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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Unlawful Administration of Barack Obama

The outright contempt for the Constitution is nothing new with this crew, I have seen it, wrote about it, endured it and all to no avail. Now, the outright contempt of court is ongoing with no one in the media taking note that our president is blatantly disregarding a legal ruling effecting an injunction against the implementation of Obamacare.

Karl Denninger has hit the nail on the head with his post today.

The ruling that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, is unconstitutional when served to a government agency is a de facto injunction. It is assumed that the Executive Branch of the government will obey willfully the dictates of the court. Today, we get this from the Obama Administration via CBS News:

The White House officials said that the ruling would not have an impact on implementation of the law, which is being phased in gradually. (The individual mandate, for example, does not begin until 2014.) They said that states cannot use the ruling as a basis to delay implementation in part because the ruling does not rest on "anything like a conventional Constitutional analysis."
So, the rulings of judges can be ignored if they are outside of the "conventional Constitutional analysis?" And, who gets to make that decision? The defendant? That's all nice to know.

The fact is this: It doesn't matter what law is broken by the Administration, whether election law, Constitutional law, theft, bribery, nothing would bother this group. They are not alone. Almost every administration suffers from this arrogance, but few have the juevos to throw it right back in the face of the courts. I hope Justice Alito gets to exercise payback over this issue when it comes before the Supreme Court.

Right now, however, there should be a call from the Attorneys General associated with this case to file injunctive relief since the Administration has expressed its unwillingness to follow traditional Constitutional requirements, which is to cease and desist following the ruling of a duly seated judge in the Federal Court system. But, why should they obey the law? That's just for suckers like the average American, right?

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  1. This government continues to provide daily justifications for resistance.

    This government cares not one whit for law, but for getting its way. Bush was bad, Obama is just now coming out of his shell.

    Doom, doom, doom. Yeah.


    This fight isn't over yet.

    We're just waking up and getting out of bed.

    After coffee, someone's gonna get a thumpin'...

    Some things take time, and an artful thumping -such as the one currently in the works for the enemies of liberty- is one of them.


    Health Judge Uses Obama's Words Against Him
    "Judge Vinson, a federal judge in the northern district of Florida, struck down the entire health care law as unconstitutional on Monday, though he is allowing the Obama administration to continue to implement and enforce it while the government appeals his ruling."

  3. Quoted and linked at;

    Impeachment anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  4. AMEN on that THUMPIN,A.P.

    I watched the SOTU address and when Obumer got to his part of the speach about fixing H.C. instead of repealing it(like them Republicans were sent to do)he was dam'n near ready to cry. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Obummer is told "The Supreams declared H.C. compleatly Un-Constitutional" and is not the Law of the land. I'l bet he throws a temper tantrim like a three year old compleat with laying on the ground and kicking his feet and screaming. Freakin Nacassist thinks that the Law don't apply to him and what HE WANTS!


  5. We've had way too many politicians recently that think they are above the law. If impeachment won't take care of them, Revolution most certainly will !


  6. Why the administration selected the term "outlier" in describing Judge Vinson's ruling...

  7. Anybody take any oaths to protect and defend?
    What is a "Domestic Enemy to the Constitution"?
    What is the remedy specified?
    Can anyone read?

    Oathbreakers in positions to arrest "Domestic Enemies" are breaking their oaths.

    A generation that has forgotten the Nuremburg Trials.
    Senior personnel know that their inaction makes them complicit.

  8. Aiding and abetting America's enemies throughout the Muslim world; most recently Egypt, used to be grounds for charges of Sedition and Treason. Perhaps the "Teflon Presidency Award" ought to go to Obama as he has yet to truly suffer (personally) from the wrath which is running rampant against him. Sure, a couple of Democrats fell on their swords for him during mid-term elections, but even that has not noticeably reduced either his rhetoric or his full-steam-ahead agenda to alter and undo America. He has not once listened to the voices of outrage, warning, and reason emanating from TRUE AMERICANS across this country; instead, he delves even deeper into his own sick, biased, warped, theology to push for laws which are patently anti-American and unconstitutional. An ideological demagogue will never learn from others.
    Re-election is his goal now. This cannot be allowed by American voters if our country is to be saved. Perhaps Mr. Obama would like to join Mr. Mubarak on the hot seat of an unstoppable revolution.


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