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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Blood On Obama's Hands

There are policy issues that every president must work through. Every decision comes with a consequence. In the past such decisions have caused our presidents a great deal of anguish. The decision to drop the atomic bomb, for instance. Even couched in the knowledge that the sacrifice of several thousand lives saved millions of others could not have made the consequences of that decision any easier to deal with. There were, even at best, tens of thousands of lives on the shoulders of Harry Truman. He knew directly that his decision to drop the bomb would cause these deaths. He feared the weapon and its destructive power. Did the images so easily conjured up in a realistic mind haunt him at night? But, Truman was smart enough to understand that taking refuge in inaction was no absolution to the hell that would follow. In other words, the failure to drop the bomb would also weigh on his shoulders as millions of lives were spent as a direct result of his unwillingness to make the first decision.

This is where Obama thinks he gets a pass. He believes that if he fails to make a decision that he is absolved of blame. He can disavow responsibility for the outcome. This is the shallow, self-serving and narcissistic aspect to the man that leaves so many wanting when they look to him for leadership. Obama is a small man concerned only with maintaining a false image in his mirror. He is incapable of facing the consequences of his actions, or inaction and the press has been loyally allowing him this evasion, but the bodies are starting to pile up outside the walls of his little Marxist kingdom and the blood is on his hands.

Iran: On June 16, after the uprisings in Iran over the fraudulent election of Ahmedinijad, the Iranian people rose up to demand fair elections and the real outcome thereof. They protested, believing that Barack Obama would support them, that the President of the United States would find a way to encourage and even support their protests. Perhaps, it was too much to ask of a man barely able to tread the waters of an economic crisis, turning all decision-making over to others while he golfed. Perhaps, he was just not interested in acting in a presidential way. We have seen that sort of weakness before, even among Republicans who are typically more inclined toward democratic enthusiasm. So, instead of the protesters gaining the support and assistance of America, they faced the guns and the nightly raids of the secret police. Blood on his hands.

Egypt: On January 27, 2011 Reuters reported that Barack Obama seemed to still be sitting on the fence between advocating for Hosni Mubarak to step down and encouraging the protesters to exercise their rights. It was a difficult balancing act for a man who cannot make a decision about who to back. It is a character trait of the President to wait until the outcome is known before getting in front of the victory parade as if he had been there the whole time. It is the crucial middle where leadership is needed and he has none. The outcome of the Egypt non-decision will not be known for months or years as the military eventually relinquishes power to some other authority, or not. Blood on his hands.

Libya: Protests began in Libya and intensified throughout the month of February. It took several days before Obama came to conclude that Qadaffi (who knows how to spell it?) had to go. He must have drawn from the recent experience of Egypt to determine that Qadaffi could not hold out. It is typical of Obama to miss the subtleties of leadership and fail to understand that one tin-pot dictator in Africa is not the same as another. Qadaffi surprised him by putting up a resistance and now seems on the verge of putting down the rebellion with vicious devotion. The blood of those who believed that Obama meant what he said is on Obama's hands and his alone.

Mexico: Obama's decision to allow someone like Eric Holder Jr. run the Department of Justice and a cold-hearted dominatrix like Janet Napolitano to run the Department of Homeland Security have led to the institution of Project Gunwalker (Fast and Furious) with an eye toward enhancing gun rights infringements. With emotionless calculations Obama and his henchpeople decided that the need for anti-gun legislation was more important than the lives of Mexican nationals and American citizens near the border of Mexico and even deep into the United States. So, they instructed the ATF to allow straw purchasers to "walk" guns down to Mexico where they were used to kill up to tens of thousands of people on each side of the border. Were some of these people probably killers and drug dealers themselves? Perhaps, but thousands were not, they were brothers and sisters and husbands and wives and only a few of them were actually U.S. Agents. Blood on his hands.

The thing I think that is starting to wear even on his once devoted followers is the casual way in which Obama shrugs off these lives and sets about picking his brackets. Can the world afford another two years of calculated decisions and worse, indecision?

Graciously linked and quoted at Free North Carolina.
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  1. We couldn't afford the first two. Posted and thanks.

  2. Obama is nothing more than the chief elected tumor. Democrats are the cancer in americas bones.

  3. A Pimp is judged by his whores..

  4. So much for "Peace in our time".

    Of course, Demo-rats are already spouting "Why did not say anything about Iraq?"

    I did. Bush did not listen to me. So it must be my fault.

    "It is not Fascism when I do it"; BHO.

  5. Barry Soetero/Barack Hussein Obama is a moral zero. An ethical void. I use to think Jimmy the Cracker Carter was the worst President since FDR, but BO is worse.

    I wonder how often the Secret Service agents are forced to listen to "Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . "


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