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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Insanity of a $6.1 Billion Dollar Debate

The sitting congress and the president should right now, be run out of office, impeached, recalled, physically chased, if that's what it takes. Here's the reason: the congress is right now debating budget cuts. Those who have been in charge for 2 years have run up a deficit of 5 trillion dollars. They did that, the Democrats. They didn't even have the ability to pass a budget. Now, the Democrats argue for budget cuts of $6.1 billion.

The insanity of this debate is this: by the time the congress has argued for cutting the budget for one week, there is a debt accumulation that would wipe out the entire $6.1 billion dollars they are arguing about. At these levels of debt, it is not a one for one effect either. In other words, cutting $6.1 billion dollars does not mean that debt reduction is achieved by any significant amount. $6.1 billion dollars represents less than 1/20 th of 1% of our debt (I am not the best at math) I do know that 1/10 th of 1% of our debt is $14 billion.

My point is that this is malfeasance on a scale that boggles the mind. Even having this discussion of $6.1 billion is an affront to rational discourse. Let's put this into perspective. Were our congress a board of directors with a budget before them that showed them $14 billion dollars in debt and were accumulating debt at a rate of $1 million dollars a day and someone proposed that they solve the problem by cutting $6 million dollars out of the budget and the whole board of directors were arguing back and forth for one week to decide on whether or not to cut that $6 million dollars, they would be bankrupt before they finished the debate and anyone willing to hold their stock is a moron. Well, folks that's us.

This is getting to the point where an election won't solve it. That's the real dangerous territory. We just had one of the most sweeping denials of this sort of behavior in the 2010 election and it hasn't stopped a damn thing. Not one stinking thing and a lot of that is our fault, us, the citizens and voters who stand by wagging our collective heads instead of demanding a few on a plate. I'm not advocating violence, I am just in sheer confusion and bewilderment that a free people would so willingly allow themselves to be cooed to sleep like babes in the cradle by people with daggers to their throats.

I read somewhere that Carl Icahn (a big hedge fund operator) was asking his investors to take their money back. He simply shrugs and realizes that there's no point in taking any one's money when they are just going to get wiped out in a few weeks when the debt ceiling is raised and all hope for the sanity that is needed disappears into the night air along with our republic. All I ask is that we all remember who was in office when there was a small chance that this could be reversed. Let's remember the lessons of corrupted capitalism and the entitlements that seem so nice and cozy when they become the cause of our discomfort. When we are all starving and looking for a warm place to sleep, let's keep in mind the value of a nice speech.

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  1. What we need to do is elect more Republicans.

    Then we'll get what we have now, only better.



  2. Here's something to consider,
    If we COULD find a way to pay 100 BILLION a year against the Debt it would take 143 years to pay off in full. I repeat One Hundred and Forty Three years, Yea we are screwed....and they argue about 54.2 Million(61-6.8)


  3. Yea we are screwed

    Naw, Dennis, we'll just print more money.......:)

  4. No what we need is exponentially more unemployed politicians.

  5. I think we need to spike some morning coffee rouse some sleeping giants.

  6. This is our own fault. We can blame the politicians all day long, but it doesn't change the fact that we voted them in. Some of them year after year. Even the Republicans we elected last November aren't much better... yet.

    Washington is a disease. Some of these people go there with the very best of intentions and with in months they are worthless to those who elected them.

    Like Dennis308 said above, even at $100 billion a year it would take us damn near forever to pay off this debt. Yet we waste twice that every year on stupid, worthless programs that only line the pockets of supporters, unions and unscrupulous contractors.

    Where do we go from here? Have we already passed the point of no return for our Nation?

  7. My point of view is we are past the complaining part and need to get to the action part.

  8. Linked and quoted. Good article. You're right, the time for action is now.


  9. Dang, TL, I had something really close to this post almost fully written in my head and was going to post it myself. Naturally, I think you done good.

    BillyBob (4:22), if you had two contractors bid to do a job for you, you hired the one you thought was best and they f'ed up, is it your fault? If you need a good surgeon to fix your knee and hired a guy that others recommend only to have him fix the wrong knee, is it your fault?

    While I agree that way too many voters don't pay attention and not enough of us ride their butts like a bad diaper, I don't buy it's all our fault. If you did your due diligence and voted for the guy you thought was best or had the highest ratings, what more could you do? The only thing left is to give up your life and run for office yourself.

  10. It took 80 years to get us into this mess and decades more to begin healing the wounds the statists have inflicted upon us.

    Reagan defeated the Republican old guard as must we.

    Primary Boehner and everyone else in the leadership in '12.

    Send in more citizen representatives dedicated to the Constitution.

    It's our only hope.

    A third party is suicde. We must destroy the GOP old guard.

  11. Graybeard,

    If I pay a contractor and he screws me over, that may not be my fault. But if I'm stupid enough to hire him again...yep, my fault.

    Lets say I work for a company that needs the grass mowed. I have an idiot brother in law with a lawn mower. I convince the company to hire the brother in law and he charges too much and screws up the lawn? My fault...

    No, hiring a contractor to do work for 10 times the going rate isn't the contractors fault. It's the government's fault. And ultimatly our fault for re-electing the crooked bastards.

    I do my due diligence. Many people don't, they vote for a guy because they have voted for him for years. When I said "we", I mean us, as Americans, as in "We the People". And it is our fault. We need to stop bitching and start doing something. T.L. and the seige are an example of that. T.L. put his money where his mouth is. Not many, very few in fact, are willing to do that...

  12. Not to be a wet blanket, but has there historically ever been any solution to this type of mess other than war?

  13. directorblue.....

    This mess is in part Reagan's fault as he IGNORED the Grace Commission report and found a new way to finance massive government spending without increasing taxes all on the national credit card. He accelerated the ability of our government to run massive deficits and incur more debt.

    Reagan isn't the answer....but he was a large part of the problem.

  14. Did you see Sen. Paul's comments on this issue. I think he did a fabulous job. You can get the YouTube vid here:


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