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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watergate Left No Dead

Scandals come and go. Blue dresses impress the imagination from time to time. We expect more of our presidents than the average guy in a bowling shirt and tan lines on his ring finger. This is probably a mistake, but we do. When they let us down and we find out they are lying, cheating slobs unworthy of respect, it is a shock and a shame. In the past we have discovered this from Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. One might try and point out the finer aspects of the subsequent investigations, but it basically comes down to dishonesty with the American people over something that was far less important than the evident dishonesty and brazen arrogance demonstrated by the most powerful men in the world.

Project Gunwalker is none of that. The difference is fairly clear: Watergate left no dead.

Right now, today, we know that at least one federal agent is dead due to the direct actions of the Obama Administration's Department of Justice and (no matter how much Janet Napolitano objects) the Department of Homeland Security, perhaps even the State Department.

In an effort to justify the re-institution of the "assault weapons" ban the ATF, members of the Justice Department and a few ambitious Senior Agents in Charge (SACs) allowed gun shops to sell guns to known straw purchasers, who would then "walk" the guns across the border and into Mexico, link up with members of the drug cartels and turn over the guns.

The cover story is that the guns got away from the investigators. There are a few problems with that scenario. If indeed they were actually trying to track the guns to the cartels and then make a big bust to justify the THOUSANDS of guns let loose on the Mexican population and the border population of the United States, they did a crappy job of it. If they just wanted to turn a thousand guns loose on the border to track them when they came back across the border and were used in crimes, they did exactly what they should have done.

The problem is that Barack Obama is accustomed to others covering his tracks, hushing the critics, hiding the evidence for him so he doesn't have to come face to face with serious policy failures. Obama says things like "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun" without reprisal. His arrogance is allowed to grow instead of being stunted by reality. So, when he says he wants to get enough evidence of gunrunning to re-implement the "assault weapons" ban, he doesn't give a damn who gets hurt or what happens to hundreds of lives as long as he gets what he wants.

This time it may have backfired on him. Regardless of the back-slapping being done a few days ago, Felipe Calderon and every political party in Mexico now wants to know why their friendly neighbor to the north would allow thousands of guns to fuel the bloodiest war since independence. There are a lot of people dead. Apologies and deflections don't raise any of them from the grave. Every death along the border now smells of ATF and Obama. Shame on those who would absolve Obama of blame for political gain or survival.  


  1. ATF and Obamanoids everywhere know the true purpose of this program! Speaking ab recto, the purpose is to give our soon-to-be-new-citizen voters American assault rifles for free! It is firearms welfare! Actual American Citizens need not apply!

  2. Firearms welfare... Good one Knight! I like it!

    Here is another reason not to secure the border. obama, napolitano, holder and the rest don't want there plot to arm the drug cartels discoverd by Border Patrol agents.

    How long before this all goes away, just like every other scandal obama has been involved in? His spin doctors are working overtime already.

  3. How do you say, "ATF LIED! MEXICANS DIED!", en Espanol?


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