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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Badger Rebellion

There have been times in the history of America when intemperate individuals have staged rebellions. None quite so recent as the Badger Rebellion taking place in Wisconsin, but certainly it is not unheard of. The difference seems to be in the inability of the public to see it for what it is. There is a point at which a protest becomes more than merely that and becomes something else more sinister. That moment came for the Badger Rebellion when the police union stood with the demonstrators and in effect took this from a passive resistance to the rule of law into another realm, into the realm of rebellion, open and crude.

The startling aspect to the Badger Rebellion is that it comes with the full assistance of the President of the United States, with the federal government in conflict with a state government. It comes with the clear connection between labor unions, in effect small militias, and the Democratic Party. Were the blessings of a free press to be gratified with duty, the people would already be informed as to the ruthless nature of the business at hand. Instead, the people are left to flounder and hopefully will come to the conclusion that the press can no longer be relied upon to warn the citizenry of foul play by the President and/or the Democratic Party. One can only imagine the uproar if those occupying the Wisconsin capitol were wearing Gadsden T-Shirts and shouting for liberty.

Those left out of the informational loop and reliant upon the devious misdirection of the media might see this as nothing more than a peaceful protest. Others more schooled in the practices of totalitarian regimes recognizes this as test of muscle. It is a power play. It is a prodding of the defenses and sadly it must be reported that the collectivist agenda has gained some ground against our republic. This is a less graphic equivalent of a rifle butt to the head of one citizen to see how the others react.

We have known for some time that the forces of the collectivists would have to make their play. It started with the engagement of the Tea Party by the SEIU and other unions in the run up to the vote on Obamacare. At first, it was difficult to understand why labor unions would come out to support the legislation with such dedication. The cause was not clear until details of the Stimulus Bill emerged to show that it benefited almost exclusively state and local governments that employ union workers. Think of that for a moment. It is now known that over $800 billion was given directly to state and local governments and now we have union uprisings all across the nation. The donations received by the fugitive state senators in Wisconsin will show their largest individual contributors to be labor unions. But, the major media outlets will not connect these dots, it would countermand their sympathies with this president and his party.

And yet, the greatest disgrace of this debacle is not that it is happening, but that the taxpayer, those who have been fleeced of $800 billion by the Democratic Party to pay the salaries and dues of union workers, don't seem to give a damn. If ever there was a cause for riots in the streets, that would seem to be it. Instead, they remain disinterested. "Let the Tea Party handle it," seems to be their message. They don't want to get dirty with all of that protesting and confrontation. The great American citizen, it appears, would rather stay at home and hope that someone calls to ask their opinion.

If you are one that believes that the brutality of the old Soviet Union could not happen here, you have just taken a huge step in that direction. The people should always be jealous of their liberty. There is a greater rebellion afoot and it has to take place with this president in power. As we have already seen, he is quick and willing to come to the defense of those who would run roughshod over a governor and a state. We have seen over the past weekend the extent of the protests and the willing dupes of the labor unions to spread the conflict nationwide. In Wisconsin the state employee labor unions have occupied the capitol for weeks. That is an act of aggression. Rise up and shut this down, or get used to it, it will be happening more and more and everywhere you go. Every single city, county and state will face this sort of tactic from here on out. Your neighbors will be the ones to demand your wallet with unflinching arrogance and maybe the butt of a rifle.

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  1. Quoted and linked at

    As always, superior Mr. Davis.

  2. T.L. I have said it before and I will repeat myself again, this Restoration will come to
    "FORCE ON FORCE" and the progressives have proven me correct.As you have seen for yourself.


    I just wait for them to do something that Justifies all out reaction,nothing more nothing less. We will know when it happens.

  3. Very nice piece.
    I hadn't put these dots together, but have reached the same conclusions on my own---mostly gut instinct, and common sense. Thanks T.L.

  4. Very clear. Thanks and I will link to it.


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