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Friday, February 25, 2011

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

At a recent counter-protest to the union solidarity rally instigated by SEIU in Denver I came face to face with the true issues at hand. The purpose of the rally was to spread the unrest, to widen the discontent, to create the impression that the entire nation is involved and engaged in the issues playing out in Wisconsin. It was hoped that every state government might be intimidated by these union tactics.

The trouble I find with this method of protest is that the union cannot avoid the impression that they are protesting against the very people who fund their careers. Of course, they try to make it seem like there is some greedy, evil, hateful person at which they are directing their anger and professed rightful indignation, but a moment's thought erases that perception. Fortunately for the union thugs sent out to carry the message, they don't bother to apply logic to their actions. Their history has been established by demonizing individuals and corporations, but unions are poorly designed to engage in these tactics as employees of the government.

So, now that it is apparent that these union goons are protesting against you, the taxpayer, the benefactor of their existence, at the behest of the Democratic Party, I am curious as to why there is not a greater outcry from the general public? The Tea Party cannot always lift the bail and tote the barge, there are things that must be done by the unorganized masses just out of a sense of outrage.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no outrage that the Democratic Party, through the President of the United States, has conducted a huge money-laundering scheme via labor unions and now expects the members of these unions to help them stall and even discourage legislation. Are any of you awake?

Of the Stimulus Bill over $800 billion was meted out to these entities on the FIRST page alone:
(These figures start in the BILLIONS, not millions)
Planning And Research, Governor's Office Of Sacramento CA $5,472,717,555
Florida Education Department Tallahassee FL $3,192,989,535
Education, California Department Of Sacramento CA $2,711,405,704
Economic Development & Tourism, Texas Governor Office Of Austin TX $2,177,682,329
Transportation, California Department Of Sacramento CA $2,141,037,329
New York, State Of Albany NY $2,021,923,863
Education Agency, Texas Austin TX $1,983,765,917
Transportation, Texas Department Of Austin TX $1,933,068,945
New York State Education Department Albany NY $1,841,314,488
Department Of Education Michigan Lansing MI $1,720,128,218
Massachusetts, Commonwealth Of Boston MA $1,634,890,485
Illinois, State Of Springfield IL $1,500,398,861
New York City Board Of Education Brooklyn NY $1,416,637,533
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc Aiken SC $1,407,839,884
h2m Hill Plateau Remediation Company Richland WA $1,359,715,229
Education, Virginia Department Of Richmond VA $1,347,213,546
Executive Office State Of Ohio Columbus OH $1,313,546,525
National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington DC $1,307,550,221
Georgia, State Of Atlanta GA $1,144,841,173
Illinois Department Of Transportation Springfield IL $1,119,532,573

VIA Stimulus Watch

This is how the money was funneled to government employees, teachers and unionized industries. Keep in mind that only 6.9% of private industry is unionized, but the Obama Administration was careful in finding them before disbursing these funds to an industry.

Is it any wonder that the employees of these same entities now support the Democratic political agenda?

I don't know what it takes to motivate people. Beyond the Tea Parties, there seems to be no opposition to these actions. The sad part of it is, the average individual doesn't even have to get up off of their own ass to do something about it. All they have to do is just pull out that credit card and help pay for those who are already defending their rights and exposing these criminal activities. Find a Tea Party, a Second Amendment group, a Restore The Constitution organization, anything.

Right now there is a group who were attending the counter-protest in Atlanta, whose rights were violated by the Capitol Police by asking them to remove themselves from the capitol grounds because they were wearing sidearms legally within the laws of the State of Georgia. They will fight it. They will go to the courts to get their rights reaffirmed by a court of law, but where is the support for this? Change can come, Brian Aitken was released from prison by Chris Christie after a loud and persistent protest to free him from the illegal imprisonment he suffered. Things can change, but it can't always be the same groups working to achieve the change. Anyone who cares about liberty and the rule of law should be standing up to these tactics.

These union thugs are not just trying to protect their jobs. This is the startlingly open and transparent use of union muscle to achieve a political end. Go to Stimulus Watch and you will see how they were paid and ask yourself how much of those billions and multiple millions will find its way back to the re-election coffers of those who passed the bill? If that isn't enough to motivate the average American to action, I am at a loss to understand when and how the citizens of this nation will ever rise up against injustice. The luxury of remaining at home and away from scrutiny while the battles are being waged on one's behalf should come with a convenience tax to be paid to those who pick up the signs, march on the pavement and face down those who would put shackles on an entire population and milk them for every luxury under the sun.

So, as I look out on the housing developments I pass, the thousands of cars going by, the office buildings along the way I have to ask myself "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?"

Check out this reply, or rebuttal, or at least an attempt to address the issue HERE.

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  1. Ah, but public employees have a right to collective bargaining too!

    Or so the refrain goes.

    I know several otherwise sensible people who claim that this, simply because they are public employees. They don't understand that they cannot have their cake and eat it too.

  2. (These figures start in the BILLIONS, not millions)

    Good find and posted.

  3. What are we to do.

    The parasite class uses government force against the productive class.

    The productive class rises up and uses government force against the parasite class.

    The parasite class rises up.................................................................and on and on........

    If one intends on doing the same things, voting, writing, calling, e-mailing, petitioning, and protesting, that have been done since the birth of government, to try and change the outcome of government, don’t expect that you are going to get a different result.

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force;” –George Washington.

    "Kto kogo?"
    "Who/whom," or "Who does what to whom?" ~ The central question of politics, according to Vladimir Lenin.

    If we were to return to the rule of law. Laws based on natural law.............................“those who would put shackles on an entire population and milk them for every luxury under the sun.”.....
    Would not be able to use the supposed legitimate force of government to that end.
    Rather they would be peacefully “forced” by the laws of nature, to become self sufficient, or parish.

    The productive would be allowed to keep and defend the fruits of their labor and flourish.

    I will not waist my efforts doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. And can no longer be guilted or provoked by any amount of outrageousness into doing so.

    When I feel that there are enough freedom hungry individuals who will defend my right to property rather than throw me to the wolves, I’m am ready and willing to do my part to stop funding the demise of the productive citizens of this country, and fight the battle that will surely ensue.

    Slow day at my business yeasterday and today, so I have even less to give. That's a start.


  4. You are well informed and active sir, and I appreciate. But I am not as active yet have been trying to pay attention and looking for ways to be involved> I no longer have much hope that voting will sweep in true change as even those I had hoped would stop the breakneck speed of decline are easy to manipulate. The liberals & statists have the upper hand - they control most media, education institutions, etc. They get to frame the debate and language thus controling debate. And the pols control us via taxes and regulations - attempts to refuse gets you behind the force of state "enforcement".

    I understand you own a business and you have sacrificed even so - thank you. I too own a business and would personally sacrifice all for liberty, but I have a wife and 5 kids to support They are important to me of corse and I will gladly die for them. But I would hate to see them suffer for dad's stance - I fear perhaps I am weak in that respect - and the laws are designed for that specific effect. Forgive my weakness.

    So I respectfully ask - where to start becoming active? I don't run in the right circles. Help me understand where to connect. I agree with the other poster that if I knew I was not alone and there was a well thoght out principaled group seeking true liberty I would join in. I want liberty and want to make a difference, just don't know where to start.


  5. Rob, I appreciate your situation. It is a delicate one, one wants to protect their family and their freedom. Your predicament is a lot of the reason we let these things go. It is tough to take a stand.

    The first step toward liberty is recognizing what one can do to resist the state without going to jail, discovering how far one can push the issues and remain within the law, recognizing that that won't always keep you out of jail. Then, when falsely imprisoned, there is a lawsuit to be made out. Pushing their buttons on every issue.

    The cops can't even get me to cooperate at a DUI checkpoint because I know they are unconstitutional. Of course, I stop, but I don't allow them to talk to me and I don't offer any information. I sit there, pissed and let them know it.

    Later, as time goes on and you become more resistant and well informed on the letter of the law in your state and push those limits, you will know what to do.

  6. Rob, you can try any of the Tea Party or 912 groups, they might be hard to approach, but just start showing up at meetings just to get the feel of things.

  7. I wrote a post at the Bonnie Blue Blog (would've been too long to post in comments here), trying to answer your statement:

    "I don't know what it takes to motivate people. Beyond the Tea Parties, there seems to be no opposition to these actions."

    You've written another great post, TL.


  8. Thanks, I'll link it to this one.

  9. If there were an actual answer to the problem, then I might participate. So far I see no one standing up with answers, only protest.
    Just going back will not cure the problems of today. We must find solutions to our ills.
    Energy, or the lack of sufficient supply of it, is the root cause of our economic hardship. Sure the left is probably being too "Liberal" with our funds. Yet so too, the right is lining the pockets of big oil and "The Military Industrial Complex".
    I firmly believe that "The Devil" is in the details, so therefore is most likely beyond our ability to fight back. Only help from a higher source is likely to lead us out of the wilderness.

    Both Left and Right have been so evil, that I seriously doubt help is on the way....

  10. Spud, I differ with you on the relative morality you profess. The left seeks to lead the nation into a collectivist totalitarianist state from which there is no escape but death. What you call "lining the pockets of big oil and the military industrial complex" does not enslave one to the state, in fact it does a heck of a lot more freeing of the soul than its supposed counterpart.
    "Big Oil" as you call it put a lot of food on my table, it provided me and my crews with a lot of goodies, boats, cars, vacations, etc and at any time I decided, I could just walk away and deny those things.
    You insinuate that there is something evil in "Big Oil" when it is nothing more than a gift from God.
    But, apparently you don't value life, otherwise you would know that without "Big Oil" our lifespan in the Western world would still be about 57 years old. The child mortality rate would still be closer to Kenya than not. Do some research that isn't biased on class envy and relative morality (good luck finding that) and figure out that oil had always been around. The Indians used it for starting fires, but the human condition did not get particularly better until it's widespread use.
    Yeah, a few guys got rich off of it, but you and generations of your family can thank "Big Oil" for your very survival. Even today you couldn't get a damn burger without "Big Oil" so spare me.

  11. Just giving an opinion that both sides are sucking us dry. Fact is Peak oil was 30 yrs. ago, yet population and demand have increased.
    Little is being done to solve this. If we do nothing but fight about yesterday, then we will have no nation to fight for.

  12. T.L. -

    Bout the best I have been able to do so far is when I got pulled over by a cop - long story - but after the usual baloney adn check on my DL the kind officer asked where I was going. I don't know what came over me but I said "where I am going" - it threw him off and I got a lecture about answering his questions. I just told him my destination was irrelevant to his stopping me and he was still not plussed with me but he admitted I was right. Didn't get a ticket though :) After 30 + years still ticket free.

    So, another question. You may not be able to answer but what have you found is the line in the sand. I can't not pay my "fair share" by withholding taxes, permits etc. Suggestions? IF not I understand completely. Will investigate Tea Party or 912 or some such group. THough I fear voting and such may be irrelvant I do want to find like minded folk to ride out the bad times with.

    God Bless You and thanks for the posts.


  13. Spud, you just hit a sore spot with me. Oil, when judged correctly instead of through a union/leftist/class warfare lens, has aided mankind in ways no one can ever even quantify, much less appropriately credit. Those who got rich off it, well, someone has to.

    Rob. Well, in your area is Mike Vanderboegh with Sipsey Street Irregulars. I don't know what sort of organizational type of things he might be involved in, but he is probably a like-minded individual.

    You are right to conclude that the time for action is nearing, but if you didn't get out to protest the Move rallies this weekend, then you have missed at least one chance. It takes getting dirty in one way or another.


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