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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They Had Their Chance

There are stories being brought out about a few Democratic Senators who seek to overturn the individual mandate part of the PPACA or Obamacare. All I can say to that is this: they had their chance to vote to repeal it and they didn't. Tough.

The problem I see is the Republicans, it has always been the Republicans. I think they like it in the minority, where they can wring their hands and shake their heads at their inability to stop the progression of liberal goals as they are ticked off one by one. There is no disguising the fact that they are statists themselves. When they had the opportunity to run the show a few years back they acted very much like liberals.

Republicans don't know how to wield power. Every once in a while they will land on some election scheme that works and they will be placed in a position to do something positive for the country, for the people, to pull them out of the bureaucratic swamp and what do they do, time after time? They cave, they compromise, they capitulate when there is no reason to do so, except that they get to wring their hands and shake their heads and talk about "good government" and "the people's business."

The Republicans employed this maneuver over tax rates just a while ago when all they had to do was stay strong and resolute and refuse to pass any bill that raised any taxes, but instead they traded what they already had for something Obama wanted, which is START and Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Now, the people are counting on them to repeal Obamacare and they are already looking for ways to avoid it, praying for the Supreme Court to do their work. Here we have three Democratic Senators already taking heat for their failure to repeal Obamacare in the past few weeks and I can already tell you where the Republicans will take that knowledge. Instead of recognizing that the first vote to repeal merely allowed the senators to declare their solidarity with Obama, but now they are facing the outrage of their constituency and need to do something to save their re-election bids in 2012, they want to delete the individual mandate. I swear to God, our Republican senators are jumping with joy, if they could just remove the individual mandate, everything else will go by the wayside.


The point is that these Democratic senators, and many like them, need to do something to alter Obamacare or they won't be re-elected in 2012 and they know it. The Republicans shouldn't be offering them cover, but should be holding their feet to the fire and saying: You had your chance at repeal and you voted no, now live with it, or vote yes.

It's that simple. Bring it back up for a vote, make them vote on it again and again so their words ring hollow to those to whom they are responsible, the people of their states. It is difficult to say that you didn't vote to repeal the law because it could have been fixed with some little adjustments when those adjustments didn't take place. The closer it gets to 2012 the more desperate they will get. Force the issue. Stand up for all of us who worked so hard to elect Republicans in 2010. Do the RIGHT thing for once.


  1. When Oblablacare was up for vote the first time, McCaskill had her head so far Barack's butt that when had gas she farted. Missourians wont forget.

  2. "The problem I see is the Republicans, it has always been the Republicans. I think they like it in the minority, where they can wring their hands and shake" That's funny but it's not.

  3. They (the Republicans)NEED to remember that they were sent to the last elections to shrink the Federal Government in General and to Repeal Obummer-Care in Particular. If they FAIL to remember that and continue to look for ways to shrug their DUTIES they could suffer Grave consequences in the 2012 elections.

    But I am happy to see that my Senators Cornyn and Hutchinson both voted to repeal Obummer-Care.
    And that Senator Cornyn's staff have told me this morning during a phone call that "they are Looking Hard at the Gun-Walker allegations and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry,and how these two matters are connected."
    Their words not mine, Cornyn is a member of the Judiciary Committee.


  4. I'll believe it when the Republicans quit taking money from the insurance industry which causes the high cost of health care to start with.


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