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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Government Is Not A Thing

It's easy to blame the government, it's like blaming the weather and it's a bad habit. The government is not a thing, it is not a monolithic behemoth. In the past several months, from organizing Guardians of Liberty and the ongoing actions in Washington D.C., to running this blog, to helping David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh get the word out about Project Gunwalker, I have gotten a unique perspective into the actions of government. That perspective brings me to the clear and decisive conclusion that government is not a thing, it is made up of people and how they do their jobs. More specifically, how WE let them do their job.

There is no way to separate the government from those who operate the controls. When a drunk driver runs over a pedestrian it was not the car that was responsible, it was the operator. When ATF agents overstep their boundaries and become responsible for the deaths of innocent people, they need to be held accountable. When IRS agents allow themselves to serve a political end, as was acknowledged during the Clinton Administration, they need to be held accountable. We have allowed for these things to take place with the idea that some government agency put them up to it, but if we, as an employee of a business, or corporation are encouraged to provide insider information to investment brokers, we are responsible for denying that request or face criminal charges. We are also responsible for revealing the existence of that request to law enforcement.

The double standard exists to protect government workers from lawsuits arising from their duties. It would be easy, without these protections, to delay and deter criminal prosecution and the enforcement of state and municipal codes through legal maneuvers. That protection, however, should not and must not extend to government employees who have violated the law, whether through instruction or expediency.

The instance that brings this to the fore much more than any personal inconvenience I have suffered at the hands of over-zealous IRS agents and other officials, is Project Gunwalker. I urge anyone and everyone who reads this post to investigate more closely this issue. In Project Gunwalker there is specific and credible evidence that the ATF has been responsible for facilitating the movement of assault weapons into Mexico. Ostensibly this was done to track the flow of illegal weapons throughout the United States and determine if there was an infrastructure designed to move these weapons into Mexico, but when the investigation--Project Gunrunner from which Project Gunwalker has sprung--was not returning the sort of evidence it expected Project Gunwalker was put into effect which actually encouraged the flow of assault weapons into Mexico.

None of this would have been known were it not for the fact that two of the weapons being tracked by the ATF through the auspices of Project Gunrunner were found at the scene of Customs Agent Brian Terry's murder in the Arizona Desert. These weapons had been used by persons from south of the border. ATF officials have categorically denied allowing these weapons to migrate into Mexico in the face of incontrovertible facts.

This post is a plea to any and all who are good and decent agents of the ATF to come forward and tell the truth. It is time to take the medicine you would expect a suspect to take. It is time to help the people understand the ways and actions of this agency that is so totally dismissive of the responsible role it should play in law enforcement.

Until the actual employees (THE PEOPLE) of these organizations start to come clean and help to rectify the abuses of government they will remain the largest single reason the general public see a need to destroy these agencies and replace them with something more efficient. For example, the abuses of the IRS tend to make one more interested in a flat tax solution that would eliminate the IRS and replace it with a simple equation to be done at tax time.

Let me be clear (as our illustrious president likes to say) the PEOPLE of the ATF have a responsibility to be Americans first and Agents second. When they do so they will find support from the American people. If they do not, they deserve to be treated as none other than the suspects they daily look down upon.


  1. Yep, I agree. These "people" have placed themselves above-the-law, and it saddens me greatly.

  2. Two sets of rules for two different groups of people. Mere Mortal Citizens versus the Elite of all stripes.

    Newark, Ohio

  3. When law enforcement officers break the law, they, by definition, become criminals.

    These people from the ATF that perpetrated this crime and those who are covering it up are, quite simply, criminals. Lowlife, ordinary, criminals.

    Holder and and the rest of his bunch who are stonewalling Congress are criminals.

    They are breaking the law. If it were you or me we would be arrested and put through "the process". They are doing breaking the law with impunity. They have placed themselves above the law that they swore to defend.

    They are getting their rocks off knowing that they are getting away with it.

    They are just faceless little pukes who are doing whatever their masters tell them to do. They are men without morals, ethics, or conscience. They fucked up and are now covering up.

    Their ultimate goal was to create a situation whereby the government could "justify" another weapons ban. They screwed up and they got caught.

    They killed one of their own.

    I hope they never sleep soundly again.


  4. I doubt if they have trouble sleeping, Blue.
    Scum like this rarely does.....

  5. drjim.... sadly, i believe that to be true.

  6. Well, I think The Man Upstairs will deal with them in the afterlife.
    For now we just have to wait.....

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  8. This is what I meant to say

    Blue I doubt that ATF's Chief Councilors Office or District Supervisors see's a CBP Agent as "ONE OF THEIR OWN". Maybe a few of the field Agents see B.Terry as a fellow LEO and in a round about way as one of theirs.

    But the Upper Echelon at ATF don't even give a damn about their own Field Agents much less those from another Agency. And personally I can see no Constitutional Reason for BATFE to exist, and by that I wonder how there can be
    "good and decent agents of the ATF" These Agents enforce Illegal Laws
    (Un-Constitutional = illegal)

    I'm sure all that would come to this Blog Site know the words and meaning of the Second Amendment,
    For the SECURITY of a FREE STATE, Shall NOT be INFRINGED. These words are all too clear and I hope and pray that their are ATF Agents of every level that read words of take a minute or two to evaluate just where they are and what THEY believe. Where does Government Authority end and the Individual Rights of the People begin and how can one believe one thing and Act on another.


  9. Dennis, you are absolutely correct.


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