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Friday, March 11, 2011

ATF Lied, Mexicans Died

I've been thinking about this all day, but Alvie put the bellows to the furnace and brought the metal to a bright white color in my mind. It has been driving me crazy that Barack Obama had a press conference today and not one single question was asked about Project Gunwalker. There was not one single question about Wisconsin and the death threats made by union members against government officials. Okay, I know these are special subjects for me and all, but even objectively...right?

Am I crazy to think that a scandal that has finally gotten some light shed on it over the past few weeks isn't worthy of comment? Okay, the death of a U.S. Customs agent at the hands of a band of criminals down on the border which might have been the fault of the Department of Justice? No? No questions about that? Hmmmmm, what about the accusation that despite their friendly banter the other day when President Calderon visited, the Obama Administration might be responsible for the deaths of at least 150 Mexican nationals by letting guns flow south of the border? No? Still no? Dang.

What if the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for an independent investigation into the allegations that the ATF was complicit in the act of allowing guns to be purchased by a straw purchaser and "walked" down to Mexico? What if 13 members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the Attorney General of the United States and asked for details on the project "Fast and Furious"? Nothing? Crap!

Well, I suppose if the Mexican government asked for detailed information on the investigations theoretically being conducted by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice and an internal investigation in the ATF? No? What if the Mexican Ambassador was summoned back to Mexico City to brief the Mexican government on these investigations? Nothing again? All right, this is starting to tick me off.

What if government officials of all three major political parties in Mexico demanded that U.S. agents guilty of gun trafficking and perhaps even the charge of accessory to murder be extradited to Mexico to face these charges? Would that inspire at least on question on Project Gunwalker? No? Still no?

All of these things have happened, you know.

Well, maybe the president and the press are focused on domestic matters. Let's see, did anyone ask a question about the events in Wisconsin? What if the governor in Wisconsin shoved a big ole' pie in the face of the president and his cronies by separating the "collective bargaining" issue from the bill that needed a quorum and went ahead and passed that portion of the bill? Nothing? What if the governor signed it?

I know, what if the President of the United States used his own campaign organization Organizing For America to keep the pressure on the Governor of Wisconsin to keep him from passing and signing the bill? That doesn't rate a question from the media? What if union protesters had taken up positions in the capitol building of Wisconsin and wouldn't leave? What if that strategy was supported and even organized by the president? At least his connection to the weeks-long siege would be worthy of at least one question, right? Hmmmmmm.
What if the unions got out of control and damaged the building? I mean, the press knows that the union workers are friends and political supporters of the president, right? They know that the president helped the unions and tried to bolster their spirits by admonishing the duly-elected governor, right? Did anyone in the press corps think that that was worthy of a question as to how that all got coordinated? They didn't? WOW.

Well, I bet if they knew that these supporters and friends of the president issued death threats to the Republican members of congress that there would be a question or two about that! I bet, in light of the president's own instruction toward civility after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, that he would even have to take the unions to task for making death threats and I bet that the press would be all over him! No? Crickets?

Well, I am sure by now the Latinos who supported the president in his election are really pissed about the deaths that are a result of his Department of Justice's handling of the Gunwalker scandal. I bet they are right now out front of the White House chanting "ATF Lied, Mexicans Died!" I bet it is so loud the president can't even get any sleep. I'm sure of it!

CRICKETS! Yeah, this is what a free press is all about, you traitors!

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  1. I can't stand to watch the guy flap his yap so I didn't pay much attention to his press conference, but yeah, that is seriously messed up. Great post, TL, I'll share it at the A-C page on facebook to raise awareness right now.

  2. Also posted to Facebook. The press conference was obviously scripted. Obama called names from a prearranged list and answered prearranged questions to which he had prearranged answers.

    It was also obvious that the anointed one had no idea where the person he was calling was seated. Go back and take a look at the so-called briefing. If you can stomach a replay.


  3. Great post TL. I guess I'm further evidence for your point because I've never even heard of "Project Gunwalker." I did know about some agents getting killed, but certainly never heard anything about these 150 Mexicans killed, or any intimation that the ATF might be involved. Have you written some more on this, or do you have some information sources you'd recommend on this issue?

  4. Justin, at the top of this page there are two tabs, one that says HOME, and one that says PROJECT GUNWALKER. I urge you to click on The Project Gunwalker tab and have a read.

  5. Linked to and quoted from this post in a brand new post at my place:

  6. Take heart my friend. While on the surface it looks under control, more and more people are getting it. And more and more look at the malfeasance and thuggery and figuring out how to say, "no more".


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