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Friday, April 22, 2011

To Dine As Slave

As inspiration, I found this post at III% Patriots and the link it referenced. It wasn't Barack Obama who fundamentally changed America, it was every president before him going back to probably Woodrow Wilson with some notable contributors such as Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.

Barack Obama would not be possible on a path unpaved by these men. The fundamental change in America is the notion that someone owes us...something. When things go wrong in our lives, there should be someone to sue, or to blame, or to take care of our problems. Compassion is a good thing, it is still the best, most endearing aspect to the American character, but at the point of a gun (government) it is a sin, a crime and a betrayal all rolled into one.

As most know I am going through the liquidation of my business. I am looking around at all of the things that I have purchased, built, designed and brought forth as mere assets. Some of the things that are the most important to me are the things that are worth the least in cash value. They can and will take everything I worked a decade to build and I will still owe more than it is all worth in today's economy. In this process, I see the America that should be. Yes, take it all, it is yours for the debts I have accumulated. Let's pay it all off out of the salary I will make wherever I land.

The parallel I see between myself and the nation is that all of the great ideas have been discarded, everything purposely built destroyed, the value of everything reduced to pennies. As Kerodin points out, we have become a nation of beggars, feeding off our brother, cannibals. For allowing it to happen, we bear responsibility for it, we are impoverished by the debt we refused to pay, the debt of honor to the founding principles.

There is a reckoning coming and it will sweep us all up into the vortex of debt and duty I have lately discovered. It is clear by the rhetoric coming out of Washington that nothing will be done about the deficits, or the debt. It is clear that the Obama Administration is dedicated to bullying the press and the S&P to alter reality long enough to get him four more years with which to complete the transformation started so long ago, the transformation to complete obedience and fealty to the state.

We have fundamentally changed ourselves from being the world's frontiersmen to the world's beggars, the independent innovators to common imitators. America and Americans must stand now, or bow forever. It is simple, the mere acceptance of aid from the government is a capitulation to socialist state, a willing acceptance of the muzzle and the scraps. What was once great about America was its people and the spirit that built the nation, if they had known what we would do with it, they would have stayed in Britain.

This is a moment in time. Do we support the boldness of addressing our debts, or the greedy demand of the scraps? This is when we decide who we are. This is when we decide if there is anything left of the greatness of America. I pray there are enough left who see the dangers of socialism, or the value of each other to resist this ploy for the heart of the nation, to bring it down and crush it under the boot heel of dependence. Be bold, demand to starve as free rather than dine as slave.

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  1. This encapsulates, in large part, the reasons why "Atlas Shrugged (Part I)" made me tear up so many times while watching it last Friday.

  2. The inimitable Iowahawk summed up the state of modern America perfectly: "Atlas shrugged, bent over, and goatse'd."

  3. TL
    Your post is a prime example of why all blame should not be put on the current admin. They are but a long line of wanna be masters of our universe.
    The times, they are changing, if you don't adapt and only long for the good ol days. You will surely go the way of the Dodo bird.
    Everything is tied to oil
    It is falling behind demand
    simple fact that none seem to want to heed
    Science could get us out of this mess, but the right seems to want the dark ages to return.
    Oh well the ride was fun while it lasted...

  4. And no...Drill baby drill will not fix it, especially for our children's children

  5. Spud, you are wrong. I can't be more clear than that. I have studied the alternative energies and it would be a much better use of our resources to find the best, most efficient means of using natural gas, oil and nuclear energy to extend the life of our energy needs than to chase the illusion of wind and solar. By the way, the ONE alternative energy that could reduce the greater demand on our grid and provide more abundant electric energy for cars is Geothermal. Ask yourself this, since that is the ONE alternative energy that can help why is it NEVER mentioned? Why? Simple, you have to excavate Gaia to take advantage of it.

  6. Now did I mention either solar or wind ? I stated that science is the key. Both of those former ones have their place but cannot fill the gap. You are absolutely correct that geothermal is a very viable resource. The why is that you can't exactly charge per gallon or barrel for geo.
    Save the oil for manufacturing not burning.
    Science can indeed save us, if we loose our fear of fire.
    Everthin ain't political TL
    Greed comes from all parties
    Fear comes from ignorance

  7. Spud, what I had to say was not political, but one cannot deny the fact that the Gaia worshipers who are promoting solar and wind are NOT promoting the most viable, so in that sense THEY are being political. I'm just looking for REAL answers, not bs politically correct ones.

    My objection to what you wrote was that Drill Baby Drill won't get us out of it, but that is the only viable answer for today. How to use that natural gas and oil to its best efficiency is part of the answer.

    Someday we will be able to do a lot of things, but right now the politics of the EPA will not allow the smartest things to be done. That is political, but I am not the one being political.

  8. Actually in some ways it is political, because of the misinformation from both sides.
    Here in Florida, Passive solar could reduce domestic energy use by 25% through heating hot water in the home. Yet hardly anyone does. Why ?
    I'm talking simple convective loops that require very little input. Even though usually marketing gets so greedy that it takes several years to pay back.
    Nuclear is by far the long term solution. Waste fuel problem they say. I say, what waste fuel ?
    Put the crap into fuel cells to produce power for my damn car. It can be done.
    If people won't cut back their blatant waste of oil products, then they must be forced to, if anything by rationing. Not by price fixing, that is only destroying our economy.
    Save that crude for the future, we need it for pharmaceuticals and other manufactured goods. Not for some idiot in a gas guzzler that thinks speed limits are only suggestions.
    It ain't just a governmental problem, we in this country are the government. They are one in the same. The whole country needs an attitude adjustment.
    Just my lame opinions, which ain't worth squat.

  9. As a felon who served 3 years in Federal prison, I have a BOP perspective on receiving things. Whenever an Inmate wants something he is reminded "YOU GOT NOTHIN COMIN, DON'T ASK!"
    If we could get the Govt. in general to adopt this policy there might still be hope to save this country. To bad it will never happen.


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