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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boehner Blew The Budget Deal (and probably the future of the nation)

The other day I expressed my dissatisfaction with the budget deal. I quoted the oft-quoted numbers of $50 billion in new spending while negotiating for a $38.5 billion dollar spending reduction and intimated that this was clearly stupid. But, there were levels of being sold out that I had not addressed and since taking the victory lap along with Barack Obama was not enough for Boehner and people are considering him a winner in the negotiations with Obama, I think I ought to be a bit more clear as to my objections to the budget deal recently released.

First of all, you know when you have been bested when the opposition holds you up as a worthy adversary. I don't know for a fact that the collective ass-covering was a part of the negotiated deal to let Obama keep some of his most prized pieces of the budget, or not. It stinks, that's all I know. There was no defunding of Planned Parenthood, there was no defunding of Obamacare, there was no real 38.5 billion dollars in spending cuts, it was done with some accounting gimmicks. By the way, who has already forgotten that accounting gimmicks like keeping Social Security off budget and Medicare's "Doctor Fix" are how we got here in the first place? It is this kind of smarmy, weasel-y budget negotiations that have led to $14 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Even Paul Ryan's budget doesn't even balance the budget until 2021, so when the hell are we going to deal with the DEBT?

For those who don't know, deficits are what accrue every year, debt is the pile that all of these yearly deficits are piled onto. Deficits are the amount of money you are spending over what you are taking in, Debts are the things that catch all of those yearly excesses and pile them up. So, if we don't even get to a balanced budget until 2021, these trillion dollar deficits will continue during all that time and dump onto the massively growing DEBT. It is only in theory that we eventually, sometime in the mid century, actually begin to work on the DEBT, which by then will be somewhere near $30 trillion dollars or 200% of our GDP, assuming we ever get out of the ditch Barack Obama has driven us back into over his two years.

Okay, those are the raw numbers that must be placed alongside the puny $38.5 billion dollars supposedly saved in the budget deal, with the help of some left-over stimulus money and returned TARP funds, NOT mostly by cutting spending as they would have you believe.

Here is my real objection to all of it, though. The talking points of Barack Obama and John Boehner were that they changed the dialog from how much to spend to how much to cut. Now, Barack Obama, having decided that he needs to win an election next year is working toward the middle with the idea of reducing the debt, but his plan is to raise taxes ten times more than he cuts spending. He cuts spending only so that he can increase taxes. This should have been obvious during the budget negotiations. It should have been apparent that Obama was only giving in to reposition himself toward the center for the next election. In a desperate attempt to NOT be Newt Gingrich, John Boehner became the American taxpayer's pimp.

Think about all of the ammunition that Boehner had going into those negotiations. 1) Obama had claimed that he would allow servicemen and women to go unpaid while the government was shut down (God only gives Republicans gifts like that once in a great while) 2) the American people were prepared for the shut down  3) standing firm would have demonstrated the seriousness of the times (now it just looks like another "crisis" the government is always creating) 4) the president and the Democratic House and Senate had failed to pass the budget when they had every opportunity ("The only reason the government is shutting down is because the Democrats didn't do their job when they had the chance and now we can't impress on them the seriousness of the debt, tsk tsk tsk)  And on and on I can go, but Boehner decided to play politics now anything he does during the debates about raising the debt ceiling and the 2012 budget will look like gamesmanship, because we saw that when things were on the line during the government shut down, all that was necessary was to move some dollars around and everything was hunky dory again.

It was poorly played politically and poorly played as a solution to the mounting debt and deficits. The guy's a moron.

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  1. TL:

    Occam's Razor says Boehner's in on it.

    The big "It".

  2. No doubt. That's the problem with the ruling elite.

  3. what do you expect? you elect the finest power grabbing con artists to office and expect them to give back the money?

    the french trimed the budget with madame guillitene some years ago...

    can't find good razor sharp blades anymore?


  4. Hopefully the spending will increase and bring about the collapse of America sooner. I'm not getting any younger and if it is going to happen I want it now!

  5. The end result will be misery and suffering by billions of people under a world govt run by a roomful of inbred elites. Boner just hopes to be one of them.

  6. We have two years to the next election,if we can hold out that long? What the assholes in gov need to understand about budget cuts is....
    Then change the Tax Code to a Fair Tax(look it up)and pass a balanced budget amendment. Other wise there is NO HOPE FOR ANY FUTURE.



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