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Friday, April 29, 2011

If A Patriot, Also A Criminal

I have not been posting as much lately. What has there been to write about anyway? The Birther Issue? I think Obama is a bad president, an opinion that has been borne out through his handling of the economic crisis. This is not to say that he has not pursued and largely achieved his economic goals, but he is a bad president because those goals are in direct conflict with what is best for the nation and the citizens thereof. I don't know if he was born here, or if the birth certificate is a fraud. But, if we should be rid of him, there are a lot better reasons, reasons that will work toward the overall health of the nation as a whole, for instance, because he has proposed, passed and relied upon violations of the Constitution to wield power.

Let's start with that. What part of the Constitution do we honor? Apparently we honor the part that describes how a president might be elected, but not what he has authority to do while in office. Once in office, if a Democrat, the power of the presidency is unbounded. He can go to war on a whim, without consent of the congress, which means without consent of the people. That, to me, is an impeachable offense and not one even George Bush attempted.

The president, (again, if a Democrat) can ignore the rulings of the court, destroy whole industries, direct the NLRB to bring charges against companies who do not place their manufacturing plants in heavily unionized labor markets.

All of this is and more are sheer outrages, outrages that seem to occupy the American concern not one bit. It is too late to blame a tame and obedient media for the lack of outrage. Everyone, by now, knows the media is nothing but a cheer leading section for any Democratic president. It has so thoroughly been catalogued at this point that it is redundant to continue to repeat it as if pointing out that the sky is blue, the sky is blue, the sky is blue.

I have not written as much lately because everyone knows what I have to say: this government is unconstitutional, it is criminal, in fact (ask any Mexican family mourning the loss of a loved one at the hands of the drug cartel largely armed by the ATF). The president is a traitor and so are the members of congress on every side of the aisle for not bringing him up on charges. It is a government devoid of accountability and all of the Tea Party activists in the world who are afraid to name the sin and punish the sinner are doing nothing but providing a vent for that built up outrage and, in effect, they are enabling the president and his cronies.

The government lacks any fear of the people. Step outside the boundaries and watch how quickly you are singled out and punished. Is this the America you are proud of? Is this the America that makes you fly a flag in your yard? See, I just don't know what to say anymore.

Perhaps there will be a time when we act more like our forefathers and demand liberty and accountability from our government, but I see no signs of it. Rather, I suspect we will react much more like Greece and British college students and demand more goodies from our government. I think the moochers and parasites in Wisconsin will win out, will take the day, because we have not been able to recognize these people as actual enemies of the state. We are too timid to go that far and therefore allow the saboteurs free run of our infrastructure while we shake our heads in dismay. We watch as each state makes voting exceptions for non-citizens to garner favor in their eyes while gutting the meaning of being an American in election after election and being subjected to this fraud, this disenfranchisement of the descendants of the founders, we shrug our shoulders and wish it were not thus.

If these are not reasons to fight back now and in the physical realm, I don't know what ever will be. If these abuses are not worth the lives and blood of patriots, I doubt the sort of patriots we need exist. So, I achieve my own private, small victories against the injustice without fanfare, without recognition, because only in this way can I tolerate myself and avoid the utter farce of being judged by the minions and sycophants of the government that is their master. To ask these slaves, these recipients of the public dole, to suddenly act as free Americans with the understanding and knowledge of the Constitution is a step too far. They are incapable of presiding over a fair trial because they have cast their lot with the government, they are already predisposed to rule against a tax protester, a Second Amendment advocate, a freedom fighter. They have been told by the judge that it is not allowed to consider that which must always be considered in matters of law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have sided against freedom, against the Constitution and in favor of continued largess from the public trough. Would I put my fate in their hands?

I am now free to do as I please, knowing that whatever judge and jury I face will be a foreign court with alien rules and illegitimate findings. If a patriot, also a criminal. It is impossible to be one without being the other.

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  1. Bingo.

    And what to do if one decides that this collection of human flotsam and jetsam is not even worthy of scorn, let alone the fruitless forfeit of one's only-ever life?


    It may be the only rational remaining choice.

  2. Quoted and linked at

    It amazes me the apathy of the average American. But really, it is nothing new. I just wish I had a western frontier to escape to like back in the day...

  3. Good to see you back.

    It may be the only rational remaining choice."

    For anyone considering this who also goes to the VA, the PI does have a medical center. For that matter, they have excellent medical care available on the economy. I received my cobalt radiation at the Makati Medical Center about six months before the fall of Saigon.

  4. If the Muslim in Chief is NOT a valid President in accordance with the Constitutional requirements for that office, all that has been done by this Administration is null and void. Is that alone not enough reason to pursue verification of his qualifications?

    And what has been posted to the Web as a corroboration of his citizenship is so obviously fraudulent that ANY "Law Enforcement" officer honoring his oath is duty-bound to arrest him for fraud. No, it does not PROVE he is ineligible for the office. But there are enough modifications that have been made to what is presented as an authentic copy of the original to make it clearly a fake. Just exactly what do YOU think would happen to you if you showed up at the DMV with something like that?

  5. Well, as you said, "We are too timid to go that far and therefore allow the saboteurs free run of our infrastructure while we shake our heads in dismay". I am ready and willing; however, the few people that will rise with us would not accomplish anything. We have past the tipping point and are now a collectivist society. Individual freedom is a historical artifact, yet WE are free- to do what they tell us to do. I can only be responsible for myself and pray for my children. We need wisdom in these days. God help us all.

  6. I haven't flew a flag for a long time now nor will I fly the flag till my country once again starts abiding by the constitution again. Just not much into flying a flag for remembrance...

  7. I fly the Gonzales flag, because it is the adopted standard of the sovereign nation of Mayberry. I'm almost in agreement with General Bethlehem from "The Postman" when he declared "That flag is an abomination". It is the flag of a nation of weakling slaves. Why would I use it? Not until it once again represents the land of the free and the home of the brave. I don't see that day coming in my lifetime. "Exile" is indeed looking better every day...

  8. I have only ONE THING to say...
    “Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.” -- John Locke

  9. If we have nothing to lose, what is stopping us? We aren't alone.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with Anonymous and John Locke.

    Where are all the so-called "brave" in the former "land of the free"?

    Where is the integrity of the so-called "oathkeepers"?

    Has everyone read, "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross?

    We should start with the Communists/socialists leadership first!

    If not now, when?

  11. Anon 10:22
    Brave words for an anonymous person.
    In answer to your question of when...
    Never on my part !

    The government such as it is, was elected by a majority of the voting public. So therefore, live with it. Nothing to be done until the next election, after all it is still America. Even though we might all agree that it is on a track to ruin. It is one that we the people created.

  12. Spud: I absolutely agree that the problems we face have been voted into existence, and that takes certain options off the table and imposes particular restraints...


    Those who are voting and imposing their will are ruling by the majority in abject defiance of Constitutional boundaries. So their rule is wrong, immoral, illegal and may be resisted by any means necessary...correct?


  13. Boundaries can be changed by the people thru the amendment process. This would be the only legal means.
    All administrations have perverted the constitution from day one. This one is no worse than the last.
    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst...

  14. Fundamental boundaries (such as those in the Bill of Rights) are amendments themselves, per se, and an amendment reinforcing them would reduce the value of boundaries to zero. (Think of a mother giving a child a warning by counting to three before she gets serious.)

    Changing boundaries through the vote process is what has gotten us where we are today. Politicians take a liberty of infringing a boundary, enough voters like it (because they are the beneficiary of the corruption) and said voters continue to vote for the criminals.

    Today if one polls even the Tea Party crowd, there will be found great resistance to repealing Social Security & Medicare, two of the more disgusting and blatant insults to Liberty.

    So if the majority will never vote to rescind infringements, must the minority live with the injustices?


  15. This is the ultimate question, my rights are not subject to further review by the majority. This is what Spud accepts that I am not willing to accept. Were it Spud's way, there never would have been a revolution, because rebellion was illegal, even traitorous.

    One has to recognize these rights are given by God, and enforced by the state. The state did not give us these rights, it is why the founders used the term "God-given" to take from the state the ability to view these rights as theirs to give and take.

    The only real question left is how long before we take, by force, the rights that the majority have stipped from us? This government is no different from the King's government of the colonies and enforcing our rights by force is equally our right as to breathe.

  16. Haven't stated that I agree or accept what the people have voted in. I have just learned to live with it, I am just being realistic about what is happening.
    Do I think that just a few can change the system, by the use of force ? Not only no but hell no ! We will all watch it live on the MSM as the PTB squish ya'll like a bug.
    I contribute mine by convincing folks that the direction the country is going will not work in the long term. Most just ignore me, because they care more about today than the future.
    I took an oath a long time ago to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That domestic part can get really grey. Therefore I must accept the will of the people, for in fact they are the country and government. Whether I like it or not. Right or wrong it is still the will of the people. To go against that would be treasonous. That I will never be.
    Believe it or not, I am on your side of the issue. But only through peaceable means.
    If that makes me a bad guy, so be it.

  17. Spud, your insights here are always valued and appreciated. It is discourse that makes America great.

  18. Thank you Mr. Davis, I agree wholeheartedly

  19. The Constitution gives no advantage to the "will of the people" when that will is in conflict with fundamental Rights.

    Treason is more properly attributed to those who violate the fundamental Rights and Restrictions articulated in the Constitution, and those who have undermined the legitimate Government of the republic by using the will of the majority.

    The Rights listed in the Bill of Rights are designed SPECIFICALLY to protect the minority from the will of the majority.

    The will of the people is corrupt and criminal the moment that will infringes the Rights of a single American.

    That is why the majority is wrong, treasonous, and legitimately targeted by Patriots. The majority today is no better than the Loyalists to the King and his injuries inflicted upon the Colonials.

    If the choice is Peace or Liberty...well, Sam Adams comes to mind.


  20. Amen K, My Rights, and I say what they are, and not just the Ones Numerated in the Bill of Rights are not up to a approval of the Majority. They are(for me)God given,and I will not relinquish them not to the Government, and not to the Majority, Democracy be Damned.

    And T.L.,if I must be a criminal in order to be free then so be it. "They" are not the Legitimate Government of the United States and have not been at least since the Wilson Presidency. There Laws do not pertain to me.

    I am Free and will remain Free until the day that I die.


  21. Our leaders took an Oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. This makes them all guilty of treason and or perjury when they pass unconstitutional laws and the courts uphold them.
    Article 5 of the Constitution details how to modify said Constitution and its method(s) are the only legal means to do so that I am aware of.
    The will of the people is irrelevant in this regard. We are not a true Democracy for a reason.


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