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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conflicts of Principle and Leadership

I have always been intrigued by leadership. There are elements to it that I just don't have, but that does not lessen my interest in it, or my admiration for true leadership. This is where I think Obama goes wrong, he does not recognize that he doesn't possess those attributes of leadership either. He thinks that if he just tells people what to do from a position of authority that they will do it. He confuses strident demands for decisive leadership.

I attempt to lead by example, but that only works when people have already bought into the concept and it is just a matter of being properly motivated. Then, when they see a guy like me doing what needs to be done they often will pony up and lend a hand. That is not the type of leadership I mean, that is the generic brand and I am looking for the top of the line.

The reason this subject comes up is because that is what America is in sore need of right now. That is what the Threeper community needs. That is what the Tea Party Needs. That is what the Republican Party needs. See, we are up against people who are already being led, who are organized, who do as they are told. They are, in a very real way, an army. So, I look around, searching for the person who might be able to bring this rag-tag bunch of individualists together and offer serious resistance to the growing army of moochers and parasites.

Here's the problem with conservatives, Threepers, Tea Parties, and the Republican Party: they don't play well together. They are independent, principled, self-sufficient and mostly just want to be left alone to pursue success and their concept of happiness.

There is a big conflict coming, a conflict that I and others have warned about a long time. It is a battle between those who would plunder the state and the citizens for their ease and comfort and those left with the dinner tab. They hide behind concepts like "worker's rights are civil rights." In other words, their right to your money is a God-given debt that you owe, because they can use the police force to make you. You, on the other hand are just a person who doesn't want to go to jail and the cops aren't in your union.

So, here we are, on the verge of a great and horrible conflict with no leader. We are leaderless because we don't recognize anyone else's authority. Our principles might not allow our willing association with those who might be in favor of the legalization of drugs, or gay marriage, even though those beliefs are rooted also in the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. It is a step too far. It might make us seem like sell-outs. The Tea Party might not feel comfortable with devout Right To Carry people, or the Second Amendment advocates might not feel comfortable with Bible thumpers, even though their interests are very close together.

The other side has no concern about these conflicts of principle, because they can focus on the prize: collectivism. This is how gay rights proponents can support Islamic Jihadists, at least for a while, until the Jihadists decide to do the work of Allah and kill them and dump them in a pit. The gay activist, however, is willing to risk it if it leads to the downfall of the capitalist system. They understand the objective is greater than the path that leads one to the goal.

This brings me back to leadership. I know, I know, the strength of the individual is enhanced by the fact that there is no formal organization by which to direct the authorities to him. I know that the Tea Party is strong because there is no individual who the left can target and destroy, thereby destroying the whole organization. I know the Second Amendment advocates are too militant and will bring bad PR to the Tea Party.

I know all of those things, but the truth is if we all can't find a way to hang together we shall all hang separately. Okay, so I stole a Benjamin Franklin quote, it does not lessen the message. While I am a staunch Constitutionalist, I recognize that if I would take my own counsel I will have to accept some political realities that violate my principles. It doesn't mean the pill will do down easily, but in a front line unit, sometimes you have to just swallow hard and do as you are told. Bitch later, when we have transformed the nation back closer to what it was supposed to be.

We need a leader, folks. We need to follow that person and give up some of our principles. We are going to need to fight back and that means collateral damage and that collateral damage is some of the stuff you value most. We can lose a little to gain more, or we can lose it all by the side of a pit, or deep within the bowels of a prison, eating with people we would not normally give the time of day.  We are going to have to do things with which we do not agree, or would otherwise consider beneath us.

I bring this up, because Wisconsin is proving to be the training ground for a whole new violent set of Marxists who will fan out and train those in your state. They are unions and they have muscle. We had better figure out how to engage these folks and put down this rebellion against us, this attempt to extort us out of our paychecks. We better find a damn leader who is willing to go up against these folks and expose them for the violent gang they are, or we will find ourselves getting beat up on the way to work and having our lunch money stolen.

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  1. We have leaders.

    What we lack are realistic plans, both for resistance and restoration.

    The restoration part is easier to talk about.

    And what is being restored should be discussed throughly.

    Adherence to the same mushroom field guide information that's killed two of your family members so far seems a bit mad.

  2. The type of leader I am looking for would guide us along that path. We have Lt. Colonels, we need Theater Commanders.

  3. Good post and reminded me of this.

  4. Well, I screwed that one up.

  5. Brock, that was something I read right after posting this one. I felt like I ripped it off.

  6. Dang, exactly what I have been thinking. But I would maybe suggest the goals should be enumerated clearly before a leader can emerge, and as you say the problem with liberty loving folks is they want to be left alone to live as they are led by their God and their conscience. If we cannot agree on the tasks goals we cannot have a leader for that task.

    Personally I am thinking that what our Founders accomplished was God ordained and a once in million years society/gov't. I mean look at the French Revolution and the myriad of "Independence" movements of the 20th Century. They all talked of freedom yet not one has come close to what was once the greatest experiment in history - United States. I believe that this was all the hand of God and these others have left that one important point out of their freedom equation. I am pessimistic I guess but we may have been histories greatest and perhaps last great societies where free men were able to live to their greatest God-given potential.

    Thanks for your time and efforts - it keeps us on our toes,
    Rob of Alabama

  7. "We are what our forefathers envisioned, strong-willed,and self-reliant. We are the legacy they fought to build.

    We are not anti-government, We are anti-corruption. We are not anti-immigrant, We are pro-citizenship.

    We are not separatists, We are Constitutionalists.We know our history and revere it, We love our country and fear for it.

    We are your mechanics, and your insurance agents. Your police, your waiters and your firefighters. We are your neighbors. We are Citizens and We are the Militia".

    Great Post TL.
    I pray for that leader. Each night I ask God to grant us all strength,courage and the will to do the right thing.

    If that man stepped up today, if he was a man of integrity, honor, and conscience, many units like mine would line up to serve under him.

    Egos be damned, political differences be damned.
    I would compromise on ANYTHING except my principles to see our movement united. Until that day we continue to be our own worst enemies.

  8. We'll not find a leader the way the left does. To become the leader of the left one MUST fool a good many of them. Even though a substantial number of them know this, they allow themselves to be fooled, they crave not having to think that badly. Deceiving and being deceived doesn't bother them if it's for the cause. We must have leaders plural for we are too aware of the dangers of THE leader. It's not merely a matter of not recognizing the common interests that are greater than the differences, its a suspicion of those who want power. Trust, faith in our fellow men, damn our founders were truly great men.

  9. There are no leaders, because of the lack of visionaries. The left and right both cater to their special interest groups, giving little thought as to Americas future.
    Energy, or the lack of it, is the root cause of all problems we are having.
    We need a vision for the future...
    Else we won't have one...

  10. I don't think we need a "leader". I DO think we all need to lead ourselves! This is not going to be a shoot-em-up war, at least not on a grand scale. It's a long drawn out war of financial and regulatory attrition. There is one simple way to fight back: Withdraw Your Consent.

    It is arguable that America ENDED with the first Constitutional Convention. Read the anti-federalist papers, and you will see that they were 100% correct. Why return to a flawed document? It hasn't worked virtually from day one (Whiskey Rebellion). But I'm off on a tangent...

    Withdraw Your Consent. Starve the beast. Circumvent the system. Use the underground economy. Free yourself from the slavery which holds us all captive. If we all do that, if we all LEAD OURSELVES, we can bring the leviathan down without firing a shot. It feeds on you, me, and everyone else who lets it. Don't let it!

  11. Bingo, Mayberry.


    By any means necessary.

  12. OK, I'll bite. How do you starve a beast? Name some practicals, if you please.

    I am a small business owner in a profession where bartering can be done, and will be done when the poo hits the fan. But until then the Beast knows who we are, require us to pay fees, taxes, taxes, and more taxes. If I withdraw my consent for them to demand SS taxes and income taxes and restrict them to a reasonable sales tax by only sending that amount I will be subject to arrest, fines and imprisonment. I don't know how to withdraw my consent without losing the ability to feed my family.

    Drivers licenses, tag fees etc. - I have to drive and would eventually be stopped for not having proper documents.

    SS # - tried to buck the system in the early '90's when in graduate school. They own the game, make the rules and I had to cave if I were to reach my goals.

    Living off the radar. Not likely. I have thought a lot about this lately and everything I do is monitored. My business, my bank accounts, my children (homeschooled - but registered as such), my utilities, insurance, and yes even this blogging. It would be really hard to not be noticed. Unless of course I am missing something, which I am sure I am.

    So I ask a sincere question. How do you propose we starve the beast without being devoured for our refusal?

    Rob of Alabama

  13. Rob, here's what I'm doing. I've simplified everything, and pared down to the basics. My income is "tax neutral", I neither pay nor get a refund ($50k combined this year for a family of 4), though I still do get stuck for SS and medicrap. We ditched the mortgage and are renting a smaller house for now. Eventually will buy land for cash, and build a small house myself, sans "permits" (out in the sticks, of course). I'm getting my garden going. I trade, barter, or buy used from individuals. Or I buy online (no tax). We do have vehicles, and they are tagged/insured for now, as you said there's not much choice there. I've also become a plumber, electrician, mechanic, carpenter... Never pay for services. Beyond that, I can highly recommend a book, "Starving the Monkeys" by Tom Baugh. There's a wealth of information in that book that will be especially helpful for you since you own your own business...

  14. Thanks Mayberry. Didn't want to sound belligerent cause I'M on your side of this. But I had to hurry as I was closing up shop for the day.

    Still question though if you can get out completely from the Beast. You mentioned buying land and building a house. You may build a house sans permit I agree but you still have the deed recorded in your friendly gov't tax office. That puts you back in their crosshairs. So even if we get off some radars we will be on the peripheral radars and as they clamp down to assume complete control as I think they are even that margin will be enough to track all your moves. We are caught in a vicious cycle.

    Agree with you and would love to compare notes for a Resistance
    Rob of Alabama

  15. When sufficient numbers of people leave the system to actually have an effect, resorting to barter or other means to starve the monkeys, .Gov will move on them. Barter will be taxed - just as they try to tax it now. The IRS won't waste too many resources trying to tax barter while it is as rare as it currently is, but if it ever becomes a major effect, they will be on it like flies on a steaming pile of politicians. Taking your wheat, or pigs, or goats, or whatever assets you may have.

    If times get tough, they'll send FEMA and troops to take what you have. .Gov always wins, until such time as enough of them are fed to the hogs.

  16. Barter is taxed NOW Gentlemen when you declare your income you are supposed to claim all income and GOODS that you receive these GOODS have value and you are SUPPOSED to file them and their Value with your tax return.Just because the IRS doesn't come looking for these ITEMS that you trade for don't mean that they won't when they think that too many people are using barter instead of traceable money.


  17. Interesting post and I concur completely. The follow on discussion of "starving the beast" is of course the morally and ethically correct course of action. Incidentally, the Mafia has understood this for more than a century: "Give Uncle Sugar enough that he won't eat you whole" as one accountant put it, not so long ago.

    Rob of Alabama, my situation is not unlike yours. I have several graduate degrees (including an Ivy) and I financed them myself, for the most part. $$$ as far as the eye can see, thanks to the loans I took.

    Yes, that education was worth every penny. It allows me to earn a comfortable professional income that that does not come at the expense of my body, which is the case of the tradesmen. It also gives me extraordinary flexibility and -- the ability to
    pick the terms of engagement to a rather large extent.

    The problem, as you note, is that we are intimately integrated to the Matrix.

    It occurred to me that such integration cannot be unwound overnight. I myself have been unwinding mine for almost 10 years at this point. But each day brings me closer to independence as I leverage my former career into something, shall we say, more cash friendly.

    It may be that my kids will be the first to enjoy the fruits of this effort. I've got no problem with that. If I can teach them to avoid these anti-Washingtonian, domestic "entangling alliances" with the federales, it will be worth it.

    In the meantime, I see what must be done: INDEPENDENCE. Per TL's original post, few men will bite the hand that feeds them.

    There is another element to be considered. While entangled in the Matrix, you have access to many potential recruits the mountainmen can never reach by virtue of their isolation and withdrawal from the larger society.

    I have found that many of my clients and colleagues think much the same as we think. It might take a beer or two after work for it to be verbalized, but the main theme is the sense of ISOLATION. That they are the only ones that think that way. That they are afraid to speak out for potential repercussion.

    So while I'm still plugged in, I provide these closet Patriots ENCOURAGEMENT. I show them a life of ostracism is not mandatory. That we have a goodly amount of freedom left us, if only one has the guts to deploy it.

    Something to think about, anyway.

    Joe of the Mountain


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