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Monday, April 18, 2011

I Am A Free Man

The problem with the economy is simple, whatever needed to be done to save companies from closing down has not been done. They borrowed one trillion dollars to do this via the Stimulus plan and instead of spending it, as they claimed, on "shovel-ready" jobs they spent it on bailing out city, county and state government workers. Even a cursory glance at the list of recipients of stimulus dollars shows this fact. The other beneficiaries were industries that were heavily unionized. Now, the money is gone and the benefit is non-existent.

I am against government bailouts of any industry, of the banking industry, of the auto industry, of the steel industry. I am against government subsidies of green energy industries and farming industries. Even though a bailout might have saved my company, it is better that it died. A bad economy is like a cancer, it eats away at healthy companies and will kill most of them. Bailouts and subsidies are like chemotherapy. it might make one sick, but it can give a company a fighting chance at survival. The question comes down to whether chemo should be chosen, since it is itself a poison in the body designed to kill the cancer cells it wreaks havoc on the healthy cells. It becomes a race as to which is killed first, the cancer or the body.

My company died of natural causes of a bad economy. I feel no guilt over this. I did not choose chemotherapy even though there were some opportunities to save my company by choosing government programs. There came a point where I had to face an ideological dilemma. To be or not to be. Without getting too dramatic, it was a choice I made to shut it down. I am not choosing bankruptcy, I will pay for whatever debts I owe as a result of this action. I will pay it off with my new salary when I take a future job. I owe very little other than what the company owes, so I can manage. My skills are such that I can make a pretty penny working for other people.

I have chosen to go Galt in the future. Whatever cash I make will pay for the little I demand, but largely everything from now on will be done via cash, without incurring debt, without owning things. The equipment I have is worth a lot more than what I owe on it so they can repossess it and make money on it. Even at a huge discount, the equipment is worth a lot more than what I owe. I will sell what I can.

The one thing I want to make clear is that I blame no one for this situation. It is what it is. The government never should have been in the business of business, rather it should have paid attention to the Constutiton and passing legal laws instead of trying to manipulate citizen behavior. As long as they continue to try and use the tax code and the federal treasury to find social outcomes this nation will never be able to function properly. So, when my company went out of business, it simply succumbed to natural pressures of an overburdensome government. The employees of which can now get on the public dole and further burden those still working.

Me, I will move on. I have other talents and abilities. I have a strong work-ethic and a strong back. I have always tried to be the hardest working employee anyone ever had and while sometimes that is met with others equally as dedicated, I do my best every day. I know what 100% is and I do my best to give it as a debt owed to the person who gave me the opportunity. I will do that again.

What is lost? I don't know. There is a void somewhere because we are gone, but not one that cannot be filled later by another enterprising person with a vision. Perhaps they will be worse, perhaps better, but the market will always fill itself with those willing to take a chance. I have decided, however, that it will not be me. I took my shot. From now on I stay small and participate as little as possible in the economy so obviously rigged against those willing to take a chance. When they pile the regulations and restrictions on them they can bear the burden, I refuse to do so again. Let the country figure out the lesson for themselves, if they are capable.

Today, I am a free man.

Graciously linked and quoted at Hell On Earth.
Graciously linked and quoted at Free North Carolina.


  1. Good perspective.

    I wish you fulfillment wherever your new path takes you.

    I have made a few costly stands on principle, so I can somewhat sympathize. One cost me a promising career.

    Congratulations on your new found freedom.


  2. I'm sorry to hear this and the best of luck.

  3. Good luck, TL. Perhaps your best opportunity in life could only be found on this path, after your own company. That's one of those things we can never know - what might have been.

    But we can never give up, no matter what.


  4. T.L. sorry man. It is good to know there are still some who stand by their principles!Best wishes where ever life takes you!


  5. While going to school to become an engineer, I read all of Ayn Rands books. At the same time worked for my father in law as an R & D tech researching Thin Film membranes for water purification. My team made a breakthru that allowed the first salt water RO filters. My reward was 50 cents an hour raise. The company made ten million the first year in sales. Taught me my first lesson about "trickle down economics"
    This and other factors made me go "Galt" many years ago. It is not just The Government that has caused our downfall. The combination of Greed and deregulation by the gov. has produced our world.
    We have forgotten to reward those that excel.If you give equal reward for both those that produce and those that just go along for the ride. You are doomed to fail.
    The Government is us, and we have failed.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments.

  7. I wrote a long post here and it got lost... farkin internets... anyway. TL I recommend you consult an attorney. I went thru what the loss of my machine shop in 2001 and the legal ramifications of letting them repossess your equipment. I had to file bankruptcy to keep the banks off all my assets. MAKE sure your taxes are payed for yourself and employees. I was audited the nest year. I had 49 guys and have started over and have 3 with no intention of getting bigger.

    Obviously it is my opinion that you seek legal consul based on my experience( I am NOT a fan of lawyers) Good luck!!!

  8. PS... I came over from Hell on Earth.

  9. Welcome to Galt's gulch Mr. Davis. It is going to get mighty crowded around here soon.

    Your in good company however, so sit back and we'll watch the beast finish eating itself out of house and home. It can survive a bit longer out of food it creates out of thin air, and some lessons will have to be learned by those who feed from the soon dry government teat, but all and all, we here in the gulch can kick back, butter the popcorn, and watch the fireworks. If the dispossessed tit vermin decide to raid our pantry however, the will soon find out the meaning of "property rights".

    Welcome aboard TL.

  10. I have but one God,His provision is sufficient.20 years of self employment stay at home wife 5 little ones.Never took government teet. To bow down to .gov like it is a god is just so wrong. Stand firm,keep writing and I'll keep reading Thank You!

  11. "Who/whom," or "Who does what to whom?" ~ The central question of politics, according to Vladimir Lenin.

    “Your system is a legal civil war, where men gang up on one another and struggle for possession of the law, which they use as a club over rivals, till another gang wrests it from their clutch and clubs them with it in their turn, all of them clamoring protestations of service to an unnamed public’s unspecified good.”– Gault in Atlas Shrugged.

    This describes the American “system” to a tee.

    And the majority of people will tell you that we defeated Communism. :)

    With any Government involvement in the market (or anything) the deck will always be stacked against the productive individual. The parasite class will always wield the weapon of Government against the productive.
    Much of the productive class will wield the weapon of Government against each other to gain unfair advantage in the market.


  12. I personally am through playing politics, period. Nothing more than the complete collapse of Government will do.

    I wish you well in your next endeavor.
    Keep in mind. You do not owe anyone else a job or a living.



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