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Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Racist Union Members Descend On Denver

Failure to heed my last post "Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio" resulted in the lopsided, embarrassing rally in Denver today.


And, here is the massive display by those who are paying for the first three pictures. No, that is not figurative, it is literal.

That whole fiasco was funded by the stimulus bill passed by Barack Obama and the Democratic party. I wonder why that is? Why would the Democratic Party want to funnel money to public sector labor unions? Why would Democrats walk away from their obligations in Wisconsin and Indiana? Is it because those lily white racist union members pictured above (just try and find a diversity) have a head lock on the Democratic Party? Invoked time after time, in speech after speech was the virtue of the Democratic Party and the horrible, greed-ridden evility of the Republican Party. They have finally removed the mask, there is no difference between the Democratic Party and its labor union muscle. Especially when they can get you to pay for it.

More Cops Than Counter-Protesters

Somewhere along the line the average Joe (no pun intended) has to get involved in defending his own pocket book, or he will continue to get robbed. A person who complains about every dime they have to pay extra for gasoline ought to get their behind out and protest the kleptopalooza going on in our public sector. When I engage customers who are so intent upon the absolute cheapest method of getting the job done and spy an Obama sticker on their car, it is all I can do not to jump the price quadruple.

Listen, not everyone has to get out into the streets. Not everyone is a conflict junkie like me. I don't like protesting, but I don't mind the confrontation or the physical nature of it. What I do mind is doing it to the benefit of everyone sitting at home and getting nothing out of it but a superior tone and a turned up nose.

I do have a solution. You, the guy on the couch, or easy chair, the one who doesn't want to do anything as degrading as standing up or holding a sign, why don't you pull that fat wallet out, the one these people are trying to defend and open it. Find a credit card and put that dude to use. Send in a donation to some liberty group. I don't care which one. I run Guardians of Liberty. I take a lot of my donations and support other liberty groups with it, or help send people to Washington with it. Do something with it. You say times are bad, that work is slow. Listen, I work 12 hour days. I make time for those things that are important to this nation, to the security of our state.

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  1. Again, you've said it all.


  2. I went to a Tea party meeting this week. There were 8 people there.

    Pre-November, they were standing room only.

    That being said, I have been contacted by close friends who are thinking about worse case scenarios. These are normal working joes, who smell something on the wind, and don't like it.
    They are not thinking about standing up to thugs. They are thinking about their families safety and well being...

    I fear the time for civil protest draws neigh. Not by choice, but by the course of events related to the economy, and a myriad of other factors. I hope I am totally wrong on this. I want to be totally wrong on this. But now the One has decided to decide what settled law is constitutional or not. The next issue you see thuggery about could be impeachment articles.

    I doubt those protests will pale in the hate and malice that we have seen from the left so far. The thuggery will only work to scare good men to a point. After that...

    Resist takes on a whole new meaning.

    Your a good man, TL. I believe in your vision, and will continue to push the issue of going to Washington with people here, and hopefully come spring we will have more of an audience.

    I won't give up on my country, but damned if it does not feel like I am running on a hampster wheel politically...

  3. T.L. I have just stumbled across your blog for the first time today. So far I like what I see.

    As far as the low turn out for the counter protest today in Denver, I believe that it was due to the Tea Party having their policy summit in AZ this weekend.

  4. Great post, TL. I can't get out of my house, and I have very little money, but I do what I can from my computer and am always looking for ways to be able to do more from where I'm at. There is no excuse to do nothing, not when the price of negligence is so high and not when there are so many ways that you can do something.
    I've linked to this post over at my place:

  5. Thank you Zilla. The sad part is, most of the people who read this blog are already doing something, so it is kind of a waste of time, but hopefully with your help, it reaches further than that.

  6. Thank you, TL, for keeping the faith.

    Keep bashing on.


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