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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Enemy Is Us

One can barely grasp the enormous stupidity of the budget deal. It is a signal that there is no chance of a bold, desperately-needed reconciliation with sanity. There is no chance that even discretionary spending can be limited, much less the drastic measures required to save the nation from bankruptcy and world-wide ridicule. If this is the fruit of the Tea Party, it is a wicked weed indeed.

John Boehner is not qualified to polish the spittoons in the basement of the Capitol Building, much less participate in a negotiation between Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Republican congress. The praise being heaped upon him by the press signals that he is the one they want to negotiate the 2012 budget. He negotiated positive press and a fig leaf from the president in return for capitulation. Gee, I wonder why they would give that to him? It is time to scrap Boehner and elect Paul Ryan as the majority leader, or at a minimum, to designate Ryan as the principle budget negotiator for the majority.

The bigger issue is the 2012 budget. $6.2 trillion in spending reductions are you effing crazy? Boehner couldn't negotiate for an umbrella in a hurricane. He just simply does not have the backbone for it. I don't dislike his personal story, it is compelling, but this is the salvation of the country, this is for all the marbles. He is out of his depth and perhaps his advisers are of theirs as well. Perhaps the Republican Party is out of its depth. I have never seen anything resembling a spine when it came to budget negotiations from the Republicans.

I've been through this before, but I will go through it again. You cannot negotiate a budget deal where you eliminate tens of billions of dollars while you are spending hundreds of billions of dollars over the period of the negotiation. I wrote a post a while ago about the $6.1 billion dollar debate and how if that debate went on for a week, the interest on the debt alone would wipe out the savings. In this deal, the government spent over $50 billion while they negotiated to cut $38 billion.

Listen, this is the same old fight in a different location. The moochers and parasites are the supporters of the Democrats, they aren't going to let a budget cut interfere with their looting and since the Democratic Party is nothing other than a gigantic money-laundering operation, every dime the moochers and parasites have gotten from the government they are willing to spend to keep them in office and to keep them from reforming the system. The Democrats themselves have no reason to engage in legitimate negotiations. Parasites don't give a damn about the condition of the body from which they feed. It is beyond their intellectual capacity to consider the future when the feast is at an end.

We have now seen the script laid out for the upcoming budget battle of 2012 and the debt limit increase to come. We have come, we have seen and the enemy is us.

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  1. Brilliant commentary, Mr. Davis.

    You're right, there are so many people feeding at the public trough that the Democrats can't possibly get serious about getting the budget under control. Those people are their voting base. And the Republicans are afraid of pissing their own base off, though they have no idea who their base is.

    We are so totally screwed.

  2. "In this deal, the government spent over $50 billion while they negotiated to cut $38 billion."

    Boehner won! LOL

    "Parasites don't give a damn about the condition of the body from which they feed."

    The enemy includes 'both wings of the same party', and RINOs in the House who let Boehner cut these deals.

    To the extent that we don't stop them: We are our own worst enemy.

    "In this deal, the government spent over $50 billion while they negotiated to cut $38 billion."

    It all ends up the same for the corpse.

  3. Linked and quoted at

    Another good article T.L.

  4. T.L. that's it save a dime spend a dollar.Why we should be broke about oh yeah now.Us,yep!


  5. Great post TL. We are on the same page but I would state the defect this way: It is not a lack of backbone but a lack of intellectual ammunition. No one has a clue of what the cure looks like. View my Civilization Engineering overview presentation and I think you will agree. Check my website If it interests you let me know and I will send you a complementary copy.

  6. Quoted and linked at

    Way to call a spade a spade...

  7. Please excuse my ignorance - how can there be a budget deal arranged by boehner? Doesn't the House need to vote on this? And then the Senate? How can one person direct the vots of other reps?

  8. Anon,you are right, but Boehner negotiates the deal and brings it back to the leadership who get the troops in line behind it.

    If the troops rebel, it undercuts his ability to negotiate, which is what I think they ought to do right now.

  9. Until they and we understand that all must sacrifice some and all must pay more then nothing will change.


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