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Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

This is where I ask what you are waiting for. Well? I think this is specific, rather than general. At what point do you act? See, I think there is a moment when most of us would act. I am way past mine and did the best I could with Guardians of Liberty, but that, if not a failure, is something so close in resemblance that I don't know what else to call it. But, at least it was an act in direct conflict with the goals of the federal government.

Now, I am not calling anyone out here. I am not trying to challenge anyone's patriotism, or dedication to a constitutional republic, but if you have not found your moment of action, yet, then when? I want you all to be specific if you can. Is it the moment that Barack Obama institutes gun-control through executive order? I mean, if that's the moment that we all hear from the millions, even tens of millions of Second Amendment supporters, then I will wait. It should be about two weeks from now, if I get the timing right. Then, I will be with all of you.

Is it when we raise the debt ceiling and consign our government to bankruptcy and destitution? Believe me, when they pass a bill to simply raise the debt ceiling a lot of nations will lose interest in our debt and we will have to start jacking up the interest paid on our bonds to get anyone to take them. Or, we are going to have to print money to buy our own debt, either way, it is the beginning of the end of everything fiscally reasonable and the looting begins in earnest. If that is your tipping point, I will be with you and if I am right on timing that will be in a few weeks also.

Is it when sleeper cells of Muslim extremists wake up suddenly recognizing that their brethren in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia have taken control of those governments and have banded together with Iran, Syria and Yemen? What if they then begin a persistent internal war here in America with suicide bombs and random shootings until Marshall law is imposed?

I'm just trying to get a feel for when it will have gone too far for all of you to begin your campaign against unconstitutional government. I'm with you, is all I can say. I am here, willing to take part, willing to go wherever, whenever. And no, I am not idle either. I am preparing myself and my family for the prospect of enduring the painful years of imprisonment during which I will be considered a criminal for having taken action against this tyranny. If you are not aware of it, you never will be. If you are not putting down lines that will not be crossed, you will be left behind to suffer the tyrannical impositions of a union-thug government. It is past time for action and if you are not acting against this tyranny, I have no clue what you are waiting for. But, when you decide to emerge and take action I will be glad to show you what you can do today, not tomorrow, not when TSHTF, but now. If you haven't noticed the S has already HTF.

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  1. I'm here too.
    I'm doing my best to prepare my family for what I fear is coming for me... the government knows who I am and I have made no secret about my distaste for them. I expect retribution, but I don't know when/how/if it will come. Will it be next month when they attempt to steal my child from me when he is born? (Like they did to that Oath Keeper last year.) I don't have much money or many *things*, but what I do have is my honor and my family, and I will be dead before they can take either of those from me.
    I don't know what is coming, but my line has been crossed (multiple times). I am in direct communication with some of the people we put in DC last election cycle (that I met through my trip to DC as one of the Guardians with the help of the Guardians). We email constantly and talk on the phone every week or two. I'm doing what I can for peaceful resolution while preparing for the alternative "they" appear to be seeking.
    I may not live to see Freedom restored, but I will not live to see Freedom lost completely either.

  2. I've been doing all I can, which ain't much as an "army of one". But until I see a million pissed off Patriots march on DC, LOADED rifles in hand, I've gone Galt. I've no desire to become a martyr...

  3. Seems to me, that a million marching armed into Washington is all that they might be waiting for.
    Then the U.N. can be called in.....

  4. Blue Helmets make good targets

  5. If every man swept his own doorstep, soon the whole world would be clean.

    -- attributed to Goethe

  6. Winston Churchill once said "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other probabilities."

    Our system is designed to be one of incremental change. The fact is that incremental change can in fact be good as well as bad. Our duty is to speak up, educate, protest and vote in support of "the right thing." These actions do influence incremental change.

    Unfortunately it is usually the uncomfortable that will do their duty. Well, good Americans who believe in our constitution and values are becoming increasingly uncomfortable. For each of the bad things that we see however, don't forget to watch the good. Heller. Wisconsin. New Jersey. The turnover of the house to conservatives. The internet - which has given the greatest voice to reasoned argument the world has ever seen.

    Will we achieve a libertarian ideal? No. That time is gone. But that is the beauty of our system. Ideologues of all stripes don't seem to survive. If pure ideology cannot survive, how then can tyranny truly survive? As soon as an ideology get a foothold, the opposition becomes uncomfortable, rises up, and moves the pendulum. As such our perfect ideals will never be achieved, but neither will the most evil. But for that matter, each of us have a different idea of "perfect" so in that sense the system works.

    If you propose "action" outside our system, then I decline. While our constitution is stretched and mangled, we still vote and at the end of that vote the losers leave. When they don't leave - or can't lose, that is the time that we know that education, speech, protest and votes will not influence an outcome. Then and only then is it time to act outside of the system. Bankers can buy campaign TV time but they haven't yet bought the American soul and Americans can still assert their educated will.

    We are starting on a path of great pain as a nation. Often though, pain is the path to salvation. Sometimes the profligate must become bankrupt to learn to change. Sometimes good people need to experience pain and fear to motivate them to action.

    Consider. The second amendment hasn't been stronger in years. Three years ago there wasn't a "tea party" advocating constitutional ideals; watered down or not. People are waking up.

    Financial desperation is already crushing the State and municipal bureaucracies that have crushed liberty. The time is coming soon for the federal government to face the same.

    The far left believes that pain creates an opportunity for them. Maybe, but what I'm seeing is more and more consistent backlash to their failed policies; whether initiated by democrats or republicans.

    So keep speaking, educating, protesting and voting. The battle for reasoned argument never ends except for the discouraged ideologue and the comfortable.

  7. Correction to Churchill quote: Possibilities not probabilities.

  8. T.L. I too am still here.Like Mayberry I have no desire to be a martyr.I don't know what will set it off,my line has been crossed so many times.I feel like Ghadaffi in the 80's the line of death,I keep backing it up waiting on my fellow Mericans.Something huge.Gun ban,Beer ban,unemployment cut off,welfare cut off.There seems to be no limit what Americans will take now. As far as your failure.Brother I applaud your efforts.One of few who had the balls to actually Do something.I am still saddened I could not be there.


  9. China and others, Guardians will morph into something else. The organization can be used for other purposes, but without the support of many of the readers of this site, there would have been nothing at all. This is the power I see available if someone can figure out how to tap into it to set this nation right.

    As we saw in Wisconsin, there are enemies to our plan that will have to be dealt with when the time comes.

  10. The wisdom of Sun Tzu will become more and more relevant as the time for action is forced upon us:

    “The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.”—Sun Tzu

    "In conflict, straightforward actions generally lead to engagement, surprising actions generally lead to victory." —Sun Tzu

    “Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” —Sun Tzu

    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.” —Sun Tzu

  11. Sounds like that Chinese fella's onto something....

  12. The way I see it is that the country is a powder keg sitting on very dry tender and the spark that will set it all off will happen all to soon,and there is no way to stop it anymore. Be it Economic Collapse,Government Shutdown,
    Hyperinflation,or combination of all of these or Some Other Man Made Catastrophe.So the place I need to be is close to home.



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