as policemen are concerned, I believe that most of them are honorably doing their jobs to protect us from criminals. They have families and a legitimate concern for the society in which they live. Yet, where are these men and women when the "bad" cops do their business? Where are the responsible cops when the Pima County SWAT shoots the crap out of a veteran? Are they quiet because they are also guilty of rigging evidence, of lying under oath, of fraudulently filling out warrants, of lying on their resumes? Let the first honest cop point the finger at the rest. Or, are there any left? And, if not, then what the hell is there to wait for?

Many of my readers are cops or former cops, I know that. Many believe the Constitution is being violated as much as I do, but do the average joes need to do it all alone? Where are the cops who know what we know? Won't they give up their "edge" in court to provide the proof that the Constitution is a mere rag with which to wipe Barack Obama's ass? Won't they stand with the people and the document they are sworn to protect? Are they mere lap dogs for the political class that is right now planning their executions once the totalitarianism they have devised is in full implementation? Do they not realize that once they have been used to enslave and terrify the masses that the gigantic governmental monster will no longer need them when they have an army to enforce the peace? Posse Comitatus? Is that the flimsy little law that the cops hope will protect them once all other rights and laws have been violated?

It is a tough thing to look down the road at actual resistance, active subversion and see the path for the rugged footing it has in store. I walked out of my house the other day recognizing that it would come down to a fight. I looked at my pickup and imagined it riddled with bullets, blood splattered all over the seat, knowing that it would be my blood and my lifeless corpse in the front seat after a confrontation with the police. They could explain it off as a domestic terrorist yelling about the Constitution. They didn't know what I would do, they could say. They could claim that I held up something that looked like a weapon and they did find a hunting knife in the cab of the truck. All justified, you see, 'cause he was one of those Tea Party types, the Second Amendment whackos, etc.

The trouble is, folks, we have already seen it. It wasn't me this time, it was a veteran in an Arizona city, but it is coming my way. I feel it like a wave building on the sea, irresistable, daunting and unavoidable.

I went back into the house and talked to my wife. I told her that things were going to get out of control, that the cops would never stop, the politicians who govern them would never back down. Is it worth it? Is it? What do we leave our children when we go? Do we leave a budding movement toward liberty, or a collectivist hell? Do we preside over the last full gasp of liberty on the planet? Is that the legacy that you want carved into your headstone?

I have been counseled to back down, to take it easy, to remember that there is more to this than a flash in the pan, a moment of explosion. I should wait, I know, but for what? The war started in Arizona a few weeks ago. It started in Indiana a few days before that. Those are the battles already lost. Those are the lines already drawn and violated. Now, we can all sit around and pretend that there is something bigger coming, that there will be a time to fight back, but that is a lie. The time is now. But, what to do, what to do, what to do?

First things first, let's choose up sides. Oathkeepers first! Choose and live with the consequences of your choice. See, the rest of us are waiting for the cops to abide by their oaths, to do the right thing. If they don't they will be choosing the opposite side from the people. They will be choosing to be the oppressor over the liberator. It is time to choose and it's your turn. Do not blame us if we take your silence for a decision, because it is.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Suits and Badges

Consider this contribution from WRSA, Suits and Badges. Folks, I know it seems like this system can go on forever continually destroying everything it ever meant to be an American and they (suits and badges) can make anything they want out of a Constitution that is not continually and vigorously defended, but consider your role in the society you see rising, the society that you detest.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are You Too Proud To Be An American?

America is not a place, it is a set of ideals. All it takes to become an American is to embrace these ideals. As far as I am concerned, Bibi Netanyahu is an American. I would further venture to say that even if one were born in America, that is not enough. If one has spent their entire life undercutting, demeaning and undermining these same values, they have become something other than American, they have become an ideologue and deserving of the title traitor. Now, if such person is not in the government there is little that can be done, but if that person were to be the President of the United States, that would be grounds for investigation of treason, in my opinion.

I don't expect anyone to bring Barack Obama up on charges of treason, nor would I suggest that route, that would be giving him too much weight in the overall scheme of things, taking his impact on this nation a step further than he deserves. It would be plenty just to dump him off of his throne and treat him like an ordinary person, that would bother him more than any trial where he might justify his actions.

I am not talking about patriotism here. Americanism is an obedience to the Constitution, a reverence for it, a willingness to comply with it, to honor it. There has been a great movement of late to destroy Americanism, to replace it with some sort of quasi-Europeanism. An understanding of Americanism has waned. Do you know what it is? John Wayne was an American, before the 1960's generation tried to dismantle his creed and replace it with someone they found more noble, someone like John Lennon.

I was asked one time by a preacher if I wouldn't like world peace. I told him "no sir, I wouldn't like that at all." He was a bit surprised and asked me why I wouldn't care for world peace. My answer to him is something you all should think about when people speak of peace. The only way for the world to find peace is through oppression. Anywhere ideas are free to be expressed there will be disagreement, conflict and war. Peace can only be purchased by oppression and tyranny. Peace is preferred by those willing to do anything other than endure conflict. They value peace over freedom. They prefer your imprisonment over their discomfort.

Whether you realize it or not  you are being asked if you are an American. Many of your brethren have chosen to be Idol Watchers, or Sports Watchers. They have chosen to distract themselves. Don't worry about them, they are of no use to you or to your enemies. They are the lost and malleable. Others have held onto their former allegiances to their homeland. But, you are being asked everyday if you are an American. You know what it takes to be one. SO, are you? Can you prove it? What are you willing to do to ensure it? The fact is that question is right now going unanswered. Silence. It ain't no, yet, but it ain't yes, either.

The longer that question goes unanswered, the more it will take to answer it. They are making laws against being American and have been for a long time. When you decide to be an American, it may be too late, it may be completely illegal. What will you do then? Or, are you just too proud to be an American anymore? It might be too much trouble, it might make you unpopular.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Price of Propriety

There comes a time when almost everything that needs to be said has been said. While I am not going to shut down any of these websites, I can say that for my part I have said most of what I have to say. The issues are not changing. The degrees to which liberty is being stolen is only increasing. The ways and instances of unconstitutional actions by the government are multiplying, erasing our rights one by one. No one will stand to defend them.

I have looked out on the nation, straining my eyes to see the coming wave of patriotic defenders of liberty and am lost in darkness and (mostly) alone. I have called for action into the hollowness and received echoes. I have taken small steps of resistance on my own, but they are a pathetic cry of futility if they are anything at all.

There are those like Bill Nye who have  put their ass on the line for their beliefs. I have done the same in certain ways, though not as boldly as he has. There are others, who, from within their personal limits, have taken steps toward resistance. All of these things are done from comfort, upholding one principle, but letting others go. There is resistance, but not engagement; there is defiance, but not subversion. Mayberry has, from within his principled limitations, done as much as possible to deny TPTB their coin. I encourage all of these actions, but recognize their ultimate limits.

The reason there is a limit to what we will all do, is that none of us want to go to prison. None of us want our families to suffer for our political stance and beliefs. We all think that there will come a time when climbing out of the hole and making a stand will be necessary, though we disagree on the justification for that act.

We are held captive to our own sense of propriety. I don't want to be labeled a mere vandal, though I find vandalizing government property, disrupting their communication, interfering with their capabilities to disseminate information a legitimate target in this struggle. It is no different from what our troops make a priority in any conflict: disrupt command and control through the use of destruction. I don't want to be labeled a tax cheat, but I find refusing to pay taxes wherever and whenever possible a legitimate means of starving the monkey. I don't want to be labeled a criminal, but I refuse to answer threatening letters from the IRS, or the Colorado Department of the Treasury. I just won't.

No matter what I do, it will all be made to look cheap and radical. Making a fool of resistance is the best way to discourage it. The government is smarter than to legitimize these actions by confronting them with force, that might lead to the rising out of the hole scenario that they dread. It is much easier to arrest one or two of us and label the whole liberty movement as ridiculous extremists. They can't wait for us to make some sort of overt move, but they can't expose and ridicule a series of seemingly unrelated inconveniences to their operations.

While I might grow weary of saying the same things I have said a million times, I will not grow tired of shoving a broomstick into the spokes of the wheel of injustice. I would rather act than speak, do than tell. But, if we were able to safely cause continued havoc and disrupt their operations as often as possible we would be able to effect an outcome with little or no threat to ourselves. One might say that to do so would be to prevent the authorities from taking legitimate action, to which I would reply that there is no legitimate action of a government in clear and absolute violation of the social contract we refer to as the Constitution of the United States of America.

Even if the authorities were able to do good, it would be from the seed of violence against the people. They might catch thieves, but if the imprisonment of the innocent is the method, no good can be done. This is the TSA in a nutshell. They propose to ensure safety by subjecting all to illegal searches and seizures that are in violent contradiction with the social contract.

I believe, at this point in time, there has been enough injustice done to recognize our government as being in violation of the treaty between the American people and their government. They have exceeded the reasonable exception clause in the Declaration of Independence and have become destructive to the causes for which this nation was established. It is not our right, but our duty to our posterity to do something about it. To starve the monkeys; to deny them the coin; to disrupt their communication; to hinder their operations in whatever way possible: through lawsuits; through vandalism; through resistance of any sort.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Honor Among Thieves

The revelations about the Indiana Supreme Court ruling that essentially says that an officer of the law might enter any building at any time and force to repel the invasion is unlawful only cements the oft-opined sentiments I have made over the past few months. When they outlaw liberty, one has a choice of being a law-abiding slave, or a criminal. Systematically governments of every form have disposed with the rights of the people to better establish the control of the state, theoretically for the good of all, but rarely is that demonstrated.

The basic premise has always been that one's liberty is only limited by the infringement of liberties of others. That one might swing a fist so long as it does not come in contact with another. But, that is never quite enough for the state. There soon arrives on the scene a "sense" of danger to others so that making the fist is a threat, a form of violence in itself. that must be stricken from acceptable behavior. Then, since all action begins with thought, having thoughts of violence must be identified, reported and dealt with. Then, just to preserve the peace, the state will identify those who come from a particular group of individuals who have in the past demonstrated the thoughts that could have led to violence and that group must be identified, revealed and sequestered. This must be done to preserve the peace of the "just" and "righteous."

This is no longer theory. We are in the process of the devolution of society. We are standing midstream in the wave of the anti-liberty process. We are watching the political and social disintegration of that which made America not only great, but exceptional. Once we allowed these concepts to present themselves in our society without being shattered, smashed and roundly rejected we became susceptible to their arguments. Those who felt weak and unable to compete on a level playing field began to tip it, not so much in their direction, but away from those things that made the society strong.

The simplicity of this is amazing. The people we have charged with the protection of our system have no reason to protect it and in fact have every reason to demolish it. A system formed to empower the individual requires individuals to protect it. It was never considered by the founders of this system that the people themselves would become antagonistic to liberty. It would the the equivalent of discovering that birds would rather walk than fly. What they did not account for was the prospect that we could fool ourselves into believing that the pool into which we threw our taxes would become an ocean of largess from which to perpetually draw.

Now, unable to pay off our citizens with that promised largess, the government is seeking the means to lay the blame at the feet of the producers. It was the practice of letting too many people keep too much of their money that led to you not being able to continue to draw cash from them perpetually. In other words, your laziness can no longer be supported by the workers, so the workers must be punished. Recently, Tim Geithner stole the pension funds from the government workers to stave off the consequences of the previous congress from passing a budget. That seems like a horrible thing to do, but it is exactly what they have been doing to the rest of us for years. They stole the funds in the Social Security program to pay for all of the things they wanted and promised that they would "make us whole" too, when we retired. Why do the government workers think they should get a better deal than the rest of us? Because they believe they are special, that the raiders and plunderers are working with them against the rest of us. Well, unlike the old saying, in this case, there is no honor among thieves.

I know it seems like two issues have been addressed in this post, but if you take a look at it, they are the same. The power of the state enables the theft of the treasure. The only difference being what each of you treasure.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fighting Back

Everyday I read blogs and news stories. Everyday I am more and more astonished at what passes by either unnoticed or unaddressed. There are daily instances of rampant socialism, communism, Marxism being taught in the schools. The environmental movement is nothing more than classed up Marxism. It isn't so much that these things are out there and readily available, but that there seems to be an out and out antagonism toward our own system of government by our system of government. It moves and changes to accommodate whatever Marxist policy that is needed to further enslave the people. There is no resistance.

The problem is not only that there is no resistance, there is out and out advocacy for Marxist socialism without response. The blogs report it, point it out, write posts about it, but it goes no further.

It seems to me there has to be some identification of some targets here. It's easy to complain and write about it. It's easy to commiserate with others who feel the same way. These people are direct opponents to the Constitution, to your rights, to even the concept of a republic, where principles dictate laws rather than the majority opinion.

This issue arrived through another post. There is a question as to what being a patriot is all about, what being loyal is. I mean if being loyal to the United States is merely abiding by what the elected leaders tell us, then what do we need a Constitution for? All we would need would be a means of electing officials, then they could tell us what is legal every day. There would be no need of a Bill of Rights, or a Constitution at all. If there is no condition under which one might resist the power of government so long as elections take place, but there is no Constitution to tell us who a citizen is, who is capable of voting, or, as in the current situation there is no way to keep someone from voting without proof of citizenship, if there is no boundaries on citizenship, then the whole world might vote in our elections and choose for us to give them our taxes. Foreign aid would be our only expense.

Otherwise, there must be some limits on acceptance of authority. There must be some causes worth resistance. When I look out on the events of the past few years I realize that we are cattle and there is no stopping the train to the slaughterhouse. What feeble resistance I have been able to put up is dwarfed by the enormity of the machine which daily oppresses my brothers and sisters in liberty.

The fact is, if there is ever going to be any resistance to the steam-roller of Marxism there needs to be some targets established. We need to identify those working openly to destroy our Constitution. There needs to be a ranking of those targets. It seems to me if they can openly attack us, we should be able to openly attack them. If they can denigrate freedom and justice, should we not be able to denigrate their Marxist policies without apology?

We should be deciding how to attack these organizations within the law, ways to engage them in lawsuits, keep them buried in regulations. What regulations have been heaped upon the unions? We need to find ways to hang some weights on their efforts the way gun rights are constantly being defended.

Here's the thing: the prototypical American wants to be left in liberty to pursue happiness, nothing more. That desire for independence has led to isolation. That desire for liberty has led to an unwillingness to encumber the enemies of liberty. We are in a box, what we find important about America is being destroyed before our eyes and our principles prevent us from reacting in kind to those determined to bring it down. This has to change.

Our fight, instead of being individual pursuits to beat back the oppressors must become a coordinated effort to encumber them with regulations, with lawsuits, with restrictions. Take the fluorescent light bulb, we should be mounting attacks against the mercury used in its production, calling it the "poison" bulb, pointing out the irresponsibility of the average stupid American that will lead inevitably to these light bulbs being discarded in landfills to poison the water table.

We need to Alinsky them right back. Identify the enemy, isolate it and destroy it. Start with the easiest first, the poison bulb, just to get our feet wet.

Monday, May 9, 2011


The end of the Republican Party is nigh. If you have not seen the writing on the wall, you have been pleasantly dozing through the events of the past few weeks. Look out at the candidates for office for the Republican Party. The best bet, in my opinion, is Herman Cain, a businessman with loads of common sense and an understanding of the ravages the Obama Administration has unleashed on the small businessman.

Now we see the resistance to men like Herman Cain by the Republican Party. The "can't win" birds are chirping ever louder; trying desperately to break the spell the Tea Party has had on candidates in the past election. The insiders feel threatened by the Tea Party, by people exactly like you. They are threatened by people who mean what they say. They are threatened by people who will stand on principle, who will fight for the ideals of those who elect them. That is not supposed to be the template for success. The template for success does not include the intolerant and childish indulgences of the unwashed masses, i.e. conservatives.

The problem with this sort of thinking is that it leads inevitably to the absolute destruction of the Republican Party.

Here's the narrative being pushed by the Mainstream Media and the so-called Republican Party. The Tea Party is dead, no one with the endorsement of the Tea Party will be able to win an election against Barack Obama. This works to the advantage of Obama, who is now being touted by the same people as "a rugged, strong silent prototypical American." The idea is to secure the nomination for a Republican the Democrats can work with to alleviate the risk to the Democrats who fear a return to Constitutional principles and the reduction of social programs that serve to "buy off" their voters.

Well, if the Republican Party tries to shove some Obama sycophant off as an answer to the problems of this country I will turn my back on the Republican Party forever and seek its destruction in favor of the Constitution. I don't know if that means an actual Tea Party, or if it means compromising even on my anti-drug stance to vote much more Libertarian than I am willing to at this point in time.

I know there are those who read this blog who believe all political parties to be bought off, commenters like Mr. Walker, and I agree with him to a great degree. How do we start all over? We destroy the Republican and the Democratic Party. We should seek to do so right now, by any means. This government is dysfunctional and incapable of discharging the crucial duties that it has, i.e., securing the borders, abiding by a budget, defending liberty and defending the Constitution.

To do so, to destroy just the Republican Party, would only secure victory for the Democrats, we need to destroy both political parties. For people like myself, I might just use my life-long membership in the Democratic Party to start trouble within. I might go on liberal websites and point out that Barack Obama has sold them out, who has betrayed the liberal ethic, who could have given amnesty, but didn't who became a puppet of the corporate powers like GE, etc.

Either way, it is time to ACT.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gutsy Call

I have not written about the death of Osama Bin Laden, because for me, a decade later, it is more of a shrugging of the shoulders sentiment that I have. If they had captured and killed him in the first few weeks, or even months, it would have the impact of a job well-done, but this much later? Yeah, I'm glad he's dead and if it were me, it wouldn't have taken 16 hours to decide to kill him, it wouldn't have taken 16 seconds. Osama Bin Laden deserved a hit squad and that's exactly what he got. The Navy Seals are professionals who know how to neutralize a target in short order and they were used under the guise of warfare to execute an assassination. When was Osama Bin Laden read his Miranda rights? Hey, I'm glad they did it, but by Obama's own assessment, this was nothing short of an assassination and the idea that he would so quickly head out to spike the football and go into a victory dance over it is disgusting.

A leftist will always tell you what he is doing by denying it to your face. Therefore, Obama tells us he is not spiking the football, or using this to his political advantage, then quickly puts together a ceremony where he lays a wreath at Ground Zero...for what? It isn't the anniversary of 9/11. It isn't the end of any war in Afghanistan or Iraq. It isn't a victory over an army or a nation. The only thing that there is to celebrate is the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, an act that he takes full credit for. A moment that he has chosen to secure all to himself as if there were no human Navy Seals involved, but only mere Obamabots doing his distinct and direct bidding.

Barack Obama has taken the advantages of "enhanced interrogation techniques" and the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to achieve a photo op for his re-election campaign. He has done so after taking the political high-ground of denouncing such things as war crimes, as un-American and yet he sits atop the corpses of the men and women who fought to secure these prisoners and supply this evidence and raises the American flag, burying the staff into the bodies of those who sacrificed everything and thumps his chest with manly fervor.

The press, who daily spent gallons of ink defaming the policies of the Bush Administration as evil and grotesque clamor aboard the Barack Obama murder train and applaud with great enthusiasm. They beam with approval at his swagger, at his "gutsy" call, at his rugged determination to secure the body of Osama Bin Laden. What jackals they are, what Monty Python-like minstrels the press is for this pathetic attempt to rehabilitate the character of this dismal loser, to recast him not as a brilliant bracket picker, but as a barrel-chested leader of black ops. He is a fool and a buffoon and no amount of newsprint to the contrary can cover up the pile of dung they have helped to place on the nations living room carpet.

Yes, kill Osama Bin Laden, kill him dead, shoot him with your own hands. Have the SEALS arrest the criminal, bring him on board any Navy ship, hold him out at sea until Marine One can land and you can arrive with a 1911 and put the SOB out of his misery, then hold your blood-sprayed hand up that still grips the pistol and tell me about your "gutsy" call. Or, just leave it to the professionals and thank God every day that there was a George Bush and Guantanamo and "enhanced interrogation techniques" and you didn't have to lift a filthy little finger until you pointed it to your own chest on national television.

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