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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gateway Pundit Caught Me Red Handed

From this clip, you get me walking up to this confrontation between a SEIU union thug and the black Tea Party Activist. What you don't see is it is me yelling at the SEIU guy calling him a punk after he flips me off.

Here it is at RightNetwork

Third video down. You do catch, at the very end, the cop escorting me away from the scene.


  1. Well, we didn't see you, but I imagine the "Go ahead, Punk" was the vocal.:)

  2. Got that right, I was the reason he turned back around after he told us to F off. I was trying to goad him into a move.

  3. :-)

    Right on, TL. Right-f'ing-on.


  4. Way to go TL, wish I could have been there to see it or went to the Austin Gathering of Sloth, but I had to get back to work, That thing that keeps the bills paid ya know.


  5. From my experience most union mutts have barely a HS education and are even then educated beyond their abilities.. thats why they make such good unionists and enforcers for their socialist handlers.

    Time is coming to find out how much they are willing to spend in their efforts

  6. Seems to me...That they are protesting and you are protesting their right to protest. Doesn't matter whom is backing whom, they are still citizens and majority still rules in this country.
    Doing anything that is unconstitutional does matter.
    Sometimes what a person wants gets overruled by the ignorant masses.

  7. Spud, what they are doing is hijacking the legal system and trying to bully their way after the votes have been taken, those elected have been seated and legislation has been proposed. Enter the goons, exit the senators needed to put through the legislation that is duly passed out of committee and ready for a vote, but they left, leaving the general assembly without a quorum. Their goons are left behind to cause trouble and create a pressure. That is mob rule, nothing less. If that's the newly accepted means of legislation, wait 'til the next Second Amendment restriction comes up for a vote and see how you like that method.

    I am not protesting their right to protest. This all started for me when we were protesting against Obamacare and the SEIU and other union thugs were protesting us. At whose direction do you think they were? Our president. They are not protesting to make a point, they are protesting the right to take my money. In that sense I have a bigger stake in this fight than they did in the first one. We are in the budget messes we are all over the nation because we have had unions bargaining for our money with the people they just got elected. I do have right to protest that process. But, why were they on the streets protesting FOR Obamacare, if all they were going to do was turn around and ask for a waiver FROM it?

    Nothing like this has ever happened in America. Presdients don't usually have a group of organized individuals ready to counter-demonstrate for his unpopular legislation. They have always had supporters, but if you don't know the long history of violence done by unions and their members, I cannot educate you here, but it is definitely an implied if not a direct threat.

    Where that threat dictates legislation, the political process is dysfunctional. If you want to know how strongly I believe that, it was the tough decisions being made by a Democratic governor in Colorado that I was supporting.


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