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Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Are The Men Of Our Times

We are the men of our times. It is ours to do with liberty as we will. Yes, you will go faceless and nameless into the abyss of history if you do nothing and choose to suffer the injustices of an illegal and oppressive government. I am warm on a cold February night as are most of you. I have a television and microwave popcorn as well as the next man, but inside there burns a desire for liberty.

It is ours to choose. We are the men of our times, the keepers of our own legacy. What will they say of us as time goes by? Would you prefer to have been with Washington, Grant, Lee, Eisenhower or Patton? That was not our duty, ours is not so clear and obvious leadership to reward with obedience. We are left to our own leadership, our own responsibility for our actions and our inaction.

It is easy to see that the price for standing firm before the onslaught of regulations and invasions of privacy is prison. They do not offer us battle, they are too clever for that. Battle would give us legitimacy and pride. That will never happen. Instead they will continue to heap upon us shame and derision.

We are the men of our times. We are given two paths, action or inaction. With action we secure our places within the walls of prison to be left to rot, perhaps never seeing freedom again. With inaction we secure our places within a rotten society, perhaps never seeing freedom again. We are not allowed glory, that is for another time. We are not allowed honor, that is for another time. We are not allowed admiration, that is for another time.

We are the men of our times. It is my greatest wish to be with all of you in a clear and defined battle against the enemies of liberty and the Constitution. I would ride right now with weapons in hand to the sound of the bugle. We have no lands to defend from invaders, we have no culture to protect, we have no leaders to raise a banner. We are solitary in our resistance and alone in our punishments. We can be dismissed and disregarded as criminals, as nuts, as right-wing zealots. We are a minority within our own land, visionaries beyond the sight of the average citizen. We are the sacrifices to be made for the better good.

We are the men of our times and I ask you to know your role. It is to suffer in obscurity, to accept your punishments in silence. There will be no band, no honor guard at your imprisonment, there will be no honor in it. They will not allow you these luxuries of legitimacy. Look not toward the great battles of the U.S. military, you do not belong to that organization. This is the toughest part of our times, to know that those we look up to, that we wish to emulate are the heroes of the force that we must engage. We have but two options, to win a battle against the forces we admire, or to turn those forces to our cause. Your role, in these times, is to be the resistance, expose the brutality of the illegal government, for if the government was not illegitimate, we would have no reason to resist.

We are the men of our times, not the times before or after, but this moment, to this purpose and this cause. Like it or not, this is the hand we are dealt and if you will not join me, let me join you, but resist in every way you can and I will be there to share your cell.

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  1. I am the unknown man, the most common in America.
    Neither left nor right, yet a little of both.
    Answered my call to duty, when my country called.
    Then, as all should do, proceeded into the civilian world and made my way. Not staying for 20 yrs. and then expecting a retirement package at age 40. That would be no better than welfare.
    I keep and bear my right to a gun, and state my opinion whenever I feel. Will defend the right to worship any religion for all ( including Moslems ). To think any other way would be unAmerican.

  2. Well stated, Mr. Davis.

    Stay safe, my friend.

  3. True there is no glory in this battle for our very right to exist as free people, but there is honor - honor in being honorable and steadfast to the cause of righteousness for its own sake. Honor in staying true to our hearts and never compromising our values and beliefs for political expediency. No there will be no parades, but we will be able to look unflinchingly at our own reflections and know that our conscience is clear, that we are willing to stand and fight for the future of our country (in my case I am fighting for my children's future as well). I'd rather have a bad reputation and a clean soul than the other way around.

  4. Well said Zilla, and of course, we are not without honor, but the way this thing shakes out are actions will not be generally recognized as honorable, whether indeed they are, or are not.

  5. We are approaching a time that we will need to make our own "Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms". They, the would be Masters the Legislators and Bureaucrats, the Aristocrats of our time will eventually grow tired of our insolence and disobedience to their Mandates, Orders and Instruction. When, if we do our duty to disobey their Unjust and Unlawful Directives(Seat-Belts to Health-Care)they will either have to relinquish their Power, which they WILL NOT DO, or Lash Out against us. And in doing so will give us Just Cause to make our own "Declaration of Causes". We can Pray for a Peaceful Resolution to our Situation, People that want to Rule over a People that want to be Free. But as history often repeats it's self we know the the odds of that coming to be are little to none.

    So Many of us Prepare,in Resources,Mind,Body and Soul. In every way we can imagine.

    I have made My Decision, I will Not be Imprisoned for taking what is mine, My Right to be Free to Live as I will, as I chose for that is what My God has given to me and No Power on Earth has the Authority to take these God-Given Rights away from me. Even if My Time of Freedom is only in the minutes or seconds before by death because for me it is far better to die free even if just for a short time than to live in a cage of Iron or of a Socity that would keep me bound in invisable chains. To Steal from my Labor for the benifit of others that bow down before them for their sustinance both here in my native land and abroad to peoples that neither respect or acknowlage my rights or beliefes or the cultures of this land.


  6. Patrick Henry said it best, and immortally: Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

    I can honestly say that I have only one life to give for my country, and my liberty and my freedom. But I give it freely. Bring it on - freedom or eternal relief from slavery.

  7. Hey Spud, don't take cheap shots at those who served a career in the military. There are those, who, believe it or not, had (and have) a calling to service.

    And for the record, even after 20, 25, or 30 years, there's no such thing as 'retiring'. You just start a second career.

    And as for the "little right, little left", it's better to be all the way in your convictions. Be hot or cold. Lukewarm gets spit out.

  8. Very good. We must often pass unnoticed in this life. Our reward will be given to us beyond the circles of this world.

  9. For a long time, I just observed and read blogs. Here lately I have begun stating my opinion. It seems that in America these days you are not entitled to this.
    I have come to the conclusion that all of us are at fault, and have tried personally to correct this.
    We are a nation that points fingers, stating it is the other guys that are the problem.
    Hard core right or left are bad things to be.
    If you are not in the middle, you are a fanatic.
    Isn't that what we are fighting against in the middle east right now ?
    Freedom means to be free, it does not mean think my way or leave.
    I fought in a war to help preserve those freedoms, I guess that I was a fool...

  10. Yes, spud you are entitled to an opinion. And I take no offense although I retired after 25. That was the deal I signed up for and back when I did it...who knew we were gonna have this debt wreck? I see both sides clearly.

    Excellent job, TL Davis. Perfect.

  11. Spud, re: "Will defend the right to worship any religion for all ( including Moslems ). To think any other way would be unAmerican."

    No disrespect intended, but.....

  12. Quoted and linked at

    Way to rock it out TL. A New Pamphleteer indeed.

  13. As usual, TL, you clarify the situation we find ourselves in. I have a burning desire to right the wrongs, being someone who has tilted at windmills most of my life, and paid for it.

    Spud, you are entitled to your opinion. But we all know what opinions are like. I've known too many good men who served 20 or 30 NOT because they wanted the retirement (that _was_ a cheap shot, partner. Man up and admit it), but because they loved their country and chose that way to serve it.

    My father flew many missions over Germany in the B-17 he piloted, bringing his crew home safely every time, including after a forced landing onto a short metal fighter strip in Holland. He then went on to fly B-52s with SAC to help give the Soviets a good reason not to start a nuclear war. He died at 50, so he never got the retirement you mention that you think is welfare. These men served their 20 or 30 in places all over the world, places where they couldn't take their families, didn't get to see their children grow up, but taking a retirement for that is taking welfare, right?

    You state your opinion, then tell us we are un-American if we don't agree. Then you whine and snivel when someone calls you on this. Feel free to do so, partner, but don't expect it to go unchallenged.

    As "A Retired Military Man" said, pick a side. The notion that the middle of the road,being moderate, is more virtuous than choosing something to believe in is really just progressive nonsense. Compromise merely means compromising your principles. Which is the same as saying, "I don't have any. Can I borrow yours?"

    I believe in every person's right to believe what they want. Unless what they want is to kill me and those I love. So f*ck the muslims. That is a cult of death, sworn to kill me and those I love, along with a lot of other folks I care about. If you think wanting to kill all non-muslims (and some other muslims too) is OK, then you are no friend of mine.

    Sorry, TL. I didn't mean to go off like this, but some things you simply can't allow to pass unchallenged.

  14. Nothing is resolved without debate. Without debate, we ought to just kill those with whom we disagree.

  15. I heard of a wise man who once wrote, " These are the people who, afraid to risk their reputation for rational thought, avoid rational conclusions. They seek some middle ground where they risk nothing and others do their chores."

  16. Point 1: I fully respect those who have served a life in the military. I just disagree with getting retirement funds when you are say 40 yrs.

    Point 2: Religious freedom ? All moslems are not our enemy, Remember Hitler ? He was christian as were many past enemies.

    Point 3: You must be either left or right ? The guilt for our problems are all on the left ? The right is without fault ? My opinion is that all are responsible for the mess that we are in.I choose Gods way, and he says we all have choice.

    Point 4: I stated that it was unAmerican to state that a person cannot have an opinion. Issues cannot be resolved without debate and possible compromise. Otherwise, as TL stated we might as well just start shooting all that we disagree with.....

    I reply and state things hoping to get folks riled up. Maybe even think...Although some can only parrot that which they have heard.

  17. Anyone who can take the chicken sxxt for 20 or 30 years, combined with the low pay, combat tours, etc., deserves every penny of his or her pension. Over 40 years ago, I decided to take my honorable discharge after 4.5 years of active duty in one of the very best places to be in the military - the nuclear submarine force. My youngest son is a staff sergeant, and 13 years into his career as a Marine. He has been deployed to bad places five times, in vehicles that hit IEDs twice and is less than a year away from his sixth tour, and second to Afghanistan. We youngsters used to derisively refer to some of our brothers as "lifers" in the military, but we were merely displaying the ignorance of youth. Yes, there were a few losers, who probably "couldn't make it on the outside," however I now understand that for some it was a true calling and a very honorable thing indeed. Kentucky Jones.

  18. Spud - I fully respect those who have served a life in the military. I just disagree with getting retirement funds when you are say 40 yrs.

    Sorry, the two don't go together. That was the agreement. If you live to retirement, you get paid. Someone, I don't recall right now, said it best: We wrote a blank check up to our lives if need be. BTW, I got mine at 37. I don't care who doesn't like it.

  19. Spud, I will only take point 2 to task. Whether Christian or not, and I would strongly suggest not, Hitler did not kill Jews out of religion, but out of race hatred.

    As to your point, freedom of religion is the American creed, but recognizing that a particular strain of Muslims intend to kill you because you are a Christian is not denying freedom of religion and acting on that knowledge to be wary of all Muslims, not knowing which intends to kill you, is not unwise. Were the government to sanction all Muslims because of their religion, I would rebel against that as well.

  20. For those English majors out there, and I know they are legion, you have to read a few definitions in to see which one I used for "sanction"

  21. The Spirit of '76February 15, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    Dear spud and other posters,

    I am blessed with forefathers that "made a difference". One of them was the elder minister of the Mayflower expedition, William Brewster. He and his shipmates chose to leave behind everything to build a new world in which they could worship Jesus Christ as they saw fit.

    Another forefather was a French nobleman that could not in conscience obey a corrupt foreign church. Most of his fellow Huguenots were slaughtered, but he and his family were lucky enough to escape to Purtian America where they were welcome as fellow suffers for Christ.

    "John Snr" was a Patriot. His son "John Jnr" was a Loyalist. They met, and died, in battle at Saratoga. John Jnr's family was forced to flee to Canada returning after fifty years and much calmed passions.

    My great-great-great- ... grandfather Charles made the greatest "difference".

    You see, Charles was a soldier and a great leader of men. He had to be. The invading Mohammedans had pushed deep into France and were on the verge of conquering all Christendom.

    Thankfully for us, Charles had intimate knowledge of and little use for Mohammedans. He was a baptized Christian and a patriot who refused to live a slave to alien invaders.

    Bravery and leadership ran in the family. Charles' son, Charles Jnr also went on to do great things.

    Depending on your age you might have read about Charles in school although I'm certain those under 40 have never been told about Charles Martel and his son Charlemagne -- my great-great-grandfathers.

    America was founded by Christians for Christ at great cost. Damn to hell any that would give her away to unbelievers and antichrist for want of balls.

  22. TL, I fully agree, with both of your points. I was just using Hitler as an example of a christian gone wrong, very wrong.
    I agree that the particular strain of Muslims are the ones we are at war with. Not all Muslims as some would have us believe.

    Spirt of 76, All of the founding fathers that wrote the constitution were not Christian, some believed otherwise. All believed in the freedom to worship as you please.

    Anon 6:23, I agree, past commitments must be kept as far as retirement. My point is that we can no longer afford such, something different must be done for the future.

    I personally did my share by foregoing a disability pension, for injuries from service.
    Knowing that I was able to do well enough without a government paycheck. I did accept full medical, as ejection systems are not kind to backs lol. Thank God for the VA medical system.

    Under no circumstance did I serve for the money
    only because it was right and my duty to country.

  23. It's Funny to listen to the retired soldier= "kings men" carry on about their "right" to their "pensions." They do understand the "pensions" STOPS. If the Govt. falls, right ? NO MORE GOVT(peoples) money. Where does your loyalty lie now,soldier? To the CONSTITUTION or to the Govt? A pension is just a nice way of saying you are used up tool.Guess that oath you took is a little too expensive to honor,eh?

  24. Spud - W.W. = Wild Weasel?

    Anon 8:56 - English translation available?

  25. Anon 4:34, Now that is a high probable, course I suppose it could also mean Wild Woman LOL that would have been a lot more fun !

  26. Wild Weasel was a F105, I think, or an F111.

  27. And IIRC, there were also F-4 versions of the Weasel.

  28. To you folks who claim there are good moslems and we should welcome the good the koran.
    And then take a look at what the good moslems have done to Europe.

  29. I think we have gotten lost a little bit in the debate about left vs. right. We need to go back and look at it the way the founders did.

    It wasn't a spectrum with communism on the left and fascism on the right. To them, communism and fascism were both on the left, different members of the same family of slavery. On the right was anarchy. That's what they had to balance to create a country that was truly free. Being far left to them meant vouching for slavery to men, while on the other side it becomes slavery to fear because there is no law.

    We need to be centrist in the way the founders viewed it. Nowadays, that happens to make us look like we are on the far right because everyone else is so far to the left. Think about it though - the founders were extreme in their time, and it started the most free country in the world at the time. Their principles (now far right in the world's eyes) are what made America great.

    For anyone who hasn't done an in-depth study of our founding, I highly recommend doing so to really understand what we are fighting for and against. A good starting place is the book "The 5000 Year Leap".

  30. be neither left nor right be American. All Americans are entitled to their opinion as for the career military people ask yourselves do you believe that your service was given in the line of freedom? Show us the good our police actions have done and I will point out the harm done to innocents, my list will be longer. As to the pension question it was explained perfectly by Anonymous,he got HIS. This is the attitude that has lead to the situation in this country today. To all the military people thank you for your service.Oath Keepers now needs your fidelity the commitment to the honor and integrity of America needs us all. To those that suggest reading the Koran, should also read the Bible (old and new) carefully whay it says is also scary all kinds of God sanctioned murder, thievery and rape,so mush for a benevolent God.


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