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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Read and Decide

This is my blog and I have a right to say any damn thing I want. I brew my own beer and I have been for a while, not because I am a heavy beer drinker, but because I have a curiosity that extends to the idea that you can take some wheat, some barley, some water, some yeast and some hops and make a brew that will enhance your social abilities far beyond your normal extent. How that tastes and how that looks and what that means to me is private, it is creation that I am involved in and I give it the reverence that it deserves.

The question regards not beer, but the republic. Like any recipe, our Constitution contains the ingredients of a powerful brew full of success and prosperity, but the spoilers are always alert, dedicated to the ultimate destruction of the creation of America. I read Arctic Patriots's post today and I was inspired by it.

Look, I see two different Americas revealing themselves here. You have to choose which you will endorse. I am saying that there is more at stake than you can possibly imagine. We have been convinced that no matter what social mores are violated that America is strong enough to survive and even build on that struggle. We took slavery and abolished it. I am not a racist, but I would like to know where the damn "thank you" is from that deal! The descendants of former slaves act like no one took their cause to heart, that until Martin Luther King Jr, there was no appreciation for their struggle for freedom. Bullshit. Plenty of white crackers took their cause, their predicament to heart and ponied up. Did those in the South consider it a violation of property? Sure, wouldn't you? You freaking hypocrite, you would, trust me. Look into the real issues here and stop your reflexive demagoguery.

What I see is a distancing of the principles of this nation in order to accommodate a fallacious meme about how those who fought to preserve slavery were psychologically and habitually dedicated to the suppression of the African American.  It was an industry, nothing more or less to those who participated in it. Then, the English, the New Englanders, decided that it was immoral, unjust, and it was, clearly, but not for the haughty claims they suggest, they saw it as a trade issue, those who had to pay for labor and those who did not.

It was the greatest issue of our young republic for Heaven's sake! The soul of our republic was on the line. It was nothing other than the defining moment of the nation. The Democrats, steeped heavily in the economics of the South, chose the side of expediency. It was the Republicans who chose, as always, to stand on principle and to go to war to preserve the idea that some form of commerce, no matter how it might be embraced by half of the nation, is not given a moral pass due to the necessity of a certain group of growers and communities.

Now, the Democrats (by the way I am still a registered Democrat in hope that common decency will return) tried to make it a Democrat issue, but I do not allow myself to be distracted by their PR experts in the mainstream media. I understand that it is the way the Democrats have always operated: take an issue, lay blame on the Republicans and reap the political rewards.

Here is the problem and why I have not been able to vote for a Democrat since 1992, Democrats are liars and political hacks. They are centered around success rather than the success and vibrancy of our nation. If the two might be married together, then fine, but if only the success of Democrats can be achieved that will suffice in their conscience. This is a repugnant viewpoint and should be soundly defeated and demolished in favor of nationalism, in favor of pointing out the Constitutional issues that have risen popularly among the people.

I know they would like to take "the people" and make them over in THEIR vision of the future, but the truth is, "the people," if given the option, would select freedom over slavery,  liberty over coercion, Republicanism over Democratic doctrine. They would choose America for all of its uncertainties and risks over their social structure of obedience and symbiosis.

Be an American, read Arctic Patriot and decide. 


  1. Hey T.L. I know you don't mean to be, but you're funny when you get fired up. Something you might find interesting:

    By the way, hell yeah to the last paragraph.

  2. "The descendants of former slaves act like no one took their cause to heart, that until Martin Luther King Jr, there was no appreciation for their struggle for freedom. "

    You know - myself, descended from such a mixed bag ( Celts, German, English and Native American) , I still wonder what the fuss is. I mean - slavery is bad. We all agree. So let us ponder - is it worse when Africans sell captured rival tribal peoples to white men, or when Romans enslave the people of the lands that they conquer? Which is worse - the Pawnee making slaves of other tribes defeated in war, or the Aztecs enslaving the children ( having killed the men ) and the women, of peaceful native peoples that they had overcome in war? Are not slaves mentioned in both Testaments of the Christian Bible, or the Torah of our Jewish brethren? Tell me, were the pyramids of Egypt built by volunteers? If not, why are the descendants of those slaves not given reparations by today's Egyptians?
    No need to belabor the point, but the fact is that as far as I know, every race and nation, from the beginning of time, has had some long term encounter with slavery, but in most cases, when the times change, the people whose ancestors were slaves or bondservants, just get on with it.
    And believe me, I am the farthest thing form being 'racist' as you will ever find, yet I say in truth that there is only one group of people I am aware of who still play that tired old song about their great great grandparents. Newsflash - life sucked for my forebears too, and yours - but we don't much think anyone owes us anything.
    And that, IMHO, is the reason that some groups of folk move on and do great things.


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