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Friday, April 29, 2011

If A Patriot, Also A Criminal

I have not been posting as much lately. What has there been to write about anyway? The Birther Issue? I think Obama is a bad president, an opinion that has been borne out through his handling of the economic crisis. This is not to say that he has not pursued and largely achieved his economic goals, but he is a bad president because those goals are in direct conflict with what is best for the nation and the citizens thereof. I don't know if he was born here, or if the birth certificate is a fraud. But, if we should be rid of him, there are a lot better reasons, reasons that will work toward the overall health of the nation as a whole, for instance, because he has proposed, passed and relied upon violations of the Constitution to wield power.

Let's start with that. What part of the Constitution do we honor? Apparently we honor the part that describes how a president might be elected, but not what he has authority to do while in office. Once in office, if a Democrat, the power of the presidency is unbounded. He can go to war on a whim, without consent of the congress, which means without consent of the people. That, to me, is an impeachable offense and not one even George Bush attempted.

The president, (again, if a Democrat) can ignore the rulings of the court, destroy whole industries, direct the NLRB to bring charges against companies who do not place their manufacturing plants in heavily unionized labor markets.

All of this is and more are sheer outrages, outrages that seem to occupy the American concern not one bit. It is too late to blame a tame and obedient media for the lack of outrage. Everyone, by now, knows the media is nothing but a cheer leading section for any Democratic president. It has so thoroughly been catalogued at this point that it is redundant to continue to repeat it as if pointing out that the sky is blue, the sky is blue, the sky is blue.

I have not written as much lately because everyone knows what I have to say: this government is unconstitutional, it is criminal, in fact (ask any Mexican family mourning the loss of a loved one at the hands of the drug cartel largely armed by the ATF). The president is a traitor and so are the members of congress on every side of the aisle for not bringing him up on charges. It is a government devoid of accountability and all of the Tea Party activists in the world who are afraid to name the sin and punish the sinner are doing nothing but providing a vent for that built up outrage and, in effect, they are enabling the president and his cronies.

The government lacks any fear of the people. Step outside the boundaries and watch how quickly you are singled out and punished. Is this the America you are proud of? Is this the America that makes you fly a flag in your yard? See, I just don't know what to say anymore.

Perhaps there will be a time when we act more like our forefathers and demand liberty and accountability from our government, but I see no signs of it. Rather, I suspect we will react much more like Greece and British college students and demand more goodies from our government. I think the moochers and parasites in Wisconsin will win out, will take the day, because we have not been able to recognize these people as actual enemies of the state. We are too timid to go that far and therefore allow the saboteurs free run of our infrastructure while we shake our heads in dismay. We watch as each state makes voting exceptions for non-citizens to garner favor in their eyes while gutting the meaning of being an American in election after election and being subjected to this fraud, this disenfranchisement of the descendants of the founders, we shrug our shoulders and wish it were not thus.

If these are not reasons to fight back now and in the physical realm, I don't know what ever will be. If these abuses are not worth the lives and blood of patriots, I doubt the sort of patriots we need exist. So, I achieve my own private, small victories against the injustice without fanfare, without recognition, because only in this way can I tolerate myself and avoid the utter farce of being judged by the minions and sycophants of the government that is their master. To ask these slaves, these recipients of the public dole, to suddenly act as free Americans with the understanding and knowledge of the Constitution is a step too far. They are incapable of presiding over a fair trial because they have cast their lot with the government, they are already predisposed to rule against a tax protester, a Second Amendment advocate, a freedom fighter. They have been told by the judge that it is not allowed to consider that which must always be considered in matters of law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have sided against freedom, against the Constitution and in favor of continued largess from the public trough. Would I put my fate in their hands?

I am now free to do as I please, knowing that whatever judge and jury I face will be a foreign court with alien rules and illegitimate findings. If a patriot, also a criminal. It is impossible to be one without being the other.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

From WRSA: Islamicization Gets Organized

We have all seen the dramatic increase in Islamic influence in places like Dearborn, MI and while some might still shake their heads at the European powers and their total capitulation, one might look in the mirror.
WRSA has the goods.

Friday, April 22, 2011

To Dine As Slave

As inspiration, I found this post at III% Patriots and the link it referenced. It wasn't Barack Obama who fundamentally changed America, it was every president before him going back to probably Woodrow Wilson with some notable contributors such as Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.

Barack Obama would not be possible on a path unpaved by these men. The fundamental change in America is the notion that someone owes us...something. When things go wrong in our lives, there should be someone to sue, or to blame, or to take care of our problems. Compassion is a good thing, it is still the best, most endearing aspect to the American character, but at the point of a gun (government) it is a sin, a crime and a betrayal all rolled into one.

As most know I am going through the liquidation of my business. I am looking around at all of the things that I have purchased, built, designed and brought forth as mere assets. Some of the things that are the most important to me are the things that are worth the least in cash value. They can and will take everything I worked a decade to build and I will still owe more than it is all worth in today's economy. In this process, I see the America that should be. Yes, take it all, it is yours for the debts I have accumulated. Let's pay it all off out of the salary I will make wherever I land.

The parallel I see between myself and the nation is that all of the great ideas have been discarded, everything purposely built destroyed, the value of everything reduced to pennies. As Kerodin points out, we have become a nation of beggars, feeding off our brother, cannibals. For allowing it to happen, we bear responsibility for it, we are impoverished by the debt we refused to pay, the debt of honor to the founding principles.

There is a reckoning coming and it will sweep us all up into the vortex of debt and duty I have lately discovered. It is clear by the rhetoric coming out of Washington that nothing will be done about the deficits, or the debt. It is clear that the Obama Administration is dedicated to bullying the press and the S&P to alter reality long enough to get him four more years with which to complete the transformation started so long ago, the transformation to complete obedience and fealty to the state.

We have fundamentally changed ourselves from being the world's frontiersmen to the world's beggars, the independent innovators to common imitators. America and Americans must stand now, or bow forever. It is simple, the mere acceptance of aid from the government is a capitulation to socialist state, a willing acceptance of the muzzle and the scraps. What was once great about America was its people and the spirit that built the nation, if they had known what we would do with it, they would have stayed in Britain.

This is a moment in time. Do we support the boldness of addressing our debts, or the greedy demand of the scraps? This is when we decide who we are. This is when we decide if there is anything left of the greatness of America. I pray there are enough left who see the dangers of socialism, or the value of each other to resist this ploy for the heart of the nation, to bring it down and crush it under the boot heel of dependence. Be bold, demand to starve as free rather than dine as slave.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arctic Patriot's Thank You John

Arctic Patriot is one of those blogs I check every day. Insight and perspective are served there quite often. AP's Thank You, John is one of those posts that make me realize why I need to stop there as often as I do.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Am A Free Man

The problem with the economy is simple, whatever needed to be done to save companies from closing down has not been done. They borrowed one trillion dollars to do this via the Stimulus plan and instead of spending it, as they claimed, on "shovel-ready" jobs they spent it on bailing out city, county and state government workers. Even a cursory glance at the list of recipients of stimulus dollars shows this fact. The other beneficiaries were industries that were heavily unionized. Now, the money is gone and the benefit is non-existent.

I am against government bailouts of any industry, of the banking industry, of the auto industry, of the steel industry. I am against government subsidies of green energy industries and farming industries. Even though a bailout might have saved my company, it is better that it died. A bad economy is like a cancer, it eats away at healthy companies and will kill most of them. Bailouts and subsidies are like chemotherapy. it might make one sick, but it can give a company a fighting chance at survival. The question comes down to whether chemo should be chosen, since it is itself a poison in the body designed to kill the cancer cells it wreaks havoc on the healthy cells. It becomes a race as to which is killed first, the cancer or the body.

My company died of natural causes of a bad economy. I feel no guilt over this. I did not choose chemotherapy even though there were some opportunities to save my company by choosing government programs. There came a point where I had to face an ideological dilemma. To be or not to be. Without getting too dramatic, it was a choice I made to shut it down. I am not choosing bankruptcy, I will pay for whatever debts I owe as a result of this action. I will pay it off with my new salary when I take a future job. I owe very little other than what the company owes, so I can manage. My skills are such that I can make a pretty penny working for other people.

I have chosen to go Galt in the future. Whatever cash I make will pay for the little I demand, but largely everything from now on will be done via cash, without incurring debt, without owning things. The equipment I have is worth a lot more than what I owe on it so they can repossess it and make money on it. Even at a huge discount, the equipment is worth a lot more than what I owe. I will sell what I can.

The one thing I want to make clear is that I blame no one for this situation. It is what it is. The government never should have been in the business of business, rather it should have paid attention to the Constutiton and passing legal laws instead of trying to manipulate citizen behavior. As long as they continue to try and use the tax code and the federal treasury to find social outcomes this nation will never be able to function properly. So, when my company went out of business, it simply succumbed to natural pressures of an overburdensome government. The employees of which can now get on the public dole and further burden those still working.

Me, I will move on. I have other talents and abilities. I have a strong work-ethic and a strong back. I have always tried to be the hardest working employee anyone ever had and while sometimes that is met with others equally as dedicated, I do my best every day. I know what 100% is and I do my best to give it as a debt owed to the person who gave me the opportunity. I will do that again.

What is lost? I don't know. There is a void somewhere because we are gone, but not one that cannot be filled later by another enterprising person with a vision. Perhaps they will be worse, perhaps better, but the market will always fill itself with those willing to take a chance. I have decided, however, that it will not be me. I took my shot. From now on I stay small and participate as little as possible in the economy so obviously rigged against those willing to take a chance. When they pile the regulations and restrictions on them they can bear the burden, I refuse to do so again. Let the country figure out the lesson for themselves, if they are capable.

Today, I am a free man.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Benevolence of Greedy Capitalism

There is a principle I discussed with a Christian friend of mine who was lamenting the "greed" of a specific employer, who did not contribute to charity, who did not seek to do good in the world, who only sought to make money and scrimp on every expense. The greed, however, from my point of view, was on his part. It was this other man's money that he had plans to divide and with which to do good. He wanted to do his good with someone else's money. (of course the parallels to government cannot be missed here, but that is not my point)

After listening to my friend for a period of time, I realized it was time to point out a few facts that he had obviously not taken into account. Here is the point I related to him. It doesn't matter if the employer wants to do good, or not. It is not his choice. It is his choice to do evil, but not good. There are dynamics at play in the economy that cannot be denied. In my mind, capitalism is the very hand of God being revealed to all who would pay attention and follow the bouncing balls.

It is literally impossible for a person to amass a fortune and not do good with the money he has accumulated. Yes, there are those like Bernie Madoff who stole millions from the unsuspecting and blew it on who knows what, but he is the exception and that is why he is in prison. Theft by deception is not the sort of wealth creation I am talking about, it is the old-fashioned, build-something sort of wealth creation I am describing.

The first thing any enterprising person must do in order to accumulate wealth is to start something, take a risk, put some of his own hard-earned money down and begin something. Once he does that he contributes to the tax roles, helping the city, county and state maintain the roads and buildings and administration that we use every day. He can try, but vehicle taxes and fuel taxes and sales taxes are paid along the way. I'm sure the greedy capitalist doesn't want to pay for these things, but he recognizes that to stay in business they need to be taken care of. While I might agree that it doesn't always have to be taxes that provide these things, the general agreement among the less strident libertarian is that government is the appropriate place to secure roads, buildings and administration.

The second thing the greedy capitalist must do is hire the services of other businesses, rent space, have the printing done, hire a CPA and a lawyer to get the ball rolling. Inventory, and/or advertising must be purchased in order to let others know of the business and to stock the shelves with something to sell. All of these things enhance the profits of any number of other businesses or manufacturers.

The third thing the greedy capitalist must do, if his business is successful, is hire someone to handle the less-important, but necessary duties like drafting letters, sweeping the shop, invoicing, etc. This person didn't have a job a week before and now is able to contribute to society which reverses the flow of cash to this person through unemployment benefits, welfare, etc and turns it around to where that person is contributing to those funds from which they had recently been drawing. The newly hired is also thinking about the things that should be purchased in the future.

So, as it goes along, here is what we come up with  from the greedy capitalist: 1) his investment in his business all with the purpose of amassing a fortune unto himself helped to pay for the roads, buildings and administration of the government; 2) it helped to grow other businesses and to make the owners and manufacturers more wealthy and perhaps have to hire one or two more people; 3) he hired numerous people over the years as he grew rich.

The crucial question often unasked is what did those who benefited from his company either through taxes, or sales, or employment do with those funds? You know what they did? They started a homeless shelter; they contributed to churches and charities; they bought things that supported other businesses and increased employment. Their goodness is not undone by his stinginess. Their charity is not fraudulent because it started from a person who did not support it. Their success is not diminished by his.

No, I would suggest to anyone reading this post that it was the government that took the greedy capitalist's money with the premise of "doing good" who wasted it on bloated bureaucracies and duplicated efforts and payoffs to political supporters who more closely resemble Bernie Madoff.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boehner Blew The Budget Deal (and probably the future of the nation)

The other day I expressed my dissatisfaction with the budget deal. I quoted the oft-quoted numbers of $50 billion in new spending while negotiating for a $38.5 billion dollar spending reduction and intimated that this was clearly stupid. But, there were levels of being sold out that I had not addressed and since taking the victory lap along with Barack Obama was not enough for Boehner and people are considering him a winner in the negotiations with Obama, I think I ought to be a bit more clear as to my objections to the budget deal recently released.

First of all, you know when you have been bested when the opposition holds you up as a worthy adversary. I don't know for a fact that the collective ass-covering was a part of the negotiated deal to let Obama keep some of his most prized pieces of the budget, or not. It stinks, that's all I know. There was no defunding of Planned Parenthood, there was no defunding of Obamacare, there was no real 38.5 billion dollars in spending cuts, it was done with some accounting gimmicks. By the way, who has already forgotten that accounting gimmicks like keeping Social Security off budget and Medicare's "Doctor Fix" are how we got here in the first place? It is this kind of smarmy, weasel-y budget negotiations that have led to $14 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Even Paul Ryan's budget doesn't even balance the budget until 2021, so when the hell are we going to deal with the DEBT?

For those who don't know, deficits are what accrue every year, debt is the pile that all of these yearly deficits are piled onto. Deficits are the amount of money you are spending over what you are taking in, Debts are the things that catch all of those yearly excesses and pile them up. So, if we don't even get to a balanced budget until 2021, these trillion dollar deficits will continue during all that time and dump onto the massively growing DEBT. It is only in theory that we eventually, sometime in the mid century, actually begin to work on the DEBT, which by then will be somewhere near $30 trillion dollars or 200% of our GDP, assuming we ever get out of the ditch Barack Obama has driven us back into over his two years.

Okay, those are the raw numbers that must be placed alongside the puny $38.5 billion dollars supposedly saved in the budget deal, with the help of some left-over stimulus money and returned TARP funds, NOT mostly by cutting spending as they would have you believe.

Here is my real objection to all of it, though. The talking points of Barack Obama and John Boehner were that they changed the dialog from how much to spend to how much to cut. Now, Barack Obama, having decided that he needs to win an election next year is working toward the middle with the idea of reducing the debt, but his plan is to raise taxes ten times more than he cuts spending. He cuts spending only so that he can increase taxes. This should have been obvious during the budget negotiations. It should have been apparent that Obama was only giving in to reposition himself toward the center for the next election. In a desperate attempt to NOT be Newt Gingrich, John Boehner became the American taxpayer's pimp.

Think about all of the ammunition that Boehner had going into those negotiations. 1) Obama had claimed that he would allow servicemen and women to go unpaid while the government was shut down (God only gives Republicans gifts like that once in a great while) 2) the American people were prepared for the shut down  3) standing firm would have demonstrated the seriousness of the times (now it just looks like another "crisis" the government is always creating) 4) the president and the Democratic House and Senate had failed to pass the budget when they had every opportunity ("The only reason the government is shutting down is because the Democrats didn't do their job when they had the chance and now we can't impress on them the seriousness of the debt, tsk tsk tsk)  And on and on I can go, but Boehner decided to play politics now anything he does during the debates about raising the debt ceiling and the 2012 budget will look like gamesmanship, because we saw that when things were on the line during the government shut down, all that was necessary was to move some dollars around and everything was hunky dory again.

It was poorly played politically and poorly played as a solution to the mounting debt and deficits. The guy's a moron.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Enemy Is Us

One can barely grasp the enormous stupidity of the budget deal. It is a signal that there is no chance of a bold, desperately-needed reconciliation with sanity. There is no chance that even discretionary spending can be limited, much less the drastic measures required to save the nation from bankruptcy and world-wide ridicule. If this is the fruit of the Tea Party, it is a wicked weed indeed.

John Boehner is not qualified to polish the spittoons in the basement of the Capitol Building, much less participate in a negotiation between Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Republican congress. The praise being heaped upon him by the press signals that he is the one they want to negotiate the 2012 budget. He negotiated positive press and a fig leaf from the president in return for capitulation. Gee, I wonder why they would give that to him? It is time to scrap Boehner and elect Paul Ryan as the majority leader, or at a minimum, to designate Ryan as the principle budget negotiator for the majority.

The bigger issue is the 2012 budget. $6.2 trillion in spending reductions are you effing crazy? Boehner couldn't negotiate for an umbrella in a hurricane. He just simply does not have the backbone for it. I don't dislike his personal story, it is compelling, but this is the salvation of the country, this is for all the marbles. He is out of his depth and perhaps his advisers are of theirs as well. Perhaps the Republican Party is out of its depth. I have never seen anything resembling a spine when it came to budget negotiations from the Republicans.

I've been through this before, but I will go through it again. You cannot negotiate a budget deal where you eliminate tens of billions of dollars while you are spending hundreds of billions of dollars over the period of the negotiation. I wrote a post a while ago about the $6.1 billion dollar debate and how if that debate went on for a week, the interest on the debt alone would wipe out the savings. In this deal, the government spent over $50 billion while they negotiated to cut $38 billion.

Listen, this is the same old fight in a different location. The moochers and parasites are the supporters of the Democrats, they aren't going to let a budget cut interfere with their looting and since the Democratic Party is nothing other than a gigantic money-laundering operation, every dime the moochers and parasites have gotten from the government they are willing to spend to keep them in office and to keep them from reforming the system. The Democrats themselves have no reason to engage in legitimate negotiations. Parasites don't give a damn about the condition of the body from which they feed. It is beyond their intellectual capacity to consider the future when the feast is at an end.

We have now seen the script laid out for the upcoming budget battle of 2012 and the debt limit increase to come. We have come, we have seen and the enemy is us.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Tell Me...

Every one has to figure out for themselves what degree of liberty they will sacrifice for security. The Constitution makes a grand effort to do that via law, to protect for us the liberty we need to be free. Even the reference to the Constitution today seems silly. There is nothing left of it, its promises, or its weight. It is as light as a sheet of paper and nothing more. The need for security has overwhelmed it and drowned it in regulations.

There was a moment earlier this year when things might have been pressed and liberty secured. The moment was when the new congresspeople were sworn in and had taken their places, when they needed to feel the heat of the people they left behind and the encouragement of their constituents. It was a moment I understood as defining. In the blink of an eye, it was gone and so was our one shot at Constitutionality, at reversing the trend, and demanding liberty and shaking up politics as usual. Now, there are those like Freedomworks, Tea Party Nation and Glenn Beck's 912 groups who hold onto the mantel, hoping somehow to shake something valuable out of it, but it is empty.

People have accused me of giving up, of turning my back on my nation. My nation is not a place, it is a set of conditions under which my forefathers agreed to live and to raise children. It is a covenant between the people and those they allow to sit in the seats of power. Break the covenant and you have broken the nation. In case no one has bothered to do the accounting, let me:

First Amendment: "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF..." Can you really tell me that I have the ability to freely exercise my religion? Can I quote the Bible in school? Can I quote the Bible in a Courtroom? Can I hang the Ten Commandments anywhere I want? That is but one covenant of the people that is in tatters. "Or, abridging the freedom of speech..." Are you kidding me? One guy burns a Koran and the whole world comes unglued on him. Burn a flag and everyone wants to be your friend. That is disgusting. "Or, of the press..." No need to do that, simply co-opt them into the liberal mindset, into the moocher mentality and just buy them off, right Washington Post, CBS? "Or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances." As long as you have a permit and submit to personal investigation. I don't think that's what our founders had in mind. But then, the grass needs to be protected, right?

Second Amendment: "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to a free State, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Give me a damn break. Since when? Look boys, it is not their place to tell us who shall be deemed worthy to possess. The very act of denial is an outrage, it is a denial of citizenship, a denial of legitimacy, it is a denial of self-defense and I don't give a rat's ass who might have done what, they still deserve to be able to defend themselves, if not from each other, from their damn powerful, impersonal and demanding government.

I'm not going to go down the whole list, though I could. That would be a book-length communication and no one would really give a damn once it is done.

I am not turning my back on America, on my nation, it and all who tolerate this condition of servitude have already done that. I have fought the law for 24 years and it continues to astound me how bad it can get without moving some feet, without those willing to die to maintain the rights so many have already given their lives to defend. But, not us. It is like spitting on their graves and I can't do it anymore.

I once sought the aid of others. Now, I don't. I have a limit and I have reached it. I can't go back and edit that limit to allow some more time for laying around waiting for others to gather. I am at my limit. I have spent the past three years since the government wrecked the economy with their "give everyone a house" mentality of Carter, Clinton and Bush, fighting off the creditors, enduring more and more government regulations, watching my workers walk out the door only to meet two more IRS agents coming and state inspectors growing like weeds. Maybe you haven't see the exchange of hard-working men and women for bureaucrats like I have, maybe it hasn't had the same impact on you that it has on me. I don't know and I don't care. I have seen what I have and I have responded to it.

Flat out, it goes like this: I either buck the system and get thrown in prison in the next few weeks for perhaps years, or decades, or I find a place where my liberty-loving soul can thrive. I recognize this will come with risks and that perhaps I will be killed in this new land, or kidnapped, or coerced to do things with which I disagree. I may have to worry about the condition of the water, or the sanitary nature of the food preparation, but not worrying about those things has allowed me to become a captive in a different kind of way. I am afraid of what I might say in line at the local TSA grope-a-thon and become designated as an enemy of the state. I worry that I might tell these IRS agents and state inspectors to piss off and have my business confiscated, or my business license revoked.

Now, you tell me who lives in a cage? You tell me who has turned their back on the nation.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Freer Place On Earth?

Frustration is growing with the system as it currently exists. This is not what America was supposed to be. It really takes a good look at the nation from outside the narrow path prescribed for us all to truly see the flaws in the new "American Way." When was the last time you stepped out of that path? When was the last time you let a tax bill go late, or refused to go along with the inspections and searches required of you?

The thing one discovers when they do step outside of that narrow path is that there is no liberty. Liberty is something you have as a human being, a right that cannot be limited or restricted. Liberty to the government is something you earn by obedience. You have no say, you can elect anyone you want to, but they are quickly indoctrinated into the government way and your voice is lost.

Go to court and claim your rights. You will quickly be held in contempt and fined or locked away. Do you understand? You are in contempt by demanding your rights. You are in contempt for reminding the jury that they have the right to judge the law as well as your guilt.

Go build a house. Where are your permits? What have you done, where did you get the supplies? China? Not for drywall, rip it out. Is that your land? You can't burn anything on it, you can't cut down the trees, you can't put a trailer on that, no not even if you are homeless. Where are your plans? Are they approved by the county? No? Well, you have to go to the county. You can't put a water well there, it isn't allowed.

Yeah, and you know what? All of these things are what we have asked for, to protect ourselves from our neighbors. Which brings to the fore a difficult question. What degree of liberty would you allow your neighbor? See, that is the real question. Each individual thinks themselves capable of liberty, to understand what to do and not to do with their own freedom. They would be responsible with weapons and food and building. They would do it right, but would their neighbor? One can only have as much liberty as he would extend to another and that is the trouble with returning to any semblance of Constitutionality. It demands of us a civility that we may no longer possess having so long lived with the arbiter of the government to settle our disputes and to keep other citizens in line.

The totality of regulation and government intrusion is likely to drive me out of the country. My temper is growing short for people who look at this method of living and nod in approval. There are now a lot more places that are less restrictive than the United States. I have spent the better part of my life trying to secure the past, but I am coming to the conclusion that it may not be possible, or reasonable to expect that outcome.

There was a time when we could look at each other and agree that things were not quite as they should be, but there was no freer place on earth. Today, that is not true and will never be true until we decide as a people that our liberty is worth the fight. The moment of rectification is long past and the expected rebellion has not taken place. The Tea Party is incapable of forcing the needed outcome in the limited amount of time that is left because they are too concerned about their public image to do the things that will back down the unions that are growing more powerful and imposing their will on the legislatures.

Folks, it is about to get a lot worse around here and I may not hang around to watch it evolve.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Read and Decide

This is my blog and I have a right to say any damn thing I want. I brew my own beer and I have been for a while, not because I am a heavy beer drinker, but because I have a curiosity that extends to the idea that you can take some wheat, some barley, some water, some yeast and some hops and make a brew that will enhance your social abilities far beyond your normal extent. How that tastes and how that looks and what that means to me is private, it is creation that I am involved in and I give it the reverence that it deserves.

The question regards not beer, but the republic. Like any recipe, our Constitution contains the ingredients of a powerful brew full of success and prosperity, but the spoilers are always alert, dedicated to the ultimate destruction of the creation of America. I read Arctic Patriots's post today and I was inspired by it.

Look, I see two different Americas revealing themselves here. You have to choose which you will endorse. I am saying that there is more at stake than you can possibly imagine. We have been convinced that no matter what social mores are violated that America is strong enough to survive and even build on that struggle. We took slavery and abolished it. I am not a racist, but I would like to know where the damn "thank you" is from that deal! The descendants of former slaves act like no one took their cause to heart, that until Martin Luther King Jr, there was no appreciation for their struggle for freedom. Bullshit. Plenty of white crackers took their cause, their predicament to heart and ponied up. Did those in the South consider it a violation of property? Sure, wouldn't you? You freaking hypocrite, you would, trust me. Look into the real issues here and stop your reflexive demagoguery.

What I see is a distancing of the principles of this nation in order to accommodate a fallacious meme about how those who fought to preserve slavery were psychologically and habitually dedicated to the suppression of the African American.  It was an industry, nothing more or less to those who participated in it. Then, the English, the New Englanders, decided that it was immoral, unjust, and it was, clearly, but not for the haughty claims they suggest, they saw it as a trade issue, those who had to pay for labor and those who did not.

It was the greatest issue of our young republic for Heaven's sake! The soul of our republic was on the line. It was nothing other than the defining moment of the nation. The Democrats, steeped heavily in the economics of the South, chose the side of expediency. It was the Republicans who chose, as always, to stand on principle and to go to war to preserve the idea that some form of commerce, no matter how it might be embraced by half of the nation, is not given a moral pass due to the necessity of a certain group of growers and communities.

Now, the Democrats (by the way I am still a registered Democrat in hope that common decency will return) tried to make it a Democrat issue, but I do not allow myself to be distracted by their PR experts in the mainstream media. I understand that it is the way the Democrats have always operated: take an issue, lay blame on the Republicans and reap the political rewards.

Here is the problem and why I have not been able to vote for a Democrat since 1992, Democrats are liars and political hacks. They are centered around success rather than the success and vibrancy of our nation. If the two might be married together, then fine, but if only the success of Democrats can be achieved that will suffice in their conscience. This is a repugnant viewpoint and should be soundly defeated and demolished in favor of nationalism, in favor of pointing out the Constitutional issues that have risen popularly among the people.

I know they would like to take "the people" and make them over in THEIR vision of the future, but the truth is, "the people," if given the option, would select freedom over slavery,  liberty over coercion, Republicanism over Democratic doctrine. They would choose America for all of its uncertainties and risks over their social structure of obedience and symbiosis.

Be an American, read Arctic Patriot and decide.