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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond Gunwalker

I am not a big fan of Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, I admit that. His stance on dumping the poor of his nation onto the streets of ours with the full understanding that the great majority of money made in the United States will be shipped back to bolster Mexico's economy while all of the social programs of the United States will be there to provide for the citizens he has encouraged to cross the border kind of ticks me off.

However, the retaliation for that should not be the dumping of thousands of weapons on the streets of Mexico to encourage international drug cartels to kill each other and whoever gets in their way. Our government is guilty of nothing less. I doubt that it was in "retaliation", but that was just a bit of snark in an otherwise serious post.

Who is the bigger fool, Calderon or us? Poor Mr. Calderon only thought that he was doing what was right for his country, bolstering his GDP while leaving the wealthy nation to the north to pay for the health and welfare of Mexico's citizens. Barack Obama, thought he was going to get a steady stream of American supplied weapons to point to in order to impose stricter gun laws in the United States while at the same time providing an excuse to increase the budget of the ATF to stem the flow of these weapons.

Were it not for the unfortunate death of Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry, this might have gone on for years longer. Now that CBS has done a full-throttle report on it we don't have to worry about word getting out, but we should pay a little more attention to the implications beyond Project Gunwalker.

Felipe Calderon is in a bad position. He must now wake up to the fact that while his life has been under threat by drug-running gangs, his hermano to the north was busy shipping weapons to the border to be used by the same criminal gangs that have murdered over 26,000 people since 2006. Now, Mr. Calderon might look at this cynically and think that a lot of those 26,000 were rival gang members and there was no substantial loss to humanity, but it has become increasingly apparent that even if that were true at one time, the tactics have changed in the two years since Project Gunwalker (Fast and Furious) has been in effect.

Here's what we know, or should know: 1) most of the heavy weapons being used by the cartels in Mexico come from either China, former Soviet Union states, independent gun runners or weapons sold by the United States to Latin American governments. These are the fully-automatic weapons, the grenade launchers, grenades themselves and heavy machine guns. 2) that the semi-automatic weapons being sold by American gun shops and at gun shows, even though they look like fully-automatic AK-47's and AR-15's, are being sold legally and to straw purchasers with the complicity of the ATF, Department of Justice and probably even the Department of State. 3) that an increase in border violence has mirrored the development of Project Gunwalker (Fast and Furious).

Perhaps Mr. Calderon wasn't too worried about these weapons coming across the border because most of them, the semi-automatic type, were being used by Mexican gangs in AMERICA. Now, we, us, you and me, need to come to grips with the idea that our president, Barack Obama, doesn't seem to care that these illegal weapons that have gone down to Mexico with the AID of the ATF, have done their killing on the south side of the border and have been U-turned back toward the citizens of the United States. The flood of semi-automatic weapons coming from Mexico to the US should be the concern here, at least on a level equal to that of the fact that they are going south.

Yet, what is the response from the big meeting in Washington DC over the weekend? Where is Obama on this issue?

Here it is presented to you by Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, the key man in this expose along with David Codrea. Don't ever let them tell you it was CBS News. While I am grateful to finally have a major media outlet exposing this, it was the hard, dogged work of Mike and David that brought this scandal to light.

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  1. There are a couple of things I am not sure of. First, I'm not sure that Calderon isn't corrupt. For as much posturing as he does on his war with the drug cartels, you don't hear much about any big victories. If the rest of the Mexican government, police forces and military is any indication, Calderon is probably on the take. Second, I'm not totally convinced Calderon wasn't aware of the gun walker project. He is every bit as anti American second amendment as any rabid anti-gunner we have here in our Country. This may sound like I am against Calderon, and that is probably more true than not. I have very little sympathy for the leader of a country with as much potential as Mexico has. They have almost limitless natural resources and an able and willing workforce. Their (Calderon's) inability to stamp out the corruption and make their country a positve force in the world instead a leech on the American people is sickening... sorry for the rant.

  2. Billy Bob, I have also wondered many times why there are not almost countless assassination attempts. Instead, it all comes down to the local Jefe that gets rubbed out, the local constable, but I have never heard that much stomping of the cartels to kill Calderon.

    I was trying to point out that this will probably get out of the grasp of both cynical leaders. Let's hope so, anyway. Let it backfire on them all.

  3. President Calderon may not be in on it, but his STAFF sure is:

  4. T.L., I sure hope this gets so big that obama and his crack team of coverup artists can't escape. He is overdue his comeuppance.

    Calderon is another in a long line of ineffective leaders in Mexico.

    Good article Mark. In his defense though, it would have to be very difficult for a guy to turn down $100,000 dollars a month. A man could live like a king down there on money like that...

  5. The government of Mexico has never been friendly toward the United States. If not for the unarguable fact that our Armed forces have and could again kick their collective asses back to Mexico City they would have joined up with Germany in 1916 and again in 1942. Mexico is still pissed about Sam Houston's victory at San Jacinto, and will milk the United States dry if its people are encouraged to continue invading our country.

    I for one am tired of Mexico's continual bellyaching about all its problems being the fault of the gringos to the north.

    As for O'bummer; The last I heard his press secretary was denying that the chosen one had any knowledge of Gunwalker what-so-ever.


  6. Those folks wouldn't be coming north, if greedy employers were not hiring them.

    You forget who started the whole drug cartel mess, while in charge of the CIA. With blessings from the white house...

  7. Spud, that's what we call a "chicken and egg" argument that I'd rather not get into.

  8. For BillyBob - It's called ethics. But I guess it's too much to expect of "Law Enforcement" for them to actually have same. After all, it's just a job, and you get to play tough guy and shove people around. Maybe even kill them if your buddies will back you...


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