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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Are Led By The Most Vile

The left are often the most vile, vicious people I have come across. Anyone taking the time to watch some of the footage from the siege of Wisconsin could see that these people who walk around in everyday normal people's images are truly the most devious, insulting, disagreeable people in our nation. They wrap it all up in a sense of standing up for the little guy and compassion, but just below the surface is a willingness and even a desire to watch the pain and suffering of their enemy.

I know I'm not saying anything earth-shaking or paradigm-shifting, but it needs to be said in order to set up the other half of this post.

While I don't condone getting down on their level, it is time to get serious about our problems. A typical leftists sees the world as this: People are greedy and will hurt other people for money. Put a mirror up to any of those in Wisconsin and we see why they come to that conclusion, because they know it is true of themselves and then they magnify that to fit their perception of others. The irony is that they then, somehow, excuse themselves from that milieu.

My point is that they have made their misperceptions actionable. They have started to pursue violent means of getting what they want. It is left now to the people to see through them and reject them, or give them credence. I will be watching the recall efforts in Wisconsin to see which way the winds will blow. Both the Republican and Democratic senators are being recalled along with the governor. So, it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to these recalls to find out whether we better all defend ourselves against our neighbor, or band together with them to defeat the leftist vision of America.

To be honest, people who blog are people who are already motivated and when a person reads the many blogs on the right hand side of TL In Exile, they see a lot of people with similar opinions to mine. These people, along with myself, are frustrated by the inaction of the general public. I wrote some other time about the general public's distance and disengagement from the troubles of our nation, of not understanding that they are the key to success or failure, but that they think all they have to do is respond to pollsters and everything will be set straight. Well, here's their chance.

The recalls in Wisconsin can prove to the leftist unions that they are indeed a small, insignificant minority and that the people of Wisconsin reject their vision of the future and deny their claims on their salaries as right and proper. Or, they can cave and let the thieves into the vault and let mob rule their state. There can be no other result. The future of our nation may hang in the balance, because if the Wisconsin unions seize control of Wisconsin, it will act as a catalyst everywhere and recalls will be the method of overthrow. If we as a people do not respond to these recalls by soundly rejecting them, then we are doomed.

My only fear is that the apathy of the general public will not compel them to vote and the damage will be done. The worst part of that is when they do finally wake up, broke and second class citizens to the government worker, who demands more and more of their treasure, who will they blame? Not themselves, that's for sure.

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  1. Quoted and linked at

    I am starting to get some Marxists haunting my sight, so this post was a perfect fit!

    Hope things are going well for you TL.

  2. Sorry, typo in the forth paragraph from the end. (There are probably more, I’m am not good at this writing thing)

    Should read: For those who think we can not live without............


  3. The problem?


    Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force.
    Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. – George Washington.

    200+ years of trying to contain this fire has not produced good results, as this fire is consuming more and more individual freedom, liberty, and wealth every day.

    It is time to extinguish the fire.

    For those who think we can not live without government, don’t worry, someone will build you a new fire, all to soon.
    And it will begin, in short order, to burn and consume the freedom, liberty, and wealth of the self reliant, personally responsible, productive citizens among you.

    I know we can’t change human nature.
    But lets give freedom a chance.

    It is time for a new strategy, no?

    Or maybe a couple hundred more years of voting for more government will make it all better?


  4. This blog doesn’t like me or I am way to long winded.
    I give up. First half of my comment disappeared again so the above comment is out of context.


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