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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Is Our National Destiny

The events unfolding in Wisconsin are only the beginning of an open assault on the American way of life. These are the people who would willingly destroy the republic to get their way. They don't value the republic, they have no use for the founders, these are all things that stand in the way of their power and control over you, the citizen.

They are not happy with the money we willingly give them for the jobs they do, they demand more. They don't care how we get it, they want it and more than that, they want to prove to us that they can take it.

My first instinct is to drive all night to get to Madison by morning. It is 14 hours and 26 minutes from my house. Madison is 962 miles away. I can make it. I should go. The only thing that keeps me locked in debate with myself over the necessity of it is that I have already spent three weeks in Washington DC this year. My business has been put on the back shelf, work being done between interviews over my American Thinker article on Project Gunwalker, writing these posts and trying to get people to see the dangers of unions bargaining with elected officials for our money. Now, we can see the danger open and clear and I should be there. I should go.

Tomorrow at noon a number of Tea Parties will descend on Madison Wisconsin to support the governor and the bill that would merely ask these union thugs to pay a bit more into their own health care and retirement plans. One would think that union workers were being shot for the uproar this has caused.

The reason I feel I should be there is because the president has decided to inject himself into this issue, to take the side of unions against taxpayers, unions against legitimate laws. Obama is at war with the states. He sues Arizona, he sicks his Organizing For America thugs on Wisconsin, he destroys the economy of Louisiana with a drilling ban that has been ruled illegal. What more does he have to do to prove that he is hostile to the states and the taxpaying citizens therein? Wait, he will do it, just give him time.

The fate of the nation is being decided in Wisconsin. Who will stand with the governor? Who will stand with the citizens who gather on Saturday to support him? Who will support America? Do you understand the stakes? I do, but I have nearly broke the bank going to Washington DC this year. Who will take my place in Wisconsin? Anyone? I know I should go. I want to be there. How much more do I have to sacrifice? More? I have an hour to decide.


  1. Sounds like there will be some folks there tomorrow. If you do go, be careful. The union thugs have been working themselves into a tizzy. I have a feeling there might be a kerruffle. Watch yourself and good luck, no matter what you decide.

  2. Thank you. That's one of the reasons I feel like I should go, the union punks, but as things go I am less and less likely to go. I have just spent too much time away. I still don't know for sure, but time is short.

  3. Amigo:

    My two cents?

    Hold your position.

    The same scumbags will be in your AO soon.

    If the WI governor had what it will take to crush these thugs, it would be another thing.

    But he very likely is no Calvin Coolidge.

    No need to run to trouble.

    It'll be running at you soon enough.

    On your ground.

    Start your planning now.

  4. Good advice. I do have other fights here already and more to come, I know.

  5. TL-
    I agree with CA. This is all of our futures. We'll get our chances soon enough.

    It's very frustrating to watch the events unfold down there, to watch RTC rallies, to miss opportunities to meet like minded folks like yourself.

    Then again, I'm not too sad about a mob of parasites not being in my AO.

    For now.


  6. T.L. to go or not to go is your decision, But I agree with C.A. the troubles of Wisconsin will be at our own doorstep soon enough,Let the come to you on your own ground and on your terms. Fight???? Yes but Fight to Win.


  7. Not going. Your advice is valued and taken.

  8. CA, you put a bug in my ear, and I made a post out of it.

    Thank you, with credit and a link of course...

  9. That whole thing tomorrow scares me. Hopefully the union thugs will be not be able to start anything.

    Will be praying...

  10. TPTB are probably just waiting for an event such as this to declare martial law or some such shit.
    Hunker down, it's coming to a theater near you...SOON.


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